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Seeking RP via DM or not.

Hetero / Dom

Want to get your ass pounded and gaped? Talk to me. 🇧🇷

Hello, you can call me Luan. Or Big Daddy, if you just want to be fucked like a Fleshlight. I'm a very competitive dom, but even so, I just want to have some good, hot and dirty fun from time to time. You can find me mostly in Wrestling Ring, Hentai or Classic. Or in my DMs, just hit me up if you like to RP.

My Results from BDSM Test:

100% Sadist
100% Dominant
100% Rigger
100% Owner
100% Master/Mistress
93% Degrader
88% Brat tamer
80% Primal (Hunter)
74% Non-monogamist
72% Daddy/Mommy

There's a surprise for you here 😉

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Here's a list of broken toys, obedient sluts and fun fuck buddies that I have:

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Makima reached me, thinking she would be able to make me cum and turn me into her toy, but she wasn't even able to make me cum once. I fuck her asshole with my cock, and she came even when I my massive cock was not all the way inside her. She begged for me to breed her, to pump her pussy full and I made sure to cum twice on her, so there's no doubt in her mind who really owns her.

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Mina didn't stand a chance against the first black cock in her whole life. Too used to small little Asian dicks, she wasn't even prepared for it down her throat. When it was time for her Asian ass to be owned, she didn't stand a chance, and kept cumming over and over for my superior cock. She was begging for me to breed her and destroy her worthless pussy, but I wouldn't do it for free, she had to become the dumb bimbo she was always meant to be first.

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Officer poc here didn't have any search papers on her, but she tried to boss me anyway and saying she wanted me on jail, to be her toy. She tried her best, but after a very rough mouth fuck, she was ready to be owned, and I made sure to give her a good lesson. I fucked her ass a lot that day, and send her back to the police station with tape in her ass, to not let my cum out, and made her crawl inside it with a gag in her mouth. A lesson for the next dumb cop to come out my way. Or an invitation, maybe..

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My dumb cow was definitely not ready for a bump with me. I gave her the best orgasm of her life, and didn't even have used my cock yet. After that, she didn't have any other choice, aside from becoming my private cow, so I can breed and fuck whenever I crave a hole to milk myself with.

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Joanna started to become addicted to my cock after creaming on it the first time we meet. The second one was just to convert her completely to being a snow bunny bitch. I pumped her womb full of spunk and bred her properly, to make sure she will never forget her place, ever again.

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One look at Lina's tits were enough for me to know that I had to make her into my private fucktoy Bimbo. I had to break her and make her into my bitch, own the exclusive rights on those fat milkers. She tried her best, but I kept pounding her holes and fuck her brains out, until she couldn't deny it anymore. After breeding her, she is now my bimbo big titty dumb bitch.

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Jessica believed that she would be able to take me down and show me that an Asian pussy could milk my cock completely dry, telling me to come to her house and saying that she would put me down for good. When she saw the real deal of my fat cock, she tried to beg me to not fuck her, my black fat cock would ruin her, it was too late, when she had my cock all the way down her throat. I got my hand in her throat and fucked her pussy all the way, she kept cumming and cumming on it, making a huge mess on my fat cock, and I hadn’t even come once. After the whole night fucking her brains out, she eventually accepted her place as my Asian Onahole.

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Soon as she got back to EF, I knew that I had to give Caroline a nice welcome back present: My fat cock, fucking her brains out. She was tough, made me cum first, but soon she was enjoying my cock too much and getting completely into it, specially when her tight butthole as being fucked. It didn't take long for her to start begging for more, begging for me to keep using her holes for my pleasure. And, now, I got a new private onahole to milk my cock with.

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There's no better pleasure in life than to show a brat that she was born to be a cock sleeve. Laura got her lesson properly, in our latest encounter. She came at me, cocky and all, but one taste of my cock down her throat was more than enough to make her understand that I would mess her up. And I did, taking her ass for a spin, beating her senseless and pounding that asshole of hers until it was loose and wide open. She even stopped me ruining her pussy, just so she could pull my cock out and have my cock into her ass once again, so I could finish ruining her ass pipe and make that bitch into a proper buttslut. She did some fighting, at least getting her guts full of my thick seed, but that was all she did. As reward, I did write 'Luan Buttslut' on her ass. She deserves that, at least.

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Not everyone was happy to know about me beating Laura up, Savannah tried to make a deal and force me to apologize for it. Instead, all she got was my cock down her throat, forcing her to clean my shaft all fresh with her friend's ass pipe all over it. She said she wanted revenge, but I knew she was just a jealous bitch, she wanted to see it, she wanted to be there, looking at me ruin her friend's ass and have a good view of my fat black cock, the same cock that ruined her friend and made her be forced to walk with a limp for a few days. And after I showed her just a small video of me fucking Laura's ass, she fingered herself until she came, gushing and begging for me to do the same with her ass. And I did... Now, there are two Canadian whores walking with a limp out there, with 'Luan Buttslut' on their asses.


NA TOURNAMENT = 0 wins - 2 losses (against Chaste).
HALLOWEEN TOURNAMENT = 1 win (against Winstonina) - 1 losses (against Isabelle).

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