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Looking for a creative public game! Have an RP idea? Hit me up! Or come sneak in my bathroom window.

Bi / Switch

Heya EF 💞 I'm Chaste... or Chas/Chase/Chased/Chastity, whatevs, cute nicknames are adorable!

I recently joined the EF Lonely Hearts Club Band. Msg me if you want in on the army of the achy and forlorn.
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I love the drama and creativity in great matches, kinda why I'm here. I may throw some actions when they fit the story and make the RP hotter. If you are willing to carry my RP then I am more than willing to carry yours, all day long💞! Just don't think I won't be gunning to break your heart in the end!

The hottest matches, for me, are those with a very dynamic cadence. Sure let's write some poetry to each other occasionally (props to EF discord community for all their guidance on great roleplay!), but if we quickly get to the point where spelling properly and grammar are both rekt ... ooof! That's really exciting as well!

I'm not into age-play or anything not reciprocal. I can be a Brat (capital B) sometimes, but love being tied up and getting what's coming to me as well if you've prepped me properly.

I am usually locked up in chastity, pushing my limits in this debaucherous little universe. Chastity (and T&D) is a big thing for me. If you haven't tried it, be warned... it's all heels!!!! If you are sincerely curious about the lifestyle just hit me up with a dm and I will answer questions or share my experience if you'd like.

Just come say Hi! - C

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Turn Ons: Exhibitionism - I don't play many private games unless I'm crushing on you hard. Expressive, quick-witted, competitive sex fighting is my turn-on! Ask me about wagers/using RNG and also sounds/RP scenarios/etc to make some super hot RP.
Turn Offs: Please don't ask me to be ultimately responsible for your pleasure. If you are feeling like you want to be subby to me, then double your focus on my pleasure, not yours... that'll get you started.
Fav Activities:
1. Some incredibly sexy ninja cat burglar introduced me to long-form RP and I've been crushing on her hard since. Yeah ngl, we might be going steady, IF she'll ever come back to me.
2. Smashing body parts to music with all the consequential sounds and banter with cuties like Jasmine Jay and a few others while engaging the audience (a few... sorry... all of them).
3. Setting up outside the box type of RP games with friends with BENefits like the EF Dating Game! Let me know if you want me to try to arrange with or for you!

EF Anthem: Bitches Ain't Shit - Ben Folds Five

EF Pulp Read Recommendation: The Sleeping Beauty Quartet - Fairytale Erotica Just get it and read it if you like EF or anything I've written has already turned you on.
EF Disclaimer: If you are not a consensual and intelligent adult that knows this is all for fantasy and self-exploration, then please do NOT msg me or join any of my reindeer games.

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Lock up time! Looks like you caught your partner in the middle of something important! Well, you can still start to tease her while she finished up, provided she can keep focusing while you tease her... Oral Office Lick his cock You have been teased and denied as much as you could take. Your mind melts... and develops the super power of horniness and a laser focus on pleasuring your partner! Pose in Chastity The frustration of denial finally builds into a super power of horniness! Chastity Power You lock that sexy little clit up for only your pleasure. Lock up her pussy Your passion and desire boils to the point that you can't help but drip a ruin out of your cage! Crouching Chaste Overflow Playing with dildo in chastity You tease your little locked up boy toy! It’s time to make him swell in his cage. Caged blowjob You lock him up for a while to tease him, and grind against his locked up cock, and make him swell with the torture. So close yet so far!