Vadania (Level 9) mail warning

Hello guys and girls!

I've always found the idea of ​​sexfights incredibly sexy, so I was delighted when I discovered people like you, people who share my hobby and my love for sex “battle”.

I like to be dominated and to dominate others, I like to cum and to make a man’s dick explode: everything is fine if we both agree.

What I want is competitive match, we both of us fighting for dominance. I will not be defeated easily, but if you can handle me… let’s see you will see my submissive side.

I like trash talk (a lot!) and I’m not that much into hypno and bondage (I usually don’t play with rules for hypnosis).

Sometimes, after a good match, I play a bit with my opponents…I’m discovering this side of me, so I’m open to new ideas. I’m one match, after I won, I ask to be lick while riding another man’s cock… after another match I ride my victim’s dick until he was limp and spent ~~❤️

Please, don’t send too many message, it feels a bit uncomfortable. If you want a match, feel free to pm me: if you want to be noted, try to be a little creative in your message ;)

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

“My fat ass was conquered by Jowy and his relentless pounding. Now I am his ass slut.“

“my slutty ass was pounded into submission by Nova's hard cock“

“Ben Bravo destroyed my ass with his slut-breaking cock”

“ I thought my ass could beat Trevor's cock but he dominated me and turned me into his cock sleeve”

I’m also looking for a man who can handle me and take out my submissive side, but I will not give up easily! I like fucking a guy to submission, using my hot ass to milk and destroy his huge cock.
Many men have try to tame my little ass… pretty much all of them, in the end, cum again and again in me, unable to handle my ass over their cocks…

A few lucky one have been able to outfuck me, and I will have a rematch and fuck them dry!

Some “reference”

Caleb was bragging so much about his huge cock and how he will tame my little ass… in the end he was the weaker cock I ever meet, cumming two time in a row, without making me cum even once! And he was such a sore loser! Don’t wanting to admit defeat…such a two pump chump…

Trevor: the one with Trevor was one of the harder fight I ever have. We fuck in every position possible, he pound my pussy, fuck my tight ass, I rode his fat cock, suck his dick. I made him cum. He made me cum. We where both so damn close, the match was so long and hard for both of us! In the end I try my best: I challenge his fat cock with my tight ass! I ride him in desperation, trying to milk his cock with my tight ass. I feel it so close, his huge cock throbbing inside net. But he didn’t cum. He was close, he was throbbing, but he didn’t cum. I froze as he start to pound my ass harder than ever before: how could a cock last for so long? It’s it possible? I try my best to last even a moment longer, but he pounded me hard and fast and good, until his cock broke my tight ass, my mind and body breaks under his hard fucking. His huge cock destroyed my little ass. I will never again be the sane woman.

Dylan was my third challenger for the Title. I was thinking that his young (but hard) cock will be easily prey to my sexy body, but the guy has stamina! He pound both my wet pussy and my tight asshole. Our fight was long and hard; I made his cock cum hard in my tight pussy by riding him, but his cock was even harder after his climax! He pound me harder and harder, both in my pussy and in my asshole. I try to milk him with ny tight little ass, but his huge young cock was just to strong for my little ass… he fucked my ass to submission. And after that, he pound my pussy until I came for him. I try so hard to resist the urge to cum, I try so hard to win the match, but in the end his cock was too much even for me. He made me his slut by breaking both my pussy and ass.

Simply Nova: the fight against Nova was long and hard…almost as long and hard as his fat cock. He pound all my holes so good, and I have riding his huge cock to an orgasm. I even use my little sexy feet, his number one kink, to make him explode, but he handled me and pound my poor little pussy to submission. I try my hardest to resist the urge to cum, but it’s cock was just too much for my slutty pussy

Kir was THE first. The first to really outfuck me. I made him cum… his cock was so cloose to give up his second load for me… but than he start pounding my ass. Hard. Harder than anyone else ever has. I was so confident: I have destroyed so many huge cock with my hot ass. But he keep pounding me. Harder and harder. In the end, even my ass has a breaking point. Me, so proud of my ass, so proud of having milked so many cocks using it, got fucked to submission in the ass by Kir’s huge cock. I came so hard for him, that my pussy squirm all over him. He fucking destroy me.

Dan: I was once a proud man until I came across Vadania, I felt she was in control since the beginning and she proved to be better, her personality tamed me and her ass milked my fat cock, I though I could ruin her like the other girls but she proved herself to be superior, in the end, to punish me, she decided to destroy my cock, she rode me for hours even though I couldn't come anymore, I felt like a mere toy for her pleasure.. I can't deny that I loved every second of it..“

Zhotas was so close to pounding my little ass to submission, but in the end even is huge cock didn’t last inside me.

Saeto become my little pet after a match.

Max was so cocky, telling me he was going to tame my ass… in the end I made him cum so much…after the fight we call for a “little feminine help”, so that, with a cock in my ass and a tongue on my clit, I too was able to climax. I try a rematch, but he can’t handle my sexy body. After I made him lick is own cum from my dripping pussy, he was all mine.

Dawn was cocky too… but he just ended up cumming two times in a row. Such a pathetic cock

Romantic was the reigning champion. I challenge him in my first title match. He has the biggest cock I have ever see, and was treating me in certain moments as a real princess, in others as a little slut. His cock pound everyone of my holes so good, no surprise he was the Champion! I was so close to give up, my pussy ready to break under his pounding… but than I see something in his eyes: I feel the desire to cum. So I start to ride his huge cock with my tight pussy, my big tits over his face: he resist much longer than i tough possible, but in the end, my pussy was too much ever for a Champions’s cock. I have milked him to submission.

Rexxx fucked my tight ass so hard. I was trying to outfuck him, but is fat cock was just too much for my poor ass to take. He fucked me to submission


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