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Bi / Switch

Meow! EF's softest domme kitty here~ I'm Vel. and this is my ONLY character so no undercover stuff, or imposters! You know its legit me! I've been on EF for around a year now, on and off. I'm leaning very heavily sub, though some say I occasionally show my domme side when triggered. Hygiene is really important for me, so cleanly shaved or at least trimmed, please.
Also,huge fan of tatertots! and generally tasty treats!

I'm Chinese and I travel the world quite a bit... I'm usually in a different country each month so don't freak out if my timezone changes often and it looks like I never sleep. I am generally open to chatting in lobbies, and only tend to only play with people that form a bond with me. So... yes, I am very picky with who I play with. I usually prefer to get to know each other better first ♥ So please be patient before asking me out?

I think I'm bi~♥ because of one very amazing Green Velcro who holds a very special place in my heart. Vani is such a beautiful person, who is so generous and giving. She is a gift to the world and when I felt a heavy weight lift of my shoulders when I first met her. It was by chance that we met - in a random matchmaking game. But she soon showed me a new world.. got me to appreciate and love other women; we even dated and became wifeys on 10 June 2023! She is THAT special! I will literally end any match and pounce to her side if she calls for it.

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Our Song: Love Will Keep Us Alive - Eagles

Kinks...? I do love it when someone uses me (tastefully) roughly. I am a huge fan of public games... I enjoy it when people see me get ravaged, or when I'm winning! It just adds so much more spice ! Everybody thinks I'm naturally (extremely) submissive, which I usually am and usually prefer someone to take the lead.. But that doesn't mean I'll just roll over and give you a free win! Though sometimes I do enjoy just being a brat - I think it makes the victory/loss that much sweeter~


[20 May '23] I challenged Raina to a Guardian of the Hill title match! It was my first title match ever and I was extremely nervous. I even got my nipples clamped for the first time ever. But along the way, I think I might have accidently stumbled on Raina's weakness and I felt that I had a fighting chance to win!

[24 Apr '23] Get ready for claws-out sexfight in '"The Takeaway Kitty"' When two feisty ladies, Mariallene and Vel, take their teasing from the DMs to the ring, their toying quickly escalates into a full-blown catfight. With intense fingering and loving kisses, these two pussies will stop at nothing to come out on top.

[11 Jun '23] Wifey: Look out! Run away! It's the bounty hunter coming to play. Watch out for his acronym~ it will hurt your brain! SDFBKLBMBH has come to play!"

I spent 33 hours with my Wifey Eevee watching the full Season 1 of the Mandalorian. From counting 37 droids losing their lives (oh the massacre! :( ), to the terrible marksmanship of the White Helmets, we laughed so much and I never had so much fun before. This was one of the most fun I've had and I absolutely love my Eevee for creating this special moment for us both.


🍔🍟 Vel's Guide to the EF Fast Food© scene aka the people who leave midway without any reason: fango

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