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EFWC and TON participant for Tean Poland Just Going With The Flow

In game...

Hetero / Switch

Hello all. Fellow Polish American sexfighter looking to make his mark all over Ero Fight City. I am the ultimate sexual destroyer of any women or femine species who faces me. So challenge me if you dare. 😉

It will probably not end well for you, and you will end up becoming one of my many sex slaves.

Best Win Streak: 16 wins

TON Record: 3-2

EFWC Record: 1-0

Former TWR Wrestling Champ: Went 3-0 during my reign, but had to drop the belt due to me becoming too busy in the real world. Would love to get another shot at becoming champ and reclaim the belt I have never lost.

Currently arrested in the EFPD by fellow officer Naomi, and waiting to find a way to break free from this jail cell.

Sex Slaves:

Lovena♥️: She was quite the slut to break. Wanted me to bow down and beg for mercy. It just so happened to be that she begged to stay with me and now she us under my custody.

Antonella: This shape-shifter thought she had what it takes to beat me and conquer my ass with her cock. Just like the rest of my recent conquests, she gave in and obeyed. Now she belongs to the dungeon as I use her shape-shifting powers for my own pleasures.

FiestyFeminist: Poor Fiesty. She never really knows when to quit. It's OK because the fun never stops trying to break her will. She thought that the power of feminism was able to stop any man in his tracks. Sadly she learned the hard way as I had my way with her after my victory. Showing her who is the superior sex, I was surprised that she had some more fight in her. It still wasn't enough as I broke her down yet again. Now its back to the lab again as I keep on testing and finding ways to make her fully submit, and show that feminism is nothing but a load of horse shit.

Iris: Wow was this woman an amazing time. What started off as a little playing here and there got more serious when we realized how evenly matched we were. After tying in exhibitions, we decided to do it for real and with some stakes. I am not gonna lie, her sexiness and eagerness got me distracted. It even made me make some rare mistakes in which she capitalized by making me cum without penetration. However, I found her weakness in doggy and it was all she wrote. Her eagerness was her downfall in the end, and now she resides in the dungeon. Becoming my plaything whenever I so desire.

Lucia the Silencer DK: I wasn't so sure about this one tbh. She seemed like she would be an easy conquest all while she would talk shit on how Denmark was better than Poland, but that just made the fight oh more enticing. I had fun nailing her with the polish hammer, but she was a resilient one who kept fighting back. She even made me cum when I overestimated her riding abilities. Yet she was no match for my pounding and finally surrendered. Now she a sex slave for the entire country of Poland and mine to do whatever I so desire as she walks around in the polish flag bikini I bought her. Breaking her viking will once and for all.

Cassie: Poor girl had know idea what hit her. She was knew to the city and had an impressive background. Every boy she encountered with sexually back home all came in under 5 minutes. She was so effective with her tits that she was a virgin when she faced me. Not one man even made it into her pussy. Until me 😈. Needless to say I overwhelmed her pretty easily and made her my own the second she came for me. Didn't take long once the penetration began. She surprised me with her cowgirl skills and even made me cum once. That was when I knew she had potential and I branded her right then and there by fucking her ass. Now she is my to own, and I let her explore EFC so that she can work on her craft. Making sure her sexual skills are as impressive as her 36F tits.

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