Cock-warmer: Kade 💞🟡🔘 (Level 12) mail warning

Hello! I'm allways open for classic games. DM and I will answer as soon as possible.

Gay / Switch

Badges collected:
💞 🟡

Name: Kade
Known as: Slut Boy Kade
Age: 21
Height: 181 cm
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Penis size: 17 cm long, 4 cm thick, after playing 2 games without cage after being unlocked.(previous 16/4-(0/2))
Versatile switch, love dirty talk, precum and cum, willing to do many kinds of depraved things.
I'm a precum faucet once you get me to 4 out of 20 on cum overdride.

Participant in the BG Tournnament
01 > 4 > 5 > 0 > 3 > 0 > 01 > Kade
Rank: Level 1

== Results from ==
100% Switch 96% Voyeur
88% Rigger 87% Degrader
84% Dominant 81% Exhibitionist
76% Rope bunny 75% Degradee
74% Experimentalist 73% Master/Mistress
73% Non-monogamist 72% Masochist
69% Submissive 69% Brat
66% Slave 65% Brat tamer
64% Sadist 54% Owner
40% Vanilla 36% Pet
31% Primal (Prey) 19% Primal (Hunter)
9% Daddy/Mommy 0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl

I like to play with dice rolls to escape restraints (tied up/pinned in place) or hypno with unlimited turns. Need to roll 5/6 to break free or I skip the turn.
I like the sound of a punishment for the loser. I have seen a 5 game punishment seems to be the default. If you're willing I'm up for that.

I've lost againts Donnie in an 2 out of 3 and became his slave for 5 games.(5/5)

Mood weight changer(from my master Donnie:
-on every cum-test i have to roll 1d20, if cum-overdrive is over the roll... then i cum (15/15) every game i loose, winner can add more games to this rule... (limited time offer)

+3 from BB Carrot/+9 from Bryan

An optional rule that I found on Ares' page.
Hypnosis Overload by Troy originally.
My twist:
When a hypnosis action is used, the hypnotized person rolls. 1-4= hypnotized. 5-6=hypnosis is broken. Each unsuccessful escape attempt by the hypnotized person increases the level.
Level 1- Hypnotizer chooses the victim's action, or makes them skip.
Level 2- Next two turns the action is picked or skipped. Also must skip their next roll.
Level 3- Action is picked or skipped and the victim gets a mini rule to play with for the rest of the game
Level 4- Actions are picked for the next two turns and must auto fail the first cum test. Skip rolling for 2 turns. (Must roll 6 from now on-optional)
Level 5- Actions picked and rule is given for the next 3 games
Level 6- Actions picked for next three turns. Skip rolling for 3 turns
Level 7- Fully Hypnotized and must auto fail both(all) cum tests. Aditional rule given for next five games.

Permanent rules:

When facing Matt, I have to roll 7/8 on a D8 to break free while he can roll 4-6 on D6 to do the same.

When facing Bryan I play nude with pleasure level 60 and cum overdrive 10.

When facing Nicky, every time they use their hole on me, I get so focused I forget to act.

Rules i must follow:

After loosing to Scott, for the next 5 games, I lost the ability to click actions that take off my opponent’s clothing. (3/5)

Due to loosing againts Kaboot, on every cum-test I have to roll 1d20, if cum-overdrive is over the roll... then I cum (3/10) every game I loose, winner can add more games to this rule.

I lost againts Finn and now I am Finn's cockwarmer until 1st of July.

I fought againts Zee and lost. So now, I'm his slave for 6 games and he choose a good picture for me.(0/5) became part of Ambrosio's harem.

I fought againts Zee and lost. I'm also caged until I can defeat him three times.(16 games)(3/3)

Every time I have a cum test while being bound, I must flip a coin. Head - I cum, tail - I try to resist, courtesy of Ares(5/5)

Past punishments:

Cum dispensers:

Julio: 29/03/24(5 games)-?

Matt: 29/03/24-02/04/24

Achievement progress:
Cock Cage Downsize:(number of games played while caged tue to lost bet)
Model sizes

BFG: (20/20)-finished. Last caging done by Master Max.
R+: (25/25)-finished. Last caging done by Bryan
R: (17/30)-in progress.
S+: (0/30)-locked.
S: (0/35)-locked.
N+: (0/35)-locked.
N: (0/40)-locked.
B: (0/40)-locked.
Flat: (0/50)-locked.

wc Is gay
autorenew Is a switch
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radio_button_unchecked Currently collared: Ambrosio's Fuck-Toy: Dunia, Darius, Adrijan
lock Currently in chastity: Maxx the Cumeater 💞🔵⭕, Ben, Sean
mode_edit Currently marked: Nicky
check Kinks: Male domination, Hardcore BDSM, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Pussy Torture, Cuckold, Pet Play, Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Foot fetish, Armpits, Tickling, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Breath play, Breeding, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Alcohol, Food
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Nipple clamps, Cockring, Collar, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace, Ball Crusher, Wax, Full-length mirror


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You look at the clock and know what time it is. In a short moment, you are kneeling in front of the door, holding your leash in your mouth like a good puppy. Ready for being walked Your opponent ran like a coward. At least the other fighters invited you to shower together with them and maybe relieve some of your frustrations. Shower consolation Strip him of his singlet As you towel your hair and body during this break, you try to think of ways to defeat your opponent. Break time! As you hold onto his torso, you use your legs to spread his legs apart so your cock can better rub against his hole, despite his struggles. Spread his legs Your opponent ran away like a coward, leaving you alone in the ring. Heading to the showers, you can't help but feel annoyed as you stand under the showerhead. Shower alone Spread the oil as he puts the bottle down. He lost, proving he isn’t man enough to deserve cock rights. So until he proves himself, he will have his cock caged. Under  your guidance, he will learn how to be a true man! Lock his cock Catching the oportunity, you lift your top and flash your pierced nipples right in front of them. Flash your nipple piercings Pick up the oil bottle

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