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up for bets

Bi / Switch

I'm a 25 years old switch here for fun, and to explore my kinks and discover new ones. Love both role playing and bets in game.

Normally I play classic games, competitive or RP, with hypno bondage rules.
If there are no bets, love more games to be fun for both, and choose action based and what's happening. It doesn't matter if I win or lose.
Love outdoor or begin naked in public. I do love to tan my cock in nature.
Got a kink for shemales and x-change, we can bet for x-change pill, the loser will take the pill.

Love to change so all rules and bet must be game count limited.

Feel free to message me, if you've got ideas for an RP or for a fight.

Some suggestion: beach (skinny dipping), aphrodisiac challenges, camping, gym workout.

IRL if I'm turned on and the mood is right, we might enjoy some IRL teasing and edges while playing.


Preferred rules

Bondage hypno rule
- rolls 5-6 to get free of Bondage or hypno. Max 3 turn.
- Bondage: you skip
- hypno the other choose or skip
- hypno and bondage can stack (but not two of same category), hypno must be resolved before.
- (optional orgasm addition) if there a cum test in bondage and hypno and you can't get free you cum

IRL twist

jerk off beats
send each other beat to jerk off while playing, trying to make the opponent cum in both game and IRL

cum eating challenge
the looser has to eat it's cum

== Results from ==
100% Switch
92% Voyeur
81% Non-monogamist
76% Submissive
75% Experimentalist
67% Exhibitionist
65% Dominant
62% Vanilla
61% Boy/Girl


Fight again against Ariano, the bet was shallowing a pink pill. He grabbed my hips and pushed his dick deep in me making me cum hard on my abs. We went on and made him cum in my hand, he quickly grabbed my dick and lost the handjob race cumming again. I shallowed the pill, and felt my body changes. Becoming an hot girl, already wet and horny. When my pill wears off we met again, this time Ariano couldn't last and came nicely in my mouth. Made him shallow his cum and a purple pill, turning him in an hot shemale. We kept fucking, Ariana in her new body was so hot I came fast, and got turned too in a hot shemale.

I challenged AlexFights with a nice hot bet. The loser will has to get in chastity, get fucked hard and eat it's cum. Last time I won easily, this time I was too confident. He took my dick in his mouth and sucked me hard, I quickly make me cum. I tried again, this time he jumped on me and begin to bounce on my dick. I was still so sensitive, I moaned and came deep in his ass. Out fight didn't end like that, we kept fucking a lot, last time I made him cum faster, and left him naked, blindfolded and tied to bed, his ass free to use for all roommates.

I met Bigus Dickus we fucked so hard and deeply. Before when I was a Twink, we fucked each other cum out. When we're reading after sex, my body changed to female. I was so horny, I jumped back in her cock, we continue fucking untile my mind was empty and gone, and my pussy dripping of cum.

Struggling to contains my orgasm and avoid getting stuck by the x-change pills, we went on a small trip with Delaney. She had booked a nice suite, with even our private garden with pool, and made the hotel hide a lot of dildos in the rooms. We had such great time both fucking and getting fucked in each of the rooms, bedroom, living room in the shower and in our private garden. She came hard while I trotted her dick on mine. After the orgasm she quickly turn around and begin to suck me while massaging my prostate, I came hard. I was still so horny, dick throbbing, trying to resist orgasming again, when Delaney grab my dick and begin to stroke me. Tried so hard to resist, but then she began to jerk me faster, my body gives up and came all over her naughty face. It was the most intense orgasm of my life, each spurt of cum expelling my old self away, it was so liberating not worrying anymore only enjoying orgasm.
We went down at the beach, I was so horny after the x-change transformation, I began to suck Delaney even if we were in public! We had a great time, fucking each other hard. In the end our show was much appreciated and we ended up covered of cum from others of the beach.
Back in my male body we went to a nice naughty spa, no clothes, private sauna and cum shower. We began to fuck each other, when the warm load of Delany cum fell my ass, only one idea got in my mind... Change to female and got her nice load in my pussy too.
She used the collar and make me change, I came so hard when her dick penetrated my pussy. She came deep into me, the warm felling of her cum in me was intoxicating. She used my collar, to make me fertile... After a few minutes my belly was already growing.
I make her cum deep in me again, maybe she pushed a twin in me, when she was cumming I enabled her collar... turning her dick cock in a nice pussy. I was having so much fun, it felt so right, to make her feel like me too.
After a few days I gave birth to two slutty twins shemales.

After 3 days without orgasm I fighted with Slash trying to make her cum before me. I was wrong she milked me once with her hand, once with her tight ass, then she continue milking me hard. Until I couldn't take it anymore and accepted to become a Cumslut™️!

Had hot sex with GMN he came hard and fast, I slipped a pink pill in a hot cum kiss. Turning him into Lexie. I tried to fuck her brain out of her new body, but she is too hot and make me cum once in her pussy and once in her mouth. In my organs bliss she began to fuck my ass hard, pushing me deeper in my butt slut path.

I thought I could handle the hot Alex🍆, she felt under my hypno for a long time. But it wasn't enough, her expert hands made me cum in my panties. While my load was still leaking out of the fabric, she pushed a dildo deep in my ass making me cum hard again.

After a long waiting finally met with Delaney again, a long and hot fuck. We began to quickly undress, both needing to see, touch and taste the other dick. Delaney had a beautiful rock hard 10'' dick, felt immediately in love with it. She teased me so long, fingering and rimming me, I pushed her down and fucked her ass. This assault finally make her decide that I was ready for her. I lay down and spread my legs, she pushed slowly all her dick in me and begin to fuck. I love it so much, turned on my knees and begged to be breed in doggie. She was so kind to accept, the warm cum deep in my ass blanked me. She pulled out and begin to jerk me, making me cum all over her face. We moved to the balcony letting everybody see we were having a lot of great sex. She grabbed my cock in her boobs and made me paint her with my cum again.

BiancaTS while we were warning up I couldn't resist and grind my ass on her dick, she surprised me and came in my ass. After that I can't remember anything specific, only the wave of pleasure in my body. In the end my ass was full of her cum, I smiled happy to be her cum dump.

Walked in the room of Ellis thinking of milking is cock, I was wrong he made me cum twice fucking hard my ass. He continued fucking my hole and in the end came deep, my mind went blank and couldn't resist is suggestion to become a complete buttslut.

While walking I casually met Hanna again, we end up at her place. Soon we were both naked and hard. When her big dick entered my ass I felt so full, I squeezed my ass tight again her dick; she came deep in me. Don't know what happened later, a warm felling spread all over my body and my mind relaxed so much. I remember only her dick deep in me, making me cum again and again. When I woke up my ass was dripping cum, felt so good.

I went to try a new onsen, which accept also girl with dick like me. There I met the hot Hera she kissed my legs when I entered the water. We had a long fun and sex all the morning, enjoying the warm water over our body and dicks.

I tried the Blank Challenge I almost got it, but Blank begin to suck my dick and I came hard. He didn't let me rest he began to fuck me hard, and made me cum again. When it's hot load filled me, my mind melted and I begin to cum again. Now I crave cum, I'll try always to get your load in my mouth or in my ass. If you cream pie me, my mind will melt and I'll not resist orgasm anymore.

Kathy and I went shopping for bikinis, we were both going commandos (no underwear or bra). She was so kind to help me choose the correct size for my bra. We help each other undress, and begin to have fun in the cabinet. We almost got caught, on horny boy discovered us and decided to join and fucking my ass. I came deep in Kathy, while the boy breed deeply my ass. A plug help me keep the cum in my ass, while Kathy walked out the store dripping cum from her pussy.
The beach was so nice, we had to drop our new bikini to avoid tan lines. Skinny dipping quickly change into hot sex, water splashing around us while we fuck. We went back laying down on the sand, enjoying our bodies and moving louder and louder each orgasms.
While we were going away Kathy dragged my dick and forced me to have one last orgasm, melting my mind even more.

Hanna we had an hot sex. Both exiting from the x-change pharmacy, we were so turned on, we simply undress and begin to fuck hard. We came a lot both, but in the end her hypno and big dick made my mind collapse. I came hard while she was dogging me hard.

I joined Mandy at work for quickie. She was too much for me, we tied me up and made me cum with her mouth. She force me to get a trans x-change making me a hot trans.

I met Kat Fisherman on holiday. We went back to the hotel to fuck hard, she and her friends were such hot! She was thirsty and asked for my cum, her eyes were so naughty, I couldn't deny here. She get on cowgirl and begin to squeeze her pussy around my dick. Her boobs jumping, the wetness around my cock was too much, I came hard deep inside her and lay down completely drained.

Delaney the first time make me cum hard with it huge girl dick. The second match, she din't have too, she milked me with her firm boobs. She made me eat my cum, with a x-change pill in it, turning me in hot redhead. She made me cum hard with the help of a friend, I couldn't resist having both my holes fucked

I met the The Merchant is a public park in the night. My mind begin to melt when its mouth engulfed my cock. We fucked hard and a lot, I made him cum in my ass, but he continue to doggie me, even after its orgasm, making me cum hard. He didn't give me time to recover and quickly made me cum again jerking my dick hard. I lay down in orgasm bliss while he fucked my ass and unloaded again in me.

Alpha Men cocky super hero, I made in cum twice on my big dick! In front of cameras and its girlfriend. He lost it's power and turned into a nice beta girl

Cute Boy tried to make me pregnant, but the horny boy couldn't handle a nice vibrator on it's dick and cum outside of me. He came back, but he couldn't resist my hands and came twice. Maybe he'll cum back to try it again. On the third round cute boy is ready for the fight, he made me came twice by my ass. Then he creampied me with its hot load and made me pregnant. Given birth to a naughty and sexy little shemale.

After a long fight I lost to Amber Foxx, she also gave me a gender swap pill, making me a good looking brunette and offered me a nice heart shaped collar. She is programming my mind to make me a good girl.

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