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A petite red head with a dream to become a world class role player. I usually am a sub but, if you want I can be a dom. I am more of a sweet dom though not a rough one and I dont like femdom because I like to have fun too. I am caring and want to love you and not be mean to you if I’m a dom. I love the hentai mode! And I’m into extra long role plays.
I like to be dominated and humiliated but believe me, I can give it right back. I do very much like aftercare and sweet talk at the end. Message me if you want to play, send me some of your ideas for your role plays, I’d be more than happy to experience them together.

Memorable Matches
My love: After a long journey, you finally reached the castle of the dragon queen Cecille. You wanted to devote yourself to her, you wanted to become her toy for her pleasure, so you can live in savety with her in the castle ~ but you had to pass her trial for that first.
You had to learn how to worship her cock and satisfy her needs while withstanding the immense pleasures that she would inflict on you.
In the end you managed to pass all her tests and you won not only the right to be her fucktoy, you also won her heart and became her first wifey.
Ethan-He is just amazing, he knows all the best things to say and he has such a sweet heart

My Special Matches
Drake, The Dragon Half: I was looking for a mate and while in the forest I found him, the most handsome person I’d ever seen, from that moment on I knew he had to be my mate, I showed him I meant no harm and now we are happily soul bonded together and are expecting twins soon. A succubus and dragon hybrid! I couldn’t be more happier with the mate I’ve found!
Drake the Dragon Half: I took a bounty in town for a dragon who had stolen food, when I had finally tracked him down, I found his cave and entered it. He ended up getting me on the ground but I escaped and eventually hit his wings with a tranquilizer dart. When I found I’m him unable to move. I felt something in me tell me not to, so I gave him the antidote for the tranquilizer and he allowed me to bandage him up. We are now happily living with each other as madly in love partners. I can not believe my luck in finding such a strong and caring lover.
Drake the Dragon Half: It’s mating season for my kind but sadly I’m the only one of my kind I know of but I have something much more I’m portent to take care of, my hunger. I’m on the prowl for some food when I see a somewhat tiny tail sticking out of the bushes by the river and I bite into it and out comes a mighty dragon, I come to learn his name is drake but he was quite mad of course when I bit his tail and he grabbed me and taunted me, he learned that I was the last of my kind and was about to kill me so I would not hurt his future offsprings. But I escaped and a chase ensued, he eventually caught me again and I had lost all hope when he let me fight for my honor, and fight I did, as I almost took him down but he was too strong and got me, before he killed me he told me he was the last of his kind and I took the opportunity to bargain with him. It was both are mating time so I told him I’d be his mate and carry his offsprings. He agreed after realizing I was a very strong and beautiful saber girl. He carried me back to my beautiful cave and we consummated with each other. It was not what I expected that fateful day but I’m extremely happy it happened.
My dear drake the dragon half: It’s winter and I’m enjoying myself in my little incave pool when I can feel the vibration of the rocks of something big, I see a tail slightly sticking out of a rock but when I get close a dragon pops out and I jump back scared. We both ran away as we were scared but he ended up smashing into me as I rounded a corner. Being trapped under such a powerful yet gentle beast caused my crystals to glow and grow. We both calmed down eventually and we decided to become friends but I wanted to be more than friends. As a gift I gave him one of my crystals to give him his magic. He then told me something that changed my life, he said he owed me his life. I gained the courage to tell him what I really wanted. I told him I wanted to be his wife. One thing led to another and long story short we are expecting about 60 kids, one for each crystal on me, we are going to change the world creating a new species of powerful kind creatures. We are living happily together now in my beautiful cave and we are preparing for the kids.
I brought the idea of working in Scarlets brothel up to my love Drake, he was a little hesitant but we both thought it’d be fun if we both worked there together and now we are the first couple to work there and Scarlet created a new category for us, if there are people looking for a little group fun. So if you ever stop by the Brothel then come say hi and we may have a little fun with you.

Had a bit of a change of profile but still just the same sexy girl, ready to play with you.😘

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