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I'm not interested in private relationships

07.06.21 I take down Nico and get the belt.

18.07.21 Caerus take me to the Hill for sightseeing. But I bid farewell to him after I saw all the scene. Now I'm the next GOTH

19.07.21 I give to Max a short tour at the Hill. He really liked to look horny peasants from the top. But He can't even manage himself at flaccid state and cummed twice. First, feet of mine and Lena's, later in a chastity cage. Ooh, I feel pitiful for him. Maybe he deserves more after all this time...🤔

12.09.21 Andie4 comes to my call and give me what I need. It's amazing that he resist at full desire and pleasure. And give me 2nd orgasm at the end.

16.09.21 Another wrestling match with a champion, another happy face at the end. Light started the match like many hunky dickhead, he was rude, thick witted. But somehow after warm-up he managed to tangle me. Unluckily he is too good to endure against me.

30.09.21 When I wake up today, I feel the need of some delicate, smooth touches. Luckily Natasha is also awaken before the sunrise, so she joins my morning fun ( Well I wrote this because she so insisted to make me say she beat me first. In the end She licked me into submission until I came over her tongue. As a result I allowed her to chose who would face to me next and she chosed Aranei.). We both cared each other so tenderly without any plastic gadgets and firstly, when licking her, she squirt on my face. Sooner rather than later, she scissoring me and gives me a numbing orgasm. After that, I take some help from Amine , while she keep her pussy dripling I kissed her from butt cheeks to neck and left a few hickeys. 😜 Before she starts to tremble Amine left her to me, I lifted her from waist and bog in her peach. unexpectedly, when I sticked my tongue deep in her, she reached orgasm without resisting. I think, she should less focus on wrestling. Tasting her without fight also very enjoyable.🥰

13.11.21 I took a match with Christina after she defeat Jeanne I expected her to be more enduring, but she cum inside me twice without any resistance. I think she needs to see an andrology expert for premature ejaculation🤭

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