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Looking for Roleplay.Mostly LWR/classic/hentai. With some HOT rp at the end.

Lesbienne / Dominant(e)

pfp not suppose to look like me...just found it erotic. Also I now have Online in my status message with [ ] next to it...if Y then online and if N then not...even if it doesn't say active. 30 years old. 5'11(180.34 centimeters) toned...not too muscular, swimmers physique, 130lbs (58,967kg). Long black hair to my lower back. Nice kissable lips. Blue/grey eyes...they do change a little with my mood. Long legs. 36 C (Implants round and high) areola pretty small, nipples dark pink and get pretty long and hard. I think my ass is nice and toned, round and firm. Pussy is small and tight and pink, almost just a slit, little labia and a little clit that sticks out...not too small or too big. Lasered over body, smooth. Tanned. Tribal tattoo on lower back and a tigress climbing down the left side of my back and curving around my shoulder blade. Seems I have to add this...lesbian.

_Limits : _ Pee, poo. Gore and Vore, Permanent damage, Snuffing, Needles and Blood. Incest, Underage. Use of the word mommy. Anal fisting. Don't mind shortening my name but natty for some reason irritates me and turns me off. Also being called good girl/ has been so over used that it irritates me....calling slut or other dirty names are encouraged. Also know blood is silly for vampire but am fine with the feeding and biting. Also a lot of the kinks in the profile selection is just to have as many actions as possible. Know it seems like a lot but other than those you can go as hard or rough as you want.

Bit of a nerd and gamer...assassin's creed, mass effect and red dead redemption are some of my comics and superheroes. Hench my humour can be comical and not everybody has to like that.
Am easy going and friendly and respectful...but Natasha in the matching, especially in lesbian wrestling is cocky even bitchy and trash talking...just the character play...please don't take it as personal. Also maybe exhibitionist/nudist in me but if you strip me and expect me to be humiliated or surprised and cover up you are mistaken, I will rather push out my breasts and show off my hard nipples and even my pussy or wetness to the crowd...let them watch, I personally think it is a sexy little pussy and my wetness and arousal just shows I enjoy a match/playing with you...even cumming isn't humiliating, the reason I will fight it or say no is because being forced to cum and opponent is closer to is a sexfight so at some point you are going to be naked and cumming. **_If you do see me in a match with a bot and want to play feel free to ask, will cancel the bot fight.**_

Look alike image :

Look Alike

Underwear in match:

Ring Underwear Ring underwear

Either that in black or that in red

Clothes for match in ring:

Bottoms just in black

Wearing when in audience in match...minus accessories : outfit

I do have a transgender character also Alana....although I prefer to think of her as a futa. And a male character Hawk , the male actions just look more hardcore and aggressive.

Vampire :
Also Natasha and all my characters have been turned to vampires in hentai mode and get some actions for that. (Got the vampire action pack). I have decided that I am going to play Natasha like vampires from underworld(the movie), especially Selene after drinking the father of vampires and werewolves blood. Going to look like she does in description and wear the same outfits and for the most part you wouldn't know she is a vampire unless she showed her fangs or her eyes turned to very bright blue, garlic isn't a weakness, actually likes it sometimes...might get offensive if excessive because of the heightened smell, Cross....mmm might actually make a sexy choker, holly water will just get her wet....she might even like that. Can recover from most wounds especially when drinking blood and can walk in sunlight. For the most part I am just going to play Natasha as I have been but if the audience really wants to see vampire Natasha I might play it a bit and if the person I am matching with wants it. Now in hentai it is now going to be vampire because of the moves but in all matches I will play it like the lights are UV lights, making me weaker so that it is a normal match and not super strength or speed. In the modes other than hentai if the opponent is into then I will include biting and drinking blood in the role play, even with the weakened state. The bite I will play as pain as it pierces the skin but then turns to incredible erotic ecstasy. If opponent wants to play a role with not weakened state we can discuss it and work out the details.
From Black Blood Brothers (Pretty cute vampire anime)

Entrance song : Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

Revvin' up your engine
Listen to her howlin' roar
Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go

Highway to the Danger Zone
Ride into the Danger Zone

Headin' into twilight
Spreadin' out her wings tonight
She got you jumpin' off the deck
Shovin' into overdrive

Highway to the Danger Zone
I'll take you right into the Danger Zone

You'll never say hello to you
Until you get it on the red line overload
You'll never know what you can do
Until you get it up as high as you can go

Out along the edges
Always where I burn to be
The further on the edge
The hotter the intensity

Logs :

Ariana : Was my second match and first lesbian wrestling match. I made her cum first but then she made me cum quickly after...there was a lot of fucking to and fro...I made her cum a second time and then she made me cum again...Had her cumming a third time and yet it was still not enough to make her submit. When she made me cum a third time she claimed victory.

Day : Sweety - We have had two long wonderful matches in lesbian wrestling that I won both...she is fantastic. Had a third match and my second classic match. Were a lot of panting, moaning and tonguing involved with some swearing and fucking mixed in and even some the end I won by restraining her and using a vibrator on her until she came...which let her allow me to select her profile pic to be used for a week.

HotNancy : Was my next match and in the end I licked her into submission until she came over my tongue. As a result I was allowed to chose who she would face next and chose Aranei.

Isabelle : Was next and it was a long fun match and at the end I fingered her to squirting orgasm while she begged me not to while Tyler J was watching.
We have had a second match and I conquered her again.

Lynda : Challenged me to a lesbian wrestling match thinking she was all that and then got her ass kicked and fucked and in the end lost to me. She wrote it up in her bio as part of losing.

Maddie : My first classic and heavy but in the end maddie prevailed as the victor with an all girls 69 as I squirted on her tongue. We had a second match in classic and this time I fucked her with a strap-on till she begged me to stop and I won the match fucking her ass with the strap-on and vibing her pussy. Had a title defense against her wrestling character The SoulSnatcher for LWR title but she won.

Seductress : We had a LWR match and she won

Sara We had a classic match in which I broke her completely.

Laureline We had a classic match in which I dominated her and made her my french slut but she managed to make me cum more and as a result add something to my name for 3 days and wear no panties for 3 days.(done)

Sassy Selena She came in with her latina sassy attitude and we clashed in the LWR. It was a fun match and pretty soon I had her swearing in Spanish and begging to cum. Won the match as I made her squirt with a wand and then I bent her over the ropes and fucked her till she squirted again for me. Finally had her lick me out in the corner of the ring till I splashed my squirt all over her face.

Emma : Was her first ever fight, I challenged her...having found her profile and pic alluring. Desperately seeking her first win, she wanted to show this veteran what a rookie can do. And what a fight it was. She thought she had me on the ropes at first, eating me out on the top rope, but instead she came first, my mouth driving her to orgasm while she tried fingering me. Not to be deterred, she quickly brought me to an orgasm of my own with her mouth. We continued our fight until I made her cum with my fingers and mouth. I completely dominated her after the match, making her sore and weak with me strap-on.
Round 2: A rematch against this bitch. She was ready to take me on, this time in front of a crowd. She thought she dominated the beginning of the match, making me cum first. But the tables turned as I got her on her back and made her squirt all over herself in front of the crowd! She struggled to regain momentum in the match when I forced another orgasm out of her. She had lost her rematch even though she was so close to making me cum again. I wasn't finished with her yet, with my strap-on I completely destroyed her tight rookie pussy, fucking her on top of the turnbuckle. She was completely dominated, I showed her that I was the better woman than her.
Round 3: She wished she could say that she won this one... But she didn't :( She had me on the ropes, daring to pump her fist in and out of my pussy but I resisted it! After the match I took my strap on and fucked her tits, making her cum while rubbing her clit. I then folded her up like a pretzel, seeing just how flexible the little bitch is, fucking her through another embarrassing orgasm. I wasn't done yet as I was deprived of my own orgasm, using her pussy against my pussy in a wild trib to bring myself to cum.

Successful LWR Champion Tittle Defences : 1

Sissy amine : challenged for the title and it was a close fight but in the end I was victorious and handed her to the audience.

Andromeda Sterling : Challenged for the title and it was long, tough fight and very close but in the end she manage to get the title.

Won the LWR title a second time in a very close but fun match against Alex.

Successful LWR Champion Tittle Defence : 0

Won the LWR title a third time in a very close but fun match against Akira ..... well that didn't last long -grins- lost it right after to Sweet Evil

Successful LWR Champion Tittle Defence : 0

And for getting to the end (Not me but just to get you wet >.<) :


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Showing off your strength, you lift her up and hold her high for a moment before slamming her down hard against the mat! Body slam (Special) Sitting on her lower back you hook her arms over your thighs and hooking your hands under her chin you wrench back, applying a painful camel clutch...but that isn't enough so you hook her legs under your arms, trapping her legs and almost folding her in half. Camel Clutch Leg Trap Getting her against the ropes you perform an acrobatic move to lock your legs around her neck and use the ropes to choke her. Hanging Figure-4 Leg Lock As she is down, you grab a fistful of her hair, taunting her as you pull her up by her hair, only to slide a hand between her legs, feeling her arousal, lifting her up till her feet are pointing to the ceiling, only to slam her back down on her back...hard! Pull Her Up By Her Hair And Body Slam (Special) Grabbing a fist full of her thick, long hair you painfully pull her up to her feet. Pull her up by her hair You thought you were going to make her cum with your tongue but instead she grabs your hair and forces you to lick her pussy. Force her to lick your pussy Body slam (Special) Hanging Figure-4 Leg Lock Pull her up by her hair She thought she had you cumming but you surprise her by starting to take the lead in the tribbing from the bottom position. Bottom position trib

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