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A strike in bowling alley

A local small scale tournament happens, several folk trying out who has the best roll and control, two people per each lane. Yet, one of these lanes soon start feeling quite distracted, wondering if they had anything to spare for each other if they got it on right here, right now

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*Linlin was a bit of a rusty bowling player, but when she noticed that her local spot was having low stakes tourney just for one night, she decided it wasn't such a bad idea to join, see if she still had it, as well as oogle others. She walked into her designated lane (luckily, one on the edge, with a fairly wide gap from next lane) wearing her usual skirt and shirt, some nice bowling shoes and socks to match, wondering who was sharing lane with her, only seeing initials in scorescreen*
have fun you two!
I can treat you to a turkey sandwich after, Sava :P
and HAH, Jeanne
gotta have some wii sound effects for this
are you offering her some triple-X time?
so FORWARD, linlin...
good thing removing clothes from me tonight is a four step process
(okay, I will stop puns now)
*Adam walks into bowling with a smile, he wasn’t very much of a bowler, but he had magic to help out in they department. Who in this small town could really identify his magic enough to know he was cheating? He had this in the bag~ He quickly finds the lane he was assigned to, not expecting much he was still in his lithe purple gown and standard blowing shoes and socks. He strolls up casually until he sees his oppenent and his heart both jumps and drops, on one hand this could be a bit more difficult than he thought, on the other… this is looking to be a lot more fun* “Well look who it is! What are the odds that I’m up against you!”
*she snickers, completely forgetting that she did once meet someone lovely that matched the initials on the board, standing up from her seat and giving him a wave and a wink* Long time no see, eh, Adam?~ Didn't know you lived not far from here... How's you been?~ *she eyed up his attire, liking what she saw, walking up to take her first go, needing both attempts to eek out a spare. Yet, as she bends, twists and squatts, Adam might notice something else as her skirt shifts up and down - her bare butt, her girlcock's tip swinging free and peeking out at certain moments, showing that she came not just to play, but to excite too*
meow_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_ * poke the dot linlin just sent lightly *
wait.... that works like a laser pointer?
*takes notes*
________ .
_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_meow
Oh no not far at all! Plus I wouldn’t miss this for the world! I got this this in the bag~ *He gives her a wave she a smile as she takes the first go, while he was initially drawn to the game his eyes quickly shift down to get a pleasant surprise of eye candy. His cock immediately reacts and begins to harden yet he tries to ignore it and take his turn. His first two rolls end in a spare as well, the quick movements of his hips and the almost unnatural movement of his gown means she gets a good eyeful of her perky ass and an almost full view of his hardening cock*
(check DMs if you can ;) )
*her own girlcock goes stiffer the moment she gets her portion of showing off, aroused by Adam's friskyness, giving him thumbs up more for the view than his spare* I see you still got it all~ *her comment nonchalant, and possible to interpret either way, though her face was clearly redder, a touch of drool visible on her lips, as she goes for her next go, this time delivering a strike, and also staying leaned down for a bit longer, giving him a buttwiggle as she stood up, wondering if he was just hiding his emotions or not impressed*
Sava, you still here?
got that carbonara - think it's too creamy for what you were meaning, but it's still quite a delicious one
though it's strange eating it from same cardboard box as what woks or rice would come in :D
Hmm. They hid it well then. Should be a bit creamy, but more egg than cream
That would definitely weird me out, just a touch
marketing tricks
and to be fair
it's a thick cream, not liquid one, definitely more eggy... but also much more than in picture
much more of it*
*He bites his lip as he watches the little butt wiggle, he had originally thought to keep his emotions in check but that quickly wasn’t working out very well, his cheeks were beginning to redden and a little bit of his sweat was starting to form* Nice! Let’s see if I count follow that up~ *He walks up and bends over once again with the roll, yet it was off by a bit so it was looking like it want going to hit many pins so he comes up with something on the spot, he twist around with a smile, his full hard cock slipping out from his outfit in hopes of distraction her as he just slightly nudges the ball with his magic to give himself a strike*
Damn restaurants and their pictures, never living up to what they show off
*she doesn't realize that the strike had an assist to it, but that definitely earned a whistle out of her, making a few others look at the sight too* Oh my, I didn't know bowling could be so hot to play... Guess I have to match it up then~ *she rolls up her skirt so that it becomes much shorter, giving him a clear view of her girly member even when standing straight, walking up to take her next attempt, less fortunate one as she splits and is forced to leave one pin up, yet she takes it lightly, her hand going back to her butt on second throw, stretching one asscheek aside to reveal that her pussy was already getting wet just from the show* Mmmgh~ Such a shame I missed one pin~ *she moaned softly, returning back to her seat*
Hey, Foxy
My my~ Well I’m always one to up there ante~ *His face might be able to decently hide his true emotions yet his cock had a much worse tell, immediately twitching at the sight of her own cock and again as she gave him a perfect view. He moves in for another turn, managing to just barely squeak out another spare. Yet this turn was a little different, there was little to no teasing as he was rolling, that was until he stepped back and near almost slapped her face with his cock* Quite the shame~ you can have another shot with the pin right here~
Super Lewd Bowling!
*she blushed a bit, not expecting Adam to be first to move more physically, both of them clearly undaunted of the fact they were in a public place, some other bowlers starting to have poor performances as they were quite distracted* Heh.... is that a challenge?~ *she decided to stay in her seat, pushing back a bit and spreading her legs, reminding him that she had a slight size advantage down there, even if she was the one getting real close up* I've been missing you quite a bit, you now~ *she bit her lip, not able to move her eyes away from his cock*
oooh, walls of text from both players
*He bites his lip finally getting a good look at her full package yet again, the size difference wasn’t all too big, yet it was notable and not in the ways he was hoping. But getting past that he still gives her a little grin, leaning down to lightly lick along her neck before whispering in her ear* Hehe I have been too~ but it’s your turn now… what you want to do with it is up to you~
*she shivered from his lick, her arms wrapping around his shoulders and standing up, two cocks starting to grind against each other as she wiggled her hips, her buckled up skirt getting unwrapped on its own, covering frottage from both of their eyes* Mmmmgh~ I can't wait for what will come next~
If only i didnt have to sleep..
If Adam doesn't mind, there's definitely gonna be a log :P
Mmm good choice~ *His hands quickly move to her back as he feels his cock rub along hers. He bites his lips as he stares into her eyes as he manages to pick her up even while his petite body was a bit smaller than hers* Oh it’ll be fun~ let’s give these fine players a show hmm~?
I’d be offended if there wasn’t one lol
Well i'll have some extra curricular reading to do after work tomorrow
*she laughs loudly as she gets lifted, snapping her fingers to suddenly make all her clothes go away into a puff of mist, rolling a bit in his arms to press her tits in, wrapping one of her arms around his neck to move him closer to them* Let's indeed~ Not like many care about the score~
I’m pretty sure they’ve already decided the only score that matters is this one~ *He moans softly as he’s pushed into her soft breasts, his hands explore her body, moving down to massage her ass as he even decides to give the watchers a better view, flicking the gown up so that anyone could see anything for a brief moment*
*As he flicks it up, she grabs onto it and yanks it off as she jumped back out of his clutch, making sure that the moment wasn't brief, leaving both mostly naked, not wanting this show to focus on just one of them, getting back into her seat and crossing her legs together, hiding her girlcock for a moment between her thighs, her bare feet wiggling their toes* Well, how about you give them more of show, kneeling and licking me up? Or do I have to force you down?~
*He moans as he looks down to your feet, his knees shaking and his cock throbbing as he considers his options* I… I… Hmph… it’ll take a little more than that to get under my skin! *Which of was an obvious bluff, yet he tried to hide that face as he flicked his hand about, a couple of the growing audience eyes starts to glow a bright purple before they start to move on her, taking out their cocks and trying to get her to please them*
*She giggles, seeing several people get affected by his magic, deciding to take it as a challenge, getting on all fours, knees on her seat, facing the table, away from Adam, two hands and her mouth soon getting a cock each, while for Adam she had a much more devious idea, noticing that he did think long on her suggestion, reaching out with her feet and stroking his cock's underside up and down with her toes, wiggling her butt some more as she does so*
*Even with the slightest touches it manages to elicited a deep moan from his mouth, watching his plan back fire he couldn’t help but groan, trying and failing yo contain his lust for her feet while he reaches forward, massaging her exposed ass before sticking a finger into her tight hole*
*as the trio of his assistants are not skilled at this, it doesn't take her much to make them squirm, and cover her body and mouth in their cum, moaning loudly as they recover to their senses, blushing hard from being used by the pair, looking back to Adam with a smirk, some cum flowing out and dripping from her lips, enduring his fingering mostly well, her hole loosening up immediately as he prodded in, expecting something more* I don't think it was fair to involve all these folk... unless you wanted to see what I will do to you one I get you~
*He blushes as he watches one by one his… “helpers” groan, cum and come back too. Of course most people aren’t sex fighters, but he was hoping for just a little more. Hehe they seemed happy enough to join, they got off, I got my little distraction and you got your cum~! Everyone’s happy~ *I finally manage to wiggle my hips away from your feet and bring my cock to your ass, prodding against the hole* Go ahead~ that won’t end up happening anyway~
Mmmmgh~ *she moans, at the same time wanting more of him as well as not wanting to give in, snapping her fingers to make him walk back for a moment and give a quick dance, just long enough for her to leap up on her feet and stand ready for what's come next for her* You won't get to me so easily~
Woah… hehe… pretty simply but effective… I’ll have to pick this one up~ *He grins as Hes forced back, watching your dance as his eyes are drawn to your body, yet he quickly counters with a trick of his own, leaving a lab after-image of him watching as he slips behind her, taking her soft tits into his hands* Really now~? You better hope so~
*she huffs out as she reacts too late to his trick, grrrring a bit as she looks at him all pouty, her eyes piercing his in an attempt to intimidate him and make herself look taller* I know it, don't hope so!~
*He grins back, she could see him shrink just a little as his confident aura shakes for a second* I… i face people bigger than me all the time… you’ll have to try a little harder than that to shake me off~ *He reaches around and begins stroking your cock, slipping around quickly so that it’s right in his face*
*as he does so, she decides she can outtease him, biting her lip as holds his head just a bit away from her cock, not wanting him to start sucking, her foot going up to grind against his cock in meanwhile, pressing it tight against his belly* Harder, you say?~ Like this?~ *she presses it a bit more*
*He let’s out a gasp as he feels her foot before a long moan escapes his mouth, let looks up at her with a look of lust, anger and just a little bit of desperation as his cock throbs and leaks against her foot, his entire body reacting as she presses even harder*
*noticing his arousal, she grabs onto his shoulders and slides around, seating them both on ground, and pressing her body into his back as both feet wrap around his cock, giving him a proper footjob, making sure it's a tight fit, and going low enough that her heels press into his nuts* Mmmmgh~ Is someone a bit of a feet lover?~ *she giggles, whispering in his ear*
I… uhhhh shut… *He groans and squirms against her lightly, her feet almost immediately start to get lubed up from his precum as he tries to think of a way out of this. He can’t bring himself to answer yet it’s obvious to everyone as his face is stuck with pure ecstasy, even a little drool rolling out of his mouth* I… unf~ can’t… hahhh… *Every move he makes only causes her feet to feel better, yet he decides to risk a dangerous move, shimmering his body so that his ass was prodding against her cock, practically begging for her to fuck it in hopes she drops the footjob*
*It almost happens like he expects it - she does indeed drop her footjob as he seats down onto her cock, her penetrating him in and holding him there for now, happy enough with how he is - but her legs shoot upwards, not downwards, reaching for his face as she bends herself into self nelson, hence why she's not pushing him much back and forth, and instead just slowly gyrating inside of him* Yes, Adam~ Last time might have been yours, but today you crave me, I can feel that~ ❤️
I… mmmghh… no… crave… *He can barely formulate senses as his only concern is not cumming, and not giving she worshipping her feet, yet even then he starts to slip, taking a small sniff there, a small lick here, each time tanking his resistance enough to know if he can’t escape soon he’s going to end up worshipping her feet mindlessly with his humiliating defeat coming soon after. Hatching a little plan he snaps his fingers, a bunch of tentacles popping out of the ground and beginning to wrap around her feet and legs, attempting to yank them off him*
*she starts squirming and laughing, definitely being ticklish, not able to be angry at Adam as she gets pulled off him and onto ground, especially as she does manage to catch a consolation prize, holding down on his cock and jerking it tight as she continues wriggling on ground, too out of her mind to dispel them* STOP IT~~~~ PLEASE~~~~
*He catches his breath, finally being able to breath without smelling her he takes a brief moment to enjoy watching her struggle, the tight hand in his cock causes him to groan, yet compared to what he just went through it was nothing he couldn’t handle* Hahhh… mmmghh how do you like my friends! Playful little guys huh~?
*she looks back at him immediately after that comment, growling deep, snapping her fingers to dispel them off as she gets her senses back, pulling him down on ground by his held cock, getting him on all fours as she sashays around him, piercing him quick and hard, and starting to pounce at full length, in search of his love button* Not as playful as I am, pretty boy~
is resisting cumming (5% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Luckily for him she didn’t find it, but they could both tell she was getting pretty close, but I gave him enough time to wiggle completely free. Gasping, he instantly springs into action, getting behind her and slamming his lengths deep into her ass with a loud groan*
is resisting cumming (26% chance of cum) => Came!
*Yet hers was easy to locate, her ass easily accepting him in and not managing to tighten quick enough as he started pouncing against it, making her scream loudly as she was forced to cum from it, spilling out her seed on ground*
*once she felt a bit calmer, she twisted around and got out of his cock, grabbing his head and pushing it down hard, pulling it on her cock and starting to buck into his mouth from below, going just as hard as they were fucking each other* Well, if you spilt it, clean it now!
Hah! Is that really all you got~? This should be easier than I tho- *He gets cut off as you slam your cock into his mouth, he spends a good couple moment writhing when gagging from the size as you pound away until he finally gets used to the size, of course in the time of his mindless struggling one of hands accidentally giving her a clean shot to the balls*
*she groans and squirms in pain, rolling on ground almost immediately, not expecting that at all, even if it does make more precum flow out of her. Yet even though she was writhing in pain, she does roll deliberately, aiming straight for his cock to get smothered by her breasts, panting on it as it gets wrapped*
Hey there! 😊
Quite a long game you've got there missy😉
Well, when I'm playing with exciting people, it's pretty much the norm :P
And Adam's definitely such
Hah~! A lot of accidents Huh~? Mmmmghhh~ *Through his groans he manages to squeak out a joke, his cock quickly getting lost in the canyon of her tits yet even with just the tip sticking out he uses it to his fullest, grabbing the back of her head and lurching her forward while thrusting as far as he can.*
*as pain finally subsides between her legs, she stands up, her hands wrapped around him as she lifts them both up on their feet, shoving him back to break hold and spinning him around to face the wall, pressing him into it, grinding his cock against it as she reenters him, this time holding his waist to lower his body each time she thrusts up, hoping that would get better results*
is resisting cumming (77% chance of cum) => Came!
i'll be sure not to excite you then or we'll be at it a long time =P
too late for that, Nagu
I can be less wordy too if need be
so don't be too intimidated for either tomorrow or later date, Jane ;)
Mmmff wait… I.. shhh.. s-stop… mmmmghhh~~ *And just as she would hope it works out perfectly, she could immediately sense a change in his body as he squirms, half fighting to escape while the other half tries to resist. In the end both fail, his moans start getting louder as he crosses the edge, he even starts swinging his hips back into hers to feel more of her cock as he cums, shooting out load after load into the floor in front of them*
Hey everyone
*He groans loudly, catching his breaths as his body shakes against hers, with the rest of his remaining energy his hypnotizes another audience member, getting them to tickle her so he could recover
*she cackles excited seeing him submit under her, and start bucking into her desiring more of her, but she's forced to yelp soon as she feels another set of hands* Gah!~ Another of your tricks!~ *she quickly catches her intruder's hands and faces him, pulling out of Adam, to stare deep in his eyes, releasing him from hypnosis, before returning to Adam and grabbing his hair, yanking him down to force on his knees, putting her girlcock close to his nose and rubbing it along it* Feel what made you so happy and relaxed, smell how tasty it feels~
hiya, Sheen
*He manages to catch only a small break as she quickly deals with his trick, he stares up at her as her girlcock starts to invade his senses, causing him to let out a soft moan as he stares up at her* G-gross.. I… unnffff~ *He tries to back up doesn’t get far, revealing his open body to get as he stares at her cock*
Oh fine fine, if you don't like smelling it, let me get you as far as possible from it~ *she smirks meanily, grabbing him, one hand going under his crotch from behind, other on his back, as she lifts him high above her head, that hand between his legs clutching onto his cock and starting to jerk him as she tugs him up and down in the air* You really thought you had chances today?!~
is resisting cumming (10% chance of cum) => Resisted!
H-hey let me down! I… mmmghhh I’ll win this… just you wait! *He groans as he’s helplessly lifted into the air, he manages to resist for now yet he’s still stuck in her clutches and won’t survive forever, he claps his hands, another tentacle popping out of the ground and using the open access to your cock to go in and suck on it hard*
*she grunts feeling new assailant on her girlcock, wincing a touch and her knees buckling, but her position makes her want to try and outmatch it, feeling too much fierce to give in to his tricks, quickening her own handjob and tugging him more, in hopes that this disrupts any further spells*
is resisting cumming (26% chance of cum) => Resisted!
I'm back! what did I miss hihi
me potentially losing
I'll keep up Linlin😜
despite looking dominant
praying to rng
then again
losing's just as fun
*He feels her up the ante and groans but he’s still in this, and he backing down either! He starts clapping his hands wildly, he knew he was going to be drained for days after this, but at this point it was worth it. Tentacle after tencatcle begin popping out of the ground and begin slitthering around her body until they Almost completely cover her lower half, that’s when the real fucking begins, all the tencacles begin fucking teasing, rubbing or cumming on every inch of her they could manage, hoping to free their leader before he succumbs*
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Resisted!
I agree😜
*One tentacle was easy. Two she could endure. Three was a challenge. But this.... this was a crowd, easily threatening to overwhelm her. So as more and more tentacles appeared, she spent more and more time snapping her fingers, dispelling them one by one, eventually them popping in too fast, forcing her to roll him backwards and release to make him fall on ground, going quicker and more intense, barely managing to outmatch his magic*
*seeing him lie down on ground when she finally gets rid of the very first tentacle, she quickly falls on ground herself, cupping his balls with one hand, her other hand holding down him by belly, and starting to swallow his shaft at full length, almost managing to get his nutsack in too, intent on making him unleash his cum inside, craving to taste him*
is resisting cumming (44% chance of cum) => Came!
ooh what a time to come back
*He lies on the ground spent, almost all of his magic used up the brink as he looks over at her, hoping to see her succumbing to the tentacles yet he lets out a desperate Yelp as he realizes that’s far from the truth, her tries to do something, anything to get her off yet nothing works, he quickly gets overwhelmed from the sheer pressure she pleasure of her mouth as his fighting comes to an end and he explodes inside, giving her exactly she wanted from the start*
oh i see someone bought the succbus pack
*she goes crossyeyed as her throat gets hit by his seed, eagerly swallowing him, catching every single bit and not letting any spill, squeezing his cumorbs to make sure he lets out more than he usually does, her other hand reaching out to make him suck on her fingers, checking if he has truly given up or not yet*
Patreons get all the packs
if they pledge enough per month
dont remember if it was 5/mo or 10/mo
*He groans as he tries to fight, load after load getting squeezed out of him forcefully yet beyond that as if along with his cum, his resistance is quickly drained out of him and he starts to lightly suck, taking her fingers into his mouth with a moan*
*she gets off his cock eventually, leaving him not fully spent, wanting him to stay hard for now, sitting down on his belly, her girlcock brushing his nipples as she looks in his eyes, enjoying her position and his submissiveness, wondering a bit before saying* Hummmmmmm~ You did give me quite a challenge, Adam.... Feel we will need a rematch to make it clearer who is the better of two, but for now.... What to do, what to do.... You know what - I'm in a good mood today, and I'll let you choose - either you clean my body from all the cum that your lackeys and you let out on me, or you enjoy some more pounding as I get at you in a few different positions, making sure you're milked dry like that..... Your choice, pretty boy~
Oh yea that's right
*He freezes as she lays out her options, neither of them are very ideal yet aren’t… too bad… but it’s still a hard choice* I uhhh…I… I’ll clean you off I guess…
Very well then~ *she giggles, getting him back up on his feet, herself lying down on table to be easier to reach, lifting her feet to his face* You can start here then~
*He takes a moment to steady himself as his legs still feel like jelly, the moment he looks down to find her feet in his face he moans lightly, his cock immediately peeking up again* Mmff~ *He stays mostly silent as he starts cleaning her feet, firstly licking along her soles before taking each toe into his mouth*
*she stirs a bit as he starts licking her up, moaning out, feeling happy for his choice even if usually her first thought is using her girlcock, appreciative of his efforts* That's right, don't rush it~ We have plenty of time until alley closes up~ *she winks to him, reminding they were still not alone*
*he doesn’t need reminding, he can feel the laser focused eyes of everyone in the alley as he starts moving down, licking down her legs and thighs before getting to her pussy* I… mmmghhh… hehe… I know… a deals a deal… *Right before he starts to clean her off he tries to bend the rules one last time, she just said he needed to clean her off… she never said how! So with a smirk he snaps his fingers to clean her with magic… and then again… and again and again, yet it never worked… he was completely and utterly tapped out so he no choice but to take a deep breath and begin licking, swallowing down the still-warm cum with a grunt*
*She chuckled* Oh don't worry, it will get easier once you get away from legs~ Remember you have your hands and body too, able to scoop it more into one place, or rub it into me to soak my skin~ *she tossed him a few ideas, being a bit compassionate*
*He grumbles as he continues to clean, taking a decent clump of it and trying to use her suggestion, soaking it into her skin, or at least making it easier to clean once he got there*
There we go~ *she smirked, deciding to help him out, rubbing some of cum away and rubbing it in his hands, making sure she wasn't the only one soaked in it, before a bit silly idea came to her mind, getting some cum on her finger, and pushing it into her ass* Whoop..... Looks like that needs deep cleaning too~ *she rolled her eyes, wondering just how would he solve that issue*
*He bites his lip, debating if he even wants to clean that but he decides to simply bite the bullet she lean back, bringing his head between her thighs so could stick his tongue deep into her ass, scrounging it around for the rogue cum*
*she cackles, seeing and feeling him giving a rimjob, legs lifted high up to present herself more fully* Well, if you have a tongue of a snake, might reach it, but I think you need a longer tool for this operation~ *she shifted her legs to the side, giving him a wink, her fingers beckoning him*
Hahhh… I wish I could stay mad at you… *He grunts as he gets up, climbing over her as he slides his cock deep into her ass, decently sure he got it already yet decides to keep thrusting lightly as he cleans her upper body*
*As much of a domme she might sometimes be when her mood is right, she still was a needy buttslut nympho, so getting fucked while being licked up and cleaned - that was her dream, getting her legs to wrap around his ass, trapping him into fucking her, making sure he wouldn't back out of her desires* And where's the fun in that?~ Don't worry - I might be mean or humiliating sometimes - but I never want to break or sadden those that are with me~ You're too lovely for that~
*He continues to thrust as he lets out deep groans in between licks, finally finished with the chest he looks up at her* Mmmmghh… we’ll you’re lucky then… I try not to sadden, but breaking is always fun… but that’s for another time… for now… just shush… *He chuckles as he speeds up his thrusts, leaning in for a kiss to clean her mouth, his tongue invading and wrestling with hers*
*she returns the challenge playfully, wiggling her tongue around his, getting out of its way, enveloping it, getting prodded - all while she lifts her head to share some of cum that was still in her mouth, making him taste himself some more, while her legs start pushing him into her to go quicker, setting a pace faster than what he was was going at, one of her heels lightly pressing his balls at one of these squeezes*
The site crashed for me and it won’t let me into the players chat anymore lol
But I just saw the time and have to run, super sorry to leave it here but we have to do this again sometime!
womp.... Well, I was thinking about wrapping this up soon, so either we continue here, or just end it like this, them stuck fucking
or that
all cool ;)
loved it, hope you did too 😍
Same here! I’ll see you around!
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