Original Brooke (Transgender) (Level 16) mail warning

Bratty sub(ish) trans girl who enjoys being a nuisance to wannabe dom(me)s. Will provide resistance every step of the way, but keep it light and fun in doing so. Won't submit unless you prove you are able to tame me, and if you can't...well 😈. Yes, actually trans IRL, timezone UTC+11

Bi, so open to playing with any genders, usually stick to classic but also occasionally play LWR and very rarely interactive. Note: I AM NOT looking for IRL instructions from you.

You can see a more detailed list of my likes/dislikes here

I don't have super bad bottom dysphoria (anxiety about my genitals), but I will be a lot more comfortable if you avoid using overly crass language to refer to my bits 'n' pieces, for example:
(Drake disapproving look) your huge, veiny, throbbing cock
(Drake pointing approvingly) penis

I'm not interested in having my bits played with, so don't expect me to top you.
Having said all that, if you are more comfortable with vaginas, I'm very happy to play with cis actions too.

I also prefer to have action preferences active to avoid some actions that make me a bit uncomfortable, so please take that into account. Also, not really into fantasy-based RP, so if you really like your RP delving into the non-human or leaving the laws of physics behind, then I might not be the best partner for you 😅

(I may have a very rare game in FwC with a few very special people, but please to not ask that I dom you, because I'm not going to)

And you can also see the articles that I've written for the EroFights blog here

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Prior encounters

Michelle was just some cutie I was lucky enough to stumble upon in a public chat, and who I immediately noted as someone I could have some fun with beating 😈 Oh, and she likes in-game edging rules, even better! There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. Our initial encounter was looking good, a fun teasing back-and-forth in the ring as we traded edges and I sat on my plug. The teasing was intense, and we were both getting so worked up...until she was lucky to make me tap out, suddenly adding so many edges back-to-back. As I moved up toy sizes she kept teasing, but I was sure I could hold it off and get back on top of her...until...oh no...even after waiting for like 8 seconds without touching, her teasing was just too much, and my body gave in, with such a remarkably slow, pulsing, ruined orgasm as I tried to concentrate and stop it after each squirt. Oh well...I'll get her back next time! 😤 Which is exactly what happened...well, it would've been what happened if I didn't end up back in exactly the same position again, and was forced to humiliatingly beg her to allow me to have a full orgasm in public, under the condition that I gave myself a facial. Oh well, uhhh...I'll get her back next time! 😤

Although I may have made a daring and unlikely escape from an entire year of permanent cumdumpery under BiancaTS, and have shed the associated rules that I had to follow, I will always remember how she destroyed me in game after game after game, and some of my fondest memories of this place will be of repeatedly taking her cumloads in my mouth and ass. Deep down, I will always be her cumdump inside.

Chantal gave me an ultimatum to get her chastity key back from Alice so that she could be freed and return to her mistress ways. It seemed like an impossible task for me, but luckily Alice had been turned into a cute sexy kitty girl at the time. But, only after starting our encounter did I realise that this kitty had claws. She'd arrived already hiding a thick strapon under her shorts, but had quite a strong desire to tie me up as well. After some teasing and warming up, she got down to business; tying me, stretching my butt on her strap, and finally making me cum. One orgasm down...oof >.< but things changed. I hypnotised her to show her true submissive kitty side, and even after she woke up from that trance, she could no longer resist. As soon as she felt her finger and my girldick in her pussy together, she melted straight away. And, after desperately trying to use her hands to make me cum, I taught her exactly what a skilled set of hands should do to a lover. I rubbed her clit faster and faster...and just at the right moment, by other hand entered her and fingered her sensitive pussy, pushing her over the edge and making her squirt. And who said kitties don't like getting wet? 😏 The little kitty was kept safe and locked in a cage afterwards, with the key to the cage kept on the same keyring as Chantal's chastity key. Mission accomplished 😎

I had the awful judgement to think that bratting to Mistress Chantal without having met before would be a good idea. Well, in our first encounter...I didn't learn my lesson, because I never do, and was subsequently left bound with my mouth on a gloryhole in the bathroom of a sex shop, to be freed by someone with the kind sense to let me go instead of using me. Let's just say that I have no idea how many took the latter route...because I lost count after a while.
I was determined to redeem myself, and maybe get a bit of revenge for how humiliatingly she left me 😈 So, when I saw that she'd been chastised, collared, and hypnotised to be an anal slut by Alice, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. And it went so damn well, she was being such a good obedient butt-slut for me...right until the moment that the obedience waned just a tiny bit, and once again she humiliated me, forcing me to swallow by own load directly from her butthole >.>
After successfully winning Chantal's keys from Alice, I traded them to her in exchange for having free use of that cutie booty of hers 😈 And I took full advantage, spending an afternoon with the "Mistress" wilfully taking me in her butt for hours. But she wanted to be free of this agreement, so challenged me to a bout for her freedom. And it went just as well as I hoped for 😌......is what I would say if it had gone well >.> but rather, within three moves I was naked for her, I was then locked in chastity, collared, and a dildo in my ass used to milk my orgasm out >.< I ended up collared, in chastity, and locked in a cage, with the person who I'd just freed from being an anal hypno slut holding the keys to all three...and therefore the keys to any dominance or power I may have kind-of had before 😩😩😩

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He couldn't resist that speed much longer and cums for your hands! Wanked to completion! Your mouth is just way too much for him to resist. SucCUMb to his tongue! You stay cool and composed as he got more and more worked-up. Now he's pulled out and came on you... what a good boy he is! That bussy is too damn good You've worked that man pussy right to the edge, and then over it! He can't resist any longer His resistance finally gives way, and he cums hard... just like you knew he would! He finally breaks You hold her head firmly where it needs to be. You control the speed. Force her to choke on your strap-on Your partner offers you his ass, and you can't wait to have a piece of that. You prepare his anus, sticking a thick dildo slick with lube in it, working his hole so it shouldn't be a problem for you to enter. Stretch his ass with a dildo You rub your hard dicks together, it's... it's pretty hot Frottage You need to warm up the engine before you go full throttle. Get yourself hard You wrap your lips around his clit and suck, making him gasp. Suck his peen

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