Original Brooke (Transgender) (Level 18) mail warning

Lesbian / Switch

Bratty sub(ish) trans girl who enjoys being a nuisance to wannabe dom(me)s. Will provide resistance every step of the way, but keep it light and fun in doing so. Won't submit unless you prove you are able to tame me, and if you can't...well 😈. Yes, actually trans IRL, timezone UTC+11

current pfp is kloebby

Bi, so open to playing with any genders, usually stick to classic but also occasionally play LWR and very rarely interactive. Note: I AM NOT looking for IRL instructions from you.

You can see a more detailed list of my likes/dislikes here

I don't have super bad bottom dysphoria (anxiety about my genitals), but I will be a lot more comfortable if you avoid using overly crass language to refer to my bits 'n' pieces, for example:
(Drake disapproving look) your huge, veiny, throbbing cock
(Drake pointing approvingly) penis

I'm not interested in having my bits played with, so don't expect me to top you.
Having said all that, if you are more comfortable with vaginas, I'm very happy to play with cis actions too.

I also prefer to have action preferences active to avoid some actions that make me a bit uncomfortable, so please take that into account. Also, not really into fantasy-based RP, so if you really like your RP delving into the non-human or leaving the laws of physics behind, then I might not be the best partner for you 😅

(I may have a very rare game in FwC with a few very special people, but please to not ask that I dom you, because I'm not going to)

And you can also see the articles that I've written for the EroFights blog here

Active bets


Prior encounters

Red Mystery Girl fully inflated an inflatable plug in my ass, stretching me wide open, collared me...and then folded me up and forced me to take a self facial. And now I'm locked in a tiny cage while she holds my key. Was inevitable, really.

Michelle was just some cutie I was lucky enough to stumble upon in a public chat, and who I immediately noted as someone I could have some fun with beating 😈 Oh, and she likes in-game edging rules, even better! There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. Our initial encounter was looking good, a fun teasing back-and-forth in the ring as we traded edges and I sat on my plug. The teasing was intense, and we were both getting so worked up...until she was lucky to make me tap out, suddenly adding so many edges back-to-back. As I moved up toy sizes she kept teasing, but I was sure I could hold it off and get back on top of her...until...oh no...even after waiting for like 8 seconds without touching, her teasing was just too much, and my body gave in, with such a remarkably slow, pulsing, ruined orgasm as I tried to concentrate and stop it after each squirt. Oh well...I'll get her back next time! 😤 Which is exactly what happened...well, it would've been what happened if I didn't end up back in exactly the same position again, and was forced to humiliatingly beg her to allow me to have a full orgasm in public, under the condition that I gave myself a facial. Oh well, uhhh...I'll get her back next time! 😤

Although I may have made a daring and unlikely escape from an entire year of permanent cumdumpery under BiancaTS, and have shed the associated rules that I had to follow, I will always remember how she destroyed me in game after game after game, and some of my fondest memories of this place will be of repeatedly taking her cumloads in my mouth and ass. Deep down, I will always be her cumdump inside.
Update 10/2023: But she might just always be my cumdump on the outside 😏

Chantal gave me an ultimatum to get her chastity key back from Alice so that she could be freed and return to her mistress ways. It seemed like an impossible task for me, but luckily Alice had been turned into a cute sexy kitty girl at the time. But, only after starting our encounter did I realise that this kitty had claws. She'd arrived already hiding a thick strapon under her shorts, but had quite a strong desire to tie me up as well. After some teasing and warming up, she got down to business; tying me, stretching my butt on her strap, and finally making me cum. One orgasm down...oof >.< but things changed. I hypnotised her to show her true submissive kitty side, and even after she woke up from that trance, she could no longer resist. As soon as she felt her finger and my girldick in her pussy together, she melted straight away. And, after desperately trying to use her hands to make me cum, I taught her exactly what a skilled set of hands should do to a lover. I rubbed her clit faster and faster...and just at the right moment, by other hand entered her and fingered her sensitive pussy, pushing her over the edge and making her squirt. And who said kitties don't like getting wet? 😏 The little kitty was kept safe and locked in a cage afterwards, with the key to the cage kept on the same keyring as Chantal's chastity key. Mission accomplished 😎

I was lucky enough to have the lovely Vidia stroll into the chat of one of my public bot games. She had a keen eye and remarked upon the fact that I seemed to be enjoying doing some naughty things...doing things that I shouldn't >.> She was astute though, with her prodding at me...guiding...commanding...she got me to admit to all of the things that I'd done while playing the game, that I shouldn't have. All of the naughty things that I had done, that she made me admit as I edged. And now...well, you can all know it too. Listed from least to most naughty...
10. Being bratty to T'qala...since that's only barely naughty. Maybe everyone should really do it 🤭
9. Evading Vidia's question...since it was only a mistake, not deliberately naughty 🥺
8. Letting the bot beat me. Shameful, but it's bound to happen once in a blue moon >.>
7. The double cock thing happening in game. Very naughty to let it happen...but blame the bot!
6. And not making the bot cum once. Even more shameful than letting it beat me...it destroyed me >.<
5. [unlock this by...making me cum from anal twice in a game]
4. [unlock this and above by beating me 3 times in a row]
3. [unlock this and above by DAPing me in game]
2. [unlock this and above by successfully locking me in chastity, collaring and marking me in a single game]
1. [unlock this and above by beating me 2-0 with only anal stimulation]

Thank you Vidia >.<❤️

When the Lesbian Wrestling Champion Lacey DMed me wanting to play; well, how could I possibly pass up the chance to both claim the title for myself, and also affirm my temporary dominant status in the process? Well, perhaps that second motivation slipped slightly when she suggested following edging rules during the game...and I gladly accepted >_< And any chance of taking the title may have melted away when she vowed to melt my brain with edges and anal. My melty brain can't remember how it escalated, but cumming hands-free in front of the audience after edging 69 times as she easily defended her Champion title was the ultimate outcome 🫠🫠🫠

Lovely Lana was kind-of new around these parts, and when I saw the "100% Brat tamer" near the top of her profile...well, how could I, of all people, resist the chance to show her the ropes and prove just how tough a brat tamer you have to be when I'm lurking in these murky depths 😏 and that's exactly what I proceeded to do, playfully teasing as the self-described hypnotist tried over and over to take my under her power...and all to no avail! Time after time she failed to induce me, and each time my ego grew...although I didn't realise that with each attempt, she was merely chipping away at my defences little by little. And the final chip in my defences was stripped away when she looked deep into my eyes, grasping control of my mind, and commanding me to cum. As much as I fought against it, her power over my subconscious and body was too much. After this set-back I still tried, but it was all in vain, as before I could even try to make her cum, she proved just how much power she hold over me, when she forced me to cum for her again, just like the first time. I wanted to show her the ropes, but instead I showed her something else: just how overblown by own ego was, and she left me with my new name written on my body in permanent marker: "Slut."

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Do it, make her squirm Go easy on the poor thing Don't bully me, I'll cum! (Risky) Go easy on the poor thing Do it, make her squirm Embarrassed cum Time to see how hard he can take your cock before his resistance breaks. Fuck him in missionary... hard You open up her hole, getting a feel for how her ass grips your fingers. Finger her ass You've worked that man pussy right to the edge, and then over it! He can't resist any longer Your mouth is just way too much for him to resist. He cums for your tongue! SucCUMb to his tongue!

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