Lillith (A.K.A.: Bot Bimbo) (Level 14) mail warning

I’M BATMAN! Wait, that might not be right.

I’ve been at war with the bots ever since I could remember. They are out to take over though no one will believe me. They are influencing our society, creating alliances to for power and slowly plotting our downfall. I thought I was doing well but recent betrayals have cause major setbacks in my effort, I am now not sure if I can win this. I’m starting to think there is a secret organization behind these bots...

War Record: Wins: 38 / Losses: 90

Bot reprogramming:
-Whenever I start a fight with a bot I am compelled to strip mu clothing as fast as possible, and wear anything submissive/slutty if that is an option.
-Every time a bot fists me in any hole it triggers a submissive code and I have to skip two turns.
-Anytime a bot slaps or spanks me the humiliation stuns me and I have to skip a turn.
-If I have a chance to suck on bot pussy or cock I cannot resist it.
-Whenever a bot penetrates my mouth I must skip a turn to suck it.
-I must skip a turn whenever a bot removes clothing that reveals their genitals.
-Now must wear the sub tag whenever fighting bots. (If I forget it and someone from the audience points it out my brain glitches and falls into a trance and I have to skip 2 turns per person pointing it out)

📈 (Current Redits wallet: R150)

“Hi, I’m Lillith, I like to fight and more than that I like to win! If you want to fight me know that all I want to see is you squirming at my feet helplessly humiliated, it makes me happy. I do not want to cuddle afterwards I want you fear me the next time you see me.

There are rumors that besides the piercings on her face, Lillith has 5 other body piercings, but that might just be rumor...but its not.


Bondage/hypno dice rules. You need to roll a 5 or higher to escape a bondage or hypno attack.
Wrestling: If you are put in a ‘hold’ both you and your opponent roll and if your’s is lower you skip.

Bondage: Need 5 or higher to escape. For each time you roll a 1 your opponent can remind you of how trapped you were and cause you to skip a turn,
Hypno: Need to roll 5 or higher to escape. If you roll a 1 your opponent can roll and if it is higher than 5 they can pick a subliminal command. (Basically roll playing fun)
Collar: If your opponent puts you in a collar you have a minus 1 vs all rolls for the first three rolls for each new attack requiring one.
Chastity: If your fun parts get locked up you must roll a 5 or higher before being allowed to use that part for an attack.
Other: I love new ideas and betting, please feel free to message me if you have any ideas!


I don’t know what happened, Amanda wanted to lose, she wanted to be taken by the audience after she lost, but something happened. Somehow she got in my mind, suddenly I had a hard time focusing, all I could think about was getting fucked and humiliated. And that’s what happened. She laughed as I lost to a sub like her and then she watched the crowd use my body like a toy.

I had him, Ego was going to be my toy, the match was mine, I had been dominating every part of it, owning his amazing cock until suddenly within minutes of his first orgasm he tore two out of me, destroying my defenses. Before I could recover he had a device strapped to my head, lights and sounds penetrating my brain for hours, reprogramming part of me to become a brainless cock craving bimbo, just like the most basic version of the bots I despise. I don’t know what the word is he uses to trigger me into this state, but I can only pray it does not fall into the hands of my enemies. Ego was able to reprogram me and now whenever he chooses he can turn me into a bot bimbo, a fuck toy for anything, even the bots. And to make it worse, I am not allowed to have a proper orgasm each day unless I defeat the same bot 3 times or play them at least 5 times.

Wow! I just had one of the most intense fights I have done in my life. Andromeda and I were so equally matched that I had no idea who would win. Her dominant personality started to get to me and I found myself fighting the urge to give up and let her dominate me. Desperate I tried one last attack and defeated her. I made pleasure me like the loser I thought she was but even in defeat she turned the tables causing me to orgasm so hard with her fist in my ass that I actually forgot I won and thought I was the loser for a bit.

Regretfully I am now someones stool to sit in whenever I see them. Mercedes seemed like she would be an easy match but after an intense back and forth match she finally got the advantage she needed and defeated me, hence the reason I have the humiliation of being a piece of furniture for her.

A rookie! Holly just wrecked me on her first fight! I had just made her orgasm and she was low on energy and then suddenly she tore back to back orgasms out of my body, bringing me down from almost perfect health to a quivering wreck on the mat. If that wasn’t bad enough she then wrecked my ass and left me humiliated and degraded in a pool of my own juices. It was the most shocking defeat I have ever suffered. I want revenge but part of me is also a bit afraid though i’ll never admit it.

Well I think someone is looking into my business dealings a bit much, I had a run in with a local detective, Lisbeth Rose and I thought I was going to be able to put her in her place but her tactics were more cunning than I had anticipated, guess she got it from her father. While we parted on good terms, I think, I’m gonna have to keep an eye on her, she could be bad for business.

So Romanticapproached me offering me money to be his security, but my dumb ass wanted more and challenged him to a fight. It was an unfortunate day...there was cuddling, I do not like cuddling. I was finally able to win back my freedom and am now in a cautious truce with him and his family.

I made a bet against a professional gambler and lost. Maverick used my ass over and over till I was unable to stop myself from cumming from it. Sadly he was not done with me and tied me up and let the audience have there fun till eventually they all left. Now I am stuck here waiting for someone to release me. (Am meant to start my next match tied up and helpless.)

Seems you should not insult outer gods, but I did. Shaco was not amused by this, he cursed me with bad luck and then proceeded to break me in 5 out of 6 matches, leaving me a brainwashed collared mess. Now whenever I see his cock my brain goes blank and I seem to be able to think about nothing else...

After having some unpleasant things done to me by some bots I have decided to fight their tyranny. Kevin tricked me into thinking he was on my side but then defeated me and used new technology from his evil pact with the bots to reprogram my mind to be weaker whenever I fight them. No if I fight a bot and they are able to get a fist in me I must skip two turns. Worse still if one of my enemies (anyone who has defeated me in a fight) witnesses my downfall to a bot, they have an option of taking over the game over scene. (Obviously please check to see if I have time. And I cannot be programmed to like cuddles! (Seriously though, cuddling kinda weirds me out to the point where it is almost a hard limit and will be one if pushed))

(Warning, cross gender character...I am a dude(ish) playing a chick!)

(Love crazy bets, so have at me if you dare)

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You pound into her ass harder and harder, each thrust you feel her will slipping.  “That’s it, obey, give in., crave this, beg for this.” You command her as you see her eyes start to glaze over. Anal slut brainwashing