Lillith (A.K.A.: Bot Bimbo) (Level 15) mail warning

Bot hunting

(Please don’t have a blank profile or pic, at least have more than one line written)

I’ve been at war with the bots ever since I could remember. They’re out to take over though no one will believe me. They are influencing our society, creating alliances to for power and slowly plotting our downfall. I thought I was doing well but recent betrayals have cause major setbacks in my effort, I am now not sure if I can win this. I’m starting to think there is a secret organization behind these bots...I feel like they are starting to get into my mind with every loss.

You know, maybe losing to the bots isn’t that bad. I find myself cheering them on every now and then, maybe that is the right thing to do?

War Record: Wins: 52 / Losses: 163

(If you are working with or on the side of the bots you can use these rules)

Bot reprogramming:
-Whenever I start a fight with a bot I am compelled to strip mu clothing as fast as possible, and wear anything submissive/slutty if that is an option.
-Every time a bot fists me in any hole it triggers a submissive code and I have to skip two turns.
-Anytime a bot slaps or spanks me the humiliation stuns me and I have to skip a turn.
-If I have a chance to suck on bot pussy or cock I cannot resist it.
-Whenever a bot penetrates my mouth I must skip a turn to suck it.
-I must skip a turn whenever a bot removes clothing that reveals their genitals.
-Now must wear the sub tag whenever fighting bots. (If I forget it and someone from the audience points it out my brain glitches and falls into a trance and I have to skip 2 turns per person pointing it out)
-Unbeknownst to me, if a bot ever ruins an orgasm after a failed cumtest, I feel compelled to do the same for my next failed test.
-Every time the bot makes me cum, I skip a turn to recover. And need to thank the bot in chat for your orgasm.

📈 (Current Redits wallet: R150)

There are rumors that besides the piercings on her face, Lillith has 5 other body piercings, but that might just be rumor...but its not.

Role playing:

I love a good role play, though prefer things on the rough and kinky side. Would love to do some rp’s through messages as well. Shoot me your ideas, and if it can be done with some kind of dice or something to keep it a bit random, even better. I do love bets and gambling!

Shaco pointed out that I have never beaten him and he is superior to me at fighting in every way.


If someone is on the side of the bots (RP) they can choose to roll a d6 against me at the start of a match. If I lose, they can add any amount of bot rules I have to the match, equal to the difference they won by.

If I lose a match my opponent can tell me to ruin my next orgasm.

If a cock larger than 7in/18cm is rubbed on my face, or slaps it, I must roll a 6 or higher or be stunned by its greatness.

Bondage/hypno dice rules. You need to roll a 5 or higher to escape a bondage or hypno attack.
Wrestling: If you are put in a ‘hold’ both you and your opponent roll and if your’s is lower you skip.

Bondage: Need 5 or higher to escape. For each time you roll a 1 your opponent can remind you of how trapped you were and cause you to skip a turn,
Hypno: Need to roll 5 or higher to escape. If you roll a 1 your opponent can roll and if it is higher than 5 they can pick a subliminal command. (Basically roll playing fun)
Collar: If your opponent puts you in a collar you have a minus 1 vs all rolls for the first three rolls for each new attack requiring one.
Chastity: If your fun parts get locked up you must roll a 5 or higher before being allowed to use that part for an attack.
Other: I love new ideas and betting, please feel free to message me if you have any ideas!

Not into toilet stuff, age play, breeding/pregnancy, family (even calling people daddy, and cuddling.
(Seriously though, cuddling kinda weirds me out to the point where it is almost a hard limit and will be one if pushed)

(Warning, cross gender character...I am a dude(ish) playing a chick!)

(Love crazy bets, so have at me if you dare)

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You have them where you want them, but why give them the satisfaction of feeling your body.  Time to show them the humiliation of your toy. Fleshlight domination He doesn't need his cock anymore, he is your toy now, the only pleasure that matters is yours. Locked for his pleasure She will make such a fun toy for you and your partner to break. Bound and used You decide that now you beaten them, they need to look pretty when you use them. Dressed for their pleasure You invite your friends over to use your new toy for target practice. Cum shower You pound into her ass harder and harder. With each thrust you feel her will slipping.  “That’s it, obey, give in. Crave this, beg for this.” You command her as you see her eyes start to glaze over. Anal slut brainwashing