Mara Bee, Nectar Extractor (Level 2) mail warning

A Brave Wanderer on a Quest for Sustenance

I'm Mara Bee, loyal bee to Queen Bee Jenna, My goal in this tournament is to extract as much nectar from my opponents as I can while protecting the honey from the hive. I have a paralyzing stinger that will set you dead in your tracks to withstand my naughty magics, and powerful honey traps that will hold you in place to collect your pollen and nectar. I'm very resilient, but if you do manage to catch me in your webs and do what you will, you might have me buzzing and struggling before I release my honey to you.

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Below will be my match history, and I will keep it updated throughout the tournament.

I stumbled into Ben Bravo in my first match. Hollyhock, he was strong! He stripped me so quickly and manhandled me. I guess I was lucky he was so focused on me and making me buzz to try to steal my nectar away because it allowed me to quickly drain him, even if he left me Poppy-tively buzzing shortly after. I had to struggle to fight back, but with a moment of weakness I came in quick and soon my nectar buckets were full. <3
You can read the match here.

On my next venture, I was on a quest for more nectar, and I found a friendly fox boy. I just decided to call him Foxy. He seemed like an easy catch, and I quickly found his weakness was my feet. I had him under my bee spell, mesmerizing him with the soft soles against his body and member. It egged him on and he wanted more and more. He wanted my sacred honey, and he was gettting me back and making me buzz in all the best ways. However, I managed to get what I wanted. My buckets were filled with all of his nectar... or so I thought. The darn fox boy had too much stamina and I underestimated him. Even after I got what would fill my buckets, he still had energy, and soon he made me leak out all of my honey and made a snack out of me. <3
You can read the match here

Sadly, after my partner fell, that was the end of my tournament run. I failed my Queen and I desire punishment for being such a naughty bee that would give up our honey like that. <3

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