Morky VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (52 turns)

A simple request turns into something more

Morky messages Linlin looking for some fun, not expecting her to actually reply. Her answer leads them down a path of fun and frolic.

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(and hello again)
(Hello! So, what kind of game ya thinking? I do have a rule hanging over my head btw)
*finishes sorting*
(as it's morning, fine with anything right now. Could be just some simple bedroom fun, maybe one hiring another as escort, or maybe we met somewhere accidentally, if you want a changeup of place)
(How about one of us put an ad online for something like this, the other answers and we meet up and play it out? I think that's interesting :) )
(Sure. Linlin has whole personal website dedicated to tracking round her life or search for more partners :P
Hello lovely peeps :)
Not getting much bites today...
(so easily could have messaged her and suggested to meet pu
Can't seem to get any matches at this time
hiyo all
College girl hookups, now in your area!❤️
(I like that a lot! Definitely works out!)
Futa hookups are best hookups
and this one's not even a scam
(Lets just make sure that it works first. I want to make sure you get to play who you want to!)
(it will, dont fret too much :P
110% real deal Linlin
(Awesome! So, shall we begin? And do you want me to ignore my rule for the sake of integrity?
(your choice on rules ;) I don't mind people ignoring them for a game if it makes game more fun for them
(and yep, we can begin :P
(Lets ignore it for this one. I want to play fair with you hehe)
*pets Cassy*
*I am anxious as I arrive at our arranged spot. Having seen your site I wanted to play with you and sent a message in hope more than expectation. When you replied, I was surprised but happy. I see you walking towards me and smile* Hello Lin, lovely to meet you in the flesh
Nagu, dear. *hug*
Tough morning so far
Nagusa, I will want to visit the shrine soon <3
Morky looks fun to play with
Oh i saw you several times on mm
*keeps the hug and gently pulls you onto my lap* Someone needs some pampering.
Unfortunately the shrine only operates on hentai
Aww, anytime, sadu 🥰
Erofights operates on porn logic
And porn physics
Nagusa, I am happy to be hentai for you :)
*snuggles comfortably in sadu's lap*
I'm fine with hentai too
Well, we shall see each other soon then 🥰
I'm fine with a game
I feel I am becoming a part of an awesome community which is really nice <3
Got some time to spare
I'm at work now unfortunately lol.
Hello there~ Morky, I presume? *she smiles back to him, nodding as she approaches, wearing her usual casual clothes, meeting at an intersection of couple busy streets* Always excited to meet new faces~ So, what fancies you today? Some beach fun- *she points to one side, them being not far from one* -or maybe rent out a booth at a karaoke bar nearby? Know the place not far from here~
And gilded did turn me down yesterday 😆
Ah I see
Our schedules are different
Oh well
Maybe one day we can meet in mutual hentai combat
Um... I'm not much for combat 😓
Loving then
All's fair in love and war
No combat Nagu. *turns into a demon and protects*
... war... *Hides behind sadu*
OK then. Love and peace only.
*He smiles as she approaches and asks is he Morky. He nods respectfully, wearing a white shirt and black slacks. The public place made it so they could both be comfortable* It is indeed me, Morky. And definitely excited to meet you too! As for where we play, I think a karaoke bar works. We can definitely hit some high notes there *He says with an amused chuckle, hoping she enjoys the joke too*
... war never changes
(Changed to third person as you were using it <3)
If War never changes, then people must
(I'm fine with whatever from another person. Long years of RP made me used to people writing in any person or tense :D
More or less, you may fight me some time, but never Nagusa.
Well, I'll be looking forward to that then
*Linlin grabs morky by the elbow and starts leading off, deciding to be a bit more crass with her partner, chuckling with him* Well let's go then, it's just a block away. And oh don't you worry, think there'll definitely be some singing going once we're on with it~
Gilded, the war never changes is a fallout refrence
For now, going to leave. *gives Nagusa a peck on the cheek* Hope your day gets better. If not, feel free to poke me and say whatever.
Bye sadu! 🥰
Bye, Saduharta
*She guides him a few streets to a rather small unassuming storefront inbetween many highrise buildings, leading down to basement* There's the place. Just head on to fifth room in there, I'll make sure it's arranged for us. Have an agreement with owner here~
bye sadu, have fun with Destiny
i'm sure we will, I'll be lurking here, tabbing in here every so often to see what you're up to 😘
Oh i get to watch two games at once?
and I might lurk in yours, just so that I can read after I'm done here ;)
*long years of rp* 😅
*He smiled as he let her lead him down the street, enjoying the feeling of her soft hand on his elbow. This was always going to be a fun time for them both, and letting her pick the venue made the most sense. He had, after all, contacted her.* Well, glad there will be singing from either one or both of us *he said with a chuckle. They soon came to the building and he nodded, heading into the fifth room, waiting for his now opponent to come in and to get this match started*
it not be wrong, considering I started somewhere around 2009
but with normal RP, not ERP. ERP started here when I joined
*The room he entered had a rather large L-shaped sofa, more than big enough for two of them, a copy table with several soft drinks, as well as large tv already on and waiting for song to get picked. Linlin doesn't take much to came after him, closing the door yet leaving it unlocked, looking over his body one more time* So, think you'll start with singing... *she nears him, brushing her hand along his neck to tickle it* or trying to make me sing?
Well my rp started together with erp here 3 months ago
So just. *Shrug* i suppose
Wow 2009 that's 13 years
mhm. Thought I was really terrible my first year or two
can actually recall one or two campaigns that I personally killed
by being weird/not fitting in
i mean it's one of those things where, the more you do it the better you get at it y'know?
learn some humility, learn some teamwork, learn that it's not just a you thing to be in a group
I hope you keep your kidneys!
*Morky took in the room he was in, enjoying the venue that Linlin had picked for them both. He enjoyed the view but even more so as Linlin came in, not too long after he arrived, looking her up and down as she got close to him, feeling her hand tickle along his neck.* Oh, I think I want to make you sing. *He said before forcing her to her knees, allowing his hard manhood to spring free from his trousers and to smack against her face a few times* Think I definitely want to make you sing
Mmmgh~ *she smirks as she gets slapped around with his cock, pushing back against his hands to stand up again, only for her skirt zipper to bust yet again, staying down on ground as she rose, her sighing at the sight and shaking head* Blasted thing never holds out~ Well though, I might as welll lose this then too~ *she chuckles, mood soon returning to merry, quickly pulling off and tossing away her shirt, standing in front of him only in her red underwear, bulge becoming more and more apparent with each second*
Wow morky hitting with those walls of text just as much as lin 😆
Jealous? :P
Who wouldn't be 🤭
*He smirked as she enjoyed getting slapped in the face with his member, before pushing against his hands to try and stand up, her skirt zipper bursting* Seems like someone is excited to meet himself *He said with a chuckle. He stood a bit mesmerised though as she removed her skirt and showed her bulge, which continued to grow with each moment. It was turning him on more and more. He had to decide between showing her tits or his abs* I suppose, if you are removing a piece of clothing, I should do too. *He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, teasingly sliding it off his shoulders, giving her a show as he did so*
Nagusa, you'll get the wall treatment soon too <3
Heading back to work!
Have fun all!
Only a piece?~ No no no, we're keeping it fair here~ *she giggles, unbuckling his pants while she keeps staring at his slow striptease, squatting down slowly and helping him off to put those pants (and shoes she caught along) aways. After that, she stood up again, one hand hugging him to grind into his body, wanting to feel his cock with hers* Excited, are we?~
cya, Nagu
*He chuckled at her comment, watching as she slowly unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, taking off his shoes with them as she squatted in front of him. He quickly grabbed her as she stood back up, allowing a hand to sensually run along her body* Very excited. Can't help it with being with you Linlin.
(some posts will be longer and others shorter, hope thats okay :) )
(perfectly fine. Not everything needs to be large and wide
Well, if you can't help it, let's check if your body also can't help it~ *she smirked, pushing his boxers down just enough to bare his ass and free his cock fully, giving him a hearty spank to see how both wiggle, lifting up her foot to help her out in dragging those boxers down without going lower this time* That's better~
*He smirked as she pushed his boxers down, allowing his hard cock to spring free from his pants. He shook a little from the spank, not expecting it, his ass cheek jiggling for a moment for her.* Glad you enjoy, it's going to be wrecking you in a little while. Now, to get a little taste *he said, pulling her in for a deep, passionate kiss. He allowed his lips to find her bottom one before allowing his teeth to gently clasp around it, pulling it gently, hoping to turn her on more* Mmmmm, you taste very good
*she purrs out as the two kiss and nibble at each other, letting her nose rub against his, slipping out of her shoes and socks as they do so* Wrecking me?~ Quite confident, are we?~ Might want to first get a pathway clear towards what you want to wreck~ *she taunted him a bit, pulling up her panties a bit to fix them around her ass*
*He enjoyed her purr of pleasure, grunting out some of his own as her nose rubbed against his, before watching her removing her shoes and socks, looking at her amazing feet as she did so. He chuckled at her retort* oh, I am fully aware what I need to do. Still, let's make you cock hungry. * He said, before pushing down on her head, forcing her onto her knees once more. He presented his cock to her face, grabbing her hair and making her lips move along his length* This is where you belong Linlin.
Awww, think of me as some little girl?~ *she chuckled, slipping a bit so that she was licking and kissing the underside of his cock, instead of sucking, going all the way down to licking up his nuts, before she pushed his hands away and slipped beneath him, getting to sofa and leaning down against it, twerking her butt at him* How about you come and get me then?~
(We doing bondage/hypno dice rules or not? Just curious, I already know my next play just don't know what the story is there)
(your pick, I'm impartial to them. Can use them at 5+ to break, 3 turn limit; or can just do away with no dice)
(Nah, happy to leave them honestly. Feel this is a lot more interactive)
(leave them as in use them?)
(Honestly, happy either way. I'm not using that move now anyway haha)
(well, as I say, your pick :P )
(We can use it haha, anyway, I am pulling them panties up as it makes the most RP sense)
*I throw my head back slightly as I feel your soft lips sliding along the underside of my length, feeling for soft, warm, wet tongue on my balls as you push away quickly to twerk your butt on the sofa in front of me* Oh, I don't think of you as some little girl, I know you are a serious challenge. Still *he said, grabbing her panties and pulling them up, defining her ass and showing her cheeks fully before smacking each one in turn once* I am going to enjoy claiming this ass
enjoying destiny?
*she turns her head around, bemused by his effort, even if those smacks did make her yelp a bit* You're certainly enjoying it now~ What ya enjoying more though?~ The ass that wiggles for your spanks, my soft panties, or the surprise waiting beneath?~
Oh, is it okay to say all three? *He said with a chuckle, leaning down, grabbing her panties and sliding them down her slender legs before grabbing them in his hands* Still, I think these would look better lodged in your mouth. *He said before grabbing her hair, yanking it back with one hand while the other pushed her panties into her mouth, stuffing it with her slightly wet panties*
good, good. Maybe I can take you on next ;)
Hrrrrrrmmmmmm~ *his answer bemused her more, opening her mouth to laugh, only to suddenly feel it stuffed with her own panties, glaring back at him as he does so, as much as her position allows it, considering her hair are yanked back. While he's worried with her head, she decides to worry with his other head, backing her freshly revealed ass to rub along it, her own girlcock flopping down to brush along his thigh*
*He smirked as she was opening her mouth to laugh more only for it to be stuffed with her own panties. He enjoyed her glare as she had her hair yanked back.* OH my, you look so cute like that, lets see ho----mmmmmpppphh *his words were cut off by her amazing ass sliding up and down his length, hot dogging it. He let his other hand move down, wrapping around her hard cock and stroking it slowly but firmly, hoping to add to the pleasure she was feeling*
That sounds like a promising maybe hehe
*she got those panties out of her mouth finally* So how does it feel?~ Wouldn't mind it going places, eh?~ *she giggled, one hand going down to help him jerk her, wrapping around it, while other hand went up and behind her, undoing clasp on her bra* Guess I should make sure I'm just as naked as you are for this~ Besides.... *she turns around, lounging into sofa with legs spread, revealing her body fully to him* I do look so irresistable, don't I?~
May I DM?
*He couldn't help but chuckle as she got the panties out of her mouth as she teased him with her words.* It feels pretty great, but we are in no rush. *He said with a grin, allowing his hand to continue stroking up and down her length as she undid the clasps on her bra, revealing her amazing tits* They do look great. *Once she turned around, teasing him, he leaned back against the table, doing the same, showing his naked body off to her* I think we are both irresistible to each other
Maybe~ *she giggled, getting back to him down on knees, pushing up her breasts and wrapping them around his cock, snugging it tight as she started dragging them along, giving a gentle kiss first to his pecs, and then down to his cocktip* Hope you're not a hair trigger~
me? yeah go for it
*He couldn't help but groan as her soft, amazing breasts wrapped around his manhood, sliding up and down along his shaft as she kissed his pecs and his cocktip. While it gave a twitch, it gave no sign of releasing his load yet* Not quite a hair trigger, but lets see how your ass handles my cock *He said, sliding around herm pushing her to the ground. He licked his fingers, pushing them inside her before allowing his hand to wrap around his cock. He smirked and pushed himself inside her, enjoying how tight she felt as he thrust deeply into her*
Mmmmm~ It handles you well, don't worry~ *she moaned loud as she was penetrated, but soon got into his rhythm, giving just enough way for him to slide, her inner muscles holding her insides tight enough to be snug for him* In fact, can the same said about you?~ *she spun them both sideways onto the sofa, making him sit down in it as she started riding back into him, her butt clapping into his body, her balls smacking into his as she rode him to the base, eager to please him*
can the same be said about you*
ride em cowgirl~
(One minute please <3)
*He smirked and groaned as she moaned out in pleasure, but enjoyed the fact she retaliated so easily, pushing back against him as they began the match in real earnest now, feeling her walls tightening around his shaft, holding him inside* I am sure it does but don----what the fuck? *he groaned in surprise as she turned the tides, managing to hop ontop, bouncing up and down his length as she worked his cock, feeling her balls agains his each time she sunk fully down. He took a minute to enjoy the pleasure before pushing her off* Hey, I like those feet *He said, grabbing them and forcing them into a hole before pumping his cock between them, enjoying the sensations of it all as he fucked them*
*she decided to stay and watch for a moment, part amused, part aroused by his efforts, her feet wriggling around his cock as it went back and forth, trying to squeeze tighter but not able to due to him holding her* Felt my ass is a bit too dangerous for you?~ *she snickered, lightly stroking herself while she was watching, content with what was happening*
*He enjoyed her staying and watching for a moment, feeling her feet wiggling but unable to close around his cock more as he was holding her feet* Nah, I just enjoyed changing things up. Speaking of which *He said, removing his manhood from her feet while she stroked her cock, grabbing her head and pulling it towards his cock, pushing it between her lips and fucking her mouth while she jerks off*
GUHHH!~ GLUG! MMGH!~ *she moaned loud, muffled thanks to his quick action, getting herself shoved onto his cock. It took her a bit, but eventually she managed to pry his hands away, flipping around once again to get him on sofa, this time deciding to squat on it and bring her ass to his face* Well... If we're changing up things, how about you wet me up so next time you're in it slides around even better, dear?~
that ass of Linlin's? to die for~
ah please....
*He couldn't help but groan as her moans vibrated around his cock as he fucked her. He grunted as she fought his hands off, flipping them once more, squatting to have him eating her ass* MMMMPPPPHHH, MMMMMMUUUNNGGGHH *he groaned into her ass as he licked it. A devilish idea came to mind as he was licking her out, pushing her down onto her stomach on the couch before sliding his cock into her ass once more, using the spit, fucking her hard* You mean like this?
✋I only speak the truth
OH YES~ *she yelled out excited, happy that he caught on her hint* So fricking good~ Harder, Morky~ I want to feel you all in me~ *yet as she was cheering him on, a finger was slowly sneaking around as she leaned back into him, reaching for his own back entrance to prod around and tease, wondering if he could take her just as well*
THAT'S IT BABY *he groaned out loudly as she yelled out in excitement, hoping to add to her pleasure. He grunted though as he felt her finger sneaking into his ass, hoping it wouldn't find his prostate* Time to finish this round *He said before pulling her arms and switching so she was on top while he fucked from the bottom, thrusting up into her* Cum for me cutie
is resisting cumming (14% chance of cum) => Resisted!
If you think I'm on my edge, think again, sweetie~ *she chuckled, soon sliding out of him and falling to her knees, her hands slipping out as she spins to face his cock* I dont think same can be said about you~ You want to shower my face, don't you?~ *she opens her mind, imitating a gup as she looks greedily at his cock*
opens her mouth, imitating a gulp*
I think you are close to the edge though *he said with a chuckle even as she slide off his cock. He liked her dirty talk, begging for him to cum all over her face* going to take more than that to make me spill my load cutie. How about I help you a bit *he said, grabbing your tits and placing the around his erect manhood, thrusting them up and down his length* This is the way to do it
btw LinLin, how would you rate our new friend here?~
Is it now?~ *she smirked, grabbing onto her tits herself to make sure it was tight* Maybe, maybe... Though maybe now it's my turn to help you~ *she giggled as she stood and grabbed on his arms, pulling him towards the wall and getting herself comfortable behind him* After all - you're not the only one with a cock here~ *as she thrusted in slowly, grinding in as far as she can without hurting him, pausing a moment if he needed a breather before continuing to stretch him*
well, I think you can judge by RP going at the moment :P
but he's great :P
mhm *nods head*
Just wanted the official stamp of approval~ :P
well, that is being tested
want to be sure he's stretched enough for your strappy once he comes for you~
ah, you're too kind~
*He enjoyed her grabbing her tits to make it super tight. However, he was surprised when she turned the table, pushing him against the wall. His eyes widened as she mentioned he was not the only cock here. When she pushed in her groaned* <mmmmmm yes *He couldn't help it escaping his lip as she stretched him, pounding her cock in and out of his tight ass. He soon pushed her off and lay on top of her, fucking her ass*
*It didn't take long however, and soon Linlin moaned not because she was the one getting fucked, crushed by his weight, but she was back around on him, continuing her efforts at making him more pliable* Sorry, but once I get a taste.... I want moooooreeee~
*He smirked as she moaned but all of a sudden things were reveresed, feeling her cock entering his ass once more again. He groaned in pleasure.* Mmmmm, loving that ass huh? *he asked as he bucked her off and pushed her to knees once again, forcing her to lick his cock once more* taste your ass bitch
I appreciate the post of approval <3
Oh I will~ *she decided to play along, dragging her tongue along his underside once again* But I might as well let others have a taste too~ I love how you never questioned what the arrangement involved~ *she chuckled, pressing a button on the remote for karaoke machine, doing seemingly nothing but soon a couple more girls enter the room, and once Linlin points to them what to get, the trio surrounds his cock, licking it from every side, swapping between who is the one sucking constantly*
You can be in that trio, Destiny :P
get a bit of taster
is resisting cumming (58% chance of cum) => Came!
If I wasn't with Sadu I'd take you up on that offer~
Oooooooo fuuuuuuuccckkkk *He groans as the two other girls come into the room, knowing that this spells his doom. He groans loudly as they all take turns sucking on his head, licking his shaft or sucking on his balls. There isn't much he can do but throw his head back and enjoy the pleasure, the familiar tingling in his balls spreading to his shaft. It tenses up, the pleasurable pressure building along his shaft before it begins to twitch, shooting rope after rope of his cum over all their faces* UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHH
how's the taste~
*the two girls giggle as they all give high fives all around, drinking onto his cum before kissing each other and leaving* Such cuties they are, right?~
Hard to tell when I had to split between three. Want more :P
MMMMM, such cuties indeed *He said, breathing heavily. He decides to just kiss her and tease her while resting, coming down from a major orgasm*
This chat seems fun
Oh does it?
Weeell, considering how you are, think I might let you take a breather, give you some entertainment~ *she grabs a dildo hidden under sofa, roughly the size of his cock, tossing it down on floor and laying down on her back next to it, starting to slowly push it around, showing just how much she enjoys it, wanking herself to same beat she's thrusting it in*
Yea cuties everywhere
*He is thankful to be given a breather but knows he has to make his way back into this match somehow. While she fucks the dildo and strokes her cock he moves beneath her, grabbing her arms and forcing her down onto his cock, hoping to pull the match back to a somewhat even footing*
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
Hi Amber and Steev
*Linlin's a bit too into her dildo, closing her eyes and moaning loud, that she doesnt hear Morky get off or walk around her, suddenly feeling a different intrusion in her, one much warmer and more exciting, groaning loud, her cock soon starting to spurt cum out, unable to resist the change in feel*
*she rolls onto ground as she continues getting pounded, lifting her legs and looking in his eyes with desperate need, wanting more after what he gave, forgetting for a moment what she wanted before*
heya both
Hi good match you two are having
*He smirks as she enjoys the pounding, loving the fact she has leaked cum from her cock already. He already knew this match was going against him but ne needed the moment to make her think that it was somewhat close. He soon pulls out, heading to the shower, teasing her as he stands under the cold water* W-wanna j-j-join me?
Good eyes - few spot the small script under WC there~ *she gives him thumbs up, following in soon after, jerking herself to fully cool from her orgasm, appreciating the water as she steps in with him* Round two, eh?~
Round two indeed *He says before rushing her back towards the couch, grabbing the tape that has been left laying around and binding her arms and legs as he tries to get the advantage in this match*
*she groans, hoping for a nice shower and instead having it while binded, taking her sweet time getting out of tape without doing anything towards him* Very funny, dear~ Good thing water makes tape quite weak at binding one up
(thought we needed to roll a dice? LOL)
(oh shit, we did agree on rules
(whooop, lets start from here as first turn then
(I guess RNG decided to fix that in its own way
(sorry, forgot a bit as we didnt get any bond/hypno so deep in game :P
*he teases her tits, quite tired as he loved her amazing boobs, the pleasure starting to take over*
Beautiful, aren't they?~ *she smirked, putting her hands above his, making him grope them harder* How about you squeeze them tight while you do me in?~ *she continued holding his hands, turning around and pulling him down on top of her, still letting him squeeze her tits from behind* Or do you feel a bit chickenish, thinking I'll milk you out sooner than you find all my lovebuttons?~
is resisting cumming (41% chance of cum) => Resisted!
They are beautfiful indeed *He said, before finding himself sliding into her ass once again as he fucked her, groping her amazing breasts as he pounded her up and down, the pleasure amazing. He managed to resist somehow, grabbing her and pulling them over so he was below, teasing her with his hand as he recovered* Just relax and enjoy
You know, it doesn't sound too bad~ *she said, resting while still he was inside her, enjoying the moment of being filled, gently rubbing along his body just as he teased her* Win or lose, been a fun time, dear~
It has been an absolute pleasure, in all the ways. *He said with a chuckle. But he pulls out and turns out to her* Come on, fill my ass, you know you want to, please fill my ass with your white hot load
is resisting cumming (42% chance of cum) => Came!
will this be it?? 👀
Hnnngh~ God, that shower made you even tighter somehow.... Fuck! *she groaned, finding more resistance than she expected, thinking she could easily pound towards his prostate, but finding out that she was soon getting milked, unable to flee her impending doom, deciding that fuck it, he does deserve it, her cock heating up in him, throbbing violently, before finally bursting out, first inside him, then once she finally is able to pull out, spraying some more of her thick seed across his back, sitting down groaning, feeling exhausted after that, looking at him with a dumb grin on her face*
turns out it is! well done Morky~
well done indeed
*He groaned loudly as she filled his ass, the pleasure amazing, trying to resist blowing his second and final load of this match. However, he feels her getting closer and closer to cumming. He was surprised she wasn't nailing his prostate and then felt her groan out loudly, throbbing inside him before spraying him with a load inside him, followed by a few on his back8 UNGH, fuck yes!
(good game!)
(mhm. Funny how it ended with us both wanting to be used :P
someone mind lending me an opinion on something?
(hahaha it was. I hope you really enjoyed though!)
(And that we can do this again!)
(nice way to start the day
(and mayhaps
plausible shes using a strapon?
(it was definitely lovely playing with you
(she isn't but I think I cut it well enough that it looks like it is_)
(Only mayhaps? AWWWWW0
could be strapless
could change up text for that
those things arent used too much here, could be a nice way to introduce
True I suppose
But was just curious if it looked "Believable" I dont think anyone is goign to sit there and stare and try to make it out as a bush lol
(I like changing up people :P But I'll definitely join another invite with you if times aling
yeah, for me its fine
then again
I have to play LWR with half fucking being strapon fucking from my side
so used to that
(awesome! thank you! Anyway, gonna head, can I DM though?0
sure, depending on what you want to dm
I imagine there isn't much TS vs women matches to work with
just keeping in contact, having chats, whatever
it's why I've never bothered trying to add TS to TWR
mhm, maybe a good dozen or so, most of them paywalled with no clips premade
I dont think i've ever seen a match like that
thought about trying to get my hand on them, and do some cutting around myself
ah I just cut all the videos myself
Grand! I'll save the log if you want too as well
Yep, if you want, we can make it public ;)
Awesome <3 Lets do it
whelp, cya later all then

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