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Fun beach times #7

Golden sands, bright blue sea, shining sun~ What more to wish for a great day to spend~ Be careful where you vlog. Never know when you stumble into a cove where more frisky sunbathers gather~

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(Heya. One sec, will toss in title and description ;)
((Got it!))
(actually, even if mode doesnt care more, should change into something more fitting for each :P
/remove my top
/remove my pants
/remove my bra
/remove my panties
/remove my socks
(I imagine you're down to bikini at start?
* rolling on beach and stare at the sea to find the clue of fish* meow~
((Yup- I'm still not a wiz at these commands yet so if you'd be so kind))
/remove their pants
/remove their panties
/wear their panties
/remove their top
/remove their socks
(and mode is back offf)
(Got it~!)
(can show you the command after game if we remember about it
(otherwise, ready to start or any last minute things to discuss over?
(Not off the top of my head! We're all good!)
*It was quite an early morning, and yet, it was one of the hottest ones this summer, warm enough to walk about nude or close to, so Linlin decided not to miss her chance to get another extended tanning session, quickly packing up her handbag and getting to her usual spot, a fairly secluded cove only known to few unless wandered in. She lay down her towel, plopped her large handbag next to it, stripped off completely and lay down with white wide-brimmed hat covering her head, legs spread to leave her otherwise completely open to sun, not minding just how show offy that pose was, thinking she was alone*
heya ;)
Hiya meow~
*It was calm for the most part, nothing too out of the ordinary until the quiet sounds of speaking could be heard, banter, as if between friends but only one side was obvious it seemed, it was softly getting louder, a girl, rather cynically in tone* ...I swear to god I'm gonna be seeing screenshots of this video on every site known to man aren't- *It's cut off, Sophia stands throwing a glance behind her seeing the exposed girl she walked in on, flipping her camera off and tossing it into her bag* Hello there~ *The tone of her original comment getting replaced by dripping lust*
*Linlin lifts her hat for a moment, looking about, noticing Sophia behind her, giving her a greeting by lifting her hat bit higher* Why hello there~ *she giggles lightly as she has a feeling on what made Sophia's tone change, not doing anything to hide her rack or stiff girlcock* Nice day for bathing in sun, ain't it?~
I gotta say it is~! And I have to ask, isn't most beachy treasure supposed to be buried~? *She asks with a giggle, adjusting her stance a bit to show off the bulge forming in her bottom, eyes drinking in the sights*
*That gets a chortle out of nympho, Lin deciding to put her hat asides by handbag and stand up to face Sophia, her girlcock twitching towards newcomer, pointing towards bulge it can feel hardening on other end* Most~ But some pearls shine about just lying down about, unnoticed in plain sight, don't you think?~
heya, Destiny ;)
Quite the poet aren't ya~? *She says, definitely picking up on the similarities between her and the lovely girl in front of her, laying down a bit to flaunt herself or invite her fellow pervert to an attempt* And hey, your words aren't the only things that impress me~
how are you two doing 😘
Pretty good~! Yourself?
not too bad, just admiring the show~
Oh I can see that~ *Lin can't help but lick her lips slightly as Sophia teases her, unable to move eyes away from sight* Feel like someone's waking up to peruse _all_ of my talents, eh?~ *She turns about and bends down, her hands reaching back to stretch her ass cheeks and show off slight gape in her rosebud, not a stranger to getting fucked, Lin continuing to look at Sophia to see her reaction at this invitation* But I hope you don't mind if I might have..... advances for you too~
Having a fun morning, before day will consume me with several hour long work meets :P
thankfully thats still ages from now
oh I'm so sorry to hear that~
eh, work be work
*Sophia drooled a bit, admiring the display, she stood back up, walking in front of Lin* Oh I'd never mind~ Let's put some of those "other talents" to use now, shall we~? *She says, pulling her bikini bottom aside, girlcock springing to life for her fellow nympho*
eh, true.
hi destiny
*Lin drools a bit more herself, deciding to indulge herself and her a bit, kneeling down to slowly lick about its tip. Yet at the same time, she snaps her fingers, several feelers sprouting out of sand to wriggle all about Sophia, tickling all about her body, Lin giggling a bit* Hope you don't mind if I make it a bit of challenge to get me off? I do enjoy a good well hearted sexfight, dear.... Oh shoot, right, name's Linlin~ *she blushes a bit, only now remembering to introduce herself as she realized she never asked Sophia for hers, deciding to suck deeper on her girlcock as a way to make up for that*
heya both
hi nicole *walks around the beach wearing only shorts, carrying my stuff*
*settles down near destiny and watches the girls*
Wh~ha~ha~hat the He~ll~? I~? H~?? *She's caught off guard by this sudden ability, definitely getting harder from the sudden sensation and the sheer fact that this is one of her fantasies to a T* Sh~ho~phi~ah~! ((Is this a roll?))
(nope, not a bondage thing)
(can just walk off or do something about it :P
(Got it!)
*She shook the tendrils off begrudgingly, Linlin's words finally connecting as she does, if it's a fight she wants it's a fight she'll get, she gently presses Lin down further, bouncing her head to prove this, catching her breath a bit*
*Lin suckles bit deeper on Sophia's cock, slathering it well with saliva, making sure it's all wet for when it will go to other places, before pulling out for a moment* Though I hope you're of same mind as me, when it comes to lovemaking~ Hopefully both a top and bottom just like me?~ *She clapped her eyes, looking up to Sophia with an innocent look, holding her hands like a lover would*
What kind of a perv would I be if I wasnt~? *She says, pulling the other girl closer, nuzzling into her neck before giving it a teasing gentle bite, nothing to leave marks just to give a little bit of sensory appreciation*
what a hot show :3
A perv?~ *She laughs out loud while shivering from Sophia's nibbles* I guess we do look so to people looking at us two~ But we're just girls with high sex drive, both of us needy, ain't we?~ Nothing to be punished about, aye?~ *Lin smirks, moving one of Sophia's hands to her rear, and launching it down to make her spank Lin*
happy to hear that, Nicole ;)
always about to give one :P
Glad to be providing one!!
Couldn't have said it better myself~! *She giggles at the move Lin pulled, replacing her hand on the freshly spanked cheek, while moving her free hand to her cock, gently putzing with it, admiring it in her hand*
lay with me nicole *pats the empty spot*
*Lin lets out a light moan, but is unfazed and reaches in to grasp Sophia's, giving it a few good tugs as she keeps looking at Sophia* So, Sophia..... who goes first?~ *she chuckles, keeping it light hearted between two*
(out of interest, how big is Sophia's cock? Only detail missing in profile)
if you insist~ *walks up in a bikini and loose tshirt as i lay right next to dawn*
*She shivers at the sensation, a quiet moan to match Lin's escaping her lips* Hmm~ *With a rather convoluted move Sophia is repositioned beneath the other girl, pulling Lin's head down on her cock* I'd say me~! *She comments brattily, though still banter-esq in nature* ((6 inches!))
*Lin takes up the challenge she's given, only showing signs she might gag when she throats it fully, but that is not necessary, as soon she manages and slip about to tussle Sophia down on her stomach into sand, Lin scrambling up to lay on the other girl, her curves pressing into Sophia's, whispering* Slow wins the race though~
*With the feeling of Lin on top of her and the flirtatious nature of the comment in reciprocation to her bratty comment Sophia lays flustered, taking a moment to process*
*She soon scrambles forward, sitting down in front of Sophia and now forcing her to suck the other girlcock in beach* How about now you wet me up?~ Have to be both prepared, don't we?~ Speaking of... *she quickly snaps up fingers, small dildo apparating from other side, starting to slowly go in and out Sophia's rearentrance on its own until pulled out*
*walks at up to dawn and nicole only wearing a bikini* hey cuties
hi poki *crossing my leg to hide my ever going bulge*
*far away wave to Poki*
*gets up and tackles poki to the ground* poki!!!!
*whistles and waves at lin befor chuckling befor being tackled to the ground by nicole* eeep... hey there cutie that excited to see me?
Hk~! *With a quick gag and a muffled moan Sophia gently loses herself in the pleasure, definitely enjoying the feeling of a cock in her mouth and ass*
not as much as dawn is *looks at his buldge*
can't help myself when i see two sexy people next to me
*chuckles and cares nicoles cheek* should i make you axmess again then just like i did last time we where on this beach? *poki asked nicole pointing to the spot poki made nicole cum last time we where just a few feet away from our current position*
*wiggles my ass as i cant help but to get wet after seeing dawns buldge* maybe you should help him poki~
*Noticing how Sophia's enjoying herself, Lin decides to push it up a notch, rolling her partner about on her back, and leaning into 69, taking her cock back in mouth and sucking on it at a slowish pace, her tongue wrapped about it, all while she keeps her 'assault' on other two ends too, fully occupying Sophia*
dont remind me >.< *blushes*
why dont you help him sweetie you seem more eager then me *chuckles*
*Sophia's in absolute heaven, enjoying every second, contently licking every inch of skin in her mouth, basking in the taste* Mmmm~
*kisses nicole passionately still pinned down below her*
*Lin soon pulls up a bit to instead give a few pecks to Sophia's girlcock, tugging it lightly as she thinks how to go on* Seems it's clear who's the bottom girl today~ *she chuckles, egging Sophia on, seeing how much fire she still has in her*
redrew a set of actions
*pulls away* cuz i want to see you get railed :3 *goes back kissing you*
*At that comment Sophia shakes herself out of her blissed out state, pulling off and out of Lin, scrambling behind her before grabbing an ankle and spidering her fingers down her sole* Really~? I can't see them~ *She says with a playful giggle, a master at turning on a dime*
*walks up to the girls. My erection half mast. I get behind Nicole and pull her panties to the side. I suck on two fingers before inserting it inside*
*smirks at dawn as i kiss nicole knowing what he just did* (icmight fall asleep just a fyi)
Aghhhhh!~ HAHAH!~ Stop it!~ *Lin giggles out, squirming about as she reveals just how ticklish she is, her breasts jiggling about all across her chest before she 'accidentally' leans too close to Sophia and they launch into her mouth, Lin using that opportunity to hold pinkhead in and suckle, Lin's other hand reaching out to continue stroking Sophia, hoping it will distract her enough to stop tickling*
*i pull away as i feel my panties being pulled to side* h-hey what are you doinGGGGGG *i moan out loud, my pussy soaking you fingers in my juices*
mmm you seem excited too nicole *pulling out my fingers. My fingers glisten with your juices. I give my fingers a quick lick (ok poki)
your buldge was just so big >.< i couldnt help it!!
*I pull off my shorts off, revealing a full hard cock now. Holding it in one of hand, I tease my tip at the entrance of Nicole's pussy*
Aw- *With the sudden intrusion into her mouth she loses her ground on the tickling as her tongue gets a tad more occupied, she sits like this for a few seconds, tenderly sucking Lin's breast before composing herself, she pulls away, scampering to her bag and pulling out a combo of items* Thought I was crazy for carrying these along but it seems they've found their use~! *She says applying a blindfold and gag to her opponent, resuming her ticklish attack* A nympho's never without I guess~!
Do you want it that badly?
*i moan a little as you tease me with your tip* d-dont ask me that >.< *i say as i grind on your tip*
MMMGHHH~ *It's hard to understand what Lin's muffling about, stuck in Sophia's pin, unable to move out of it or see anything, but it's clear that there's a mixture of lust and pleasure in that, even if Lin tries to shy away from tickling*
What about you, poki *tapping my cock on your panties*
(looks like she's fallen asleep)
*gently helps you take off your t-shirt, revealing the rest of your bikini*
*realizes im alone with you and your cock* oh god…
Awww~! Little ticklish cutie~ I'll give you a break for a little bit... *She says, tickling stopping and the sounds of her movement being the only thing to give away her plan before slots into Lin's ass, attempting to take her by surprise*
*pins you down to the ground* Let continue to act out what you did on poki before. This time I'll be your dom and you'll be my lovely cockslut
*squeals as you oin me down, my submissive pussy getting more wet as you do*
*Lin wonders for a moment why Sophia stopped, looking about as if trying to comprehend her movement, realizing it a touch too late, moaning into her gag as loud as it lets, it coming out muffled for Sophia, Lin not resisting Sophia at all for a moment, revealing her buttslut tendencies*
Aww~! Someone loving this too much~? *She says snickering* And you said I'd be the bottom~ *She moves into a more steady rhythm, fucking her the same speed as she was by Lin's dildo creation*
*I press my lips against her vulnerable soft red lips, kissing passionately as I massage her forearms. Her submissive nature was available for anyone to see and take. All it needed was a strong hand like mine to take control of it*
(hey srry i gtg >< we can continue this next time heh)
(ok sweetie *gives you a kiss on the forehead*)
*That does perk up her ears, and she finally manages to scramble off, getting blindfold and gag out of herself* Oh shush~ *she says, all bright red and with a look of regret the moment she's not getting pounced, yet feisty to continue on* But I gotta commend you~ Would be a poor nympho if you were not prepared~ *she snickers, unzipping her own handbag to reveal a multitude of dildos, plugs, egg vibes and even a strapon*
(last turn it was up, next I'm acting ;) )
*A particularly nervous giggle escapes Sophie's lips as her eyes widen, her ever present dirty thoughts having an absolute field day, looking at the display, to distract herself she spiders her fingers down Lin's side, speeding up her fucking a bit to compliment it, hopefully hiding the sheer bratty fear she's feeling*
STOP IT!~ *Lin's meanwhile getting a field day at losing her mind to tickling, being put to test by Sophia, grasping her hands and holding her in as Lin pulls out, twists about and falls down on back, pulling Sophia on top in such a way that her girlcock lands right between Lin's tits, blonde using grabbed hands to make Sophia squeeze them in, and entice her into titfuck, hopefully that getting her away from tickling*
*sigh* getting blue balled
(it happens, Dawn *hugs em in*)
Someone sick of the tickles~? *She says with a teasing giggle, freeing herself from the pillowy bliss of Lin's breasts* Guess I'll play nicer~ *She says sucking off *She says giving a sly wink before delving onto Lin's girlcock, sucking her off with a rather impressive expertise*
is resisting cumming (28% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Nope~ *Lin giggles out, stifling a moan to appear more defiant, her hand placed on Sophia's head to overtake her sucking with own pace, facefucking her* Just getting you where I wanted you to be~
*Both hands soon wrap about Sophia's armpits, lifting her high in air, Lin showing off that there's some strength in her body too, returning the favor by penetrating her in the air, using gravity to help out in fucking her from below* Gonna moan for me, dear?~
is resisting cumming (28% chance of cum) => Came!
*She pulls off a bit, confused* What do you mea- *she yelps as she's hoisted, a rather unintentionally loud stream of moans slipping out as she's fucked, a perfect segue into a rather explosive orgasm from the smaller girl, she blushes a bit as she wriggles out of Lin's grip, landing safely if not gracefully in a position to quickly reach her legs up and grip the blond's girlcock between her feet, starting a rather quick footjob*
((Sorry for taking so long on that one-)
(Sophia - one recommend I'll suggest doing right now - enabling "Control cum tests" in character profile. a) automatic resolve rarely bugs out and locks the game; b) It gives you both time to write your line before success/fail happens (like you saw with me), plus you're given choice which success/fail you want to get))
is resisting cumming (53% chance of cum) => Resisted!
((Oh my god I should- thank you for that- gonna probably do as much once this is all done-))
(you can actually do that mid match, but no worries ;)
*Linlin cackles gleefully at first, reveling in Sophia's orgasm, before suddenly her laughter stopped and face tensed up from feeling Sophia's feet wrap about her, looking down at her surprised for a moment* Ahhhhh~ *gasping out lewdly, not able to find a retort*
*Sophia giggles at the change in mood, still going as she slightly spreads her legs to show her still coated girlcock*
(( :P ))
*Lin shakes her head, regaining composure as she grabs feet that are wrapped about her, straddling them about to hold them in with thighs, and going stir crazy with spidering and rubbing across them, trying to repay all the tickling Sophia made her endure in one go* Think you're only one allowed to tickle today?!~
Nheheheohoho~! *A stream of adorable giggles start flowing out as she squirms, thrashing a little into the sand, squirming out of Lin's assault, reaching a hand to her cock, gently admiring the pre that's been building up on her fingers as she catches her breath* Guess~ we've found~ a mutual weakness~ *She says panting a bit*
*Shows up whereing a suit from the waist up and beach shorts and sandals from the waist down, carrying a cooler in one hand and an umbrella and chair in the other*
wearing* - goodness me
So it seems~ *Lin giggles as she sits down, Sophia's hand still wrapped about Lin's length, Lin's feet meanwhile straddling Sophia's stiffness, gently rubbing about it* But I feel you still have more to go on, no?~
*A fine blush comes across Sophie's face, almost the same color as her hair, admiring Lin's feet on her cock, fetish becoming a tad obvious, she shakes her head a bit, blush still obvious though* I'm sure I do~! What~ Scared you're gonna lose~? *She taunts bratily, attempting to distract herself, she reaches her hands to the other girl's feet, gently rubbing them*
*Lin decides to take that taunt head on, grabbing Sophia's hand to make her jerk Lin faster, trying to look smug about it even though her face betrays how close to orgasm she actually feels* Nuh uh~ I certainly can go for more than one orgasm too~
*With a very obvious force of effort Sophia uses her position to quickly push Lin down, taking care to make sure she isn't hurt before teasingly placing her foot back on Lin's cock* Oh really~? How about a taste of your own medicine to demonstrate that~?
is resisting cumming (82% chance of cum) => Came!
NNNNGH~ *Lin grunts out, all air leaving her the moment her girlcock gets stepped on, moaning out loud as it starts rubbing about, it throbbing against Sophia's feet, before quickly erupting to cover Lin's belly in pearly thick cream, yowling in pleasure as she tries to squirm away from getting trampled beyond her capabilities to hold out*
*she crawls away for a bit, clearly in need to recover from it all, slowly jerking herself to calm down, Lin's girlcock not appearing to flop even a bit from cumming, still raring for more* .........touche~
Aww~! Seems you've got more then that eh~? *She says familiarly gripping at Lin's ankle, though this time moving it to her mouth, taking a long lick of her foot to add to her pleasure*
Gnnnngh~ Mmmgh~ Fuuuuuuck~ *That catches Lin by surprise, having steeled for more tickling, not caressing and love, Lin melting a bit in her hands, before scooting up, her cummy girlcock wiggling at Sophia, almost like asking to be lollipop for her* Mind giving a kiss here too?~
Somebody say something so my horrible spelling typo doesn't just sit here for all to see!
Who am I to deny~? *She says, setting her foot down and dropping to suck her off*
If it makes you feel better I didn't catch it-
*Lin's smile widens, as she lets it happen, her legs spread wide to give Sophia plenty of room* A bit of dejavu, eh?~ *she giggles, remembering the little dildo she summoned before, snapping at it to make it jump back in action, making sure Sophia's prepared to take Lin again*
where is your suit, Colle? XD
it's a beach, of course you're whereing for a suit, not wearing it :P
*She flinches a little, as she's assaulted by the familiar pleasure, though the one difference is that the glossy pleasure that fills Sophie's mind disperses far quicker, popping off of Lin quickly before replacing her mouth with her foot* If you're pulling that I feel obligated to repeat one of my moves~ *She says once again softly knocking the blond down before resuming*
Hahahaha, yes...obviously the sunlight ruins my spelling
My brain is better adjusted to low light...dungeons, that sort of thing
is resisting cumming (39% chance of cum) => Came!
*And history repeats itself, Lin feeling really weak for Sophia's feet at the moment, erupting practically with no warning the moment her girlcock is pressed down with her soft sole, mewling out as another orgasm comes and goes* Fuuuuuuck, Sophiaaaaaaaaaa~
*she looks back at her partner with big puppy eyes, pleading her* Please.... break... clean me up a bit before continuing, Sophia~ *as she does so, Lin's eyes flash a few times in dull pink haze, trying to haze Sophia's mind and confuse her*
*Well that didn't work, though it did make Sophia buffer a bit, losing herself ever so slightly aimlessly displaying herself to her cum covered opponent before snapping fully out of it*
Fine, I'll do it myself~ *Lin says, trying to be pouty but Sophia showing off making her incapable to do so, instead focusing to summoning a small raincloud just over her body, washing off most of cum away, tempting Sophia with spiff clean body*
All clean now~? Let's see if I can ruin that eh~? *She asks, grasping Lin's freshly clean cock and quickly jerking it off with a teasing look* Such a lovely body you have~ I don't know if I've said that yet~
is resisting cumming (0% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Lin pushes that hand away quite quickly, not wanting to test her resolve just yet* Whether you did or not, appreciate the compliment, love~
Yours is..... you know what, I'll let actions speak for me~ *Lin smirks , her head diving down for Sophia's cock, deepthroating it before starting to blow her off with great pace*
is resisting cumming (72% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Quickly Sophia reacts, shivering as she's definitely close to orgasm though still holding out somehow, pulling Lin off her and shakily returning to her dominant façade* I'll return the favor of course~ *She says, diving back between her legs, giving her cock a very gentle kiss*
hi sheena
here take a seat next to me
*I slowly lower myself in to dawns lap* hehe okay…you said on you, right?
Nnnngh~ *Now it's Lin's turn to shiver, as she retorts* Well, I offered my mouth~ This will have to do instead~ *she snaps her fingers, a small tornado of sand kicking up from between Sophia's legs, wrapping about her girlcock and grinding it coax out her cum, teasing it at full length with no exception*
is resisting cumming (80% chance of cum) => Came!
Hey Sheena
Hey girlie! How’ve you been?
having lots of fun yesterday
and todays' morning too
but after that, work day is looking dreadful
tons of meetings
ummm *my cock twitching in my shorts*
N~! Nhaaaa~! *With the unfamiliar sensation and the sheer amount of teasing Sophia explodes again, coating the sand gripped on her, she's in shock at how strong that orgasm was, gently moving over to Lin, giving her face a very gentle poke with her cock*
*Linlin can't help but chuckle as Sophia tries to prod her cummy girlcock, both of them having cum twice now* My my, truly a pair with high sex drive, eh?~
*I adjust my weight, accidentally grinding on Dawn*
Dang sounds like you’ve got quite the day ahead of you
ughhhh *moans*
*She composes herself quickly* I never thought I'd meet an equal~ *She says laying beside her, taking a moment to just revel in the situation*
Then why not fight as equal?~ *she giggles, straddling Sophia in 69, presenting her girlcock by pinkhead's lips, not even dunking it as she would usually do, equally gently wrapping her mouth and tongue about Sophia's length, trying more to tease it than go rough*
phew safe from sheena
*She giggles, getting a little absorbed in the taste, basking a little, taking all the pre she can, still in love with the taste as she's teased*
Safe? What’s that supposed to mean? *I turn around to face dawn, still straddling her lap*
*as two girls enjoy each other, Lin can't help but drag a hand back to stroke herself, lust making her do things that might not be the smartest in a race* We should meet again sometime in future, you know~ *she mumbles out between her sucks*
*gives a kiss on the lips* nuthing
*kisses back* mhm sureeee
I'd love that~ You're practically straight out of one of my dreams~ *She replies through sucks as well, thrusting a little as well to encourage Lin to do more teasingly*
*Lin instead decides to use her advantage of being on top, suddenly hopping off and lifting Sophia's legs to roll her up into small ball, her girlcock pointed right in her own mouth, Lin grasping it to jerk rapidly, trying to make her taste herself from source* Was this also in your dreams?~
is resisting cumming (49% chance of cum) => Came!
congrats Lin~
Hi destiny!
great job ladies
M~ Maybe~! *She says, moans quickly reaching a crescendo as she explodes over her own face, tasting everything before collapsing*
*Linlin giggles, keeping her fellow nympho in same position as she stands up and squats down, her girlcock aiming down into Sophia's rosebud, going down it as she starts pouncing her from above at slow pace* Or this?~
*She giggles a bit, drunk on the pleasure, nodding a tad too enthusiastically* Ysssss~ *is about all she can get out*
*Lin giggles back, intent to continue untile she cums at least twice more, wanting to partake fully of pleasure that Sophia can bring out in her* What were you even doing here on beach, out of interest?~
Remember ladies it's bikinis only at the beach
Hey Destiny
*gropes sheena's butt as she sits in my lap*
(sheena, if you're still here - plans two days from now still unchanged?)
Hey Sheena~
*She tries to compose herself, doing better then expected but still giggly on the sensations* Vl~ogs, filler for~ my channel~ *She says gently approximating to bounce along with Lin's thrusts*
*It does help that Lin's thrusts are rather monotonic, wanting to prolong their fucking to not separate too soon* Oh?~ Whatcha doing in that channel?~
*She further composes herself* Keeps~ the lewd~ at bey~ just~ some sfw~ stuff~ *She says, still basking in the slow intermate moment*
(Plans are unchanged!)
*she picks up her pace feeling orgasm approach her, more pounding than thrusting by now* What, really?~ You want to say if you didnt have those channels, then this would be your everyday, moaning for others and making them moan?
*slowly moves away from her soft butt*
*Her bounces still synch up as best they can, she's still composed but it's clear that it's shaky* M~? Maybe~? Mo~re so~ In bed~ J~erking of~f with a porn addic~tion~ *She says with another round of pleasure drunk giggles*
*grabs dawns hands and puts them back on my butt*
*Lin cant help but laugh out, or least try to, it mixed with moans that come from her cumming again, filling Sophia's bowels up as she continues to thrust with no pause, intent on making her words true* Well good thing you have friends like me then~ We'll make sure you don't need to jerk off alone, silly~
umm *continues to squeeze and enjoy the sensation of your asscheeks in my hands*
*Sophia moans match, adequately dropping her composure as she's filled, a stream of flustered sounds and pleasured moans are response enough to Lin's comment*
(can end the scene here, I think, Lin dragging out her fuck quite a while before making both cum at stame
at same time)
(have 30 mins till work left, so wouldnt be able to keep this up much longer anyway
what do you want me to do, sheena?
((Fair enough~! And yeah, sounds about right, Sophia just fully zones out for a bit, just enveloped in pleasure, hopefully work is bearable for you-))
(mhm. I did tell you I would show off a few commands
(they're only available in RP Mode, so let me set that back on
so one command I used at start was for dressing undressing
/wear my panties
/wear their panties
/remove their bra
to do that, you go "/(wear|remove) (my|their) (pants|top|panties|bra|socks)" , so for example "/wear my top" or "/remove their panties"
Definitely glad to know that one- it will prove incredibly useful-
there's also one added now to change stats midgame
oo the game is still going
/change my energy 20
What ever you’d like, Dawn.
/change their cum_qty 10
hi nicole!
Oh! Yeah! Sadu used that one in the match we had-
my hands are trapped on her ass
that one goes "/change (my|their) (desire|pleasure|energy|cum_qty) XX"
they are quite a handful
but as I say, both only in RP mode
so have to enable it at start or after ending
I know!
any other questions before I leave?
Nope! And thank you, for both the nice end to my night and the info on commands-
No worries, loved the game with ya, just how I expected it ;) And remember to enable 'control cum tests' - will help ya a lot in future ;)
but for now
Ta tah ;)
sheenas ass is big :3

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