Romantic VS Shade, the Eclipse Maiden : History listed publicly (1 turns)

The dark bride

Romantic finds himself at the doors of the Eclipse Shrine, where he will finally face Sunny after what the Oni did to her. Will he be able to pierce through the wall of lies she hides behind?

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*The day was just started, Romantic is walking towards the Sun Shrine because some of his men told him that something terrible has happened there, but he wouldn't believe them if not after seeing it with his own eyes. The obsidian building stood there where once the Sun Shrine used to be, a magical dark aura surrounds the complex and an eternal sun eclipse obscure the skies upon the cursed land. A bit uncertain, you walk towards the entrance, but there is no need for you to knock at the door, because someone opens the door right as you stand before it. A fine lady with long dark hair and glacial eyes looks at you, a twisted smile on her lips.* Welcome to the Eclipse Shrine... Romantic.
I look at the lady who is standing before the door. She is beautiful, but there is something strange in her eyes. A sense of malice, perversion and hate so deep that my instinct yells at me to move the hand to the rose under the jacket in order to protect myself from the danger. I am about to do it, but my brain take a more complete picture of her and relize something. She is familar... but opposite. It's like looking at something that you should know well, but where some important details have been changed so deeply that always look different. I open my eyes wide, while a frozen shover move in my body. "S-Sunny?"
"Sunny is... is that you?"
*Her smile turns even more twisted then ever, her sweet lips curved in perversion and malice as she projects her arm towards you, offering her hand as expecting you to bow and kiss it.* You may call me Shade. *She simply says, waiting for your next move. The eclipse making everything dark upon you two, her magic powers stronger than ever as she waves her sensual nine tails behind her new body. She seems to be enjoying quite much your expression of shock, feeding on all your fears getting shattered into a terrible reality* You took more than I expected, the others are already here. *She explains, retracting her hand before you can even do anything, turning around and showing you her pale back wrapped into a dark dress*
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I shake my head. I push back the fear that is mounting in me and force myself to smile. "Oh, I knew you would have come back, Sunny! I have looked for you so much! God, I was so worried" I open my arms and run to you, to give my warm embrace. It's like my mind it's removing everything that my istinct has identified as danger and fear. Your expression, the changings in the Shrine and in your aspect, your evil aura... everything is removed. All I think is that my Sunny, one of the people I love the most is back and I want to hug her like we love to do. Like the day we met or the night when we confessed eachother our love.
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Roma will need you after this, Silv πŸ˜₯
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*She remains still in your embrace, the silence engulfing everything. She doesn't move a single muscle, but seems to be a bit annoyed that you called her with her old name, so she quickly turns around* I said name's Shade, dog. *she says, her frozen words striking right into your heart.* There are many things that you never understood about me, but I didn't think that you would be so stupid not to get it when it's all shown in your face. *She breaks free from your hug, pushing you away.* Not that I ever liked you, anyway. The most important people are already here, you don't mean nothing to me.
You are not in my harem. You are one of my best friends and lovers
... so that means I get to break your heart alongside Shade ? ~ πŸ‘€
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Yup yup, get ready for things to get harsh
I open my mouth. I am listening to you, but I am not understanding what you have just said, nor why you have pushed me away. I do a nervous laugh. "O-ok. I get it: Halloween is coming, after all, so you are playing the part of the devilish Nine Tails Kitsune, huh? Ok, I will fllow your game" I scratch my head and move inside. "So, who are the others? Nagu? Ogrin? Geherman? You really organized a lot of things while I was away. You made my men worried for all the changings, silly girl, but they are city men: they don't understand magic"
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*She sighs deeply, exhaling longly some air.* Having to do with you is like explaining things to a child. So, let me give you a clear recap of what happened. And, to be fair, let me say in advance that all of this is your fault. *she points at you with her clawed finger, arching her eyebrows into an angry expression* So, since all of you were useless against the Oni I went to face her on my own. Besides, she wanted me and me only. She brought me into her realm. She tortured me, for several hours. She showed me the pain and the hate a person could ever feel, and it filled my dark heart. Every single insult you said to her... she was so mad, she was so frustrated, that she kept going on for what seemed an eternity. It hurt so much that I don't even find words to describe it... but in the end, I surrended to her. And it was all your fault. The bright and marry Sunny you know was killed in that realm. Cause of you. And your damn mouth. I would've resisted if you didn't make her angry, if you didn't make her hate me how much she hates you. But now, things are different. I fleed the realm just to show the world how alluring pain and darkness can be. And I must say, I'm glad you're here, because you will be my first victim.
Sure thing ! ^_^
I open my eyes wide. All the things Shu said... they were true! My Sunny really went to her, even if it was not to lay with her like the demon has said. I look at you, like I am looking at signs of the wounds that that beast mush have inflicted you. Why my eyes get lucid, I run to hug you once more. "Sunny! I... I am sorry! What... what did she do you?" I caress your cheek, still looking for something, maybe a wound or maybe a sig that the second part of your thoughts it's just a quick expression of your rage. "What did she do to you? No, it doesn't matter now: we need to take you to the hospital. better: we have to take you to Nagusa. She will know how to heal all the wounds of your body and the ones of your soul. It will everything all right, I promise. I will not leave you alone again: from now on, you will stay in the mansion with me. There that creature will not able to reach you again" I hold you tight. When my cheek touches you, I let a tear crawl out my eyes, clean immediately with my left hand to not let you see how mush all of this is hitting me.
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*She, once again, pushes you away. The little harmless girl you knew was here no more, now a lady of unhuman strength stood before you. She places her clawed hand on your chest, skimming your skin from your shirt.* Oh, an hospital, how original. *she breaks out into a laugh as you mention Nagusa, an expression of despise appearing on her face* And what will Nagusa even do? If I see her once more, I'm making sure that is the last time anyone sees her. And that, would be your fault as well. But don't you worry, I'm no longer in pain. I have found my way finally. My dark path is clear, and I am willing to walk all the way through it, without you. *she looks right into your eyes, hers piercing through your defenses, giving a deep look into your wounded heart.* You promise, you won't leave me alone again, yet you did. Your promises mean nothing to me. You disappointed me for the last time. Now begone, cause I, the new bride of Goddess Shu, can bear no longer to see your disgusting face.
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I move a hand on my chest, where a superficial wound on my pecs is drooling a small amount of blood. I look my had, dirty of my own life liquid and look at you. "No... this cannot be true. Yes, I failed you: I let my rage overcome my better judgment and I went looking for Shu instead of staying here and protect you, But I know this cannot be you: That filty whore is controlling you, I know it!" I grab your hands, resolutiong fighting fears in my eyes. "Come with me, Sunny. I am sure we can performe an exorcism ritual. In the library of the Mansion there are thousands of forbidden books: it must exist one with the informations we need to purify your sould and body from the presence of that disgusting abomination. Come! We are not too late!"
Oh, you not only caused all this but now even desire to change what I have become, what you made me become. *She grabs your wrist and pulls you closer, a toothy grin appearing on her face* What now, you miss the little sweet girl that couldn't say no? Well, she's gone. Shu is all I have now. *from her hand, a dark magic starts to spread, you feel an unbearable pain spreading along your body as if your skin was rotting under her grasp, but it's only pain, no wound appear on you skin. She tosses you on the ground like a used broken toy.* Exorcism... don't make me laugh, you're ridiculous. Always imagining the weirdest solutions. But there is no solution to this, Romantic. Nothing at all you can do. There is no magic, no pathetic human ritual that could save me now, because I have accepted what I must become. *she looks at you from above, stepping closer* Sunny is dead, stop calling me like that. I am not her, I am Shade now, and will bring an eternal eclipse upon these lands.
I scream in pain. shaking on the floor. The rose under the jacket animates itself with the istinct of protecting me. Tendrils full of thorns develope from it, under my sleeves, ready to whip you, but I am able to stop them. With the strengh of the desperation, I use my mental command to order the rose of sleep and not attack you. "I.... ghhhhh... I don't believe you! Ahhhh! Fight her, Sunny! Together, we can push her away" Growling, I try to get on my knees. I grab your dress and try to climb on it, looking into your eyes. "Don't believe her lies, Sunny! Shu is weak! The only real power she has is the one of her lies. She took us by surprise, but we can win. Please, Sunny! Listen to me! Please!" My eyes are lucid of barely repressed tears of desperation
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*She looks down at you as you, pathetically, grab the edge of her dress crawling like an animal. She seems amused while looking at the scene, yet no signs of mercy show from her.* Sunny is dead. The Oni is my Goddess. And I command you to bow to her now! *she yells at you, her cold voice thundering among the rooms.* Look at yourself, you're a disgusting worm. *she says as she raises one leg to put her heel on your head, trying to crash your head down under it, forcing it against the floor.* This is your place now, you worms belong to the ground and I want to see you crawl until your sins against my deity will be forgiven... if they will ever be forgiven.
"I... bow... to no one..." I spit, trying to resist the pain of your magic. "You can wound my body, if you want, but I will never surrender to that disgusting whore. If she wants to take me, she should do it herself, but she is a coward and she would never do it..." Again, the rose twitches, ready to attack, but I stop it. Realizing that the only way to prevwnt you from crushing my head on the floor would be attacking you, I renounce to protect myself. While the pressure increase, I think How can I defend myself without hurting my Sunny? How can I save her from this? Yet, even if my survival istinct is kicking it, my thoughts are slowed by the feeling of the guilt. Maybe you are right: I have failed you on every aspect possible. I have not protected you, I have left you alone and now I see no way out to save you. Maybe I deserve it. Maybe the only way for me to pay for those sins is to let you have your revenge. After all, among all the people who now want me dead, you are the only one that I could let take my life.
Even if I fight this thought, now that it has been formed in my mind, I cannot erase it.
*She keeps applying pressure on your head, before kicking your head with unhuman strength and making you roll on the floor away from her* So you don't want to fulfill my wishes, is that what I am understanding? Because, bowing to the Oni is the only way to stay by my side. *The beast had awakened, the monster looked at you in total despise, she starts levitating, her feet leaving from the ground, as she wields her dark magic and makes you convulse in pain, your body tangled under her magic.* Then you'll be only useful if you suffer for me. I won't let you inside my walls, not if you don't surrend to the Oni like i did. She had taken me as her bride, making me more glorious than ever. Look at me, look at this body, look at what I am capable to do now. This is all that I wish. And I do not need you to be able to do this. It is only your decision if to follow me into the darkness or stay there, alone, in the light. Cause I ain't coming back there.
The kick... for an istanr it makes my mind numb, but it also clean it from all thoughts. My mind becomes like a blank paper, where my most important feelings and thoughts appear.
I love you.
I have failed you.
I will not do it again
I know that what I am seeing it's not the true sunny but, no matter how deep it's the corruption, she must be there somewhere else.
And I will make her come back, no matter what.
I spit some blood on the floor and look at you.
"I will not submit to the oni. More, if I will see her, I will shaughter like the pig she is. And I will not leave this shrine either. There is no force in the universe that can separate me from you now" I stand up, closing my fists. "Here I am and here I stand. You will have to accept it."
*She giggles looking at you standing up, her dark magic fades as she comes down, standing on the floor once again. She takes one step closer and grabs your chin between two clawed fingers, forcing you to look into her cold eyes, a glacial gaze piercing through your soul.* If you don't submit to her I won't allow you in my home. She made me what you see and you must be grateful to her, because she managed to do something you will never be able to do: make me happy. I, in the darkness, feel safe. So please scream more, keep whining about Sunny. She won't come ba... *her voice dies in her throat. A bright light appears as she wraps her arms around you, the light surrounding the both of you. Once it fades, the little Sunny is in your arms, crying and shivering.*
I hold you as tight as I can. "It's all right, love... I am here. I swear to God, I will not leave you alone." I caress your cheek. "I am sorry, Cactus Flower, for everything. Whoever I was for you... a father, a lover, a friend, I failed you, but I will not let you down. Our destinies are one"
I lift you between my arms and take you to a nerby sofa.
*Sunny looks up at you, her golden eyes filled with tears as she curls up into your hug* Roma... you're hurting me so much. Why, just why won't you accept who have I become? Am I not enough for you? Will I ever be enoguh for you? *the tears cross along her face, wetting her porcelain skin* Why? I don't understand... I told you that I am happy this way, that the Oni saved me and showed me a safe place among the darkness. Wouldn't you follow me even there?
I know I must choose my words carefully. One wrong word and he will be lost or she will.
"Whoever you are, I will always be with you. Whatever path you will decide to follow, I will walk it with you. I don't accept what is happening to you, cause I see it's just pain and lies, but I will stay with you and I will do my best to do what I can for you. Cause I know that, even into the deeps of darkness and desperation, my Sunny is still alive and when she will be able to break free from the lies of Shu, she will find me, ready to support her."
I caress your cheeks again, not stopping my tears
"You have grow up, Cactus Flower and I have been mistaken in wanting to take you for the ways I wanted. All I can do Is follow you and hold your hand, letting you find the strenght to walk the road of your life."
Then please, follow me. *she slowly morphs again, returning to her original form, her body more lady-like now, huge breasts and long legs, her hair going black and her eyes turning as cold as winter. She is still in your arms. She looks at you, a glance of pity into her eyes* If this is your decision, you must accept that Shu is now my Goddess, and that I will do anything to please her as much as I did with Inari, my old deity. It's just a worship thing, you wouldn't understand anyway, so just walk the road beside me... *she grabs your chin again and kisses you. Your lips meet in a delicate kiss that becomes quickly feral. She bites your lip, pushing her tongue into your mouth while her arms are still wrapped around your body*
I gently, but firmly open the kiss. I caress your cheek, taking even the last sparkle of Sunny from you. I sigh. "I will save my love, for when you will go back. You can ask me anything, even my life, but three things I will not give you. I will never side with the Oni. I will not leave you again. And I will not hurt someone else. As for my love..." I bite my lips. FIghting my own lust that has been awakened by your kiss. "I can't now... one day, maybe, when time will come. But now, you need my soul more than my body"
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*She nods her head and gets up, the warmth of her body abandoning yours pretty quickly. Standing before you, her eyes roam along your face, her gaze is cold.* I'm not going back, Roma. This is what I am now, with or without your love. *she speaks clearly, her voice filling the empty room. She offers you her hand to get up from the couch* I just want you to know that I hate you, and this, Roma, will never change. Now, if you still wish to be by my side, so be it. I'm not opposed to having another servant, but until you submit to the Oni, my feelings towards you will never change. You will never see Sunny again, so I hope you enjoyed your last goodbye to her. Now, if you'll follow me I'll show you your room. You will stay there until I say so. Enjoy your stay, because it will be long. *she leads you through the rooms, long corridors and hallways, that open to a big room with only a bed inside of it.* Please, stay there and despair, reflect about your actions and your words and call for me only if you will have changed your mind about the Oni.
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"I will call you for dinner time. I had taken with me all that was needed for your favourite meal and I will cook it for you. See you later, dear." I close the door, probably leaving you surprised by my reaction. I sit on the bed and close my fist. I must not cry. I cannot allow myself to cry. My Sunny... now I am sure she is still there, deep inside the wall of lies and pain that Shu has built in her soul. Maybe the Oni hoped to suffocate her, but she is strong and she survived. She will not do it forever tho... she will need something thar will keep her alive, someone that will keep burning the flame of her hope. I will do it... whatever will happen, I will keep it burning, even if this will mean to feed it with my own heart. If this is the price to pay to save her, I will do it. As I think this, I also realize that I will not be able to defeat the Oni. I close my fist... but this time I accept this. I have done a mistake once, now I know that being with her is more important. I take the rose from my pochet and whisper in it my last message, warning Nagusa, Hana, Meru and my wives of what happened. "It's up to you now. You must and the oni and defeat her. I will keep Sunny safe as long as I can..." A tear falls on the rose. "Lisbeth, please, take care of Dante and Dian. Tell them... tell them that sometimes a man must do terrible things to protect the ones he loves. Sometimes, he must offer more than he has to give." I open the door and let the rose crawl away, to the Mansion. I sigh. "Well, Shade, I hope you are ready to do your worst, cause this gentleman will not go down that easy."
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