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Exploration of Isle of solitude

A story taking place after Ezume's departure from the isle. Upon hearing stories of the isle and the person inhabiting it from Ezume on his return Kaylie decided to go take a look at the place herself arriving some days after the depature of her foxy friend.

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(can i trouble you for room title and description?)
Heya Milly and Uta!
How are you?
good, enjoying a rare day off!
I am good, what about you?
Doing good myself
Hi Glacy
(There we go it's short and vague but hope its okay)
Heya Glacy!
(great. shall i start or you?)
(I can start then you can follow up how you see fit)
(If that's okay ofc!)
Mouse girl! Mouse girl!
Hi Joy
*It has been two weeks since Ezu left the island. Uta had been sad to see him go, but there was no future for him on the island, and he did seem oddly eager to get back home*
Heya Joy!
*The island lapsed back into its quiet coma, the days passing by uneventfully, save for the regular songs of Uta spreading across the water's surface every now and then.*
Heya Raphael
And hi Joy
*Occasionally, she would look out to sea, wondering if the people Ezu promised to talk with about her would arrive. Even if they did, they would have to navigate through the treacherous waters, and survival was not guaranteed. Uta might be able to save one on a good day, but an entire crew might sustain some casualties*
hello everyone once more. seems crowded today
hello robin
*Hearing the story from Ezume of how he crashed his ship on the isle meeting it's inabitant who saved him and helped him get back to sea again Kaylie immediately decided to go take a look for herself putting her long crafted theory of a flight spell to the test surronding herself with light as two angelic wings of light manifested on her back allowing her to take of and fly in the direction mentioned to her by Ezume. Many days went by soaring above the waves scouting the horizon for any signs of land or the air for any songs dancing on the wind to guide her but it would prove hard to get frustrated as Kaylie was determined to find this place her friend had told her of continuing her search tirelessly*
Heyy Robin!
Heya Robin
Hi all~ How is everbody?
Hello all and sorry about yesterday Raphael!
*The weather had not been good for some days, and though Uta was more than happy with water, she couldn't perform in bad weather, as it would damage the strings on her instrument. So it was a relief when the rain let up one morning and the sun shone through, and she decided to make the most use of the weather*
Hi Kaylie ^^
*giving a couple of test strums on her harp, she broke out into a melancholic song, of meetings and departures, of hellos and farewells, singing to a comforting tune*
I am doing fine, what about you Robin?
Oh im well~ just trying to relax after a long day TT
*After a couple days searching still determined to find the isle Kaylie let out a sigh of frustration starting to contemplate giving up temporarily to let her depleting energy recharge so she could search a different area. But suddenly it hit her a gentle song on carried by the sea breeze making her enchanced hearing activate making her ears twitch trying to locate the origin of the sound as she sped up her flight going in the rough direction of the song letting out a sigh of relief at being somewhat close to her destination*
*Soon she had pinpointed more exactly where the song was comming from making a mad final dash in the direction of the song a small mass of land appearing on the horizon as she flew with great speeds getting closer and closer like a shooting comet on the clear sky*
*something slammed into the ground near the hilltop where Uta was singing, startling her enough to stop her song mid-sentence.*
Curious and concerned, she glided over the soft damp soil, wondering what on earth could have disturbed the peace on her lonely little isle.*
All good here
*Too caught up in the song and being overjoyed finally finding her destination homing in on the area where the song was coming from Kaylie forgot that she did infact not know how to land proper crashing into the ground making a crater near the source of the song*
It has been a long day
*Slowly coming to Kaylie realised she was now on the ground as she flipped around looking up at the clear sky smilling that she had managed to track down the place Ezume had told of letting out a laughter as she layed there for a while relaxing trying to regain her energy all the while enjoying the peacefulness of this remote isle in the middle of unkown waters*
*peeking round the corner, Uta saw the cause of the disturbance. Another unconscious fox? Oh, at least this one didn't need saving, as she was coming to slowly and looking at her surroundings.*
*she debated for a moment if she should go over and introduce herself, then thought that maybe it would be more fun to just observe*
*After a while of laying there smiling and enjoying the peace and quiet Kaylie finally started getting up slowly brushing the dirt of her clothes as she looked around before closing her eyes as her ears started twitching beginning to glow after a short while*
Hoi !
*After standing there for a bit She sighed lookin down a bit saddened as she started walking to the highest point of the hilltop muttering some unkown words before easily jumping into the tree crown gazing over the island*
Howdy Kuro
*uta stared, speechless for a moment. Either the world she knew had changed since she had woken up, or there was something very peculiar going on. There was no possible way any being could jump several meters into the top of a tree just like that. Even the monkeys had to use their paws to climb, no matter how quickly*
*she walked quickly back to her harp, ready to play another tune. Perhaps she can be coaxed down to talk*
*Quietly looking out over the landscape Kaylie started humming a low tune before eventually jumping down going towards the beach where Ezume had washed up on*
It wasn't a conventional, classic song, but something she had picked up a while ago. Working up the strings to a fast, steady rhythmn, she belched out a surprisingly rough, coarse voice. "A way, hey, blow the man down, blow the man down..."
The sound waves reverbrated through the trees, no longer the soft alluring tunes from before, but powerful shockwaves that blasted anyone within earshot*
*Walking trough the forest heading towards the beach to potentially try and follow Ezume's old trails Kaylie stopped abrubtly as her ears easily picking up on the incredibly loud tunes and frequneces being emitted from the hill her magic hearing deactivating to protect her as she turned around walking towards the music now humming louder*
"oh, hello!" Uta greeted her cordially as she came within earshot, blissfully unaware of the effect of her songs. "Another fox? Or i should call you a monkey, with how good you're climbing trees and running all over the island!" She gave her a large grin and a polite wave.
*Seeing Utannen infront of her Kaylie first took a few steps backwards her hands going up to ready for defensive magic but quickly relaxing again as she realised this had to be the one who saved and helped her friend as She quickly smilled walkin forward* Oh a monkey?~ *Giggle* hmm so im guessing you saw me jump into that tree~... O-oh how rude my name is Kaylie pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for helping my friend!
Uta did a polite curtsey, standing up. "Oh, that was your friend? So he did get back safely. I am glad. Would be quite a waste of food if he didn't survive the trip back, you know..." She grinned once more. It was hard to figure out if she was joking or not.
"good day, Kaylie. I'm Utannen, but just uta for short. It stands for the songs i love to sing" she smiled pleasantly
*Seeing the formal greeting Kaylie quickly returned the gesture with a graceful curtsy of her own giggling at Uta's statement* He has a talent for surviving the wierdest situations~ and that's a lovely name mine is for stands for grace and beauty but im not sure i quite managed to live up to those values~. Heard your songs while flying here and i have to say your voice is as dazzling as the best bards and minstrels i have met in my homelands!~
"oh! Then you must let me play more for you!" Uta's eyes light up instantly as she became excited. It was so rare to have an audience and she was having two in a matter of weeks, when she had been alone for years.
"it's so hard to get anyone to listen nowadays. There used to be sailors who come by many many years ago, but I've never even seen a single ship sail past for years now!" She whined, a sad little look coming over her face
*falls into the crowd*
*Kaylie's eyes flare up with excitement at the prospect of hearing such a talented singer* Quite i would love to have a performance from a talented individual such as yourself~ And i suppose this place is hard to find or get to without magic hell even me finding this place took a few days!
"aww, is it? But sailors have come before..." Uta actually had no idea whether her island was remote or not, as all she could see was endless waves. But people had visited her before, so it couldn't be that remote, surely?
"well, doesn't matter. Sit over here. What would you like to hear?" She quickly pulled the little fox over to a nice soft patch of grass, then returning to take her place next to her instrument, waiting to see what she could play for her temporary audience
*Nods walking over to sit as she thinks for a bit finishing her thought* Hmmm might be because not to many ships sail the routes they used to and yeah this island is quite far away from civilization so now a days ships appearing will be like one in a billion! A-and something calming and soothing would be nice still a bit soar after that ehem "landing" of mine~
"oh, then an old classic will do. Never fails to soothe and calm, this one." She smiled as she plucked at the strings before crooning a classic folk song
"edelweiss, edelweiss, every morning you greet me..." The words and the tune were soothing, and her latent abilities amplified it even more, sending a wave of calm through the island. Even the Birds stopped singing, giving an air of tranquility to the whole place*
*Hearing the music Kaylie closed her eyes relaxing swaying gently from side to side listening contently to the tunes and song thinking back on her old world and all she had left behind a single tear running down her cheek*
*the song eventually came to an end, and uta stopped singing. Noticing tears from Kaylie's eyes, she stood up hurriedly and rushed over, concerned.*
"ahh, what's wrong? Was it that bad?" She fretted. She had no use for small cloths and handkerchiefs, and a towel for tears might be overkill
*Hearing the end of the song she smiled opening her eyes suprised by Uta being close to her concerned letting out a giggle as she quickly openend her arms hugging Uta* No no it was beautiful truly a master piece just made me think of home...
"Oh, home..." Uta paused at the thought too. This was her home, but it was also incredibly lonely.
"how about you stay here? Plenty of room for us both, and I'll give you all the songs you want everyday!" She offered
*Seeing Uta deep in thought hearing her suggestion of staying here she put on a smile* U-uhmm a very tempting offer this place is very lovely but im afraid i won't be able to accept..... *A thought quickly popped up in Kaylie's mind as she hugged Uta a bit thighter* W-why don't you come back with me your voice is amazing a-and you seem like you really enjoy playing and singing for live audiences i know for ceirtain that at least my friends would go wild from your songs!~ I-i can even let you have a room at my place and oh im sure one my friends would be thrilled to have an expert songstress like you living at his place!
"wait, wait... Slow down!" Uta had a hard time keeping up with the stream of words coming from the overexcited fox. "Can we do that again... Slowly?"
*Realising she had been rushing her words quite a bit from all the excitement of hearing such beautiful music every day Kaylie took a deep breath smiling* What im suggesting is that instead of you staying here waiting years millenias or more for the occasional sailor or foxy to crashland so you can have an audience you instead come with me to a bigger place filled with warm faces who would adore hearing your singing each and everyday!~
"oh, you have such a place? And there'll be an audience everyday?" Uta was already salivating at the thought. It seemed too good to be true. "What about food...? You know... B-both kinds."
H.. hello?~
Hi Scarlet, Cassy and Robin !
*Seeing Uta considering the offer heavily nodding at her questions until the last* yep a crowd big or small every day well atleast me no matter what but im sure my friends would feel the same way! Hmm both kinds of food as in you need something else to sustain yourself?~
Hi guys!
Hiya meow uwu
Hi Cassy~ *pets Cassys head*
"well, primarily meat..." She opened her mouth to reveal two sets of sharp fangs.
* purring *
"and also, well, I am a siren... I do have cravings for... That sometimes." It wasn't absolutely necessary for sustenance, or she would have been dead long ago
To otherworldly creatures such as herself, it was more like a delicacy to be enjoyed, something she had gone without for far too long*
So cute
Meow :3
*Seeing her fangs she smiled openin her own mouth showing of he own fangs* mhmm meat there will be all kinds of meat~ and uhm cravings for im not sure what that is?... *As she puts a finger on her chin thinking what kind of nutrient she could possibly need other than good food and drink*
Cute indeed !
Shush you two!
Jealous Kay ?
Hehe are you jelous Kaylie?
*Smiles* Oh force of habbit carry on
Kitty year left 2 mins only now meow_(:з」∠)_
It's going to be bunnies year_(:з」∠)_
*pets Kaylie on the head* here you go~
Kitty hope kitty won't be bullied by bunnies this year meow uwu
*uta sighed, shaking her head a little. It seems foxes were incredibly dense or naive, since she had this problem with Ezu earlier as well. How was she going to get the question across without being incredibly crass?*
*Thinking for a bit she brightened up* Hmm is it like magic energy or something cause if then i could give you some when you need or want it!
B-but Cassy It's the year of the rabbit....
"you will? Okay!" Well, she offered. She clearly didn't know exactly what she was offering, but it was "magical energy" in a way. Uta just didn't specify *how* she would be getting it.*
Thats what I was thinking
uh oh
"you promised! No take backsies!" She grinned, now that naughty mischievous glint returning to her eyes*
*Hearing Uta agree Kaylie erupted in happines cuddling Uta seeing the glint in her eyes letting out a giggle* Hmm I get the feeling you want it delivered in interesting ways but i don't mind and im sure other's wouldn't mind sharing some with you either~ *Kaylie then started to relax leaning her head against your chest gently nuzzling it against you* So anything you need to ehm pack or do before leaving a-and are you okay with teleportation don't think flying back is a good idea~
"te-ve-pork-ation?" It was uta's turn to frown in puzzlement. "What is that?"
"if you sant pork, we'll need to go and hunt some boar in the forest first..."
*Hearing her question Kaylie smilled giggling upon hearing the little remark* No no Te-le-por-tation It's a way of moving from one place to another that is far away in an instantance d-did Ezu not tell you about those kind of things?
"uh, no, not really? He came here on a boat, after all. And he left on one. Sea-worthy craft are the only way to come here, other than you, that is..."
"moving instantly? Is that even possible? How does that work?" The world was making less sense by the minute. Perhaps she really got out of the wrong side of bed that morning...
Hmm i guess... A-Actually i have no idea how his works or how far it can reach but i know that i can go any place with it have seen or been to before! *Hears Uta questioning how it's possible* U-uhmm it's magic n-not sure if you know any if not i guess the best way to explain it is mmm ah! It's like singing a specific kind of song to achieve a ceirtain emotion or thought *Not being a teacher of magic Kaylie wasn't aware how to explain magic let alone to someone who like Uta who didn't grasp magics exicstence smilling confident at her little explenation*
"uhhh. Okay" she definitely wasn't convinced, but this fox did fly in out of nowhere, and she was super confident of this skill of hers. Besides, if the alternative was to spend an eternity on this small rock waiting for a other audience which may never come, it couldn't be too bad to take a chance*
"so... What do i do? Just wait for you to cast your magic? What about my harp?" She stoof awkwardly in front of Kaylie, wondering what her role in this "teleportation" thing was supposed to be
*Hearing her a bit unconfident in the theory Kaliye smilled and nodded* So what we need to do is gather all your prized possesion like your harp i will then draw a circle around all of it including us and poof! we will appear in a new place with all the items amazing right!?
"oh well, then that's all i really need. Everything else really isn't of much concern, if food is provided there."
She takes one last look around the place she had called home for decades. It wasn't much, but it was home. And now she was leaving it, unsure whether she would ever return*
*Hearing that only harp is needed Kaylie nodded as she slowly got up putting her ring finger infront of her* Don't worry since i have been here we can always visit this lovely island again *She then started tracing a pink line in the air slowly drawing a circle as a similar one starts appearing on the ground around us slowly being completed and as the ends meet the grounds beneath us start glowing and lighting up with many unknown runes as i look over smiling putting my finger on the circle* Ready to have your mind blown~?
Uta trembled slightly but nodded. Whatever it is, it was sure going to be a new adventure. And hopefully one that would allow her to sing to more people...
*Seeing Uta nod is confirmation Kaylie grabbed her hand holding it gently as she clutched the circle in the air squeezing it as everything suddenly went white for a second slowly fadding to reveal us standing in a small room with all the walls white a single door infront of us as Kaylie would look over at Uta* Welcome to your new home well it's beyond this door anyway can't wait for you to meet all of the people living here!
"oh, wow. Where is this?" Just as Kaylie has been curiously looking around the island earlier, uta now found herself looking around the place. Not that there was much to see, but a solid door in front. Still, the new environment and magical way they got there was enough to pique her curiousity
This is the Bunker owned and operated by a nice cat eared fellow his and her Kuro yes there are multiple versions *Giggles whispering* it can be a bit confusing~... there are many rooms here including a garden a pool area living room with a tv its like a box that shows moving pictures an amazing invention~ and then we have the kitchen with all the meat and drink you could ever desire and of course the bedrooms which you will get your very own of once we ask Kuro nicely~
*she gets a stiff neck craning her head left and right, then brightens up on hearing that there is a pool room*
"A pool, like a large one? that you can swim in?" the sea was something she had to leave behind, but if the pool was sufficiently large to swim in, and people didn't mind her... other form, then she would be more than happy
*Seeing you brighten up from hearing there is a pool and asking about it's size i giggle nodding* Mhm its fairly big perfect for someone with your ehem needs~ *Winks* im sure you will find each and every facility provided to be to your liking and if not then you can always suggest or request a change to the big man himself~
"so, when do i get to meet the person who i need to get permission from? this place feels pretty nice, I could imagine myself living here~" she sang softly, the cheer in her voice lightening up the mood just from that alone.
Ooh! A connection to Ezu's story *reads*
And maybe of Uta to my bunker hehe
Hmm good question i wonder where he's hidding today~ *Looks around shouting* Kuro we have a guest that would like a room!
"hee hee~ maybe i should sing something to get him out?" she placed her harp on the floor and thought about what to sing. probably something to celebrate this new place
*Scratches head looking around not hearing a response* Oh right probably can't hear us... I mean you can definetly try and that would allow me to hear more of your singing so actually yes please do!~
@Kuro maybe you should make an alt that sums up bunker lore. Seems it pops up here sometimes too
*she thinks carefully about what to pick. a lightbulb seems to go off in her head as she finds something she thinks is suitable
"so, this isn't a classic song. It's one taught to me by some sailors, quite a few years ago. They said it reminds them of their favourite place to visit. It should fit."
strumming the strings on a constant, simple beat, she breathes deep and sings in a deep voice, exactly the way the men had taught her all those years ago
(You mean this ?)
There it is
*Giggles nodding closing my eyes to listen to the oncomming performance*
Yes yes
Ooh that one! I thought it was just explaining the map haha
"There's only one place for suckers like us, in the whole damn big city, there is. It's a place that smells of sin and shite, the only place we want to be. As we fuck and we buck, we suck and we fuck, we part from the whores and end up drunk. We wake up in the clink, pay for our freedoms, and come back to do it all over again next trip~~"
*the unusually crass song sings to basal instincts, making everyone within earshot a little uncomfortable, hot and bothered. Uta finishes her song, none the wiser about the contents of the lyrics*
*Hearing the song Kaylie starts giggling uncontrolably turning into laughter hearing the lyrics applauding the song* T-that was definetly a unique song~
Got a bit of lore, though it's difficult to focus on what I should add, so questions and suggestions are very much welcome
"great song, right? i love how we can feel the love they had for this place if they keep visiting everytime they managed to go!" she beamed happily
Mhm very lovely *giggles* but might have to learn what those words mean~ *still not seeing Kuro i shrug* Oh well don't know where he is guess we will just settle this later until then welcome to the bunker your new home Uta let me know if there's anything i can do to make it better~
"okay! let's wait patiently for him then! looks like we'll be living with each other for some time now!" she looks around at all the different rooms, each marked with a nameplate.
"wow, already so many people here. I can't wait to meet them someday...!"
Mhmm and im sure they will be overjoyed to meet you and yeah guess we do gonna be nice to hear more tunes and song around here
Woot, lore
(good place to stop?)
Yas lore
always lore! =D
(is indeed a perfect place)
(alright, thank you! hope everyone had fun!)
(had a blast and hope you did too!)
** Utannen left the game (definitively). **

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