Oriana VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (61 turns)

Post-workout shower

For some reason, the girls exercise much more during it, as Oriana is soon to find out, Linlin having a theory at what could help her potentially win a fight, trying it out after one particularly sweaty and exhausting training session.

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(Let me get the situation as per what we agreed
/remove my top
/remove my pants
/remove my panties
/remove my bra
/remove my socks
/remove their pants
/remove their top
/remove their bra
/remove their panties
/remove their socks
(There we go)
(Ahhh, all my clothes~! :P)
(You're in shower, silly~
(title/desc looking good?
(I know, I know, just kidding. And yeah, seems good to me!)
(Cool. Wanna kick off? I'll come into scene after your line
(Can do!)
(*spots a typo, quickly fixes it*)
*After a hard workout, I relax underneath the warm shower, the perfect temperature to ease all the small aches and pains from the session.* Fuck, that feels nice~ *I whisper to myself, gently rubbing at my various limbs*
*As I continue, I think I hear a sound, my head quickly looking around* Is anyone there~? *I ask, curiously, receiving no response, before returning to relax under the shower once more, eventually turning it off and allowing myself to just stay there, letting the water drip off my body*
*sweat breaks out as my cover almost gets blown, accidentally hitting a toe on one on separating walls, barely stopping myself from swearing. Thankful that the chance didn't get ruined, I gingerly crawl up right behind you, not saying anything until you register my presence there and turn your head around again. This time, however, you are met with an excited grin, as I grab your head and smush it right into my bosom, burying you between my Dees, leaning in to whisper in your ear a simple phrase that I felt would have quite a response:*
*gives a wave to lurkers*
MMMPH~! *Before I know it, I'm blinded by the boobs of a mysterious assailant (after all I'd been smothered by quite a few pairs in the ring). Trying to think of who it might be, I get my answer when you whisper those numbers* MMMMN! *I yell, still very much smothered, before pushing you away* W-what are you doing~?! *I shout, still utterly flustered by the suddenness of the 'attack' as well as it's sensual nature before standing back up to you boobs-to-boobs, waiting for an answer*
*also waves* :P
Hii :)
Heyyy Cass~
Good luck 😛
*I grin yet wider as I watch you get completely flustered, deciding to play with your mind a little more, grabbing onto your back and pulling us into a bearhug in such a way that our breasts cushioned and squished against each other, a deep, sucking kiss trying to steal your breath in the meanwhile* Fuck or flight, queenie~ Your choice~ *I lean in after, whispering again, flashing another smug grin at you*
Heh, appreciate it, I might need it against Lin~ 😅😜
Hey there~
Indeed she will need. Being a good friend and testing if Ori is good at fighting when being cornered ;)
Hn~ *I gasp a little at the tight bearhug, before any noise is muted by your lips on mine, gasping for breath again when you release it to speak. Every single rational part of me is saying to flight, knowing what you're capable of and with the clear advantage of the ambush...but I was never one for thinking rationally while sexfighting and one glance down your body makes the decision for me, clutching you tight and taking you down to the floor, perching myself on your back, and groping at those tits* Choice made~ *I lustily purr into your ear, now sporting a grin of my own, albeit one you can't see*
😤 I am
*I giggle excited as you grope me, the adrenaline and our eagerness making me completely ignore the pain* That's my Queenie~ *I yell out proud and happy, soon wriggling out and turning about so that we were face to face again, my hands groping your butt, my eyes winking and nudging for you to do the same, more than happy to stay in your hands for the moment just to drive up the need* In case you forgot, third stall has the toybox hidden behind the tiles~ *Sticking out my tongue teasingly as I remind you a little stash some opportunistic girl has left for all of the gym*
*Smiling at your happy shout, I absolutely take the opportunity to grope and squeeze in time with you. Eventually, one of my groping hands drops away, idly making its way between my own legs, a little 'heat check' as things start to warm up*
Oh?~ Already needy?~ *As always, nothing seems to escape my eyes, as you can immediately feel what's about to happen, as my girlcock twitches between our bellies the moment I say that, already ready for action, a quick tumble and tussle ending up with you on all fours and me behind you squat, driving it deep in your snatch, holding you up high by your hair* Let's make sure you stick to your choice, as I take charge~
It's just a quick check~ *I giggle, the twitch catching my eye long enough for you to strike.* Fuck~! *I groan out as you drive in deep, a series of scattered breaths following as I try and fail to escape from your tight grip on my hair.* Nnnngget off~! *I yell as I eventually manage to take (temporary) flight, dashing to the aforementioned third stall and grabbing a rather regal purple strap, rushing back and forcing it into your mouth* It's incredibly rude to ambush a gal in the shower, ya know~
*Now I'm the one stuck on the floor as you jam the fake dick in my mouth, making me drool heavy on it, loud glughing sounds heard across the communal shower room we're in. I swipe one way and another to make you pull back, but you keep a tight grip, and I'm forced to endure this for quite a bit, my eyes sparkling with unyielding excitement as I look at you*
*I grin as I enjoy my current control, looking back with all kinds of desire as keep hold, pressing our bodies back to a corner, giving you - hopefully - nowhere to go...*
*Unlucky for you, getting pushed into a shower corner is a different thing compared to a ring, as there's much more surface to brace against and push, my legs twisting around your body before I manage to roll us about, leaving you upside down as I pat your pussy, my stiffie laying down next to your face as I sit with your head straddled about* Good ol' times?~ *I snicker, looking at you from above*
AHH! *A shocked shout leaves my lips as I quickly lose control and end up in a rather humiliating position, luckily it was only the two of us this time. That didn't stop me from blushing bright however, your stiff girlcock right in my face as you taunt. With some effort, I manage to push myself oout of this position and on top of you, taking time to breath for a moment, before sliding down your body slightly, where I try my best in this still wet environment to keep you pinned while I suck at those 'Dees'*
Oooooooohhhhh~ *one hand keeps slipping away from your pin, but honestly, it doesn't seem like you even need to pin it, for it goes not to push you off, but to jerk myself, giving you wink as you can hear me pump my erection, cooing happily at your suckling, using this moment to have my own 'heat check*
Already needy~? *I can't resist a little taunt back as I notice you pumping yourself. My own growing need starts to take over however and I gently smack your hand away and start to rub my pussy up against it, cooing as I get into a rhythm*
*I nod my head wildly as you jump on me, my hands going to your waist to help you push right against me, moaning as you work me up, your leaking juices not helping me at all. That is, until I reverse the position by pushing you back, your head held low as my hands quickly go back and press you straight on that needy stick, making you taking it whole* Fuck yes am I needy, Ori~ We both are and don't you even dare deny that~
*I enjoy getting faster and faster, focusing on doing so that I don't notice you take over until its too late, and I'm taking your whole thing, unable to speak. Knowing how dangerous this position can be, especially with you in control, I scramble free, taking a moment to gather myself before trying to reassert myself.* Hmm, lemme check... *I rub at myself and bring my now stickier fingers to my lips, purring as I taste*
*Seems you're not the only one heated up though, as the friendlier relationship between the two of us also meant that I was not afraid of giving in to my weaknesses, tossing the strapon at you to get in proper. You don't get time to fix it proper though, as I'm already jumping on top of your crotch, spearing myself hard onto your toy, holding you firm by your shoulders, making sure you feel every single buttslam, trying to shake your whole body* And this is my check~ *I grin, panting a bit as I spend myself on you*
AH. AHHH! *By the time I can react to the initial toss, you're already on top and despite this cock being plastic, you make sure that I can feel pretty much everything, as you slam onto me. Striking in a moment before I can't, I break away, chest heaving as I breath in and out* O-Okay...c-checks made~ *I laugh breathily*
*I nod, laughing together with you like we were two college roommates having their evening fun* Yup~ Soooooo..... what now?~ *I ask, trying to contain that giggling, giving a quick stretch to make sure I don't hurt myself*
Next~ *I sway my way back over until I'm right in front of you* I take your breath away~ *Seductively whispering, the second I'm finished, I grab your head and smother it between my boobs, taking us to the ground*
Gnnnnnnnnngh~ *My groan gets swallowed by your breasts, wet tongue trying to tickle you to push back. At the same time though, my legs also push all the way up, letting my butt hang in the air as I know no one's about to take use of that, catching you in a gutwrench, soon turning it into an endurance race, hoping I can hold out longer despite you starting it*
hey everyone
*Waves* hey
Oooh, and another face that I miss a lot :P
oh ori i like your new look 😍
GRRRrrrrrrrr~! *A long growl is drawn from my lips as lock in the tight squeeze. Believing I have the advantage by starting first however, I continue the boob smother, the only alteration is that I release one hand to play with your boobs, hoping the lusty distraction plays its part*
hiya lin been a while hehe
surprised I was still up on the leaderboard lol
Heyyy Clarissa, hey Eva thank you~ 😁 I got some help picking it out :P
Hi everyone
Heyy Lana~
hi lana
and also nice to see you again ori 🤗🥰
*it sorta does, as it gives me leverage to shove your face into my chest, making sure that we both played fair at this race.... that is, until I reached out for your kitty that, after that initial fucking, was left unteased, fixing that mistake right now*
Heyo, Lana
Hehe, glad to be seen :P
And yeah, Clarissa - you did take the place by the storm, to be fair
the title still gets sometimes forgotten, then some girl reviving it
awwwww lin didnt miss me 😢🥺
well, we already chatted this morning, Eva :P
Clarissa: at least they implemented the system so now if title goes abandoned, you dont need to ask mod to claim it
i know 🤭
oh thats nice
i've seen some new stuff for trans since i last played
i hear you are to thank for that
both here and in classic
I quite literally shoveled latter, though I added a good chunk here too (although content for LWR involving trans girls is... limited)
i haven't played classic since ive been back
Mmmph~ *I start to struggle as you use that leverage, slipping even further as you slip those fingers inside, and I have difficulty resisting those fingers that know me so well. I push free of the hold, but its certainly had an effect and I flop on top of you face-to-face. Trying my best to take the opportunity, I try to kiss you as deep as you had before*
hey day *goes and hugs her because missed her*
maybe i need to give it a go lol
Heyyy Dayyy~ 😜😘
It's a lot different - and I'm still to add more moves as I keep plugging holes of stuff that's missing
I need to play against trans again, it used to be a bit buggy so I need to try it out again
for trans v trans?
Hehehe, plugging holes :P
like say, I have 16 pegging related gifs, because there's just one direct strapon action fitting it all
both TvT and FvT
maybe I'll queue for classic instead
unless day you want to play for funsies?
a little touch of MvT, but my mood's for boys was stifled lately
Sure I’ll take you for a spin if you want~
Try not to make a mess on me~
Let me send you a dm I don't trust matchmaking
Lucky Clarissa~! 😲
Mhm sure sure
wish I could spectate that
Have fun you two 😘😜
jealous as ever ori~
Drop me a log, girls ;)
Yes, absolutely :P
Enjoy linlin and her maaaaaasive cock :P
Will do~ 😁
i'll be sure to have some fun with that soon I'm sure :)
Well, already have, actually :P
*That only gets my fingers deeper in you, as I try to match up your intense kissing by making sure you work for it. I do look redder and redder too, though, as you're putting me at quite the challenge*
But more enjoyment too
(Ha, I do like covering up popping up in this specific scenario :P)
(Well, the option to put clothes on when we started naked :P)
(Oh~ Didn't look at your options when I read XD
(Not gonna use it - spoiler - but it amused me :P)
(well, I'm sure we could scrounge up a bra "somehow")
(Some skimpy eatable bikini type of thing in that toybox?)
more sexy girls~
How's you been Lysa? Better since last time we chatted?
*The deeper your fingers drive, the more I struggle in the position, and when my thighs have difficulty in trying to keep shut or open wide, I decide it's time to break away, rolling as about. However, this ends up with your butt on my face! Not one to turn down an opportunity though, I start sucking as it as best I can, and slowly but surely my hands reach round until they find your cock, I slowly start stroking that with both hands*
Heyyy Lysa~!
I'm doing okay just been taking a break since the wrestling ended
*as you turn us about and jerk me, quiver in your hold, trailing back slowly, lips getting nibbled and bitten* Fuuuck, Ori~ If you're teasing me ass, you know what you should use.... *As I say that, I realize I do be in position to tease another hole myself, a quick dart back and twist of your body leaving me in perfect position to return back to what we did at the very beginning - enjoying my cock in your kitten*
Fffffuck~! *I squeak as your sudden twist ends up with your cock back inside me again, and I find it increasingly difficult to want to try and get away, pleasure growing with each thrust. Spotting the strap, I let you keep thrusting until I can reach it, grabbing it at pushing you off, shoving the fake cock deep in your mouth, while I slide a few fingers - already slick from a mixture of the recent water and my own honey - and slide them into your ass* Okay, so I don't think that's quite what you wanted, but I'm sure you enjoy it~ *I giggle as they build up to a decent speed*
*The turnaround I did expect at some point, having spotted the strapon rolling about next to us, figuring I should have pushed it away. Fingers up my ass, though, get me much harder by complete surprise, as I bend over myself, yowling like a wounded beast, my legs barely pushing me back up after that 'little' maneuver*
Hehe, yeah, I'll mark that down as "enoying it"~ *I giggle as I continue, though I release the fake cock to just lie in your mouth to deal with my own need, a hand darting to my pussy to rub more insistently then before, brining little moans from me*
*I squirm about, and with a bit of effort, manage to slip out of your grip, only to push you down on the floor, looking as if I was about to facesit you, which is true partially - I do "mostly" sit in your face, just rather vigorously moving back and forth for some gagging reason*
Fuck. *I rasp out as you slip free, the last word I manage to get out for a while as you quickly fill my mouth, and it's only a mix of choking noises. Squirming free, I grab onto the first part of you I can - in this case, your arm - and hold onto it tight, both to steady myself again will air fills my throat instead of cock, and also the restrict you a little for the time being*
*on one hand - it does yank me out of your mouth, as it hurts too much to go on. On other hand, that just means I back away, and take something else of yours, quick push rolling up your ass in the air before I drive down into it* Hehe~ I should have skipped workout and just started with this~
FUCK~! *I yelp out in shock and pleasure, as you start pounding away in my ass, a string of smaller but not less desirous 'fucks' whispered out as you get into a rhythm, and I find it impossible to resist for now*
*I slow down as I feel I might go a touch too hard, both for my own stamina and to make sure you weren't hurt as the position wasn't the most safe one considering slippery floor, tickling you gently instead, my cock resting buried deep in you* Mmmmgh~
*The slowdown provides all the opportunity I need to turn the tables, sliding away easier thanks to our slick bodies, and playfully pouncing at you, ending up on your back, where I hold you head in a position where I can give it several smooches while my hand rubs away at your butthole, threatening to push in again*
*I giggle as you take me down in such a fashion, kissing you back as I more struggle to get up because I dont want to than because I'm honestly fighting you back, mood again returning to just being two old friends having their best time together* Yep.... Gotta make sure this doesn't happen seven months later after this~
Agreed~ *I giggle, right before pushing those fingers in again, knowing the reaction it elicited last time, and this time, instead of a strap, I push fingers from my other hand into your mouth, providing just the sluttiest moment on your face for just a moment as they're in there*
*What other reaction can it elicit than groaning, drooling, suckling, and humping, craving for more as my legs spread to give you more leeway*
*I grin more and more as you hump back, an idea forming with the strap close. Taking the fingers in your mouth away, I strap myself in quickly and quietly, the fingers in your ass very much still going until in fluid motion I slide the fingers out and the fake cock in, the mouth that was originally in your hand now covering it as a handgag, more than happy to dominate like this when I have my moments* Just let me take it from here, Lin~ We can make it 4-2 before long~
*I had completely forgotten that this did start out as a proper fight, having pushed Ori into action, only to then go all slutty on her...... but how could you not go slutty on Ori when she does this? So here I am, on my fours, moaning like a bitch in heat, taken by a sexy queenie*
Hehe, attagirl~ *I can't help but go harder...faster as I delight in your moans, lust-filled music to my ears. But before long, it takes its toll and I can only provide slow, though still deep, thrusts inside you*
*And that's my cue for action, timing myself up to push forward as you pull back, jumping onto you in plain ol boring missionary, making it up with a bit of teasing slapping with my hard girl first, giving you a smooch and a wink as I finally slide in* Atta yourself, Ori~
Ah ah ahhhh~! *I moan as your cock slaps against my needy pussy, followed by a loud groan as you push in, continuing for a while in this position until I squeak rather submissively while I make a gesture similar to the cockslapping* D-do that a-again~ *The moment you do however, my submissive look turns to something much more preadtory and I take a nice firm grip of that cock.* Good girl listening to your queenie~ *I seductively tease as I start pumping* Time to cum, Lin~
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
*Should I tell her I pulled out more out of respect, having already been brought to the brink by her pussy, and wanting to cum outside instead of inside her? Naaaaah, I think, making my best effort at looking needy (not a hard effort considering I AM needy), your hand soon coated in a generous layer of cum, hiding my ecstatic moans in your lips, smooching you tight*
*I feel weak for a moment, all my strength sapped by cum flowing out, as I just stare at you with that excited grin I greeted you at the start, my mood not wavering a tiny bit* You know I'm not stopped so easily~
*I cheer excitedly as you cum, before trying to compose myself and act all seductive again* Falling for a trap like that, Lin~? Almost like you wanna lose~ *I look all smug before making a show of using the hand covered in your cum to play myself* I know, I know~
Oh shush, Ori~ *I grin back, my hand locking up yours so that it's stuck on your clit* For you're not the only one who can milk another~ *I school you, leaning in to kiss and suckle on your clit, hand kept there just for the threat of using it to finger you, believing I didn't need more than some quick tease to make you burst just as much*
How was it, Day?
Glad to hear~
Heyyy again~
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
Log will be up when she’s next online to hit the buttons
You can toss me the one with secret link in DMs :P
Lemme figure that out…
Also in the games log right at the top should say secret link
Sent it over
Hehe~ Thanks. Will check over after this if not too sleepy
How was the overall mood for game, though?
So who here wants to use me as cuddle slut to make me sleep nice and cozy?~ (for people who dont know what i mean with cufdle slut it pretty much means cuddle me and play with my fun parts as you please even use toys if you rlly wanted)
Just a casual fun one
I hear Day makes great cuddles when she's Night
Nothing crazy~ both enjoyed ourselves
Eep. *I squeak out feeling your hand pin mine tight, realising the 'danger' of the situation too late. Too caught up in the excitement of your orgasm, I'd almost forgotten how needy I was. Until your lips lock onto my clit. I struggle and shake in an attempt to get free, but it's hopeless, and the inevitable happens, coating your face as I squeak out a hard climax* Liiiiiiiiin~!
And you all know I’m not a cuddler!
Cum ori ya cummy slut~
Not even for me doing lewd cuddles 🥺
and no need to go crazy, Day~ Happy fun is fun~ Just like this match. Right Ori?
Hmm… you can cuddle me whilst I finger you… but no drooling…
*I just twitch on your tongue in the aftermath, trying to gather myself again after...that*
*And I let you, pulling up to give you a light kiss* Round two, Ori?~ For all them marbles, jewels, nuts and such?~
Hmm... so i dont get big spooned? Fibe as long as i have some one to cuddle and be cozy with while they enjoy my body and why no drooling?
*i ask as i crawl over and start to cuddle up to day*
The drool gets cold and wakes me up later 🤣
Oh gotcha well maybe this will help *hands day a ball gag so she can prevent the drool from oeaving my mouth*
*I roll over and tuck myself between your legs, squeezing up against those titties and snuggle a hand down between your legs… fingers curling up into you… other hand fiddling with the gag straps… and pressing the ball into your mouth* much obliged~
*Eventually steadying as you kiss, I look submissive again, this time much less of an act* Y-yeah yeah...round two... *Falling to the ground beside your cock, I take it in my mouth, sucking on it as my legs gently wrap around your body, desiring the closeness of our bodies*
** Linlin "Sadu's Wifey~" Mira flipped a coin! Heads! **
That escalated quickly as I was busy typing :P
*Either I'm dense, lost in lust, or both, but I don't seem to catch onto your mockery, taking this up completely as an awkward contortionist's 69, thinking you wanted to test each other's flexibility to reach at our genitals, humming happy as I twist over and suckle on your nub while you work my erection back to full stiffness* Round two fucking indeed~
*i smile and moan gently dnuggling against you as i get cozy our bodies pressing against each others as you put the gag into my mouth my moans and noises get silenced almost completely as i gently purr and moan into the gag* prrrr mmmm~
Ahh you know, gotta move fast
Fair fair~
*nodding to agree with day*
*I rest my head against your chest and sigh, settling in all nice and quiet with my Gaggy bitch… fingers doing anything but settling in… scissoring away inside… spreading that pussy… working you loose before working deeper and massaging away in insistent circles…*
Also fair warning… imma get some early sleep tonight so…
MMMM~! *I moan as you start licking, and in a less lust-filled moment I would wonder how exactly we'd managed to contort ourselves like this...but instead, the effort from your mouth just drives me to work harder with mine, throwing in all sorts of twists and twirls and techniques with my tongue as I try best to please*
Wow, Clarissa do that well~? 😜
Was up early so I’m tired~
*Well, in a less lust-filled moment, we would have spotted that you were pressing rather hard on my ribs.... eventually forcing me to tap and ask for a moment* Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow~ *knowing that this was a fight, after all, I roll my back for you, treating it as a proper tap despite it being a friendly shower scuffle*
That would explain it~ less fun though :P
Tap bitch!
*tge purring making a light relaxing humming sound you can hear as you rest your head against my chest my moans staying consistantly as your fingers settle into my pussy working me loose befor movibg deeper as they massage away in insistent circles my eyes slowly closing one of my hands resting on days sexy ass cheek* prrrrr mmm~
(Dont worry this rp is to send me off to bed day so its fine hehe~)
Good to say Day back to her old self with "Tap bitch" and "Cum Ori"
all that's missing is just a good long grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Tap bitch and growls will never die
I agree with the first at least 😳
*I close my eyes and just flop my head, the rest of my body totally at ease, just the fingers… circling away… leaving you grooling down my hand… horny girl will have some fun dreams of licking feet…*
*The moment you tap, I immediate let you free, a concerned look on my face until I check that you're okay. When I know you are, you see a smirk take its place.* Wow, Lin, tapping from a blowy, even if you win, I'm taking that~ *I tease, gently pressing you to your back in a more comfortable position, continuing where I left off before the tap, sucking that delicious cock with all my might*
** Linlin "Sadu's Wifey~" Mira flipped a coin! Heads! **
*i soon drift off to sleep grooling onto days fingers feeling her bodys warmth keeping me warm as i sleep i dream about day making me earn these cuddles having me worship and obey her like a good kitten*
(Gn cuties sleep well day, ori lin you two aswell when ever you guys go sleep but for now enjoy each other💋)
(Night Poki~ Enjoy your dreams of Day~ :P)
Mhm imma go to bed as well, try not to take too long makinh her cum linlin~
*The heavy blowing does quite an effect on me, especially as I surely let you stick to this for a bit too long, no clock or ref to tell us when exactly one minute ends. But eventually we both get a look in our eyes that's a tell that we both agree tap time is over, and I immediately leap on your back, using your position against you as I start humping your back, raining spank after spank* Really, Ori?~ Taunting me that I'm some cheap slut tapping from little?
Well she’s already tamed you so…
Night too Day~ 😘
Not long now~
Looking at this, I think it's actually 4-2 as Ori said, actually...
(Mmm i will who knows maybe you two will pop up in the dream aswell)
I’ll choose to ignore that :P
Anyway~ 👋
Byeee~ 😘
Ah! Ah ah ah ah ah! *I yelp out at your spanks, feeling that cock against my back and there's a growing part that's disappointed that it's there and not inside me. With the strap in my sight, I push you away, grabbing it and strapping myself in while your in a compromising position. Grabbing onto your hips, I push in and build up a rhythm* Yes, I'm taunting you like a cheap slut...because you're about to prove you are~ *I giggle, before focusing on fucking that ass in all the ways you love*
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
At least call me a mid-end sl------------- sl------ sl------- *I try to crack back, only to start stammering as if I was about to sneeze - the only exception being that instead of giant apchoo there was a moaning siren escaping out of my mouth, plenty of cum shooting back all over my body, that does bring the thoughts of cheapness, blushing bright red as you do so*
(no gangbangs if you're thinking on that. It's midnight, and I have to wake up in five hours for certain someone)
*Hearing you struggle to speak, I give you a look, cheering when you start to spurt* There you go, cheap slut~ *I giggle, before easing you down from that somewhat awkward position. Perching myself gently on your chest in a winner's pose, I look down at you with a warm smile, finishing with a simple* 4-2...
(I wouldn't let anyone who was just showing up now participate anyway 😤😜)
*I snicker, staying down to rest, giving you thumbs up* Knew that would work~ Just had to work you up right in mood. But that's still two to one odds, queenie~ Not something befit someone of your stature, eh?~
(Just making sure, sand burial still fresh in memory :P )
Oh shu- *Quickly realising I'm in the perfect position to make you shush as opposed to telling you to, I scooch myself up onto your face, pussy resting just above your tongue* Call it... benevolence. Such a generous queen I am~
*I nod, feeling drowsy as you hang above me, feeling weary even if you're not smothering me, as my hands shoot out for you, dragging you in to cuddle with me* Oh just for that you'll nap with me~
*dragging you up so you lay on me* But I'll be kind~ I'll be your body pillow this time~
Ahh~! *I giggle as I'm dragged down, quickly purring as our bodies intertwine* Good cosy pillow~ *I happily yawn as I rest into you*
(As delightful as always, Lin 💋)
(Hehe~ Same can be said for you~
(But now, bed, so I'm ready for my next partner~
(😁 Yeah, I was gonna say, won't keep ya too long. Enjoy a restful sleep and the match with said partner~!)
(And thanks~
Room go boom!

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