Linlin Mira VS Antonella (Reborn) : History listed publicly (62 turns)

Antonella pulls Lin in an alleyway...

...which might have been her best/worst decision ever made, uncaging something seen so rarely~

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heyho :)
(As a quick reminder, we play with bondage/hypno dice, right?)
(we don't have to, they might also be a little hard to incorporate in our scenario 😉
(Oh don't worry, Linlin's handbag holds quite a lot of surprises, plus we can reflavor those actions if need be. Three turn limit on them?~)
(good then. Do you want to set up the scene?)
(Sure, although you will get the first action, considering what happens :P )
*not just a casual day for Antonella, has she been waiting to meet Lin again after they had spend some wonderful moments together. Getting herself prepared for today with decent makeup, her skimpy white tank top and her favorite red mini skirt, barely covering her assets, she was hoping to gain Lins attention again. Asking out her friends about Lins plans for today, she found herself roaming the city as she something catches her eye... "could that be the blombe bombshell that she was looking for?" she thought as she closely followed her*
(sorry, might be a little rusty, haven't done something like this before 😅)
(All cool, don't fret too much about it and just go with gut)
*I was too stuck up in my planning to look about more than mere vicinity to make sure I didn't crash into anyone* So Sadu tomorrow... and then her the day after... and then make sure to pick up the new outfit... that will have to go then... and make sure not to miss new release... hmm, when am I meeting her?... *constantly mumbling under my nose, lost in my own world*
*I notice you stopping for a moment, taking this chance to catch up on you, feeling like I got butterflies in my tummy from all the excitement building up until now I quickly tuck on my top, just to reveal a little cleavage and tap on your shoulder* Lin? Oh, what a nice surprise. What are you up for here today?
Go Antonella go
thank you Ray :)
take a comfy seat
*Having the earphones in my ear, I don't hear your callout, mistaking the tap for someone stumbling into me, only picking up the pace and weaving a bit, my bum wiggling back at you as my dress swishes about, my low heels open-toed and shining back at you*
*lays down on the couch*
I wonder... Is Ray sitting down watching this in the future, a porn video spun from our little get go, or there is someone hiding a sneaky cam livestreaming? 🤔
huh-oh... *as you go along, I don't fail to notice your sawying butt, giving me a tingling sensation and I bite my lip as I follow you quickly. Just as we pass an alley, with no other people around, I I tug on your shoulder, turning you around and pull you inside the alley, smiling at you* oh, I sorry, that was a little rough. Nice to see you, Lin. H-how are you?
don't blame others for the cams are hiding around, Lin
*gets up and sets up blatant camera to film with*
*lays back down
Hey! Watch i----- Oh hi Antonella!~ *I was almost ready to swing and slap at my assailant, but my scowl quickly turns into cheery grin, having not met you in a while, giggling at the situation* Getting a bit handsy for me, eh?~ *I push back against you, pushing my knee up to grind lightly against your crotch* I'm doing well myself, as you can see, just a bit busy as I don't get much time to myself lately...
Well, you see, Antonella, with how many cams I have myself hidden, I'm not allowed to complain about that anymore
ohh, uhh *I hesitate for a moment, surprised by your confidence and your knee pressed against my crotch, feeling my blood rushing inside* oh, that's not good, I hope you could squeeze me in just for a moment *I regain my focus and remember what I came for, sliding my hands under my top and lifting it up, briefly revealing my D cup sized boobs to you*
*Accessing all the footage*
Lanay are you following me? 😉
Lanay come sit next to me
A quickie, eh?~ I can work that in~ *I snicker, my hands immediately launching forward as I try to surprise and overwhelm you, one hand grabbing your top and yanking it up, forcing your hands up, so that you can't block my other hand undoing your skirt at the same time and making it drop* There we go~ Instantly better~
Long time no see, Lanay~
and hey too, Molly
Following your cock molly 🤭
Hi Linlin! Missed you 😘
ohh, just as forcefull as I remember, heh? *I keep my arms up for a moment, giving you a good look on myself inside my panties* but I was also hoping to see a little more of you *I smile and teasingly slide my fingers under your top, lightly sliding it over your head*
*sips coffee* This looks fun~
*as you help me out of my clothes, I, remembering just what you love, fumble about and kick off my shoes, letting my bare toes wriggle about, pressing against your ankles to tickle you up* Oh, you don't need to worry about that, Antonella~ I'm sure we'll see everything we love about each other soon enough~
To be in the middld of these 2 ehhh~
and hello to you too, Isa~
I make a great sandwich filler 😏
Do you now? Also hello Linlin~
*the tickling from my ankles sending a tingling wave through my body, making my girlcock almost poking through my panties* ohh Lin, never stop your teasing *I bite my lips and cup my boobs from below, pushing them up a little and get on my toes to pull them closer to your face*
hello Isa
and hi Lanay
** Linlin Mira rolled 1d6: 4! **
Yes I do great between two nice hard pieces of meat
Like a reverse sandwich I guess
Just a little something for my footslut~ *I say giggling, but as I look at your tits, I don't push forward to continue my teasing on you, just staying at one spot with my foot, humming excited*
Lanay is a double down
What’s a double down
That one sandwich where the "bread" is two pieces of fried chicken breast
oh what are you waiting for? Are my boobies getting you so distracted? Nonono, wake up, Lin *I snap my fingers in front of your eyes and quickly throw my top back on, stopping my teasing*
Okay that then haha
** Linlin Mira rolled 1d6: 4! **
*I claw childishly at your bra, trying to get it off, playfully scratching it without any success* Heeeeeeeyyyyyy~
this lovely joy -
described both as "heavenly meal" and "heart attack in a bite"
a KFC special, that recently returned to existance
I’ve been called those before 😢
patience is the key, don't spoil all the fun yet *I giggle and grab your wrists, pulling them away from me and start to teasingly kiss your neck*
KFC crazy for that one lol
That makes the comparison even more apt, then. 😂
** Linlin Mira rolled 1d6: 6! **
It's not spoiling any fun!~ *I pout and bunch up my lips like a wronged girl, sticking out tongue teasingly as I reach for your panties and just tear them off, stuffing them in you* There, gonna claim something else if you hide those big pretty tiddies!~
Lanay is delicious
mnggllp *I gag on my own panties for a moment, tasting my own excitement and stare down at my full-sized 6.5 girlcock, throbbing in the air. Lowering myself, I run my fingers over your belly to your waist, grabbing your panties and pull them dwn rapidly over your ankles, stopping for a moment at the glorious view of your shiny heels?
(those heels are already to the side :P )
(oopsie, hehe. maybe I took a peak at them anyway)
*I grin as I feel a breeze on my own girlcock swinging it forward to smack at yours to remind who had an inch advantage, reaching over to swat your booty and grope it rather possessively, tugging it about like it was mine* As horny as ever for me, eh, Antonella?~
I really could use a taste snack Lanay
mnhhh *I bite my lip and shortly whimper, feeling your hand on my butt* oh, as if you were surprised. but talking about weaknesses... *I turn myself around, lightly bendding against the wall and running my hand over my butt, fairly spreading my cheeks*
What type of snack
Your pussy would be nice
*as you pose, you can feel my hand scoop you up and lift like a bride, diving in for a kiss as the other hand pushes you up to kiss me, reminding you that despite my rather short height I was definitely fit and stronger than I look as well, grinning* We don't need to talk about them when we love what we're doing, right?~
How direct of you
I think I did plenty of bush beating
Unfortunately for you I’m not feedin the needy today
not at all, my dear *I tremble inside your arms, embracing the moment of weightlessness and answer your kiss sensually, closing my eyes*
*pouty face*
*lays back down on couch*
*as I continue holding you, I gesture for you to wrap your arms around my shoulders, freeing my hand behind you to go around and grab onto your lovely poker, starting to jerk it as I add some spit as my lube, licking up my lips to savor your kiss* Gonna wag nice for when I stuff your ass, right?~
*I slightly moan from your wet touch* aahhhmmmm... oh, easy, babe. Let's keep on the teasing just for a moment *my fingertips teasing around your nipples, rubbing them lightly, but suddenly pinching them to exemplify a little dominance*
Oh, suuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUREE!~ *I squeak as I feel your pinch, needing to press you against the wall to not drop, pushing my lips forward, kissing you all pressed up to hold you better, going up and down on my toes as I endure the pinch**
*I continue caressing your nipples, lowering my mouth up to them and flicking my tongue against them, covering them in some of my saliva. My now free hand reaching up to your meat, wrapping my palm around it lightly and slowly start to tug on it* I see you don't really need much of a warmup anymore, hihi
Pfffft~ You're saying as if I ever needed it~ *I loft my head back and glare at you, my expression going as if I was silently telling you "Really now?", making you stumble in your thoughts*
** Antonella (Reborn) rolled 1d6: 4! **
*mesmeized by your strenght that is still lifting me up, my hand mindlessly jerks you faster and I throw my head back in arousal*
*I finally let you down on your feet and take a step back to get myself free from your stroking, looking over you as I needed a moment to compose, having pushed myself rather hard* Now~ What do I do with a horny slut that catches me in the middle of a street asking for a quicke... Think she deserves it, Antonella?~
** Antonella (Reborn) rolled 1d6: 3! **
*I almost drop down to my knees in front of you as you put me back on my mind still hazed, I barely notice your words* ouhhh, I...
I just couldn't wait to see you again after our last time
That's okay~ I don't mind you being horny for me, not one bit at all~ *I grin, lifting my foot to give just a tiny rub to your cock, enough to make you feel an itch to stroke out, grinning as I play you up like my puppet for a moment* And I bet you really want something from me, don't you?~ *as I stroke mine back right against your face*
** Antonella (Reborn) rolled 1d6: 4! **
*as I almost felt my confidence coming back, the feeling of your silky foot breaks my resistance just again, making my hand grip my shaft and stroke it, nodding my head slightly while I stare back at you* mnhhm, and you know exactly what that is, do you? *I tease my fingertips against the tip of your cock, spreading your precum around it and tease it's sensitive underside with the tip of two of my fingers*
(oh, what)
(sorry, got a little lost during writing)
(oooh, someone with the slippy fingers? :P )
(skipping my next turn ;))
(Yup, that's cool, I'll follow your text then)
*As you do that, my hands are already around your waist, a simple nod with my head telling everything you need to know, guiding you about to stay on your knees and brace against the wall, my cock slipping in you with little tease or fanfare, just going right in as much as it can, already very familiar with your needy rose* I don't answer silly questions, cutie~
*shoots a wink to camera above Antonella, tits shaking right over her head*
*mouthing silently 'you're next'*
*not even playing to resist, I bend myself over and spread my cheeks fro you, granting you full access to my pucking rosebud* mnhhh yes Lin, fill me again, please, fuuu- *my words turn into a loud moan as you enter your full size into me*
*Soon enough, I want to feel those sweet lips of yours enough, and I end up rolling on your back, my cock staying in you like a skewer as I pin you down, my body pressing on top of yours as I assault your lips, making out roughly as my hips pick up speed as well, ravishing you hungrily*
*I raise my view, almost shickingly looking at the camera above our heads* Oh, those damn security cameras!
mngghh gosh, Lin, please stop for a moment, you are stretching meeeee *I grab your shaft and pull you out, crawling in front of you on all fours with my butt high in the air and my face all down against your crotch, wrapping my lips around your shaft and bobbing my head up and down on it*
😳 oh my~
Should I?~ *I purr deeply, my voice getting real low and husky, as a slight nudge of my brow makes you glance to the street, showing that we were no longer alone, some of the busy passer-bys in the street noticing us, and staying just at the edge of alley, not moving any closer as they grope themselves at our show*
ohh, let's not slow it down then and give our specators a little show *I rise up and push you on your back, grabbing your ankles to lift your ass high in the air, exposing your butt and cock to everyone around before I smirl my tongue around your butthole and stroke your cock with an upside-down grip, aiming at your own face*
Well, don't half ass that show then!~ *I moan at the humiliating pose, but yell at you at the same time, reaching over for your legs to swing you about and make so that I have both cocks pointing at me, yours being actually stuffed in my mouth as I let myself become your seat, not minding just how submissive I make myself look, focusing completely on your emotions, as my fingers explore your freshly fucked hole, stretching it wider while I glug at your cock*
redrew a set of actions
alright, fine for me, let's don't go easy then *I softly cup your face and lift it away from my cock, guiding you up on your legs again with me still kneeling in fron of you. Pulling my breasts out of the bra, I drool on them and your girlcock, before I wrap my boobs around your shaft tightly, trying to squeeze out every drop from the bottom of your shaft to the top of your tip*
is resisting cumming (18% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I shiver and find myself bracing against the wall as I'm barely able to stand from your tight boobattack, shaking my head as quietly curse at just how awesome your silky bra feels holding me in. But as I endure and ride out my edge, holding it with a strain, I notice you left yourself open for another kind of attack, my foot not even needing to move to lift up and rub against something else*
*the unexpected touch from your sole puts me dangerously close to the edge, so I decide to escape it by getting up on my feet again and build myself up in front of you, stroking your face tenderly and lean in for a kiss. my hand grabbing both of our cocks, pressing their undersides against each other and strokes both of our wet girlcocks up and down*
*I move in for a kiss as well, but end up dodging out of it, pressing you against the wall as I grind my body into yours, hugging you close, my hands playing up against your sides while my hair tickle your neck* Mmmmgh~ Gonna be a moaning slut for me today just like each other time, or think yourself better than before?~
hehe, maybe not today, sweet Lin. How about we turn the sides and get you moaning for once? *I slide myself down against your body, running my fingertips over every inch of your boobs and belly. My boobs still hanging out of my bra and glistening with my saliva, I push my breasts tightly against your crotch, rubbing myself up and down against you as my fingers dig into your butt and pull you tightly against me*
Fuck(,) that bra of yours~ *I bite my lips as the added texture to the titjob makes me really weak, my legs almost immediately giving way as I can barely stand, moaning out loud, begging you to stop*
is resisting cumming (61% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I finally crash down, unable to endure the pressure.... but no cum comes out, as I manage to hold myself at the last second, my feet already working you back as I reach over and put my hands on top of them, making sure you have no chance escaping this, pinned against the wall* Really pushing for that weakness play, eh, Antonella?~ *I try to grin and be confident, but my expression shows just how close I was to being a leaky mess just seconds ago, face still scrunched up from the good feelings*
is resisting cumming (65% chance of cum) => Came!
*my head turning left and right, desperately trying to find a way out of this trap before it is too late as I feel the cum building up inside my balls. Finding no way out, your touch leaves me squirming, my load rushing to the tip of my cock, bursting out and covering your palm in my sticky seed*
MHAAAAHHH, YES LIN *not caring about being heard anymore, I get overwhelmed by my own lust, moaning and shouting my orgasm away*
*my legs shaking, desperately finding a way out of your grip, that I completely break my heels*
*I don't stop with the humiliation however, using that moment to jump right up on, my cock pressing hard into yours as I spread the cum all about, overworking your oversensitive member as mine suddenly feels reinvigorated, as if it could go for hours more, pulsing and throbbing over yours* Still the good old Antonella that I know and love, I see~ *I grin, giving you a soft, sweet kiss to make sure I don't go too far with it*
ooohaahhhhhh please stooohoop *shivering and whimpering from the overstimulation, I finally free myself from your grip, pressing my back against the wall and catching my breath, slowly teasing my girlcock hard again with a light grip*
*My lips stay on you, though, ignoring your requests as I push against you, even as you try to put your hand in the middle* Oh please, just admit you love being under me, begging for that exquisite cock, aspiring to match up to me one day~ *I push my head to the side, whispering to you barely audibly, nibbling on your earlobe right after*
not today, baby *I smirk ar you, being back at my full size again and roll you on your belly, firmly spanking your butt before I rub my fuckstick against your ass and bend over next to your ear* how about, we just turn it this and for once and make YOU moan a little? *I giggle and glide myself into your butt, directly pounding you fast, with my cock aiming down right at your sweet spot*
is resisting cumming (90% chance of cum) => Came!
go on Lin, pleaseeeee *my lips still close to your ear, whispering* just moan for me, I love to hear your moans
*I collapse under your quick thrusts, letting you use me freely as I my fingers and toes both curl up and limbs shake about, crying out as I feel myself completely lose over for you, spraying out a white flag of my seed between my legs, begging you to not stop, my mood switching almost 180 at that*
heya Raina :)
*I try to look back, barely able to turn my head, seeing the edge of your ass go hard against me, grinning as I continue to be your moaning slut, not stopping even after I've shot my current load* FUUUUCKIN FINALLY~~~~~
Hiya indeed, Raina~
Saw you spying before, so love the appreciation at a good orgasm~
oh god Lin, even like this, you are abslutely irresestible *I carefully turn you around on your back again, placing myself over you and rubbing our boobs against each other as I smile down at you* but I think you know that one isn't enough for me so I need to get you ready again *I lick my palm and moan as I grab your girlcock again, teasing it gently and feel it slowly growing back again*
I lurk in plain sight *laughs*
ssshhhsshh *I plant my index finger on your lips and shake my head, signing you to stay silent for a moment as I pick up the pace of my stroking, twisting my hand at your tip with each stroke to pay extra attention to your most sensitive parts*
*My hand reaches back for your cock lazily, trying to match your jerks and failing, moaning ever so louder as I need more and more of the moment, huffing and puffing hard, looking at you needily, your finger shushing me off and making me blush*
oh Lin, is your confidence shattered? wow, I didn't expect that *I rise myself up, teasing my bare sole against your balls and squeeze them against the ground for a moment before I run them up to your shaft, curling my toes against your sensitive spot*
is resisting cumming (25% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*The moment you try to completely destroy my composure, and press the foot on me, it backfires massively, as my hands grab it and force you to fall down straight on my cock as I thrust up in you, hugging you close as I fuck you from below, my arms wrapped up in a hug, making you regret what you just said in an instant* Oh you don't know what you just did, my dear sweet Antonella~
*jealous of Antonella right now*
*as you try to say something back, you instead get my fingers, still cummy from your orgasm, stuffed in your mouth* Sh sh sh sh sh~
*my eyes widen rightened and a series of luad moans escapes my lips from deep inside my lungs* MNHHAAAA, OH GOD, YES LIN
*looks up the next buttsluts anonymous meeting*
mmmllppppp 'my remaining words are being muffled by your fingers, tasting my own seed, making my cock twitch and throb even harder in the air as I keep bouncing on your cock*
*I continue fingering your mouth and forcing you to eat your cum, using that grip to also force you down harder on my hard shaft, giving you a hell of a ride as my tits brush hard against your shoulderblades* Sorry, can't hear you~ Speak louder~
Oh my, Raina also needy for treatment like this?~
MNNGHHHNN *everything I say gets completely shut by your fingers and I throw my head back over your shoulder, giving you a view of my throbbing girl cock and how it is oozing out precum, hoping this can somehow distract you*
** Linlin Mira rolled 1d6: 3! **
*luckily for you, it does, slowing me just enough that I don't reach for your prostate, being a sliver away from pounding it into nothingness and making you break for a bit, yet you still need to get off me, as I continue clutching you tight, constricting your movements*
*my legs are constantly shaking with my p spot being firmly rubbed from inside, giving me no chance to overpower you as for now. More and more passengers from the street gathering up at the show, eagerly watching us closely*
** Linlin Mira rolled 1d6: 6! **
I'm Ray and I'm a buttslut
"Hello Ray"
*the distraction was only good for a moment though, as you feel yourself thrust forward, pushed against the wall as I continue pounding you into it, spreading your hands and holding them tight as I let my whole body smash in you, using everything to make you mine, lost so much in my heat that I don't care just how close I myself might be in this moment, intent on giving you a very wild example of what happens when you push me to the very edge*
Thanks everyone
is resisting cumming (82% chance of cum) => Came!
*the change of our positioning just angles your girlcock perfectly up against my prostate, rubbing it intensely and sending waves of pleasure throughout my body, almost melting my brain* AHHHHH, YESYESYES, FUCK, PLEASE DON'T STOP FUCKING MY ASSSSSS *I shout from deep of my lungs and feel myself tipping over the edge from the intense prostate stimulation, with my knees shaking and cock pulsating heavily, spurting out every drop out of my balls onto the ground with a heavy splash*
*you probably would get your wish fulfilled, if it wasn't for the fact that you were not the only one crying out loud, as I go just as hard, burying myself in to the hilt as I unload a much bigger payload exactly where you need it the most, giving you a filling just like each time before, making sure you don't slack on those, panting heavily, my whole body heaving against you as I am completely out of breath, and yet look like a mad beast let loose, my hair shook all over me, coated in a heavy layer of sweat as I have worked myself up and pushed beyond the limit, grabbing the back of your head and making you look back at my face, my voice probably the lowest you've ever heard, two curt words stating* You're mine~
Hehe this one was a real treat~
*I join into your moaning and screaming, whimpering as I feel your girlcock erupting a huge warm load inside me, leaving my ass up in the air to not let it drip out and turn myself around, completely broken and gulping by your words* y-yes Lin, no one fucks me as good as you do, I will be yours forever *I mumble silently*
*My hand slowly slivers about your chest before I grasp your neck, not choking but holding you were with it being there like a threat that I could, smirking as wide as a Cheshire cat as I stare at you, opening my mouth to let your voice come out of it, repeating what you just said word for word, your voice mimiced without a single fault in it, adding at the end back in my voice* Your words, not mine~
*my knees are shaking and my whole body is trembling in intimidation, knowing that you made your point and have shattered my confidence with ease* I-I am sorry Lin, I-I was just overwhelmed by pleasure and lust
*I shake my head, showing you that you won't get out of this lightly* Nuh uh uh~ What was this, our third time?~ And so brave as well this time~ You're lucky I feel absolutely spent after this.... but mark my words - wait till we meet next time~
(I'll dm you a suggestion, something to be kept between us two~)
(sure, go for it :))
(not now, after we close this :P )
*I gulp again, not daring to speak back to you after what just happened and instead look back at in with awe*
(We do can end here though for this particular scene though~)
(Let me put up a little title/description for what will go to public)
(fine with whatever you want, just savour your victory as you want ;))
(There ya go~)
(love it, as usual :))
(and yes, we make it public)
*the porn video/stream fades to black, the fed warning repeating itself again, despite Lin defintely sharing it out in the sites herself*
(Guess everyone's out already~ Let's close the room and continue in DMs, Antonella?)
(yes plaese)
Ta tah all~

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