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I am crossgendering (cis male playing cis female) with this character out of boredom and for a slight bit of fun. I will typically look for more fem opportunities. But don’t despair she is equal opportunity for guys too. She’s bi and a switch that leans toward dominating. Mostly just a fun character concept I thought about while drilling some bots :p. Don’t mind rp but I mostly just wanna do matches/banter/dirty talk since they’re more fun to me for now.

I’m always in the gym working on this body that makes you drool. I keep my body tight where it needs to and muscles toned so I can last throughout the match. If your stamina can’t keep up there’s no shame in cumming for my relentless attacks. Of course if you hit the right spots you might just make me relent.

New to the sexfight game and I’m definitely not in it for fame. Break or be broken, go big or go home. I want every match I’m in to end with someone passed out on the mat covered in sweet juices.

Classic can be fun too, same goes for hentai. Something sensual where we both end up happy would be preferred.

Fit Bitch body

The body you’ll be bowing down to. Keep up if you can, I’ll leave you panting but begging for more.

!Classy but Nasty!

Even if you submit you might not get a taste, but you’ll have a better chance if you kneel down and beg to kiss my muscles. Classy but never too caked up to not get nasty.

About Lanay

Hi! My name is Lanay and here you can learn about me, if you’re interested. First let’s start with my status, I am a switch so my mood and preferences tend to not stay consistent, not a great thing to work with but I make do with it. When I’m in fucktoy mode I’m feeling more submissive and wanting to just get fucked until I’m satisfied or exhausted. When I’m in domme mode I’ll be more dominant and likely more teasing/playful, trying to make you cum just by talking to me and looking at me. When I’m in idfk mode it’s best to strike up a conversation to see where I’m at, cuz I don’t fucking know either lol.

I’m very much into fighting for dominance but I enjoy more of a fun struggle than an Uber competitive one. That said I will talk shit and stir your imagination with my own horny mind when it comes down to getting down. But, it’s easier to talk about my limits than list all my kinks/things I enjoy. Limits: blood/gore, ageplay, bathroom stuff, vore, extreme pain, non-consent. There might be more but this is a general idea. Also I’m not doing much IRL play here, it’s just not fun for me at this time.

Maybe the best way to learn about my kinks and what I like is to talk about the slutty activities I like to do.

Here’s a short list:

  1. Workout sex- Fucking in the gym, causing a massive orgy or threesome. Maybe just a private session for one on one. Or a competition where the loser gets fucked by the winner. Either way all the fun positions and sex on the workout equipment gets me excited.

  2. Group/Audience or public sex- Anything group play orientated is going to be fun, usually. Best to check with me beforehand to see what I’m going to be down for.
    All girls+me
    All guys+me

  3. Naughty nurse gives a checkup- Something where it’s supposed to be a normal checkup and the doctor ask me to take over. But I just couldn’t resist trying my luck to give a…thorough examination. Of course, sometimes all the nurses like to get together and have some fun too.

  4. A new hire in the “Service” Dept- At a company with lots of privacy and highly stressful work, a new style of employee care has been developed. The “Service” Department is dedicated to reducing employee stress with special techniques. As a new hire I have to undergo a review process that involves everyone in the office testing my skill set.

  5. Futa transformation- Basically, me or you is now a futa and any of the hijinks that follow. Hijinks is code for sex in this situation. If I’m the Futa though, you’ll be my bitch for the duration and I plan using you like the fucktoy you are.

Special Mentions

Here you can read about all the wonderful people that I feel all warm and fuzzy about, they either fucked me good or treated me extra special. Or both!

Veronica or V: This one is a mix of everything spice and nice, an amazing friend and partner in depravity. Words fail to describe just how amazing she is. We’ve even formed a sisterly bond and started a ✨slutty witch coven✨. Don’t ask what we do besides try to start orgies all over EF 😜. EF wouldn’t be the same without my lovely sister from the Dandelion House, but be careful. She’s got a plan to make Freeuse dolls out of all of you, and I just might help her. :D

Romantic: Another person that words fail to do justice to, but I must try! I first saw Roma in a tournament battle where, despite the outcome, he absolutely showed his prowess in EF. After some playful teasing and talk I knew we just had to meet and fuck. After a small wait, we finally had our first time together on a private beach, with the moonlight embracing us and the ocean giving its applause. Though I claimed Roma as my dutiful worshipper that night, I will always respect his approach and amazing skill. But he was no match for his Goddess. ;)

(WIP, more to cum)

Cool items I’ve received

Cum: I love cum so I had to mention it here even though it might be obvious that I’ve gotten cum before :p

White Sunflower Choker: From V, representing our ✨slutty witch coven✨. It’s magic so it won’t break, but you’re welcome to try~

Jeweled Buttplug: Also from V, a pretty jewel that changes color ever so slightly in the sunshine, from white to gold. It happens to be on the end of the plug in my ass. Butt it’s pretty when you see it up close. Just like me :)

White Rose: From Romantic, for igniting our passions and receiving all of his love in our first match.

My “Firsts”

First Sex Wrestling Match - vs. Huff and Puff

Had my first match ever against huff and puff who is experienced on the mat for sure. But I didn't back down at all. A little trash talk was all it took for us to lace em up and fight for dominance. Round 1 was a bit of a stalemate and everyone seemed impressed at me for my first time. What can i say? I know how to work my body and make someone squeal :)

Round 2 was where the real fun began, relentless teasing and taunting turned quickly into fucking and sucking. My promises to peg Huff got turned on me as experienced the first orgasm of the match from his powerful fucking and almost squirted into the bleachers. I managed to regain my composure to make the match interesting enough, flipping huff and giving him the blow of the match. The mixture of our juices made swallowing his load a breeze.

After a brief break and some position changes, Huff eventually pinned me to the mat and made his bitch in front of the audience. I squirted on the mat while telling everyone what a whore I was, and I have 0 regrets from cumming my brains out. I lost :(

First Classic Match - vs. Akira

Had such a hot fight/fuck for dominance for my first time. It was a nice/ long match where all my training and workouts paid off. Superior stamina will always win and mine is top notch. I won! I have to say victories make the orgasms so much sweeter. In the end I made my opposition squirt and submit like the good girl she is. Then I rewarded her with my own squirt all in her mouth so she could savor every drop. She resisted becoming my permanent pleasure pet but a rematch on the horizon just might change that ;)

First LWR Match Doubleheader - vs. Emy

My first LWR match was a doubleheader, first up was Emy and it started out with an even wrestle for the first round. But my consistent attacks on Emy’s pussy through her pussy caused her to edge and try not to cum. The first round ended with a mutual orgasm that left Emy worse for wear, having edged so much she was more exhausted after cumming and succumbed to my stamina for a decisive victory.

First LWR Match Doubleheader vs. Belle

The second of the doubleheader, this time a former champion of LWR challenged me and offered a match. I simply couldn’t resist. Clearly she underestimated me as I began to overpower her and throw her around the ring, dominating her holes to get the first orgasm. Unfortunately my own orgasms pushed me to the brink of defeat, both Belle and I hanging on for dear life while we were fighting for the last pin to make each other tap out or cum. Despite my strength and doing the most dmg I could, Belle one the match decisively with her strapon. Pounding me senselessly until I screamed her name in an ecstasy filled defeat.

Notable/Fun Matches

Classic Match vs. Hector

This one was supposed to be fiery but ended in loving submission, after some back and forth oral play on Hector my strap on came out and changed the match completely. Hector quickly learned the definition of “ultimate surrender” as I came up with a decisive victory from pounding his cute lil butt. Victory was sweet, but I’m always sweeter ;)

Classic Match vs. Dianne

I feel embarrassed even writing this one, my worst showing and a humiliating loss. After so much buildup and trash talk on my end I barely even made a dent. The match started well and then turned completely in Dianne’s favor. She made me cum twice in a row and easily knocked me down a peg. My last orgasm was where the humiliation was sealed. Dianne used her foot to end the match and make me squirt out any thoughts of dominating her. Afterwards I fully submit to Dianne so she could actually get off, taking her cock in my loser pussy till she sprayed me with cum. REMATCH: Had an amazing rematch where I didn’t let my horniness take me down, instead I got the best of Dianne, riding and fucking her to some mind melting orgasms. A good back and forth that led to a victory for me but a great match overall.

Classic Match vs. Mariah May

Mariah is sooooo pretty, but she’s got such a foul mouth. After some back and forth in dms I just had to wash her mouth out with some special soap~

The match started in a fast way, fighting for dominance, bondage and hypno. Desperately trying to gain control of the match, I began to focus on Mariah’s nice booty, licking and fucking it until I felt her give in. But I was no match for her bratty intensity, too turned on by her attention on my body, I came first and had a huge orgasm. Luckily this was just what I needed to turn the match in my favor. With some luck from strapons and vibrators, and surprisingly a few kind words, Mariah had back to back orgasms for me as I completed the cumback. To finish the match, she laid in my lap as an exhausted pet, while I played with her hair. I think I made an impression on her, but at least she won’t forget my name ever again ;)

Thanks for reading! Here’s your rewards ;)

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