Old updates

Note that most old news are lost and have been deleted, you won't find here everything ever, but can find that on the discord if you are interested.

6 months ago

Kinks and stars!

Ok, I spent a lot of time coding today, you may have already noticed some things, time for the update!
· You asked for that more times than Winston can smirk: The kinks are now divided in giving/receiving!
· You can now update the stars of actions in bulks, by doing so directly from the action search page. It should be easier to rate an entire kink!
· You have now two sets of stars per user: one for preferences, and one for critical damages !

I though about it for some time, and I also decided that from now on, the star system setting will only be enabled in game by Patreons (and staff).
The reason for that is simple:
· We have more and more Patreons, and I want to reward them. Thanks again for the support ❤️
· This feature required a lot of work from myself, so it's quite normal I get something from it.
· Honestly, I think if you are loving the game enough to spend hours setting stars, you can really spare two euros for the Patreon 😅

6 months ago

Critical hits based on preferences

It had 48 stars on EF suggestions, the "Critical hits based on preferences" system is now a reality! 🤩

Don't worry, it's a new setting in game, disabled by default, because it will mess up balance like hell... But, for those who like it, you can activate it!

If you starred an action 5 stars, it will deal more damages to you, if you starred 1... less. Yes, I'm talking about desire, pleasure, cum... But even energy and life, actually! It's a different option from "Follow preferences", so you can combine the two, or not, if you want.

So go on and try to find your opponent's weaknesses 😉

Obviously, having this system disabled for tournaments is mandatory, unless tournament organizers says otherwise 😌

6 months ago

A big thank you!

Just to share some good news (at least for me 😄 ), we are at an all time high in terms of earnings of the Patreon. We've just beaten the high peak of April 2021, just after I left for my new job with a message for support! The other good news is that it relies on more Patreon than before (80 today against 57 in april!). The number of Patreons keeps growing steadily, which is a good news, as it's way more reliable and less likely to fall quickly when more people are participating ❤️ Thank you all for the support!

All that to say: Good news, even after so much time putting EF aside, it's far from dying, as I feared once, and we are nowhere near a place where I have to shut it down for money reasons. On the tech side, I'm also pretty happy of how robust I built the whole thing, and how many of you now understand the engine and can guess what's going off, as I don't have much maintenance to do to keep it up. Not only that, but the game keeps growing, with new modes every now and then, some I never even had the time to play 😯

Many thanks to people mentioning EF outside, also.. We're doing zero advertising for EF, and somehow, hundreds of new people type "EroFights" in google every single day. Last week, for example, Tifa Lockhart even mentioned our name in their webtease on Milovana, bringing us thousands of new players, out of nowhere 🥳 ❤️
People keep getting interested in it, so thank you all, and particularly the EF Staff, Moderators and Game Maintainers, for doing such a great job with it ❤️ And most of all Winston , who is literally moving mountains behind the scene, orchestrating all that and teaching people, breathing life to the teams, that's impressive!

You're all giving me time to code some features when I have some time for EF, instead of just processing action requests (which one man could never do alone anymore.. Ask them 🤣) or moderating users... Thanks for not letting it down and keeping EF a great place, thanks for all what you're doing! And thanks to everyone of you, who keeps enjoying the place, submitting content, playing together, and, overall, being a bunch of lovely wholesome people ❤️ EF would be nothing without you but just a silly perv 2 players game with 200 actions 😅

Aside from that, in the last days, I did a few quality of life updates for the game maintainers, so they now have new systems like scenes or priority actions to make their games even greater! I also optimized the game by a lot, and you should no longer suffer a 10s loading time to get into a game!

Didn't plan to write all this... But well, here you go... Thanks!

7 months ago

🇩🇪 EroFights is now available in German! 🇩🇪

Multiple side notes:

A lot of the translations have been made by Google Translate, so if you are German, don't be vexed, and send me a DM when you find corrections to be done on the global level (not actions)

If you want to help translating actions: https://www.erofights.com/acts/translate_list?lang=de (accessible via actions / translate actions)

You can now submit translation correction through enhancements! If your current locale is not english, you'll see the translations in the form of enhancements, so it should help correct wrong ones! (prefer the translate page for mass actions)

You can now switch languages either from the footer of the main "play" page, or from the bottom of the account dropdown in the header!

Hab Spaß!

7 months ago

Small updates

It's been a long while I haven't had time to work on EF, here are a few small updates that have been asked around here:

  • Amelioration of Videos as GIFs for iPhones (playsinline property) : Should help to play the game on iOS.

  • New state for game maintainers: Holding.

  • Possibility to see the number of unread messages per character, and mark everything as read for a character.

  • If you have the "Don't display guy pics" option, you shouldn't have a broken design in game anymore.

  • Rules have been updated with the version of 2 june of rules-welcome

  • Life won't show up when reloading the page in "Blind mode"

  • Pssst! I also got a word from Lovense, they are launching two new products, a very discreet lipstick and two new sizes for their anal plugs! Enjoy 😏

8 months ago

Contributor of the Month for May 2022


Nagusa has been working hard this last month to bring new actions and images to EF for everyone to enjoy. With 20 new accepted actions and 51 accepted visuals they've provided a lot of new sexy content to the site and we'd like to thank them for all their hard work and award them with the Contributor of the Month badge for May!

9 months ago

Texting, live!

A better messaging system.

Hey pervs!

I know, I know, the messaging system is not great, that's why for so long we've all been just binding Discord to EroFights...

But I come with good news... Yep! It just got better!

Now, you can message someone live (yeah, like, texting from the end of the 20th century) ! No, really, messages will be sent without a reload of the page, people will answer you and it will appear just below... Incredible, right? I know... ^^'

Also, you can now activate a notification sound while on the message page, so that any time you receive a message, you hear a sound. Yeah, crazy, right?

Sorry it took so long before I put some efforts into this ^^'

It's not great yet, but still, a bit more usable :p

10 months ago


Now it's time to fuck like... well...

In conjunction with the Easter Holidays, we've activated the Easter action pack, which will remain active for the rest of the month.
If you like sexy bunnies, you're in luck 😉

10 months ago

🔥 Aaaand a new bunch of updates because I'm on fire, babies! 🔥

  • Focus will no immediately go back to chat after picking an action
  • Filters Dom/Sub in kinks in members list are now working better (you can search people who are only dom, only subs, or switch)
  • Icons will now show a small tooltip in-game when you hover them for a short while, for clarification
  • You can now see who accepted you enhancement proposals
  • You can now fill in a short survey to help us building an awesome website! <3 (please fill it, even if you answer only one question!)

10 months ago

The Wrestling Ring survey

We need you to participate

Hi everyone!

Anyone who uses The Wrestling Ring mode, even just once in a while, is encouraged to have a say about it, and let their feelings be known in this anonymous survey!.

If you've got more to say and don't have the room, you're always welcome to reach out to Ben Steele as well.

Thank you for your participation ^^.

10 months ago

🎙️ New guy voice recordings! 🎙️

We have a few awesome new custom made audios by the awesome Crimsonic that will give you shivers! Check them out in the command page, section "guy voice"!

I take the occasion to remember you that if you want your audios added, you can send them to me on Discord ;)

11 months ago

Contributor of the month : thatguybradley

Some quick maths for everyone

119 action proposals + 226 action enhancements = thatguybradley is EroFights' February Contributor of the Month! 🥳

He's been a massive asset for the writing team and have ensured that the language quality of EF actions are maintained at a high level. His help with the various action packs, current and upcoming, as well as assisting with Hades' new The Wrestling Ring action updates makes rewarding bradley with this award a no-brainer 😎

Congratulations, well done, and keep up the good work, good sir o7

about 1 year ago

Merry Christmas!

And a happy new year!

Christmas is nigh!!

And all through EroFights,
Many sexfighters were stirring,
Much louder than mice,
Whether Love mode or Hentai,
LWR, Interactive, or good ol’ Classic too,
There was something for every naughty EF member,
Something beautiful to cum to..
May your Holidays be Merry and Bright!!

about 1 year ago

We're dreaming of a white Christmas... 🌨️🎄☃️

These last months EroFights has been thriving with activity, tournaments, stories, games and new concepts! Following our Halloween tournament, we are launching a special event for the Christmas season. Starting today with Santa's naughty helper girls all over the Hentai modes (Classic and JOI)!

But it's not just in those where people can be naughty or nice. Add your own favourite naughty Christmas GIFs and pics to the game and let's celebrate this Christmas in the best way we know. 🎅🏼🧑🏼‍🎄

about 1 year ago

Start of the Winter Tournament

Plus our Side Event Announcement

Sign-ups have concluded and we have our teams for the Winter Main Event! It will be...

Chaste, Shirley, Dylan Boyle and Romantic
Up Against
Milov VIII, Leon, Andromeda Sterling and BDSM Stacy

And due to our limited sign-up capacity, we are having a Side Event where anyone can participate in their own match to try to win a few EF Coins. Every match will have to have its own gimmick, however.

You can find Main Event match-up information and schedules and full Side Event rules and information and how to play at the EroFights Discord Tournament Channel.

over 1 year ago

NNN Strikes back!

New titles, new rules, new hope(?)!

Heya fellow citizens of EroFights! With the dawn of November, a new event arrives on our site!
NNN (No Nut November) arrives in EF with a slight rebranding of the old good champion titles! For a period of one month, the following changes occur:

1) The Guardian of the Hill shall be known as The Guardian of Chastity. One truly staying true to the aforementioned virtue.

2) The Hentai Champion shall be known as HeNNNTai Champion. They should make it a tag on R34. #Chastity is obsolete.

3) The wrestling champion will be known as the holder of the EFW No-Climax Champ! Any references to NJPW's G1 Climax are truly coincidental!

4) And a champion on LWR will be able to show off with their brand new title of Queen of Denial! One reigning supreme in the ring and beyond.

But these are not all changes that NNN brings to the titles... One holding a title will now be in the power of new rules!

1) All holders are denied for the period of holding the title

2) If you lose the title in less than 3 defences, 7 days of denial goes to you as a consolation prize! (aka you're denied for 7 days)

3) 1 title defence every 24 hours to keep the title going.

Good luck with your sexfights! May the cummies denial be with you!