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Cutie Tifa, Maggie Bradford, Mother Clara...I hope you are all doing well. Miss you <3

异性恋 / Switch


RPer. I'd recommend reading my profile before interacting, to make sure I'm your kinda guy

(There are some 'RP' aspects to me on EF, for example, I slightly exaggerate some of my reactions and...well, I can use magic - but I mostly play/act true to my irl personality...I really am a ball of shy nerves when it comes to romance/sex >\\\\\>)

H...hi there! (≧﹏≦)

I'm...pretty inexperienced with this game & still learning the ropes, so please bare with me on that. 👉👈
If I go silent/leave a room suddenly it's probably because someone walked into my room and I had to alt tab :/

I'm a meek, shy guy exploring my kinks. I think I'm a switch, but with a definite preference towards the subby side of things...that being said? Don't underestimate me. My subby side is eager to please you ladies, and I'm willing to do anything to get you to cum.

A N Y T H I N G 😉

I tend to favour RPing over silent games. In terms of competitive/RP games just let me know your preference. If you want an opponent who can fight back, this meek little boy might just surprise you if you're not careful!

After all you know what they say, right? Beware the quiet ones~ 😈
Heehehe! ^ω^

TLDR: Gentle Dom, Shy Sub
Because erofights needs jobbers too xD

Most things sexual, particularly teasing and dirty talk, will be enough to leave me a blushing mess. But in particular:

Gentle Femdom (Affection, pet names etc.)
Headscissors and other wrestling moves
Neck Kisses
Being restrained - be it by ropes or wrestling moves
Snuggles and Headpats fuck yes inject it into my veins!!!

However, my turn offs:
Excessive pain (Ballbusting etc.)
Heavy degradation (a little bit is ok)
Blood Play
Irl Instructions - This may change! But for now I'm not quite confident enough for that. I especially don't wanna make people edge irl, I'd rather make you cum everywhere! :3

In terms of my fantasies, well...I'd love to have a confident girl tease me, bring me out of my shell and affectionately dom me. No name calling or excessive pain, just teasing, giving me pet names and claiming me as hers. blush

RP Notes

Kenny is a warlock-in-training and is practicing magic, so dependant on the rp that might come into play. If you're not ok with this please let me know and we can keep it grounded in reality no problem.

Kenny has been spending a lot of time around Leila, the Succubus. At first glance it might seem like the demon has claimed him as her pet....but their relationship is, actually, quite a bit more complicated. Leila often refers to herself as 'Kenny's Guardian' and even seems to refer to him as 'her master' from time to time! But Kenny always treats her as a friend, never as a subservient.

Kenny's always dreamed of being a wrestler...but he hates getting into fights and hurting people. So, to compromise, he's training to be a sex-wrestler! Because in sex-wrestling, he doesn't have to hurt anyone too bad, he can win by making his opponents feel good and cum! ^w^

Notable Opponents/Encounters

28/01/2021 - I was in the audience for a 'Lovers Quarrel', I guess, between Miss Gina and Georges....a-and I was...'approached' by Miss-I mean....Ella~
She...she started teasing me. She sat on my lap, grinding away at my bulge, whispering things that made me go bright crimson red (≧﹏≦)
Before I knew it, her breasts were in my face, I was grinding up against her...She got on her knees and started to suck my cock, teasing me the whole way....I exploded into her mouth, I - I came so felt so good, I...
I couldn't just leave it there. She made me feel so good, I couldn't just leave her on the edge!
So I put her on my seat and started fingering her, kneading her breast while teasing her neck and ears...I brought her to the edge and then put my mouth to her pussy lips...I wanted her to cum, I needed it...I just kept licking until I made her explode on my face.
We both cuddled for a bit and, well...after that....she said she was still horny. So I took her to a private room, laid her on the bed and...t-took care of her, helping her to release all her pent up arousal...(IRL)

...blush I'm really glad I met Ella. It was a good night-
-no, it wasn't good. It was better than good.
It was amazing~

26/06/2021 - I was working out at a new gym of the regulars, Miss Anna came up to greet me, and offered to...'s-show me the ropes' as it were.

I - I swear I didn't mean to keep looking at her, I wasn't perving! (≧﹏≦) B-but she caught me it turns out though? She didn't mind...s-said she found it flattering and....c-cute....

Then she kissed me...oh gosh she kissed me hard, and propped me up against a wall and...w-well, we had a really intense workout.

She took one of my nipples in her mouth, before making me eat out her divine pussy until my face was coated in her juices...then she took me in her lap and held me close, whispering in my ear while she 'took care of me'....b-but she wouldn't let me cum until I admitted I was her cutie >\\\\\<

...I...I'm Goddess Anna's cutie....a-and....we've spent a lot of time....'working out' ever since >\\\\\\\>

Mistress- I MEAN MISS LISBETH ROSE! o\\\o - Miss Rose offered to teach me how to better defend myself in the wrestling ring. I know she might seem a bit scary...and yeah, she can be very aggressive if you're a meanie, but she's actually super nice! (a-also very pretty >\\\<) And she's taken really good care of me...

I swear I'll make her proud. I'll prove I'm worthy of being her student!

Win or lose, I won't give up...I'll keep picking myself up, just like she taught me.

02/08/2021 - M...Mistress Trol came to my apartment one night, thanks to the scheming of my roommate Leila.

I managed to hit my head a little, so she stuck around to comfort me...a-and tease me with headpats...and naughty words...until...gulp until I confessed to her that I liked her, a-and that I'd had...n-naughty dreams about her >\\\\<

She decided, since I'd been a naughty boy, I needed to be punished...s-so she ordered me to strip naked and collared me, making me her little puppy...before ordering me to eat her out until she came all over my face.
I...I guess I don't mind too much...I-I got to make her feel good...I'm...I'm proud to be Mistress Trol's good puppy ^\\\\\^

Andromeda Sterling - I forget when I first met Andromeda, but we've encountered each other a few times around EroFights land. She's not just a strong and proud wrestler, but also a lovely person. She's had to put up with so much and yet still she's constantly looking out for me, protecting me and guiding me.

One time she even offered to practice with me in the wrestling ring, to help prepare me for the sort of things I'd the end of that session together we weren't really competing anymore, something else sparked up inside us. We were cuddling. We were kissing. We....w-well I mean...we were.....AHEM >\\\\\\\\>

So strong, so lovely...I'm so glad I met her. My Starlight. My Champion ♥


At the risk of a downer note to end on; there are so many wonderful people on EF, and I have been lucky enough to talk to some truly lovely coughandprettycough! people who sadly, for one reason or another, have since left the city of Erofights.

I understand, sometimes we just drift away, our tastes change or maybe something compels us away. This isn't a plea for these people to return, just a place to commemorate them and, on the off chance they still frequent, to thank them for blessing me with just a second of their time.
To everyone on this wall, I hope you are doing well wherever you are <3

Maggie Bradford - I hope Mr Bradford knows how lucky he is to have you, and I hope you're enjoying plenty of plump, juicy meat on your weekend barbeques with the neighbours...
...sausages, I meant sausages - WAIT NO I DIDN'T-!!! .\\\\\\.

Mother Clara - Thank you for being such a kind, gentle and lovely Momm-I MEAN - M-MISSTRE - I MEAN - M-MISS! >\\\\\\<

Cutie Tifa - So cute, so lovely, so kind and pretty >\\\\\< I'm sorry we never got to properly spar with one another, but thank you. I'm not sure why I got to be so lucky that you entered my inbox that day but I'm glad you did, and hope you're doing well in whatever mischief you're getting up to now.

Silvena - This one's maybe a little unfair as I know you are still around sometimes, but...I understand that you're taking some time off. Which is fine - I just wanted to thank you not just on my behalf but on behalf of so many others for being such a kind, compassionate and supportive member of the between teasing the bejeesus out of me, you meanie! ≧﹏≦
B-but yes, thank you and I hope life is giving you the good treatment you deserve. G-glory to the Church of Silvena.

Roxy - Thank you Miss Roxy...I know you preferred females so I was very surprised and honoured that you took the time of day to even speak to me, let alone accept my offer to train together. I'm sorry for making you wait for so long for my replies, and I hope you found plenty of fun here on EF before you left. All the best to you in your future endeavours.
B-but if we ever meet again I'll prove to you that I can do a proper bearhug! A-a big manly wrestler bearhug!...b-but for now, wherever you go, know that you take my finest teddy-bear hug with you always.

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You strip off your clothing until you're left in nothing but the tight-fitting bikini that you picked specifically for this fight. You strike a sensual pose, showing off your sexy curves and growing bulge to your opponent, while still leaving plenty to their imagination. Bikini Tease This Dungeon Guardian has been barred from any sexual activity unless she defeats an adventurer... so right now? She's determined to claim victory, and maybe something else~ Encounter+: Female Dungeon Guardian You hoist your opponent up and drape him across your shoulders, showing off your strength. While bending his back over your shoulders, you grab hold of his cock and start to mercilessly milk it, putting him through both incredible pain and pleasure! Wrestling Stretch Handjob You've won. But now that the struggle has come to an end, the snuggles can begin! You cup her cheeks and plant a delicate kiss on her lips. You may have dominated her before, but now it's time to comfort her and make sure she's okay. Sweet Defeat Kuuuh...she's such a tease! All those naughty words she's whispering, all those lewd things she's doing to can feel your face burning, getting redder and redder by the second! 
It's so embarrassing!
...and so, so arousing... Bluuush! You've won. But now that the struggle has come to an end? The snuggles can begin! You wrap your arms around your partner and plant a delicate kiss on her lips. You may have dominated her before, but now it's time to comfort her and make sure she's okay. Sweet Defeat You've got the hold synched in, he's not getting out~ You ramp up the speed of your strokes until he sprays his cum all over your hand and screams his submission! Submit and Cum! Ya got him~! But now that the struggle is coming to an end, the snuggles may begin! You pull your partner in close and trap his lips in a delicate kiss. You may have dominated him before, but now it's time to comfort him and make sure he's okay. Sweet Defeat What?! Damn it! Your Guardian was so horny, she couldn't focus on the fight! Maybe using cock-hunger as a motivator wasn't such a good idea, after all... Distract, Defeat and Fuck The Guardian!

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