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Mostly an RPer. I'd recommend reading my profile before interacting, to make sure I'm your kinda guy


(Kenny is....kind of an RP character? He's a slightly exaggerated version of myself, but mostly true to my personality. Something something Gary Stu joke)

H...hi there! (≧īšâ‰Ļ)

Finally had the courage to step beyond just bot matches. Still, I'm brand new to this game & still learning the ropes, so please bare with me on that. 👉👈
If I go silent/leave a room suddenly it's probably because someone walked into my room and I had to alt tab :/

I'm a meek, shy guy exploring my kinks. I think I'm a switch, but with a definite preference towards the subby side of things...that being said? Don't underestimate me. My subby side is eager to please you ladies, and I'm willing to do anything to get you to cum.

A N Y T H I N G 😉

I tend to favour RPing over competitive play, but I'm absolutely open to both types of combat. Just let me know your preference. If you want an opponent who can fight back, this meek little boy might just surprise you if you're not careful!

After all you know what they say, right? Beware the quiet ones~ 😈
Heehehe! ^Ī‰^

TLDR: Gentle Dom, Shy Sub
Because erofights needs jobbers too xP

Most things sexual, particularly teasing and dirty talk, will be enough to leave me a blushing mess. But in particular:

Gentle Femdom (Affection, pet names etc.)
Headscissors and other wrestling moves
Neck Kisses
Being restrained - be it by ropes or wrestling moves
Snuggles and Headpats fuck yes inject it into my veins!!!

However, my turn offs:
Excessive pain (Ballbusting etc.)
Heavy degradation (a little bit is ok)
Blood Play
Irl Instructions - This may change! But for now I'm not quite confident enough for that. I especially don't wanna make people edge irl, I'd rather make you cum everywhere! :3

In terms of my fantasies, well...I'd love to have a confident girl tease me, bring me out of my shell and affectionately dom me. No name calling or excessive pain, just teasing, giving me pet names and claiming me as hers. blush
Another, slightly more rough fantasy I have is taking part in sex wrestling matches where I try to put up a fight, but am ultimately overpowered and turned into my opponent's toy bluushh.

Notable Opponents/Encounters

18/01/2021 - I....I....I belong to Momiji and Erubetie...I'm....I'm their blushing cutie (≧īšâ‰Ļ)
I was practicing my wrestling against a bot, and Momiji came in to watch...she started teasing me from the side-lines and, eventually, got involved, helping the bot to suck my cock. I somehow resisted and won the bout, but...then Momiji took advantage of my weakened state and pinned me down to tease me some more with her tail.
Then Erubetie wandered in and they teamed up on me, just teasing my cock with slow strokes and kisses...I was begging for release, and they agreed to let me cum under one condition: I had to admit that I was cute, and agree to be their blushing cutie...
...I submitted to them. And now I belong to them.

28/01/2021 - I was in the audience for a 'Lovers Quarrel', I guess, between Miss Gina and Georges....a-and I was...'approached' by Miss-I mean....Ella~
She...she started teasing me. She sat on my lap, grinding away at my bulge, whispering things that made me go bright crimson red (≧īšâ‰Ļ)
....I loved it...I loved every second. I - I couldn't get enough, and...before I knew it, her breasts were in my face, I was grinding up against her...She got on her knees and started to suck my cock, teasing me the whole way....I exploded into her mouth, I - I came so felt so good, I...
I couldn't just leave it there. She made me feel so good, I couldn't just leave her on the edge!
So I put her on my seat and started fingering her, kneading her breast while teasing her neck and ears...I brought her to the edge and then put my mouth to her pussy lips...I wanted her to cum, I needed it...I just kept licking until I made her explode on my face.
We both cuddled for a bit and, well...after that....she said she was still horny. So I took her to a private room, laid her on the bed and...t-took care of her, helping her to release all her pent up arousal...(IRL)

...blush I'm really glad I met Ella. It was a good night-
-no, it wasn't good. It was better than good.
It was amazing~

RP Notes

Kenny is a warlock-in-training and is practicing magic, so dependant on the rp that might come into play. If you're not ok with this please let me know and we can keep it grounded in reality no problem.

Kenny has been spending a lot of time around Leila, the Succubus. At first glance it might seem like the demon has claimed him as her pet....but their relationship is, actually, quite a bit more complicated. Leila often refers to herself as 'Kenny's Guardian' and even seems to refer to him as 'her master' from time to time! But Kenny always treats her as a friend, never as a subservient.

Kenny's always dreamed of being a wrestler...but he hates getting into fights and hurting people. So, to compromise, he's training to be a sex-wrestler! Because in sex-wrestling, he doesn't have to hurt anyone too bad, he can win by making his opponents feel good and cum! ^w^

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You've won. But now that the struggle has come to an end, the snuggles can begin! You cup her cheeks and plant a delicate kiss on her lips. You may have dominated her before, but now it's time to comfort her and make sure she's okay. Sweet Defeat Kuuuh...she's such a tease! All those naughty words she's whispering, all those lewd things she's doing to can feel your face burning, getting redder and redder by the second! 
It's so embarrassing!
...and so, so arousing... Bluuush! Ya got him~! But now that the struggle is coming to an end, the snuggles may begin! You pull your partner in close and trap his lips in a delicate kiss. You may have dominated him before, but now it's time to comfort him and make sure he's okay. Sweet Defeat Ya got him~! But now that the struggle has come to an end, the snuggles may begin! You pull him close and trap his lips in a delicate kiss. You may have dominated him but now it's time for the aftercare. Sweet Defeat You've won. But now that the struggle has come to an end? The snuggles can begin! You wrap your arms around your partner and plant a delicate kiss on her lips. You may have dominated her before, but now it's time to comfort her and make sure she's okay. Sweet Defeat Heh, excellent. The Lamia's song seduced the foolish adventurer right into her lair. Now he's trapped in her clutches, thrashing and squirming as her tail squeezes him tighter and tighter! Encounter: Lamia Squeeze