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Hetero / Dom

So many self-avowed "dommes" and "boy breakers", so little time. Are you one of them? Do you think you have what it takes to fuck a man into submission? If so, you're just the woman I'm looking for. I've made a hobby of breaking and taming bratty, overconfident sluts and adding them to my Collection, and if you're the type that thinks you can actually best me, then you're going to be next. But feel free to come and try, perhaps you'll prove me wrong.

UPDATE: It's been over a year since I arrived in EroFight City, and things could hardly have gone better. Fighter after fighter has fallen before me. Overpowered, outfucked, and then dragged through a back door to be bound and displayed with all my other trophies. My gallery -- now open to the public -- is lined with the beautiful, captured bodies of women who thought they were going to teach me a lesson. You should come and visit sometime...perhaps you'll even stay for awhile...

Hi Everyone! I'm a friendly (don't let the character fool you) switch-leaning-dom looking for fun RP where we are each fighting to dominate the other. Clearly I've got some hard-edged kinks, but ultimately we're all here to have fun, so let me know what that means for you! I love bets, and am down for Hypno/Bondage or other rules that you like (but also happy with the regular ruleset). As you've likely surmised, my goal in most cases is to defeat you and add you to my growing Collection, but that can mean as much or as little as you like. It can be a one-off fight or an ongoing roleplay, as you prefer. And if this particular rp isn't your thing, I'm always happy to hear other ideas for competitive sexfighting roleplay of all kinds. Feel free to message me if you've got any fun ideas for an erotic showdown!

Currently on display in The Collection


Newest Exhibit
🚨Special Limited Time Event🚨

Valued guests and curious onlookers, the Collection is pleased to announce a limited time event featuring its newest exhibit...

EF City is renowned for its ever-shifting landscape of scandalous secrets, tenuous allegiances, hot-blooded rivalries, and cold, calculated maneuvering. In short, it's the perfect place for a sexy spy to ply her trade. Of course, it's also the kind of place where a spy who gets caught might find herself in all sorts of trouble. Enter Cammy, EF's gorgeous, leggy spy mistress, who took an interest in my personal pursuits and aligned herself with some, shall we say, overly altruistic partners, decisions which have landed her in my gallery. While she makes a rather lovely piece of art, she is a spy, after all. She could be quite useful, once her loyalties have been appropriately adjusted...

Cammy has been outfitted with the latest marvel from my R&D division - a special belt equipped that records her last orgasm and, upon activation, sends a jolt through her body that will repeat the same climax again and again. It's a prototype though, so it could use a bit of testing, which is where YOU come in. I'm making this exhibit available to anyone who would like to enjoy her, ahem, vulnerable state...

(The belt works as follows: Anytime Cammy orgasms in a match, the belt registers her current cum overdrive. After her first orgasm, her opponent can activate the belt during her turn by using the command "drop." When the belt is activated, Cammy rolls a d20. In order to resist the pleasure and avoid missing her turn, she must roll higher than currently registered cum overdrive. Only orgasms inflicted not using the belt reset the registered overdrive. The belt takes three turns to recharge. **Contact Cammy through her profile to inquire about matches.* She, of course, has full choice OOC on which matches she takes and any other rules or limits).*

Cammy in Collection Cammy in Belt


As you descend the grand staircase, you are greeted by a toned, raven-haired beauty chained kneeling to an X. She has a soft stare and a friendly, talented mouth for any visitors who want to be welcomed to the Collection properly. Her chains jingle slightly at your approach as she raises her head to you. Stray strands of hair stick to her face around a messy, but warm, smile. She coos quietly when the vibrator between her legs hums to life, triggered by the arrival of new guests. It's hard to believe she used to be a ferocious fighter...when now she attends to her duties as greeter so fervently.


To your left as you wander past my greeter is a petite woman strapped down to the floor, her cheek flush with the polished marble. Sara was one of my earliest additions to the Collection, before being briefly rescued by Catlyn. Her freedom didn't last long though, and now she is back in my gallery, locked to the floor along the front of the outer ring so that guests of the gallery can step on her pretty face on their way to other exhibits.

Centerpiece: "The Return of the Queen"
BDSM Stacy

Moving into the gallery proper, you cannot help but glance at the gorgeous, statuesque blonde hanging helplessly upside down at the front of the central ring. Her famous golden hair sways beneath her as she shifts in a lattice of tight rope., while the toned thighs and regal pussy that have conquered so many men are spread and displayed for every passing gawker. Every futile flex of her muscled body only serves to show her off more. As some of you know, EF's queen of bondage was previously a prized possession of my gallery. Following an...unfortunate lapse in my security, I made it my quest to catch her once more. When we finally met again, she battled ferociously, binding me tight and living up to her name and reputation. But in the end, it was she that broke first, cumdrunk and at my mercy as I lashed her down and claimed her once more. I've lusted after Stacy since my early days on EF, and now, she is back where she belongs -- a celebrity centerpiece, sitting in an inverted throne that symbolizes EF's fallen queen.
Stacy A
Stacy B Stacy C

Centerpiece: The Honeymoon
Torrie Baker-Wilson and Britt Baker-Wilson

These two lovebirds were recently engaged and married. Sadly, I did not get an invitation to the wedding, but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate their love in my own, special way. I defeated both of these beauties in the same evening, fucking them into submission and then returning them to my gallery bound in rope. How ironic that I was the one tying the knots. Now they're one of my most popular displays, locked in loving servitude in one of the prime spaces in the central ring of my gallery. Their positions are reversed every two days...marriage is all about shared responsibility, after all.
Torrie and Britt

Centerpiece: BFFs (Butt-Fucked Friends)
Laura and Big Booty Hoe

BBH has been a long-time resident of my gallery, and arguably one of my more enthusiastic exhibits, regularly filling the hall with the sounds of her moans. Laura, on the other hand, was one of my very first conquests, and spent her own months in my service before becoming one of the very few to escape my Collection against my will. So when Laura, tired of seeing her friend machine fucked in my gallery, demanded a chance to free BBH from my possession, I saw the perfect opportunity to bring this mouthy minx back into the fold. With BBH looking on, I slowly but surely wore Laura down. Even fighting for both of their freedom, she could not stop me from eventually dragging her exhausted body in front of her friend, pinning her to the floor, and dicking her down until she helplessly screamed her surrender. BBH did not seem too sad about it, readily joining in for a night of "punishment". Now these two certifiable anal sluts are bound to each other in the center of my gallery, with both their lovely asses -- one proud and one reluctant -- on full display.
BBH and Laura

School's Out

Shirley is not the first champion to be beaten and displayed in my gallery, but she may well be the most decorated. EF's favorite teacher had been teasing me for months, my busy schedule never quite clearing before she could slip away again. I bided my time while she won tourney after tourney, but even champions cannot evade my desires forever. Then, I caught just the opportunity I'd been looking for. Hearing she was headed to the gym for a workout, I waited for her in the locker room, issuing a challenge she could not resist. A brief, devastating battle left her gasping and begging for more...not to mention tied down to a bench while I took my time making her pay for nearly a year's worth of waiting. We made a mess of the locker room, and of Shirley, as I taught her that all those tournament titles and championship belts mean nothing once I've set my eyes on you. Now this hot little champion is bolted to the floor at Exhibit I, with her face on the ground and her ass in the air, just how she loves to be fucked.

Shirley in Collection

Cassie the Ringmaster

Cassie is everything one could want in a trophy. A beautiful, confident mistress with an established history of breaking both men and women. I could not help but want to test myself against her, and sent her an invitation to my mansion, believing she would feel the same. She accepted with a true sexfighter's confidence, declaring that she would lead me out caged and leashed. Our battle was brutal. Bodies and minds clashing for dominance, each trying to sexually subdue the other, knowing the price of defeat. Though she fought fiercely....inch by inch, piece by piece, I wore her down -- pinning and teasing and fucking and exhausting her -- until finally with her arms trapped and her pussy speared I ripped an orgasm and her freedom from her . But I did not stop there. With her weak and at my mercy I bound vibed her...tormenting her conquered body until she passed out choking on my cock. When she finally awoke, she was trapped in the web of rope you see before you. Her limbs bound taut, and even her head held tight in a face harness. She can only moan into her gag as the sybian between her legs hums at its lowest setting, keeping her tortured and on edge...but unable to satisfy herself. Another reminder of what happens to those who challenge me and fail.


This cute little cockslut nearly caved completely just tasting me...though she did manage to put up a decent enough fight before I lifted her into the air and fucked her into screaming submission. Once I had her broken and brainless, I made her choke on my cock until she was tamed and addicted to its taste. Now you can find her along the side of the outer ring, tied down and blindfolded with her needy mouth available to gallery guests.


Every once in a while, I like to toy with my prey. I had my eyes on this blonde beauty from early in her promising sexfighting career, so I decided to build up some suspense by sending her several--let's call them "mementos" of my plans for her. Then, once I had her constantly looking over her shoulder, I gave her a choice: surrender herself willingly...or be conquered and punished for her resistance. She chose to flee, which only gave me the extra pleasure of hunting her down in her countryside hideaway. She was foolish to think she could escape my interest, and when she returned to EF City, it was wearing nothing but rope. As penance for her refusal to submit, she has been tied to a sybian, which keeps her constantly tortured to the point of madness. You can follow the sound of her moaning to exhibit III on the east end of the outer ring.


Magic users can be a troublesome lot, so when I come across a pretty mage that I want, I find it's best to be proactive. After consulting with some contacts in the magical community and acquiring a few useful tools, I lured this not-so-clever little sorceress into a magical snare. Thinking she was stealing from me, she was actually stumbling into my trap, and once it had sprung, she was helpless to prevent me from claiming her. Now her body -and- her powers belong to me. Stripped of her magics, she is just another lovely display squirming in her restraints.


Jeanne is about as well-known a fighter as there is at EF, so when she issued me a personal challenge, I could not help but accept. The veteran of hundreds of sexfights, she thought she'd add to her legacy by burying my reputation, along with my face, between her thighs. Suffice it to say, I had other plans for this buxom toy. Our battle was brutal, and she almost had me more than once...but as I told her, "nearly" means nothing in the realm of sexual submission. After staving off her last, best effort, I dragged her into my lap, speared her on my cock, and finished her off. All her dreams of claiming the Collector shattered in a will-breaking orgasm. Now the famous Jeanne is just another prisoner in my gallery, her curvaceous body forced to squirm and cum over and over upon a sybian for the entertainment of my guests. Visit her at exhibit V, and you might get to hear her mewling through her gag about how close she came to winning.

The Bigger They Are

Amy is a sight to behold. A tall, curvaceous amazon with a fiersomely competitive personality to match. Unfortunately for her, I know just how to snare big game. Thanks to a cleverly laid trap, I had her mind broken within mere minutes, rendering all her physical gifts moot. After planning her battle with me for weeks, it took only moments for her to be reduced to a big, buxom plaything. I took my time enjoying all those physical gifts, not least that thicck, hot ass she is so proud of. Once I'd had my fill, I trussed her up like a hunting prize and brought her home to hang with the rest of my trophies. Guests can enjoy a view of her jiggling Amazonian ass at Exhibit IV in the outer ring.
Amy Bent Over

Original Brooke

Yet another mouthy brat who thought she'd stroll into my home and free my Collection. She hardly even put up a challenge as I pinned her down and destroyed her with two straight anal orgasms. Let's hope she enjoyed them, since she only gets to cum when I say so from now on. Now she can hang on display in my gallery thinking about her fate. Feel free to tease and taunt this denied trophy on the east side of the inner ring.

Update: Now pictured being punished for an ill-fated escape attempt.
Original Brooke

Sassy Selena

Sometimes one has an appetite for something spicy. How lucky for me that this lovely Latina wandered into my path. She managed only a brief struggle -- some girls need only the slightest push to tumble into submission -- which left me extra time to enjoy her slowly. Her trademark sass drained out of her quickly, leaving only the moans and mewling of her pleasure. In the end, the leash on which she was led into my gallery was hardly necessary...she knew where she belonged the moment I laid eyes on her. You can find her at position IX.
Sassy Selena

Emile Roseberry

This gorgeous woman put up quite the fight, confident that her beauty and bravado would carry the day. It took some extra effort to drag her into submission, but when she broke, she broke hard. Now she's one of the most popular exhibits in my gallery, bound and spread as she hangs in exhibit VI, where everyone can admire her conquered form.
Emile Roseberry


Some of my exhibits take longer than others to procure. Some are elusive, some are resistant, and some, like sweet little Brook, are just fun to tease and coax and toy with for awhile, until one day they wander into your gallery of their own volition, just to be stripped and chained up alongside all the other trophies. I've had my sights on Brooklyn for a few months now, setting my hooks into her and reeling her in, bit by bit. Breaking my quarry down slowly can be just as fun as quickly, but they all end up the same place. You can visit Brooklyn at Exhibit XI.


As a collector of living art, I am always on the lookout for new, exotic additions to my gallery. So naturally when I heard rumor of a titillating Brazilian beauty making a name for herself in EF City, I decided to look into acquiring a new exhibit. Canella is quite the fierce competitor. Or, at least, she was. A bit of rope has put something of a damper on her feistiness...though certainly not on her looks. To her credit, she managed to slip my binds quite a few times...but of course the knot that stays tied is the one that matters, and she seemed far less interested in getting free once I was deep in her ass. A bit more rope and a vibrator later, and this stunning South American is hanging at Exhibit XII, and that name she was making for herself is just another notch in my reputation.

Jenny Bernardo

I found this Filipina goddess on vacation overseas. She was prowling local tourist bars, taking advantage of unwary men with her dominating, feral sexuality. Unfortunately for her, there were two hunters in the bar that night. So when she thought she was leading another easy mark to a back room, she was really sealing her fate. Though she fought fiercely, she was ultimately no match for me. I fucked her into a stupor and then whisked her out a back door to my private car. She won't be doing any hunting anytime soon. Now her conquered sex is on display in the southwest wing of the gallery.
Jenny Bernardo


Kuuko wandered into my mansion wanting to prove herself against one of my trophies. She succeeded well enough, easily binding and embarrassing Ashley while I looked on. But of course, that only marked her as a worthy addition to my Collection. Suffice it to say, I decided not to let her walk out of my mansion. Her considerable charms proved futile against my designs, and in no time at all I had her bent over her previous foe, begging for me to claim her. She may be known for her many and varied wardrobe changes, but her bare, conquered sex is on full display as the latest addition to my southeastern wing.

La Seraphin En Corde

As the Collection grows, so too does the reach of its reputation. We now regularly receive international visitors and celebrities, eager to enjoy the sights and sounds of my gallery. Naturally, guests of the gallery are typically granted immunity from any...immediate...acquisitions. I want my visitors to feel relaxed and enjoy themselves. Of course, said immunity does not extend to those who decide to issue me a challenge during their tour. Such was the case with this adorable (former) K-pop idol, who upon viewing the trophies in my southeast wing, declared that she was nothing like the women on display there and would prove it by turning me into one of her drooling followers. Like any starlet, this tasty little morsel thought her fame and celebrity would protect her, believing I would worship her like her pathetic fanboys/girls. She learned the hard way that whatever she is on my estate she IZ just ONE more pretty body to be claimed. After easily reducing her to a moaning korean sextoy, I streamed her "retirement announcement" to all of her fans and group members. It's all for the best really...she won't have much of a singing voice now that her throat has more important uses.


The moment I saw this Japanese beauty, I knew she'd make a perfect addition to my Collection. She proved to be a devious quarry, but her tricks could not save her in the end. Once she was mine, she attempted to prove her worth as a gallery attendant and enforcer. At first she seemed mildly useful...but after a string of humiliating failures, she's been demoted to the role of bound fucktoy. Come and enjoy her in the southeast wing.


Poor Nicole tried to free Jessica, but she didn't have a chance. I tamed her easily, and now she's tied up alongside Ashley in the southwest wing. She loves being touched and toyed with as she hangs in her binds, so don't be shy. She makes the prettiest moans whenever I play with her. Update: Nicole was freed in a daring midnight raid...but her freedom did not last long. Ashley was more than happy to prove her subservience by hunting Nicole down and bringing her back broken and wet.


Raya thought that her years of martial arts training gave her the right to gloat and trash talk her walk her way through the halls of EF. So when a chance encounter led to her belittling my skills, I was more than happy to demonstrate the fine -- and not so fine -- distinctions between tae kwon do and sexfighting to her. I dominated her completely, stripping her of her clothing, then her pride, and then her freedom. In the end...all of that training merely made her a well-toned fucktoy. You can find her dangling in rope in my southeast more cautionary tale to those who's pride outpaces their ability.

|| The Cellar ||

Running a collection of this sort is not without its problems. For instance, on occasion a trophy will come into my possession that hardly deserves the name. Some sexfighters, put simply, are not fighters. So what to do with those who have not even earned a spot in the main gallery? Another problem: Sometimes guests find themselves worked up by the beauty of the exhibits and in need of some relief. What to do, what to do? Of elegant solution readily presents itself. Those who fall under my sway too easily do not deserve the honor of display. Instead, they have earned only the humiliation of their free use.

The cellar is a modest, dimly let room down a dark set of stairs tucked beneath the grand gallery staircase. A handful of platforms and restraints are arranged in a shallow semi-circle, some of which have women locked into place. Though their positions differ slightly, each is presented ready for use. such that anyone entering the room is presented with nothing more than a selection of faceless toys. None of the women are labeled or named...their anonymity part of their punishment for not even fighting their subjugation.

Box 1


Box 2


Box 3


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