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The gallery is coming along nicely...

So many self-avowed "dommes" and "boy breakers", so little time. Are you one of them? Do you think you've got what it takes to break my will? If so, you're just the woman I'm looking for. I've made a hobby of taming bratty, overconfident sluts and adding them to my collection, and if you're the type that thinks you can actually best me, then you're going to be next. But feel free to come and try, perhaps you'll prove me wrong.

Looking for fun RP where we are each fighting to dominate the other. Love bets. Hypno/Bondage rules if you like.

Currently serving a term in The Collection

Lucy -- This pretty little thing demanded I take down my profile. Instead, I made her my newest toy.
Jessica -- Jessica wanted to play hero and "rescue" one of my collectibles, but instead I broke her and added her to my gallery. Now she is tied up next to her would-be rescue so they can listen to each other moan. Would anyone else care to make a daring rescue attempt?
Sara -- Enjoying her new role
Red Bimbo -- Much less trouble now
Sasha -- Conquered Titan
Skye Tyrrel was an enhanced soldier sent to capture me and free my Collection. Unfortunately for her, I got a tip about her mission and laid my trap. I used a simple phone signal to tap into her enhancements and overload them, leaving her helpless. Once she fell, a computerized collar deactivated all her fancy toys and reprogrammed her. Now she is just another pretty toy in my Collection.
Poor little Nicole tried to free Jessica, but she didn't have a chance. I tamed her easily, and now she's tied up in my gallery just like the woman she hoped to rescue.

Previous Collectibles

Laura -- The only one of my toys to Win her freedom...I'll get her back soon enough.
Weiss Schnee (the Newer)
Mistress Alexis

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