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Hi there~

I'm Lily, succubus in training! Although I'm not very experienced yet, you'd be sorry if you underestimate me! Hahaha!
I know in modern times it's way easier for a succubus to work in a club or bar to get their daily meal, but I live for the hunt. So watch out! Especially you men who think you can tame me, I'm the one taming you only if I think you're worth the hassle!

Personal rules after losing bets:
After hypnosis actions my opponent picks my next action (0/10)

After witnessing my terrible skills in Bad End Battle, Alex gave me a training plan to improve and earn the right to serve him~
The rules are as follows:
1. Every time a minion beats me by cumming in/on me - I edge.
2. For every cum test, mine or the enemy's - I edge.
3. If I lose - I edge.
4. If I can't handle it and cum... I keep playing.
5. For every time I came on that dildo, when I start a new game, I redraw that many times. If I came once, the game starts - I redraw once. If I had 2 orgasms... when the new game starts - I redraw twice. And so on.
6. The training session ends when I either win or came for a third time.

Training log:
Day 1, 7/21/2023 11 edges 1 orgasm, training completed Evil Lord defeated; log
Day 2, 7/22/2023 26 edges 3 orgasms, training faild came three times; log1 log2
Day 3 8/05/2023 16 edges 2 orgasms, training completed Evil Lord defeated; log
Total edges in training:53 Total orgasms in training:6

I met my kitty myaster Star in one faithful night, he was cocky at first like most but he managed to back it up. Making his little kitten hop on his big thick cock and making this little kitty cum on myaster's perfect cock multiple times~ Not wanting to lose such a great myaster this kitty decided to dedicate herself to fufilling every and any wish myaster might have nya~

The berzerker Mike challenged me to a match, thinking I could outsmart him, I played submissive and acted as his slut. In the end I slipped up and invigored him by stroking his thick cock while giving him a rimjob. Pushing me down, he fucked me silly while mating pressing me. Now he's my daddy and I try my best to be a good girl for him~

Trying to keep me away from the people dear to her, this little puppy challenged me to a match and was foolish enough to wager her ownership with me. So end of story, I own a cute and lewd little dog girl now~ Despite her trying her best to be a good girl, she still has some problems because she's still so young. Nothing some good and strict training wouldn't fix, her biggest flaw so far is her constant bratty talking back~

I know I'm quite a beauty, so here I'll give you a sneak peek, just because I'm so nice:

Do you still want to try me? Then you'll better keep your eyes open, I'd say I'm pretty good at pulling off a disguise:

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