Jamie VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (65 turns)

Into the matters of nymphos and such~

A massive, public library complex in one of university complexes here seems to hold practically any tome one could wish to hold. Once you find it in one of many labyrinthian aisles, there are plenty of rooms and open spaces with desks to study and copy out them, usually watched by several wary curators on duty. However, it's winter recess, and there's practically no one on campus, except for a certain curious boy, and a reaaaaallly sleepy librarian dozing off in front of him at their desk, unaware of what's soon to happen in the depths of this library.

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*I step into the Library, noticing at how empty it is. I notice a sleepy librarian, that I barely pay attention to and look around to see if it really is as empty as it seems. After I look around, I shrug and look around for interesting books. I spot a book about reagents gathered from supernatural creatures, that peaks my interest. I'll take the book sit onto a chair, putting the book on the table and read it*
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*The book in particular was an esoteric tome "An Almanac into Supernatural, their Reagents and Lewdities - M-P", and one of the sections caught more of his attention, as someone have left a bookmark at the spot:*
"...dryads are, in fact, just one of many subgroups of nymphs - a variety of minor nature deities, most of them linked either to specific nature's element or a certain deity. These next chapters will get more into detail of these other types, starting with nereids (sea nymphs)...
"...among the mountains and valleys, oreads could be found, recognizable by pale skin from being in less sunlight, their hair either pale gold too or earthy brown, as well as finely sculpted faces and curves. Being of the land, they have a more hardy physique, strength more than their bodies reveal, and yet sharing the flexibility that other nymphs show. A more unique feature between oreads is their unbound endurance...
"...which applies to their orgasms, able to both have more of them in one go as well as having an almost endless supply of love fluids, essences valuable in refreshing and revitalizing poultices and potions, as well as...
"...while generally recluses and loners, once someone comes to their domain, an oread will show her affection and curiosity to her visitor, joining them in their desires, flourishing and protecting their loves. Artemis could often be found hunting together with them, explaining this sometimes outgoing persona taking over the usually timid nymph...
"...and Echo is one of the most researched and sung about. One of the more famous myths involves her holding up Hera in a chattery conversation only to protect Zeus from being spied on one of many of his horny retreats, the angry goddess cursing nymph to only be able to speak back what was already said...
"...and this ends the chapter on oreads. Next, onto..."
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*hugs Arma, greets others9
*big hugs for Lin*
*I read the paragraphs about oreads with great excitement, I flip to the next page hoping it will be as interesting. I read a few lines before getting bored, flipping the page back and start to quietly talk to myself* Making Potions out of love fluids... Never heard of that before, I hope I could get my hands on that to experiment with it. Anyway.... I should get into the forest, I still need to gather some materials *I stand up from the chair, slowly walking back to the Aisle where I took the book from and place it at the same exact spot*
*As Jamie works the book back into its shelf among other tomes, he can feel a presence behind him, warmly pressing into his body* Excuse me~ *One hand holding him by eyes as the other quickly squeezes another book (same tome, but Q-T part) into the gap he made* Sorry~ *she blushes, but doesn't remove her hand from his eyes, staying close* But as I have seen many times people who read these books don't mind a closer contact~ Am I right?~
(feel free to unpause at any time you feel its time for actions ;)
*I jump lightly up as I feel your touch and your body pressing into me, I slowly lift your hands of my eyes and turn around slowly. I eye you from top to bottom with a frightened face. I walk slowly back but get stopped by the bookshelf knocking one of the books out with my impact, I speak with a light shaking voice with my cheeks slowly turning red* W-who are you.....? a-and why d-do you sneak up l-like that on m-me...?
*Linlin giggled lightly, covering her mouth, watching Jamie shyly blundering about* Name's Linlin~ And don't worry, I'm not here out for you in particular - am researching a bit more about one of my friends, and this just happened to be my current lewd treat to read. And why would you read such a book, huh?~ Preying onto someone? *she tilted her head, her grin just a touch menacing, eyeing up who she was with*
Hi James
*I calm down a little as I hear you introducing yourself, as the red of my cheeks slowly fade* Hello Linlin.... I am Jamie... I am not praying on to anyone... Just thought about trying to ingredients for my alchemy... *I say with a lighter shaking voice than before, as I continue eyeing your body, slowly realising that you look familiar to the description in the book*
/Alchemy/, you say?~ *the first word comes out in near perfect mimicry of his voice, matching the tone, something that the girl seems to pay no mind* Considering most the book's advice seems to be 'catch a creature and milk it in less or more violent means, sometimes underspecific circumstances', not sure if that's something I would endorse too much..... Then again~ With how timid and shy you look, maybe I shouldn't be worried~ *she cackled some more, approaching Jamie again to pat him and size up, Lin maybe not much bigger, but certainly more well rounded and athletic than him*
heyo to those I missed~
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*I speak up in excitement and in a louder tone* You know about these books? *slowly calming himself down again to not attract any attention* S-Shouldn't be worried...? D-does that mean... y-you are a... oread...? *I look at you with your hand still on my head, slowly putting my hand on your head and patting you* I expected you... to be a bit taller... *I say with a bright smile across my face*
Hey everyone that joined :3
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*Linlin looks a tad confusing at him, although the pat does warm her mood, Lin continuing hers* Not sure what these oreads you speak off are, but I appreciate the compliment - definitely don't want to look scary or intimidating..... unless I need to~ *the grin returns just for a moment, before returning to more innocent expression* Still, I'll need your promise you're not to peruse the knowledge you found here~
*Jamie's expression turn lightly saddened and confused as he hear, but the sad expression slowly fades away because of the hug* N-not use.. the knowledge I found..? What does that mean...? *I stop patting your head, as I slowly put my hand in it's usual position. I accidently reach with my hand against your breast, as my focus is fully on you. My eyes open wide as I notice what just happen and say with a shaking voice* S-Sorry.. that was a-an a-accident... I didn't mean to...
kid named finger:
*Linlin's hands move in turn with his, lowering down on his chest, only to start spidering, crawling all over his sides instead, getting more intense once he starts apologizing, a small moan escaping her mouth from the tease* Well, I did mean to, in meanwhile~ If you can't promise it, I'll have to make sure you won't leave without being certain, one way or another~
*Jamie starts to chuckle heavily, curling himself as he tries to back away, pushing against the bookshelf again* S-stop.. W-we don't want to wake up the librarian... *Jamie tries to get a hold of her body, as his hand ends up being on her chest again, trying to push her back*
Oh do not worry~ *Lin giggles with him, the two starting to shuffle and roll about in each other's hands, their bodies pressing into each other, making Jamie aware that Linlin is certainly not in a calm mood, her bulge prominent the moment her skirt is pressed tight against his leg* They're bad of hearing, and we do be whole five halls away from them.... It would take ages for them to /wake up/~ *once again, now the last words come out in Jamie's voice, Linlin seemingly unnerring and uncontrolling of the fact she does so*
*Jamie is lightly shocked as he feels something pressing against his leg, before it turns into a light smirk.* Y-you seem excited... *I stop all movement as our eyes meet, I push your hair behind you ear, slowly reaching down with my hands. We take each other's clothes off until we are totally naked. I stand in front of you with my small wimpy body, as my cock hardens up, slowly touching yours*
*Linlin keeps lightly giggling throughout, surprised by his forwardness a bit but revelling in it, shaking her bust the whole time he busies with her clothing while she does same with his* Gonna try and make me spent to leave safely?~ You're welcome to try~ Just be ready for whatever may happen~
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* Spiderman
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*Jamie stares at her body for a few seconds before wrapping his arms around her waist, making their cocks end up between their hug* W-What might... happen next? *he says with a shaking voice again, as he tries to comfort her with soft rubs on her back, slowly reaching down to the butt*
Nah, it's Tobey Maguire :P
and hey all
Let's see how you fair Lin ;)
*Lin presses into that hug, not shying from this, just a smidge away from a bearhug as the two grind their members into each other, Lin's breasts covering his chest fully* Well, all I can say is that you'll leave the library very satisfied~ So much that you'll have trouble recollecting what's real and what's dream~
*Jamie enjoying every second of her body rubbing against his, he sways his hips, making his member rub more against her body* If I will leave satisfied, so will you... It's always a give and take *a smirk appears in his face, knowing this is going to be a great time*
Oh one way or another, we both will be satisfied, least short term~ *Linlin patted him a bit more, like he said a very obvious thing* Even if we take different methods to that goal~~~ *her voice trails as she easily forces the boy down onto ground and crawls onto of his body, thrusting her cock into his mouth, one hand pressing his head down to pin there, the other playing with his ear as she gets herself wetter*
*Jamie completely overwhelmed by what is happening and the size, starts to get watery eyes as the cock is getting pushed into his mouth, having a hard time to breath* Mppff..... *He puts his hands on her hips and pushes her off making her roll to the said. Jamie jump up between her legs and start gripping her cock tightly, as he slowly wraps his mouth around it, taking it deeper but softer* Y-You could've atleast asked... *he says in a lightly annoyed tone*
*Linlin humms as Jamie doesn't retreat, but actually goes on beyond the point, staying in her spot, getting a bit heigher while also letting herself stretch out, giving more freedom for his movements* I could've.... But considering our circumstances, felt that was not necessary~
(a bit higher*
(Pokes Jamie gently
*Jamie start to caress her body with light touches on her tummy, as he continues to suck on her cock. He sees Linlin wanting to put er hand on top of his head. He interrups her movement by locking hands with her, as he looks up at her and winks*
(oh.. game stopped showing you were typing. Sorry
Enjoying yourself, Jamie?~ *Linlin smirks, not minding the held hands, pulling her girlcock yet higher again to pull completely out of his mouth, and make it rest against his face, grinding just under his nose* Good thing next shift change is only ten hours after now~ Plenty of time for us to have fun undisturbed~
Hope you don't have any plans you needed to go to~
Couldn't handle my mouth anymore, was I to good? *Jamie smirks back at her, as he licks up across her cock, over her tummy, to her breast and ends up with his tongue at her armpit* I had something planned, but it can wait *he winks before he puts all his attention into licking the armpit*
Sorry Sadu, was quicker and an opportunistic~
Hi Sadu *Hugs*
Hello Sadu!
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Hide Jamie! Hide!!
Oh, I could~ *Linlin let herself got handled for a moment, seemingly not resisting* but it wouldn't be interesting if you spent all day just blowing me. There's so many more things to do~ *as she says that, Jamie can feel his cock getting pressed into his body by one of Linlin's feet, it bent backwards at just the right angle* Like this~ Oh, right... Can I?~ *a touch of mocking tone in her voice as she asks*
oh no
it's me who has to hide from Sadu's wrath
I'll make to her up later in the day, won't I?
Or rather.... Torii will, right? :P
*Jumps on Sadu's back to snuggle her and keep her away*
Just... a really bad morning.
Awwwww~ *jumps on Sadu, hugging her tight*
Go Jamie!
Hi Nicticula
*jamie stops for a second as he feels Linlins feet pressing his cock against body. He replies* well you are already in the moment... So why stop..? *he whimpers lightly from the foot, before he switches to the other armpit, licking it the same way like the first one*
Gonna have some luch. You two have fun!
*Sowy, Nocticula
Bon appetit Sadu
Hello maki
Hey Nocti *hug Nocti tightly and whisper* thank you!
Why stop indeed~ *Linlin chuckles, part from merry mood, part from the fact she do be ticklish, Jamie's tongue rilling her up. Not wanting to squirm too much, she twists her torso, giving him something larger and softer to lick instead, making him motorboat her* You shouldn't either~
Thanks Sadu, and hey all I didnt hey
and hope it's good food
that also reminds me I need to get some food~
*Returns the hug.* No problem dear.~ *Waves small flag that has Goldspire on one side and Jamie on the other.*
Thanks Sadu!
Considering I don't want to get distracted from this game, a warming cup of instant ramen yakisoba it will have to be~
For some reason got craving for it lately
Well, we are just getting started with the fun part, would be a shame to stop now~ *Jamie says in a calmed voice. He slowly reaches down her body with his hand, until he feels her long friend and strokes it fast*
Sound tasty, enjoy your food!
*And Lin's foot keeps rubbing his, the two working each other to being fully hard and ready for each other* Well, for this I will ask in advance~ All okay wherever the lovely girlcock you're oh so well tugging and stretching will go and explore?~ I do promise I'll be gentle...... till I can feel you can take it more~ *she adds after a brief pause, giggling*
(mmmgh~ Whoever added this - I appreciate it a lot~ Such a lovely image
It's ok... But only... If I get to explore your body with mine aswell *he says in a teasing tone as he lets go of her girlcock, sliding along her body to her rear. He massages her butt a little, before he softly pushes a finger inside her ass until its fully inside* Of course I'll be gentle aswell~
Oh most definitely~ *Lin groans out much louder, unable to contain her emotions much, Jamie finding a more sensitive spot of hers* Guess I should start my exploration with something already quite aroused though, no?~ *Lin this time fully turns about, grabbing his hands and tying them up with her panties and bra behind his back, pushing him down to jerk his cock with more freedom and less worry of retaliation*
(That's such a nice gif~)
W-what are you.. D-doing...? *jamies says with slight insecurity in his voice, un able to move. He tries to hold back the moans, but whimoers escape his mouth* seems like you might need to leave without underwear *he say in a playful tone as he tries to rip them in pieces to free himself*
*They easily make way, almost as if they were made to rip, Lin giggling as she watches him squirm away* What if I told you I might be a liiiiitle bit of an exhibitionist~ Not much issue then /to leave without underwear/~ *Jamie's voice once again coming from her lips, just playful as he did*
I see... Are you going to let everyone in public.. See your hard lonh friend down there? Not sure your skirt will be able to hide that... *jamie still in a playful tone goes along her cock with a soft touch, while the other hand sneakily slides to her butt again, slowly pushing inside her ass again with the same finger as before*
(oops thought it was a different action..)
(I can stay by RP if you want, all cool with reflavoring for it ;)
(yes lets roll with the current one)
(the fingering i mean)
*Linlin once again moans for his fingers inside of her, soon catching that hand by the wrist and holding it there* Honey, a finger or two might be nice, but if you really want to get to a girl, you might want to do this instead~ *the other hand meanwhile grabs him by the neck, two soon laying him down prone on stomach as Linlin rolls above him, her cock gliding along his crack a couple of times before pushing in, as gentle as she promised, pulling back at any moment of pain, working with however much he yields for now, slowly working her way down* Feel free to shout your emotions free... No need to contain yourself in here~
*the deeper to girlcock enters, the louder get Jamie's moans, he holds onto the ground, as pleasure overwhelms him* F-ffuuckk... It's... So big... *Jamie starts to sway his hips a little making his cock rub against the library floor*
*Linlin keeps her slow, gentle pace, her hand joining his in rubbing his cock, enjoying its feel and length, finger gently teasing it* Oh, don't get too intimidated~ For one, not everything is in size, but skill~ And for the other... *she pushes herself a bit more, pushing him down* You'll get used to it~
*Jamie slowly pushes his rear back, making Lin push out of his ass. He turns his head and reaches for her long girlcock, stroking it slowly as precum starts to dribble down her cock* Is thst... The love liquid... The book was talking about.. *he plays close attention to Lin's facial expression after those words left his mouth*
(He pays close attention**)
*Lin looks just as oblivious as when he mentioned the name, although she certainly doesn't mind his hand teasing her, Lin joining her hand on his cock once again* Oh it is a love liquid alright~ Why do you think it was getting easier to fill you up, boy~ But let me show some that you have too~ *saying that, she tightens her grip and starts pumping much harder, at the same time her feet thrusting forward to push down his head and leave him trapped for as long as she could* Cum for me, dearie Jamie, feed this hungry hungry nympho gal~
*Jamie starts to shake his hips, trying to escape her grasp, as he continue to struggle getting her feet of his face. Lin feels his moans muffling into her feet*
is resisting cumming (14% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*he is able to push her feet away from his face, making it possible to free himself of the pumping hand on his cock* i have a feeling... You like pinning people down *he says slightly panting, he takes her by the legs, lifting her up, making her legs get closer to her head, as he starts gently pushing against Linlin's opening with his throbbing cock*
NNNNNNNNNNGH~ YEEEEEEESHHHH~ *If he thought of Lin being excited before, then whatever he did now clearly put her beyond that limit, Lin letting herself get jumped about, her hard cock smacking loud against her body with each thrust, her ass just the right tightness for him, immediately accomodating most of his length, proving she's far from an innocent girl once and for all* Won't deny that~ Only because that is what they crave the most... or it riles them up to fight back and do thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis~
*Jamie is surprised by that reaction as he starts to smirk. He continues to thrust harder inside of her* You really like this.. huh...? Let me take full full control for this one *he takes with his one hand, that is wrapped around her throbbing cock and start to stroke it to the tempo of his thrusts*
OH YES I BLOODY DO!~ *Linlin got even louder as she felt held down from both ends, stuck between his cock and hand. The only thing she had free was one of her hands, and she made sure Jamie didn't stop thrusting in her, spanking him in sync with his thrusts, forcing him to drive deeper, holding him in* GHHHHGHHHHHHGHHHH!~ JAAAAAAMIEEEEEE!~
Jamie gets more excited with every spank on his butt, he speeds up the thrusts and keeps going until his cheek is getting sore and puts her back on her feet* Looks like, you prefer it hard, rather than gentle *he says playful, as he pushes her against a bookshelf making her bend over, he positions his hands on her hips and starts pounding away*
is resisting cumming (55% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Lin by now can barely speak, resting down on her own hands as she takes the pounding, looking back, her face in an ahegao like she cannot resist...... or so it seems, a more knowing and piercing look in her eyes, betraying what she's thinking right now*
*What's stranger is that she's looking not at him, but past him, seeking for something before finally a satisfied 'agh' comes out of her mouth, and with a snap of her fingers, a large portal opens behind him, several tentacles tying him up in air, one thin one, almost as if modeled for him, going straight for his rear, another, a suction cup head on it, glomphing his own cock the moment Lin rolls out* Not bad, not bad~ But you had your time.... and now Linlin needs hers~
is resisting cumming (59% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Jamies eyes open wide as the tentacles appear, he tries to roll out aswell, but he is already in the tentacle's grasp, feeling it enter his rear aswell as surrounding his cock. He starts to moan out heavily, with his tongue falling out of his mouth* AAAAAANNGHHH FFUUUCCKK.... *he is able to destroy the tentacle around his cock without any issue, as the other one continues to explore his insides*
*Linlin doesn't stop there though, noticing the spell didn't take hold as firmly as she expected, rushing it a bit thanks to his pounding being a touch too good for her, blushing a bit as she thinks on that, yet at same time forcing him back down on her cock* More, Jamie, more~ However much you gave me, now you need to repay in kind~
*Jamie completely overwhelmed with both his holes getting filled, is having a hard time to breath with Lin's girlcock deep in his throat. His eyes start to get watery aswell as she feels his muffled moans against her cock* Gluk.. Gluk... Gluk.. *he is able to push Lin out of his throat and stands up from the tentacles* N-now it's... Payback.... Time *he says panting heavily, with a messy face covered in saliva and precum. He pushes her against a bookshelf again, grab her hair and pound evem harder than before. Making the bookshelf shake around, as some books fall out*
is resisting cumming (83% chance of cum) => Came!
*Lin pants just as heavily as she's pushed into the shelves, thoughtful enough in last second to aim herself at the spot where there was risk of creaming some rare tome, knowing that by this point it was inevitable, Jamie only needing a few more thrusts to make Lin shriek, cum erupting from her quite generously, as her whole body shivers*
Hey Blurple!
Quite a surprise in that frail body you are, dearie~ *she shakes her head but says that generally impressed* Serves me right for thinking of you too little~ Well, I won't now~ *pulling him into her armpit and wrapping her hand about, making him stare at her girlcock, still just as hard, albeit a bit cummy, some of it still dripping, not looking like it had softened a bit from cumming*
Hey Jamie
hey lin
first time i've woken up to a wet dream in a while it's a weird feeling
I haven't had those since school
Depending how you are, could have been nice, though :P
Seems... Like you want more.. *he says in a playful tone, panting heavily,as he doesn't resist much. He slowly slides down your body with his warm hand, surrounding your dripping girlcock with his palm. He starts to stroke Lin's cock, hoping for her to cum again, as he mindlessly strokes his cock at the same speed*
morning wood pursued tho strange
*Linlin grins, getting closer to him, sliding her own hands on Jamie's length* I do... but surely so do you~ How about we stay like this for a bit?~ *she looked him right in his eyes, her gaze taking his whole field of vision. That, soon apparent, was just a distraction, as Jamie soon realizes that the two hands that are working his cock... are his own, seemlessly sliding off from hers to his in a trick* Yep, your body clearly wants it too~ *stepping a step back to watch the creamy fireworks*
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
*Jamie starts to whimper as the hands around his cock feel better and better by the second, as he can't let his gaze off Linlin. As he see's her stepping back, he notices that he is stroking himself. He realizes, that he went to far he starts to shoot his cum all over the library floor while soft moans leave his mouth* Mhhhh....
*Jamie look's down, realizes he is still rock hard, he looks back up at Linlin and smirks* Well... I am not done either... *with new strength from that relief, he takes her arm and pulls her body against his, shoving his tongue into her mouth*
Good, good~ Neither am I~ *Linlin shares the kiss, her hands trailing about to scoop as much of their cum spread about as she could, pushing it all on her tits and his cock, soon pressing her bust into it to wax and shine his member, her tits going up and down rapidly* Let's see how you enjoy this~
*Jamie moans out softly again as he still feels sensitive after cumming, he let's her continue, as he eyes her gorgeous body* You will not get me... That easily.. *as he watches Lin, small splashes of cum get into his face*
I already figured that~ *as one hand had her tits cupped to keep as tight on his cock as possible, the other went and slathered some of that cum along her own cock, lubing herself up just as much* But don't worry~ You'll soon be in bliss~
*Jamie spots a book where he rips out the bookmark string, he takes her arm on her cock and puts her hand on her tits again* P-please continue... I am close... *out of nowhere a fierce smirk appears on his face, pulling you arms together to tie them together with the bookmark string. Jamie chuckles playfully at Lin's sight*
(ef ate my message, need to retype)
it's there
one about bookmark string
Yep can see it now
Eh?!~ *That catches her completely by surprising, not expecting the flimsy frail thing to be so tough to break, Lin's hands absolutely stuck, busy with the "toy" they were given* How the-.....
Surprised...? I can use foul tricks myself... *he winks as he is lifting her up again* You liked it the last time quite a lot... I wan't to hear your lewd moans again *he whispers into her ear, pushing his hard cock against her ass again until fully inside again and starts to thrust hard*
*Too perplexed by the little bookmark string, Lin lets herself get lifted high in air, purring out the moment she's filled up, her attempts to solve the bind looking more like toying from the sound, Lin's a mixture of arousal and confusion, both emotions governing her for now*
(I notice that I start to repeat words in the same action quite a lot, never had this long of a match 😄)
(we can always speed it up if you feel you can't take it much longer ;) we do be at it for quite a long, but very lovely and exciting while~ ❤️
*the bookmark string, rips in a few attempts as it is not made for this kind of stuff, freeing Linlin's hand from it*
(No, it's fine i'm enjoying it a lot, love the speed aswell)
(returns home)
Hey Sadu, you came in time to watch the finish 😊
*That did give her time to look about for her portal, remnants of it still open, quickly forcing it open to let a few more tentacles in, only good enough to hold him in and take his mouth, leaving Lin his rear, hoping off one cock to sink her own instead wondering if the small break made him tighter or kept his looseness* I guess I have things to learn... never expected such a devilish trick to actually hold....
(welcomes her back in
*Jamie moans of pleasure get muffled by the tentacle in his mouth. His arms fall limp as both his holes are getting stuffed. He squirms as he is not able to resist the tentacles*
What's the matter, dear?~ Have a meal to offer me?~ *Linlin doesn't take long with his ass, noticing a treat throbbing with need between his legs, taking it whole in her mouth* Come on, come on, don't be shy and make a mess out of me~
is resisting cumming (63% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Jamie is able to free his hands from the tentacles and push away the tentacle in his mouth, leaving Linlin on his cock* Mhhh... T-this... Feels.. So good.. But I think you have to wait for your meal... A little bit longer.. *he puts his hands on her head, patting her*
(I went out to do something that was supposed to take like 40 minutes but it took uh, 4 hours.)
Do I?~~~~~~~ *Lin looks up at him, pulling out, noticing too late how each of her tentacle slink back, forgetting to keep concentration on the spell, portal fully closing*
(*Jumps back on Sadu*)
(hehe, hello Maki)
(*sneaks up on Sadu and hugs her from behind*)
(Lin's only got time for a short game today huh?
(yeah, 4-5 hour games are pretty short around here are they not?)
Well... If you are allowed to use tentacles... So am I... Right? *he starts to laugh, lightly crazy, before he catches himself again. He reaches out with his hand forward, closing his eyes, as Tentacles appear out of his palm. The tentacles surround Linlin's body and go exploring deep inside her rear, as the another tentacles surrounds your girlcock, stroking it tight and fast*
(somethings never change ey?)
(hey JJ)
(*shakes her head*
(long time no see, JJ
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
(yeah, dont really have the time to do games anymore haha)
(*hugs JJ tight*)
*he ain't wrong about that, and indeed, the moment Linlin's overwhelmed with the series of tentacles now against her, with how much she already was worked up, it gave her no chance to even dare to resist, falling down to ground and grinding herself against the floor as she was taken and forced to cum by his summoned friends, floor pearl creamy afterwards, Lin groaning non-stop, unable to do anything back*
(hi Sadu!)
(Heyo Jericho)
(Hi Jericho! Just in time for tentacles!)
hiya to all. lol
and I can see that the tentacles have occured and I'm just intime for the end of the match it seems
And you're still holding onyo your title as holy huh?
I'd look up the shrug emote if I could
if I dared lol
*the moment Jamie see's her cum, he instantly summons the tentacles back and walk over to her on the ground. He kneels down and checks on her* Hey sunshine... Are you alright..? *He looks at her with a bright smile, before he takes her into his arms and whispers into her ear* Maybe... T-that was.. A little to much...
Hello Jericho Jordan 👋
hello Jamie, congrats on beating lin
Thank you! For sure took a while, but enjoyed every second of it 😊
haha thats like most of lins matches
I think this was probably double as long as my longest game
*As Jamie takes her in a hug, he can notice that she's still rock-hard, and throbbing as if ready for more.... but she just giggles and licks across his face, hugging into him with no sign of going after him, looking satisfied* Nuh uh~ Certainly not too much~ But you were good to me, and I'm happy for that~ I reeeeeeeallllly needed a distraction from all the book reading~ *she looked about, sighing, figuring she still had a lot of it to do*
*giggles* And I did even hijack the intro, warning him it would extend the game if he agreed to it
It was an amazing way to end my evening :P
haha very nice
Then I'm glad... I could help to relief some stress *Jamie looks around, at all the mess they made and shrugs, turning back to Linlin and giving her a kiss on the cheek* Well, maybe we should leave... Before anyone notices that we were here *he starts to giggle quietly*
Not a bad idea~ *she giggled, gathering her clothes, skipping the underwear that got ripped up and dressing herself up, cleaning up as much as she can* Think I'll be exploring books in an another wing entirely~
*Jamie nods and grabs his clothes and dress himself alongside her* Well, this wing will for sure be a very special memory *he winks towards Linlin and checks the time* Seems like I have to move the plans I bad to tomorrow...
Meow! :3
*pats Jamie's head* meow..soft nya!
Hope the crowd loved it as much as we did~
and if you missed it, the log should appear soon, unless Jamie logs off right now after this :P
Yes, hope we offered a nice show!
It was enjoyable nya!! Great show!
Yeah, I'll put the log up in a bit :3
Can't wait to read the full the full thing meow!
Well, till later, then~ Past midnight here already :P
Bye bye, have a good night!
Okie! Night night!!
*lick saikou over his cheek again and run away*
Nyaahh!? H-hey!!..*he whines and chases after him* come back you meanie!!!..

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