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Looking for cuties to fuck😍😍😍

Hi I'm Gina! I'm a switch but plays most off my games as a dom. If you want to make me your sub you are more than welcome to try cuz i don't get to be submissive very often. Warning you will probably fail.

My kinks as both a sub and dom is bondage, anal and orgasm contol. These are my main kinks but I'm open to try others. Something I only enjoy as dom is denial and ruined orgams. Something im never a fan of is bathroom play and to much pain. Spanking and some slaps here and there is fine as punishment for the slave, but not something that leaves marks.

Only message me if we have played earlier or if we have talked a lot in chat. If you deside to send a message anyway make it worth reading. Write a message that gets me horny or laugh and I might consider playing with you. A must in all first messags asking for games is a description of you and your kinks and maybe what you would want to do with me.

I'm CEO and lead therapist of GSFGARCAEF which is a rehabilitation program for betting addiction on EF. My metodhs are a bit unusual and needs two participants to be succesfull. The program have a 100% success rate so far. If you need any reference ask Ella who had a severe addiction, but now have the tools to only accept good bets and can say no to a unfair or stupid bet.

List of clients and the one assisting me in the process:
My best test subject Ella and Axel the obedient pet who gave up control so that i could help Ella

Memorable matches:
I have to many to list them all so it was better to not have any of them. Instead i would like to mention a group of cuties I just cant get enough of, I love playing and chatting with all of them. Instead of me writing pages about the people I care about (Which I definetly could do), I am doing something else that will let you a better picture me. I had the idea that noone could describe me better then my cuties and therefore I had all my closest friends write a little about our experience together, why they keep me around and continue playing with me. The main reason is that i want to smild every time I read my peofile thinking about the people I love, but I also hope it will help you get a feeling for who I am.

Anna(My lovely cutiepie):
I first saw Gina in one of her games and the first thought I had was "SEXY", so I always followed her and lurked on her games more than once, finally we had the possibility to play once only the two of us and OMG... such a cutie... such a marvelous package of love I found. We quickly become closer and closer as we are discovering what we are liking to do together. I love to have brought her to Discord as a big part of this family right now. Thank you Gina for sticking around. XOXO

Axel (My bad joke lover/victim):
Well, there's a lot I could say about you, to be honest 😉
You're an awesome and friendly gal, who knows how to make people comfortable and have a great time 😏
You're an amazing dom that know how to make people putty in your hands, while still always feeling safe 😏
And you're an incredible friend who's always here to make me smile with your stupid jokes, even when I'm feeling down 😏

So yeah, as for memorable moments I'll never forget our revenge match after you had me on your scope for weeks because of that pfp, our little threesome sessions with Ella (still blushing thinking about it 🥰), and of course all those god awful jokes, anytime of the day ^^

Bradley James (My favorite author):
The notorious Gina is a one woman welcoming committee. She can trash talk, role play,  control your soul with a flick of a finger or just a friendly chat.

In our first in counter she saw right through my confident exterior. She was unforgiving in her attacks tormenting me with her perfect body & those hypnotic hips. She ordered and I blindly followed.

In our second match Gina put my tongue to the test and used my face as a sexual device. My tongue raised to the occasion giving me my first win against her.

An interactive Femdom session was our next match. I truly fucking melted as Mistress Gina is a artist and the subs body is her canvas. But interactive matches with her should come with a medical warning. My heart was beating so loud I thought she could hear it. She can order an edge like others order coffee. Oh my goodness I nearly died with excitement when she ordered me to crush my cock and balls with out compassion.

In my next session with Gina she showed how caring she can be. She told me what I was in-store for before we started. In exchange for my complete cooperation she offered me a reward. Something that I found intoxicating. Let's just say what was private became public. Speaking of no touching. This session ended with a ruin orgasm.

I appreciate all the time she shares with me and look forward to spending more time with this show stopping Gina that I call my friend.

Ella(My bundle of cuteness):
Hihi it's me Ella here your friendly neighborhood hoe 🥰 I've had the absolute opportunity of my life to be chosen by the amazing Swedish sex guru and kink specialist Gina 💖 to write a little post on her profile 😉 Let me tell you she has taught me everything 🤓 from learning what actions to pick in important bet games 😍 to tying boys to chairs and or beds together with her 💞 teasing them until they go crazy forcing them into submission begging for relief 😏 Gina has also taught me the importance of not taking every bet that get thrown at me 😛 Ensuring my independence and by not becoming a slave for eternity 🤭 I owe her so much and I can't thank her enough for being such an amazing Dom, trash talker, lover, (sometimes sub) and most importantly friend.

Jag älskar dig så mycket 💖💞💖

Puss Ella 💝

Georges(My amazing small talker):
The Lovely Gina

As a recent cutie, I unfortunately can't base my description on a long experience with this adorable woman. But since she appeared, out of surprise, in a game against me, she has been nothing but caring, sweet ... and teasing in exactly the right proportion ;). I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with her, may it be in game or through simple talking.

You can have both an amazing game with her, or exchange sweet messages during hours, as she would happily enjoy a chat and try to lift your mood, overcoming you with her kindness and wit.

In a game with her, you can expect a wonderful time. She has great rp skills, is a tender and caring lover and will make sure you enjoy yourself and keep a really good memory of your encounter.
If you are new here, feel blessed, as I have been, when you get a notification that you got a game with her, she will immediately make you feel at ease and encourage you in your attempts to satisfy her needs and yours.

Beware though, she sure knows her game mechanics and has an army of supporter always cheering for her in the chat (aka the harem). On top of that, she is extremely lucky, which is obviously the only reason she has won all of our games so far...

In short, Gina is a pillar of this lovely community and a wonferful person. I can honestly say I am delighted to have met her and am looking forward to more lovely messages and amazing games in her company.

Liv (My favorite cuddler):
Miss Gina is an absolute delight. This sweetheart is one of the kindest, most caring girls, and is a joy to serve, cuddle, chat with, and please. She's also great roleplay, and an amazing fuck (especially when there's three girls involved 😏😏), and an overall fantastic person to be around, whether you're looking for a wholesome chat, or a sexy session.

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