James 🇨🇦 (Level 12) mail warning

Free to play today

Hetero / Switch

~5 Game Win Streak~

A competitive switch who really loves intense and detailed roleplay.

Really love using dice rules for bondage/hypno and holds/pins especially in concert with edging rules. Also if you have any other creative rules you want to try out I'm always open to experimenting!

I enjoy taking control and being in charge but I have a weak spot for a dom who can tease me, edge me and drain me while I can't fight back.


Not really into chastity or CBT but I will turn those kinks on if you'd like. Strict limit on CEI and eating ass (receiving or giving). Not really into the whole daddy or mommy thing but it can definitely have its moments at the right times.

Mostly fine with pegging but honestly do not like the other strap on stuff (sucking it, using it to tease or slapping with it).

Strict limits on any gross or unclean stuff: toilet stuff, age play, incest, bestiality, permanent body damage, severe bleeding.

Oh also I write scripts for GWA (if you know you know) mostly fdom content but I take requests!

Full Kink List

For Kassane's game.
James the Jaded, Level 1, Spy (Exp 0)
Strength: Artificer, Orator
Weakness: Strong Orgasms, Oral weakness

~Weak Spots~

Edging: Making me edge over and over for you is a guaranteed way melt my brain with pleasure especially if you make me hold them.

Milking: Being trapped, teased and forced to cum for you as you relentlessly stroke or fuck me till I am drained dry. A sensitive head and frenulum make for easy targets to send me shivering in pleasure.

Reversals: A bit of RP where after feeling like I'm in charge you quickly rip control away from me and establish yourself as the one in charge is a guaranteed way to send me spiraling for you.

Legs: A pair of long and strong legs wrapping themselves around me locking me into place forcing me to go even deeper and fucking back even harder, taking control especially doing it right when I'm on edge and forcing me to cum for you right there and then is my favourite way to be finished.

Countdowns: Combining these with beats/snaps in an effort to finish me off especially while edging will make it incredibly hard for me to resist you.

There's more than a few other but that's all I'll give for now. You're welcome to try and find out the rest of them!

~Special Rules/Punishments~

Roya's Rules

Every time I get in bondage a pin or a hold I owe 2 edges and I owe 4 edges every time my cum overdrive increase. I have to edge on every cum test. If I fail on a played cum test I have to edge. If I tap out I have to edge.

Roya ❤️ insatiable as ever outlasted me in our edging match making me cum for her. As a punishment for losing to her she has given me a permanent rule I must follow. She made me do 126 EDGES before finally counting me down and letting me cum. (She's beaten this many times since then)

Katarina Beat me and took the wrestling title from me. As a rule from our bet pegging actions require a coin flip heads I have to skip and edge, tails is just an edge. This last for the next 5 wins. (5/5)

Lily rode me over and over until I came inside her twice. As a punishment for losing our bet for the 5 games anyone can make me fail a cum test by saying "good boy". (5/5)

Savannah dominated me twice, the second time in a complete shut out where I didn't even make her cum once. After tying me up and milking me over and over I can only escape bondage with a 6 for the next 10 matches. (10/10)

Because Emily was able to control me and I lost the bet with her by finishing in her mouth. From now on, every time someone makes me cum in their mouth I submit and can't defend myself. (5/5).

Goddess Lea sucked me dry and made me change my name for the next 10 matches. (10/10)

~Special and Memorable Matches~

Katarina (0-2) 🖤

Katarina and I had brushed paths a few times before she eventually challenged me to a match for the wrestling title and with her recently having joined TON this was a huge match with a lot on the line. Just to add to the stakes she put up the chance to claim an outfit in exchange for a temporary rule on my profile. I was on a 7 game win streak at this point so I was feeling confident going into the match but obviously nervous having seen what Kat had done in the past. In round one we both started off aggressively trading big blows to each other. I tried my best to keep her locked up in the grapevine hoping to immobilize her arms and legs but she constantly proved too much for me to keep down. Every time she’d slip out of one of my holds she would lock her strong legs around my waist or my neck and squeeze me against her tight body making it hard to breathe but even harder to resist her. Wrestling with each other she was able to wrap her arms around my neck and started choking me out while keeping her legs wrapped tightly around me. I was quickly running out of air so I went for a desperate move and elbowed her hard in the stomach making her drop her grip. Taking the opening I tried pinning her down but would swiftly pay for that “cheapshot” as Kat would deliver a hard kick to my balls leaving me clutching them in pain, helpless as she planted her foot against my chest and flipped me over making me go crashing onto my back.

Taking control of my body after finding another weakspot she stuffed her panties in my mouth sat down on my face and started working me over trapping me in 69 with her. Her mouth was too much for me to handle and as I got right to the edge I rolled us over to get my cock away from her mouth and trap her on her stomach making her cum on my face. A bit out of it from her massive orgasm, she grabbed onto the ropes and tried to collect herself. Not about to let her rest I yanked her hair back I started thrusting into her fucking her hard and fast hoping to overwhelm her with pleasure. Using the ropes for leverage to pull herself away from me she locked her legs around my body and forced my face into her chest, smothering me till I tapped. Pulling a cheap trick with her strap on pinching my nose she took advantage while I tried to catch my breath and was immediately in control. First trapping me in the lotus hold getting me right to my edge, she slid on top bouncing on my cock to finish me off forcing me to tap out in hopes of giving myself a brief reprieve. Instead I gifted her a whole minute of fun to edge me all over again. Just to add to the pain she kept me on the edge while sliding onto my face and started grinding back and forth forcing me to pleasure her. Struggling to get control and keep her pinned down she reached out for her strap on and pushed me off onto my back where she exerted complete dominance over me pegging me and milking my cock till I came all over her hands.

Still trying to shake the feeling of my orgasm I pinned her down pressing her back against the mat trying to keep her from inducing any more pleasure. Holding her body still I slid down and went directly for her clit, rapidly flicking my tongue until she was quivering and thrashing in my grip cumming all over my face. Trying to keep her pinned down while she was coming down from her orgasm I got greedy trying to face fuck her and found myself trapped between her and Amanda. Kat on my face while Amanda fucked me while trying to milk me dry I was barely able escape before cumming, but I was not going to be able to hold on much longer. Pinning me down in cowgirl rapidly bouncing up and down I pleaded with her to slow down. Begging and pleading only made her pick up the pace, her tight pussy going to milk me dry, as I reached the point of no return Kat reached down and squeezed my balls until I shot every last drop into her. Taking away the belt from me and scoring those points for TON she sat down on top of me and rewarded herself with another orgasm, cumming all over my face for a third time.

Kat ending 1

Katha (3-1)

Katha and I have played a few games together all with high stakes and edging rules. Our first game was in the ring with TON points on the line and it started off incredibly well for me. I managed to out wrestle and out muscle her, keeping her pinned down and stuck in my holds for most of round 1 but just as the pain was getting too much for her she managed to slip away and the ref called for round 2 to start. The next round was an immediate change in tempo as she took control immediately going for my cock moving her hand up and down with quick strokes till I edged for her. I tried to fight back and pin her down on her back and fuck her but with the help of her friend Nadine she pinned me down getting on top of me in 69 and drained me in her mouth making me edge over and over till she counted me down to orgasm.

We finally had a rematch a couple months later with much higher stakes and more punishing rules for the both of us. I had looked forward to this rematch for a while and I was excited to claim some TON points back for my country. Round 1 started off with us both being aggressive off the bat, her strategy seemed to be bringing me as much pain as she could. Constantly trying to choke me out with sleeper holds then moving on to keeping me trapped between her legs. I managed to escape when she tried spanking me and rolled us over to take control pinning her down and fucking her face making her edge. She managed to escape while we rolled around tangling for control and the battle to make each other edge continued. Her strategy seemed to be pain while mine was focused on pleasure. After trading edges back and forth and finally stripping each other down I took control by fucking her face until she couldn’t breathe. I pulled her up against the ropes and started fucking her while we were standing not even waiting for the ref to call for round 2. Taking complete control over her pleasure I made kept making her edge as I alternated between fucking her face and her pussy until the ref finally called for Round 2. Despite the edging she started off the round with aggression by immediately starting off pegging me and milking my cock until I came for her. She tried to stay in control and keep me down by calling Nadine back to the ring to suck me dry but I managed to resist and escape. Grabbing her by her neck and pinning her to the mat I choked her while rubbing her clit faster and faster until she came all over my fingers. She managed to make me edge for her a few more times until I finally pinned her down, face against the mat and ass in the air, I pounded down into her making her edge until she came for me again. Somehow after her second orgasm she still wasn’t done yet but it didn’t matter as once I started fucking her ass she lost all self control endlessly edging for me until she came again and submitted to me giving me complete control over her. I continued to use her in our prize round making her edge over and over until I finally let her cum again. Broken and defeated she submitted to her new master.

Naïve (0-1)

Naïve and I met in matchmaking when she was trying to get a final win for her bet. I realized early on this wasn't going to be any ordinary game. She quickly found one of my weaknesses and took full advantage by making me edge for her. After gaining a little bit of confidence I asked her if we could up the stakes and implement more edging rules thinking it would be more fun for the both of us. I didn't expect what was about to happen. What followed was one of the most difficult sessions I've ever had as she continuously teased me to the edge with just her words while I was under Hypno. Finally breaking out of the hypnotic trance I called a few friends to help me make her cum. We each chose a hole and railed her till she couldn't resist any longer and submitted to the pleasure. This mini victory gave me the confidence to continue fucking her as hard as I could thrust into her from above jackhammering her pussy. She somehow managed to turn the tables on me and smother me while riding my cock leading to my first orgasm, she quickly followed this up by bouncing back against my hips fucking me while I was trying to pull out causing my sensitive cock to cum again! Despite winning at this point she wasn't done using me. Not letting me actually orgasm until I had done the amount of edges she wanted. I was only at 24 edges at this point but she wanted me to keep going. When I got to 42 edges she started her countdown also from 42 making it long and painful, torturing me with pleasure. She kept resetting the countdown going down for a few seconds then counting back from where she had just started. Finally her countdown reached 2 and I was relieved to be able to cum but she reset it back to 20 denying my long awaited orgasm for just a bit longer. She made me hold an edge for 20 seconds before she continuing the countdown, every second of it was a combination of both sexual torture and mind blowing pleasure. After getting to 3 she dragged out the end of the countdown for what seemed like an eternity, teasing me that when she reached 1 she was going to start again counting down from 100. Finally after 80 EDGES and an insanely long countdown she made me cum for her and I absolutely melted for her when she finally gave me permission, shouting her name over and over. She broke my old record of 74 and I know she's going to try to make me set an even higher one.

Naive ending

Savannah (1-2)

I'd watched fellow Canadian Savannah take two different titles in one week and was itching for the chance to challenge her myself. On a 6 game win streak I accepted her challenge with a lot of confidence and despite her restraints I was holding my own until she trapped my cock between her thighs milking me for my first orgasm. I managed to pin her down while fucking her from behind and make her cum on my cock until she fell prone. After both cumming twice she convinced me that "we could be sweet about this and that there was no need to be rough anymore* but it was just a trick to get her friend to help pin me down and suck me dry. Thankfully I was able to resist her mouth and fuck her face in retaliation. I tried hard to make her cum testing her resistance over and over, but each time she proved her resistance was for stronger than mine as she managed to convince me to cum inside her wrapping her beautiful legs around me and bouncing her ass against me fucking back against my thrusts. As a punishment she took my girlfriend and dominated her in front of me leaving me on the edge.

Hoping to get revenge on her for stealing my girl I challenged her to another game which started off well when I collared her, foolishly I believed this would make her submissive and easier to control but it only seemed to do the opposite. Savannah proceeded to take every opportunity to tie me up and edge me making it impossible for me to play with her at all. Eventually I broke out and tried to make her cum using my fingers but she just ignored my efforts and bounced her goddess ass against my hips milking my cock and making me cum insider her. She continued to ride me throughout my orgasm destroying my brain with overstimulation making me edge again before tying me up in bondage to finish me off. She started to ride me while I was helpless bouncing up and down faster and faster but right when I got to the edge she stopped and made me beg for her to use me. She made me proclaim that I was her toy to use before I was allowed to finish. She dropped down on my cock and choked me out riding fast and hard until I came deep inside her.

After a few months Savannah and I matched up again this time in the ring. As both the captain of Team Canada and the current Wrestling Champion there was a lot at stake that Savannah was keen to get her hands on. She had asked for a "lesson" in the ring feeling she needed to brush up on her skills and I was happy to show her how much I had learned since our last encounter. Our match started off with her coming out aggressive trying to keep me pinned down and locked up while reminding me of our last two matches. After an aggressive back and forth in round one I found it hard to resist the constant flashes of our previous games replaying in my mind especially once she locked us into the 69 Battle. Despite initially taking the upper hand and almost making her cum she managed to resist and trap me between her legs forcing me to cum for her. I may have came first but I wasn't nearly done, immediately flipping us over and trapping her in a grapevine I slid my fingers into her thrusting them in and out until she came all over them. Now with a fire she tried her best to make me her toy all over again making me tap and even resisting my attempt to make her cum again when I trapped her on her back. Pushing me off her and rolling us over she trapped me between her legs and locked us in 69 again as I desperately tried to resist her mouth. Not wanting to give in I escaped her legs and folded them up over her body, sliding in with ease I started pounding away determined to make her cum. After pounding her into the mat and making her cum for me I wanted to give her a reminder for who her captain was and wrapped a cute little collar around her neck.

Isabelle (0-3)

Isabelle was nice enough to welcome me to EF while I was still learning and offer me a "private lesson" in the ring which I happily accepted. I was holding my own in the ring until we got locked into a fierce 69 Battle, I gave it my all trying to make her cum with my tongue but right when she was on the edge of submitting her talented tongue took over and made me erupt in her mouth. She took advantage of my weak state after my orgasm and rode me hard while choking me making me tap out to avoid cumming again. This meant she got 60 seconds to edge me and I couldn't resist. She resisted all of my efforts to make her cum before trapping me between her strong thighs and milked my cock to another orgasm. Her thighs continued milking me after my orgasm making me tap out not being able to handle the post orgasm stimulation which led to her to edging me for another minute. Finally, I managed to pin her down and pound her into the mats making her cum while I was fucking her from behind but it was too little too late. I was already so turned on that when she presented herself bending over against the fence I let myself go fucking her with lust and a desire to cum. Realizing too late she flexed her muscles squeezing me with her cunt and trapped me inside her until she milked a 3rd orgasm out of me which almost made me pass out. After her victory she took advantage and started aggressively stroking me to a 4th orgasm till I came in her mouth again.

A few days later she asked me to show her what I can do in the bedroom and I was excited at the chance to prove myself. We exchanged lessons in bondage back and forth tying each other up trying to make the other edge but she clearly took the advantage after edging me with her tight pussy. I managed to escape to the shower for a bit of relief but she was just biding her time waiting for us to leave so she could make me cum! As soon as I stepped out of the shower she was down on her knees sucking the soul out of my body and made me explode in her mouth. While I was still vulnerable she tied me up again this time with a vibe forcing me to edge again! I was able to resist my orgasm and as revenge I pinned her down and fucked her hard from behind making her cum all over my dick. She was able to call a friend to double team me and pin me down trapping my cock between both their tits. Despite my begging and pleading to stop or slow down she bounced and bounced and bounced her tits, going faster and faster until I came all over her tits and face dominating me for a second time.

Isabelle ending

Lacey (0-1)

Lacey was a match I was looking forward to for a while and she did not disappoint. Going into the match I was definitely excited but also scared after seeing how her last few opponents ended up, especially since denial till new years was the wager. Shaking off my nerves I tried being aggressive from the start hoping to establish control early by tackling and then spanking her. She quickly shut me down, clamping her thighs around my skull before starting her teasing. Every move I took seemed to backfire on me and allowed her to tease me more and more till I was already out of breath. Then the edging started, keeping me trapped between her legs, she forced me under her and played with my cock while making me edge over and over and over sixteen times by the end of round one. The next round started off with her completely in control after I tired myself out trying to fuck her, she once again trapped me between her legs and proceeded to milk my cock with her talented hands forcing me to tap out to avoid cumming. She kept stroking harder and faster, gliding her fingers up and down my shaft until I was almost at the edge but I managed to resist her hands just long enough to fold her legs over and regain some control. I pushed her back on the mat with her legs over her head and held her down in the perfect position to pound her pussy till she came but she seemed completely unbothered by her orgasm. She went and grabbed her strap before forcing me under her once more and making me edge again. Despite me being a complete edging mess she hadn't made me cum yet so I was still feeling semi confident I could win but that quickly changed once she brought her friend Alisha into the ring and they double teamed me. They teased me all over my body while using everything they could to milk my cock dry forcing me to beg Lacey to slow down and stop when I was at the edge. She pulled away from me and threatened to leave me in the ring like a complete and utter mess when I summoned to courage to tackle her down and fuck her hard confident that I could to finish her off. I managed to make her cum again but she wasn't finished! At this point is when I realized I was completely screwed.
After her orgasm she quickly rolled us over and suffocated me between her breasts making me briefly pass out but in that time she had already started milking me while I was unconscious bragging to the audience that she was gonna make me cum while I was passed out. When I finally woke up she was swirling her fingers up and down my pulsating cock and I could already feel myself at the edge, I tried to beg her to stop or slow down but she just tightened her grip and sped up her strokes milking me faster and faster until I exploded in her hands but she didn't stop, she continued pumping away stroking me even faster trying to overstimulate me into giving up and surrendering to her. When I wouldn't give up she changed tactics and started using her fingers to focus right on my frenulum making me squirm and buck my hips as pleasure invaded my mind. She kept me trapped between her legs squeezing me tight while her hands went to work milking my cock faster and faster, swirling her palm around the head until I finally submitted and begged her to make me cum.
By the end of our match she had forced me to do 74 EDGES she thankfully knocked a week off my sentence giving me a early Christmas present.

lacey ending

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Brat
100% Brat tamer
100% Degradee
100% Masochist
100% Primal (Hunter)
100% Primal (Prey)
100% Rigger
100% Rope bunny
100% Sadist
100% Switch
100% Voyeur
100% Experimentalist
100% Degrader
95% Exhibitionist
94% Submissive
91% Slave
89% Dominant
81% Master/Mistress
63% Non-monogamist
39% Owner
19% Vanilla
19% Pet
13% Daddy/Mommy
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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radio_button_unchecked Currently collared: Savannah 🇨🇦, Lee Mei Ling 🇨🇳
mode_edit Currently marked: FeministC, Lee Mei Ling 🇨🇳, Alice
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Pro Wrestling, Anal, Pain, Pussy Torture (Give), Cuckold (Give), Humiliation, Mocking, Bondage, Tickling, Threesome/Audience participation, Exhib/Outdoor, Cum play (Give), Hypnosis, Cock Worship (Receive), Pussy Worship (Give), Orgasm Control, Breath play, Latex, Medical, Alcohol
shopping_cart Toys: Vibrator, Collar, Shackles, Rope, Rubber band, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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