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Submissive slut looking to be used (RP only)

Hetero / Sub

My name is Jenny, and I am a very submissive girl. I like being used and degraded as a horny bitch in heat. My slutty body craves cocks and cum in it. I really love the taste and feel of cum.

Cum loads received:

Total: 47

Draco The Breeder: 1 load in the pussy (obviously)
Ardem: 1 facial, 1 handjob (eaten with a snack), 1 load in my mouth,
Eggo: 1 load all over me, 1 Creampie in my pussy
Josh the Semi-Decent: 1 facial, 1 mouthful of cum
Jason: 2 facials, drained over... and over... and over again, bathing me in cum.
Smite: 1 load in my pussy, 1 load in my mouth
Max: Bred me 2 times and filled me up
Simon: 9 loads into my pussy
pit: 1 load in my pussy, 1 Public facial
Kirby: 1 load in my pussy
BonerMan: 1 load in my mouth
Star: 3 Creampies, 1 load straight down my throat, 1 load on my tits, 1 facial
Cute boy Breedingstud: 1 load all over me
Sébastien: 1 Creampie in my pussy, 1 load in my mouth, 1 handjob
Steven:1 Creampie in my pussy, 2 loads on my face
Silver: Bred me 3 times
Glory: 1 Creampie in pussy
Yeray: 3 loads in my pussy
Markus: 1 Creampie

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