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Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire: Through the Fire and the Flames We Carry On

Previously on the enduring adventures of Eggo and Kara: A mysterious woman appeared before Eggo in their cafe, trying hard to seduce Eggo into taking her into the back room to be dommed. The naive Eggo agreed, domming her until their bodies arched and collapsed together. To Eggo's surprise, Kara found her way into their soul looking for the source of their power. But it was too much for Kara, and she had to leave. The duo were transported to a Mediterranean beach, and opened up slightly to one another over a pack of cigarettes. What happens next? Keep watching to find out!

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Back again for part 3
[In the previous part...}
* Pulling the same bluff as yesterday, Eggo simply responds.* Hit me. * As casually as they would playing a low stakes game of blackjack at the casino. They do however listen to her, and guide their hand down to their pussy, slipping two fingers inside to curl as the air continues it's work on your clit.* You're going to soak the bed, one moment. * The portal pulls down and disappears, leaving us on the beach without the blanket.* Now what was your question? Oh yes. Last night, you made me cum deep, deep inside you. I loved every second of it, up until the moment you launched an invasion.
*Kara stares at them with an angry expression, her eyebrows arched as her cheeks are painted red, her breaths becoming more and more heavy due to the stress raising into her.* You wish, you freak. *She simply replied, when, at their next words, a sudden realization hit her. Memories start to flow again into her mind. Habel, Patrick, a fight, Dez... and a tiny, little creature inside of her. She cannot help but feel the sorrow overwhelming her, as she leans on her elbows while this man keeps playing with her. Her body twitches slightly, the blush on her cheeks disappears as she pulls back, grabbing their wrist* Stop.
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*Eggo looks back at Kara, an eyebrow raised as they look over her face. It looked flushed, but also pained. They wave away their magic, giving her a moment to rest as they let themself fall back into the warmth of the beach.* Well, who am I to disagree with that, you have been in my mind after all. Not even I can unravel that mess, try as I might. I'm not even sure what you saw in there.
*Her grey eyes get lost into theirs, as she's tangled into those painful memories. She keeps staring at them but it's like she's not even there, lost in who knows what parallel universe.* I... I saw... *She tries to recall. It was all so confused. She feels her heart skipping a beat when a sudden wave of terror hits her: the person in front of her was dangerous and she had to get away as soon as possible. Her hand crawls up their wrist, along their arm and reaches their shoulder.* I am afraid that I don't even want to know what I saw...
Amen to that. *Eggo sighs, putting their hand above Kara's. They recognise the look in her eyes, it's clear to Eggo that she is looking right through them. There's something dark on this womans mind, no spell or smile will break it. These people have such short lives, yet it is poetic that so much of this time is spent in dispair of how that time had been used. The scars of tragedy are all to clear behind her eyes. Eggo rolls over, resting a hand on her opposite shoulder as they put their forehead against hers.* I'm sure you saw a scar or two inside me, whether you realised it or not.
*Oh, that contact... that sweet, sweet contact. Having someone's sking brushing against hers. How long had it been since she last felt something like that? Not even a full day, yet she feels like it's been an eternity. She blinked, looking at them as they're so close, their foreheads touching, her hand slowly slipping over their chest. She had to do it* I'm so sorry... *She whispered, a few words barely audible as her eyes turned red, still lost into theirs, and there she goes, back into their mind, one second time, as scary as it seems, a powerful wave of mystery dragging the both of them into the unknown*
*Though her eyes had shone red at Eggo earlier, they had not been in the right state of mind to fully recognise its meaning. There's a shimmer of crimson, a flash of maroon, and a lick of vermilion in the rolling seas of her irises. The lights begin to consume them, until their vision is tunneled by the light. Kara appears to be walking towards them through it, and their hand disassociated from their body reaches out to her palm up. A wave of blue suddenly shoots through the tunnel back towards hits source, then green, grey. The colours bleed out and swirl. Am I... falling forward now? The tunnels shades into purple as Kara's hand finally finds it's way into Eggo's, and everyone tumbles down.*
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*Kara was ready this time, or so she thought. She stretches her arm forward trying to reach Eggo's hand, it was so, so damn close... yet so distant. She pushes forward trying to grasp on them, trying to make her way into their very soul, but something goes wrong. As everything seems to stop, as that spiral of colors dissolves into dust, they both fall down. A dark place, everything is devoided of color there, a long large corridor with metal lockets, all the doors alongside carefully closed. Kara gets up, everything is spinning: where are they? She gives a glance to Eggo, next to her: as expected they hadn't been bumped out of their body. But this time it's different... this place is not Eggo's mind, not... it is not that dark place. It sure is dark but this time it look like...* ...!!! *She gasps. It's her highschool. A distorted version of it, at least.*
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*Eggo looks at the door in front of them, rubbing their eyes to try to remove their greyscale vision to no avail. Prone on the floor and inexplicably now clothed, they look up at Kara only to see her clad in fishnets and leather. Are we back in my memories? No, this isnt a place I remember. I'd remember a greyscale world... Wouldn't I? Unless... Kara's gasp confirms their suspicions. Clambering up from the floor, they finally take a good look around.* Kara... Where are we right now?
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*Kara feels shivers running along her spine: this can't be.* We're in my... *No, no this can't be happening, not to her, not with them, not now. She takes a few uncertain steps towards one of the doors, some laughter can be heard from behind it, as a light appears under the door. Drawing a deep breath she puts her hand on the pommel, giving a look at Eggo before opening it, just as a confirm of her doubts. Once the door opens, a more colorful place presents itself to their eyes. It looks like a shop. A little girl is running across the room, sneaking behind the counter. Her hair black as the night, tied up in two pigtails, a sly smile on her round pink face.*
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You didn't need to say sorry for taking me here. I suppose it's only fair, since you got to see mine. Thank you for inviting me here. *Eggo says, clearly naive to the fact that them being here is a complete accident. The bright colours eminating from the room entice Eggo, leading them to walk up behind Kara wrapping an arm around her waist. Peering into the memory over her head, they smile softly and laugh.* A friend of yours? She looks happy, I wonder what you must have done to make her smile so.
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What...? *She turnes towards them, still shocked that this all is happening to her. A woman bursts into the room rushing. She is kinda short and has long dark hair. A ginger man follows her, he has a nice beard and a curled mustache.* "Kara??? How many times do I have to tell you that you can't steal the sweets I prepare for the guests?!" *The woman sighs. The man puts a hand to her shoulder and gives her a "let me handle this" look.* "Alright, I guess that I'll go alone to do the next delivery..." *The little girl jumped suddenly out of her refuge behind the counter, assaulting the man with a hug* "No! I wanna come, I wanna come!" *She yelled, as the couple bursted into a playful laugh. The man picked up the little girl and the woman joined the hug, in a heartwarming scene. A loving family. A happy little Kara. She felt her eyes tearing up, her heart aching deeply at that sight.*
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Your parents? *Eggo asks softly, embracing Kara from behind. They know how difficult it can be to go back and see the older memories, of reminiscing about times when one was happy and unbound. The yearning to feel that innocence again. There had been days when Eggo hadn't cared what they were, or why they had been able to do what they had. To be as cute and as chaotic as one wished. But even in that, they had been alone - at least as far as they knew. If they had had a family like this, they would never know. Yet something in this memory made them want it. A simple domestic life. That was the reason they had settled in EF City after all. A tear comes to their eyes, and they find themselves unknowling beginning to squeeze Kara in their embrace. Lifting the pressure immediately, a meek "Sorry" escapes their lips.
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*Kara felt her heart sinking in sorrow as the man and the little girl left the bakery together, hand in hand. She drowns into Eggo's embrace, feeling their arms around her trying to give her a little comfort, or maybe seeking some comfort for their own. She gulped, swallowing down that memory as the room turned black in one second, that fragment of memory tossed again into the dark abyss of her mind.* Ugh... dad... *She whispered, gritting her teeth. She was so sorry for what she had become, for what she had turned that little happy girl into. She closed the door shut with a trembly hand. Then a loud sound made her startle, a bell ringing. The doors of the corridor opened, and all the teenagers started to flood the room with their words and steps, walking in little groups. In that group, a very young Kara next to another girl, they were giggling together, giving each other a friendly look. The many people seemed to pass around Eggo and Kara without even noticing them, as if they were invisible, a feeling very well known to Kara*
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*Eggo stands out in the crowd, as any tall person would, watching the small people seemingly walk through them. They notice Kara is fixated on a girl looking very similar to the previous.* Is this your life? I must say I'm curious. Everyone seems to revolve their lives around big events and feelings. You tend to forget the simple day to day pleasures like those. Just walking and talking. It doesn't mean much in the future, but in this moment that conversation is everything to you. *Eggo smiles, finding the lighter side in Kara's memories. Loving parents, an exciting life. Yet a dark presence exists in her life. What - no, who - happened to you Kara? They think as they look down to see a tear forming in Kara's eye. They don't swab it away yet, they don't think she particularly needs a finger to the eye in this moment.*
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*Kara stares at the girl next to her younger self with lost eyes, empty and dull, like the ones of a doll, forced to stare into the void as who painted them wanted to.* "Haha! You're a crazy bitch Dolores!" *The young voice of Kara echoes through the hall.* "And that's why you love me!" *The girl replied, as they kept giggling and walking together. Then suddenly this young Kara stops walking, frozen in time. Everything keeps going, the time speeds up and the people soon leave, her remaining alone, Dolores proceeding forward and entering one of the rooms. That lonely girl, with still a silly smile on her face, stands still into the dark, as Kara approaches her and gives her a long painful stare. She wraps her arms around her.* I'm so sorry... sorry... please forgive me... *She whispered, but Eggo could surely hear her. Then, she left her alone, as she would've been from that moment on, and followed Dolores into the next room, leaving it ajar for Eggo to follow.*
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*Eggo pauses for a moment as they watch Kara walk into the next room. Yet this one didn't yet feel complete to Eggo yet. They kneel down in front of the young Kara, analysing her face. This was indeed her, from what seemed to be a better time. Kara's words ran through their mind. At a quick glance, it would have appeared she was apologising to her friend. That a rift had grown between them that couldn't have been repaired. But Eggo had spent too many nights thinking about what they may have said to their younger self, of how to avoid tragedy and pain, and to apologise for their future. This young, bright girl would grow up to be the woman who felt so cold in their arms. Eggo thought for a moment, before attempting a small bit of magic inside Kara's mind. They didn't knoe how it worked in here, if they had pulled something from nothing, or had stolen the item from another memory, but in an instant a small glass prism appeared in their hands.* A ray of hope, for when you need it most. *They whispered, closing the young Kara's fist around it. Taking a deep sigh, they stand up and pace towards the door Kara had slipped into, unsure of whether they were so eager to explore her psyche.*
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*Inside the other room, there was a garden. The garden of a manor. All the people from before were there. There was this buff guy chugging beer like there was no tomorrow and a group of teens encouraging him. A red haired guy, observing the crowd, analyzing it with a smirk on his face. A tall guy with shades, even if it was night, that was casting his gaze upon yet another reflection of Kara's past. Following his look it was easy to find her, and, next to her, Dolores. The tall girl was in tears, a piece of paper into her hands. She handed it to the young Kara, bursting into a desperate cry as the face of the shorter one appeared incredibly confused. Dolores ran away into the house, making her way among the crowd and disappearing. As Kara started reading what was written on that piece of paper, her expression turned sadder.* ... And I know you never will, but I'll always love you. *Kara, next to Eggo, said, as if she was giving a voice to the letter's words. A timid hand moved towards Eggo's, their fingers interwining, in a steel grasp, as if she was seeking for the strength she hadn't had in that moment.*
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*Eggo grips back, but does nothing more. Curiousity runs through their mind about what had been on the paper. Had it been a confession of love gone awry? Or had it been the final goodbye of someone who had been a close confidant? The temptation to walk over and read overwhelmed Eggo, but looking back at the woman who held their hand so tightly persuaded them not to. The trauma on her face was clear. She didn't want to be here at all. No doubt she had pondered how this moment could have been changed. How if this girl Delores had felt differently about her how she could have lived her life. The deep sadness in her soul had been revealed, and Eggo could do nothing but stare at her. Not in pity, though an element of that shone in their look. But sadness took precedent, seeing that sweet girl still under Kara's skin, beaten down by life. Trying to muster something to say, Eggo mutters out a phrase only loud enough to hear.* You were worthy of her love. It's a shame you never found out.
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*Kara raised her eyes at them, they shined with tears. That night, that damned night... if she only had acted differently, if she only have had the courage to follow Dolores into that house.* I never was. *She whispered, as the young Kara approached the red haired guy with that sly smirk.* You don't know the full story... yet. *Kara passively watched her past self talking to that guy before they left together. She walked out of the door, her hand still into Eggo's. The next door would've been a tough one. She leaded them through the corridors of her memories, the lanes of a life full of regrets, the uncertain steps of a girl that was too naive for a world full of cruelty. She just pushed the door slightly open, for Eggo to peek inside. Her young self, naked on the bed, laying next to that red haired guy. Her voice echoed till reaching their ears.* Tell me a secret of yours, and I'll make a promise to you. *The guy smiled to her, caressing her cheek and brushing away a lock of her dark hair.* "Promise to never hurt me." *She quickly closed the door, as she felt that this was probably too much for her to live again, but her response still came out.* ... I promise.
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*Eggo puts the pieces together quickly, but says nothing. This is Kara's journey, and they are only a passenger not here to pass judgement. This young girl holding their hand needed only comfort if she were to keep moving forward. A memory comes to mind, and Eggo pulls Kara away from the door. Still holding her hands, they sit in front of her not worrying if she would do the same.* I don't remember when this happened, I have no time frame for anything past the last 5 years if I'm honest, but the year at least was somewhere around 800 ad. There was a boy, a boy I cared for deeply. So deep in fact that I no longer cared if we were caught. I had lost track of the times we were in. We were caught. Only I escaped. I always wondered if I could save him, if I could listen to my own advice and not be headstrong enough to think I could have come out in a time so unprepared because it had been so normal for him. The past can be changed, but the people we were can't. Otherwise we can't grow into the people we are now. You probably don't take much comfort in knowing that, but know at least that you are not alone in thinking how the past could be changed. There is much I would redo if only I understood how
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*Kara listens to their words, silently, thinking about them intensely. A way to change the past... but if the past was made by the people they were, then what was the meaning of changing it?* I do know that I'm not alone, I never felt special or anything... I'm just a girl, living a normal life, living a normal pain of a teenager. *She sighs, resting her back against the door where that red haired guy was with her.* I think we have to push further... go to the bottom of this. *She muttered, walking towards the next door and helping Eggo up to follow her. The next room presented Kara's bedroom once again. There were her, the ginger guy and the tall guy with shades from the party. Kara was in full distress, under those circumstances.* "C'mon Kara, tell him what we did." *The tall guy exhorted her. She remained silent, as her future self watched her helplessly holding the hand of the ginger guy.* "What did you do, Kara?" *A look of deep disappointment came from him, firing right through the young Kara. A promise was broken, that day. The ginger guy left her hand and stood up, threatening to leave.* "I have your baby inside of me!!" *The girl bursted into tears, but that was too late. With a sadistic smile the tall guy watched the ginger leave, as Kara held one hand up to her chest, feeling her heart crumble*
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*The storyline was starting to shake Eggo to the core. He had seen Kara naked. There were no stretch marks, no signs that she had been in the later stages of pregnancy. Eggo had enough details to start filling in the blanks of Kara's story not yet seen. She had been pregnant, and now she serves someone who will push her to such extremes without any semblance of doubt. The two were connected certainly, and Eggo almost didn't want to know how. But they were stuck here with her, and it is clear Kara needs to explore her past more than she is letting on. Eggo does little more than wrap their arms back around the girl, swabbing her cheeks with their thumbs to clear any tears that may have been wept as she watched.*
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*Kara gives Eggo a sad smile, through her tears. She puts her hand on his, closing her eyes as their fingers wipe away the tears. She holds their hand as the guy with shades walks past them, leaving the room where Kara falls on her knees, crying alone.* "No... no... no..." *She whimpered, shaking and clenching her fists. She stared down at her belly, that conatined a curse now. She soon fell into despair, beginning to scream and tremble helplessly* "Somebody... anybody... help me." *And then, a thunderous female voice echoed through the walls of Kara's mind* "Help? I'm right here, sugar." *A woman with flaming red hair walked inside the room, green eyes and lots of freckles. A leather green jacket wrapped around her torso. Kara hugs Eggo's arm, as if asking them to protect her from what this memory could cause to her.* "D-Desdemona...?" *The young Kara's eyes widened.* "I can take care of your... problem." *Kara suddenly launched towards the door and closed it shut, slowly collapsing to the floor, her back against the door. Her younger self screams came out though the door.* "No! Give her back! She's my baby! Give her back I said! Wait!!"
*So, she is who you were afraid of. The woman who sent you after me. What a piece of work. Eggo wants to say. The story has become mostly clear in their head now. There's a 1000 things they could say, to bitch about the woman who had such a profound effect on Kara's life, to comfort Kara from what happened to say it isn't her fault. But none of these things will help so long as Kara can hear herself scream. Eggo drops to one knee in front of her and clasps her ears in their hands. A little bit of magic helps to create a seal and cancel out the noise as Eggo stares into her eyes. Though trying to be stoic, every emotion they are feeling can still be read in their eyes. Sorrow, pity, the need to care and the need to help, with a hint of understanding, confusion, terror, and something that even they cannot read in their own thoughts. Once the screaming finally stops, they unclasp her ears and simply say.* I'm sorry.
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*Kara abandons herself into Eggo's arms, closing her eyes as her broken heart slipped right into their hands. She made herself little into the embrace. She /was/ little, into that hug. A pitiful small thing, who had received too much pain to get herself back up. She would've seen herself crawl from that moment on, unable to even get on her knees, slithering down through this spiral of terror and pain.* Dez... why... *She murmured, her head hidden under Eggo's chin, her body shaking. The door opened itself again, now showing a part of a desertic road. The sun was burning bright, a hellish light into the sky as two people approached towards each other in the distance in a sort of mexican standoff. Dez was there, Kara by her side, a gun in her trembly hands.*
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*Eggo pulls Kara into their chest, forcing her to look away from what happens next.* You've been through so much Kara. Please, let me carry the burden of watching this one. What you do from here on out isn't you. It was coerced. You wouldn't choose to do this if it had just been you, would you?
*Kara thinks carefully about what Eggo asks to her. Would have she done that terrible thing if Dez hadn't stepped in? The scene shows the clear answer. The guy with shades stops walking, as well as the ginger. They stare into each other's eyes with hatred, ready to fight to death. Dez's voice echoes through the room.* "Shoot them. Kill them." *Yet Dez's lips didn't move. Only Kara could heard her voice, as she stood there, weaving the treads of this tragedy. The young Kara watched at the two guys gritting her teeth, her hand clenching around the gun. She raised it, aiming at Habel first, but no shot was fired.* "Disappointing." *Again, Dez's voice slithered through their ears, as she took the gun from Kara's hands. BANG!* ... ughh... *Kara curled up into Eggo's arms. A thud. BANG! Another. The two corpses laid down on the road, as the smell of blood started to make its way through their noses.*
*Eggo pauses for a long time after watching the scene, taking in every aspect that they possibly can. The pacing and depth of Kara's breath. The look of fear on the two men's faces. The determination of Desdemona's face.* You... You don't want to go back to her, do you? *Eggo hopes the answer is no as they watch the memory loop over again, however the looming issue of the child may still sway her answer. The baby was stolen from the womb, surely it should be dead? Yet magic seems to be at play. If they can bend time and space to their will, it stands to reason that the baby may still be alive. Or at least, Kara may believe it still to be living.*
*The door closes as the wind pushes it, Kara raises her face to look at Eggo* I... I wouldn't be here... if it wasn't for her. *She murmured, and the door opened once more. They were into a house this time, Habel's home. The tall guy was on his knees, the look of who lost everything on his face. The ginger is there as well, but he looks... different. More pale, less alive, yet he moves and talks. Kara is up on the stairs, watching the scene from above. The two guys start to fight again, and it gets really ugly this time. Blood, sound of cracking bones, one slammed into the wall as the other launches itself into a desperate attack. Habel's arm hanging loose as the blood comes out like a fountain. The ginger's neck pierced by the vampire fangs of the guy with shades in a deep deadly bite. Kara's eyes are different this time. There is no terror, no pain, there is... just a cold stare, as if she was in total control, as if that was all planned. Suddenly a third guy bursted in, gun in hand. He was the predator. Eggo would've felt Kara's nails digging into his back in an attempt of finding a grip* NO, KARA! *The guy with shades yelled his lungs out as the shot pierced Kara's chest. Her body fell limp, rolling down the stairs as all the blood started flooding the room, until nothing but a crimson skin was all that they would see*
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*Eggo closes the door this time, muttering a simple "I see" under their breath. They pull Kara closer encouraging her to cry on their shoulder as they begin to lament.* What has happened to you is a travesty, but it is also something you will never want to forget. Believe me, you do not want to forget the pivotal moments that made you who you are today. Take that advice from someone who has. You have been forced down a trial of pain and fire, and you have still managed to make it through. What matters more is how you choose to move forwards. A great philosopher once told me that through the fire and the flames we carry on, that every tribulation thrown our way can be overcome and that we can ultimately come out better for it. But you have to want it Kara. You have to want it.
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*The girl started to cry her eyes out, a river of tears flowing along her cheeks as she shakes, hiding in their embrace, as little as ever. Their words were the path to follow, she knew that if someone could've said something wise that would've been them. Having exposed herself so much, she couldn't do anything but carry on with her decisions, bringing with her the heavy burden of her past.* Eggo... I... I think that this is what I deserve. *She smiles again through the tears hanging from her long eyelashes, that make her eyes sparkle like two little shiny stars.* I tried to make my way through your mind once more, but apparently I have learnt nothing from my mistakes. I am that girl that died that day. I am still her. I am the one that didn't follow Dolores. I'm the one that brought Patrick through the pain of being in my life. Disappointing him, betraying our promise. I am the one that killed Habel. It wasn't my hand, but my heart that killed him. I am the monster behind this tragedy. *She lets herself go and cries more, without any more strength left* And I am the one that brought you with me... here... in this hellhole. Maybe... maybe I... I would've been better off dead. For good, though.
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one reason more to like your rp
*Raises hand* If Kara is the queen of Drama, what am I?
In Dnd he is known as Gnoma
Short for Gnomantic
I read that as Mr Gnomastic
He IS short in fact
you misunderstood me i haven't pay attention to karas and eggys rp over her you dummy
...If it was Mr Gnomastic I would have done a whole reference to the 'Mr. Fantastic' song
Not Mr Bombastic?
I know, Eva
just messing around
I think it was Mr Bombastic actually... I suck at memorizing songs
But yeah... Mr Gnomastic... would have been hilarious
Hmmmm totally not trying to deflect emotions from the sad rp right now
Let the drama flows
But if anything, if Roma is indeed a gnome, his song would be "Pull On My Beads Of Love" from the Vox Machina soundtrack
I know what you're thinking about
anyway *jump on romas lap and kisses him on the cheek*
and just now I am realizing you were talking about me all along X3
well, my last character was an Orc Barbarian Philosopher
armed with an iron, studden book
he has 8 of intelligence, but also 8 of wiseness, so he is deeply convinced that everything he says does make sense
all that matters is that he has a huge green cock
And I have too, only for you
not for me liz?
Green cocks
*Pat on my iron thighs*
Your head would fit perfectly here
And yours too, Eva
I wish i was sandwitched between those thighs
haha 🤭
COmplete your rp and tomorrow you will have a taste of gree thighs
and maybe even of green cock
Ah, another Orc
You may choose between cock and girlcock
As long as there's "cock" in it I'm down
go accept the fem orc actions!!
kara is drooling how cute 🤭
I will accept them
but first
*Eggo pauses for a moment to ponder on the girls words. It seemed important in this moment to choose words very carefully. This wasn't the first time they had had to talk someone down, and they didn't want to fail somebody again.* You're right when you say you are that girl. You have done everything you have shown me and likely more. Do you want to know why everything got so freaky in my mind? It's because I was afraid of what you might find. Sometimes, when you can travel through time, you meet yourself. I once met myself in a trench in 1945, wearing a uniform that I despise. I think it's safe to say the other me despised the uniform I was wearing too. All I know is that both of those me's would have done terrible things. But I learned to atone for both, and to grow and move on from such a painful meeting. I know it isn't what you went through, but I'm sure you can appreciate what I am trying to tell you. We can't always justify the bad things we have done. But leaving after the bad things have happened gives us no time to grow, and leaves our legacy as just being that person. Be patient with yourself, and seek to grow and to forgive, and who knows what might happen. All I can say for certain is yes, that girl was and still is you. But she didn't deserve everything that has happened. She was young and she was still learning. I think she still is today
there is someone who wanted to say hello, Kara
Me, of course
I will complete his bio soon
too many orcs
So, Kara has an orc kink? I guess I should have already known
we share a kink for orcs
well males for her, females for me
...Hmmm... it'd be funny if I made an Orc Dragon hybrid
Best of both worlds
As long as it has a dick!
Correction, if you play as one you also like both
no kinks for demons? 🤔
More like a kink for Eva
Just the one demon
hehe 🤭
*head pats Eva on the butt*
hey thats not where you head pat eggy 🤭
I am... that girl... *She mutters, repeating their words. She sighed deeply, wiping away her tears.* I just... wish I could've acted differently. Maybe it wasn't entirely my fault, but I could've been different, in those situations. I only walked down the spiral when I could've stopped and try to find another way. But no, I kept walking, going down and down into the darkness. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive her... *Her eyes shift towards the young Kara in the middle of the corridor, still frozen there* But all I know is that I am sorry for what I did. And that I want to be better, but I don't know how to, exactly... *She stands back up and takes their hand, beginning to walk along the hall* I wouldn't want to ask for help, but I'm not so sure that I can do this alone, even though... I must. *The both of them passes next to the little Kara, something shining in her hand as the older one doesn't even notice, too much lost in thought.* I hope you enjoyed the visit. We're getting out... back to a reality even harsher than those memories.
Demon butt is pretty hot~
Believe me, it is very warm
...Not what I intended but neat
At least 5°c above the rest of her body temperature
*Chuckles* Well that's useful to know
Useful for winter face-sitting~
What can I say Eva? I know what I like~
We never know we are spiraling until it is too late. We often tell ourselves otherwise to keep ourselves sane. Yes, you could have responded differently. But you made the choices you did. You don't have to forgive her for it, you only need to accept what you have done. If you don't, it will always eat you up inside. *Taking a moment to breathe, Eggo runs their fingers through Kara's hair, managing to create a short braid to keep her hair from sticking to her face in strands.* The fact that you are sorry tells me one thing. You don't have to do this alone. Not anymore. *The glint in the young Kara's hand suddenly raises a question in Eggo's head. She was never really given that, but it exists now in her memories. Will she remember that prism once we leave? Egoo shakes their head, trying not to deal with such existential thoughts when trying to help.* Amen to that Kara, but one small thing. How do we get out of here? I've never exactly had to leave a mind before
and i like sitting on faces 😏
And I like having my face be sat on~
We walk through the main door, that's as easy as it seems. *She gives one last glance to the little Kara behind her, and then approaches the main door, shutting it open as a bright light starts surrounding everything and they're both scattered again into that glowing tunnel of lights. When they open their eyes again, they're on the beach, Kara's hand still on Eggo's chest, her eyes going back to their usual grey color*
(Aaaaand scene!)
*clap hands*
It was both painful and amazing
(What a scene)
Good job to both of you OwO
Thank you, thank you *bows to the audience*
Thank you, and well done to Kara taking a big lead role in this one
*throws his bra on stage*
*bows into a faceplant*
*grows into an eggplant*
You both did great!
*poke* hope everyone is doing well
Doing good, bred fifteen bots today which was nice
Must have been fun
Indeed it was~
What made you want to breed bots?
Wanted to pass the time
To make a robot-dragon army
By playing with bots?
Yep, netted me a few matches so it was a win. Plus I like conversation with people~
I guess that would be nice
It's pretty nice in my opinion, plus I like breeding so... you know~
Can't say I see the appeal of breeding, but seems like quite a few people enjoy it
I would be nice to talk to people more often
Eh, breeding is not for everybody
I like bread
Kinks are kinks and well... we all have different tastes
I know I'm not judging or anything
Yep, just stating that because it's always important to keep things in mind
Hello, Ollie
hey ollie
Uhhh hey all, hope everything is going well
Alright fellows, I'll leave
Thank you all for watching
goodnight, everyonw
stay tuned for part 4
and thank for the great show!
Will tune in Kara~
Bye sweetie
Bye!! <3<3
That's a lot of rp idk how people manage it
** Kara left the game (definitively). **
Part 4 will involve a shark
But like with human legs
That is all I will say for now. Goodbye all
Bye, have a wonderful life

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