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I'm back~

Hetero / Switch

Hi there, I'm Damn Silly. I'm probably not quite as silly (or as damned!) as the name suggests but who's to say that somebody can't change that. 😉

Former Guardian of the Hill champion.

I found my way here via the story on CHYOA after writing a few chapters myself (after being inspired by some excellent work in the story before me) that, with the help of some excellent editing, seem to have been received well. And I'm now officially on the writing team! Well, I was. Still try to pen the occasional chapter when and where I can!

Certainly willing to RP! People seem to enjoy the matches I've had on here so far, but if you're looking for someone particularly adept to tend to specific needs, I can't necessarily promise that.

Kink-wise, I think it's safe to say I'm always learning. I guess you could say, I'm working out the kinks!
I don't necessarily mind being on the losing end -- after all, who really loses on EF -- but that doesn't mean I'm not going to fight!

Hard no's would be CBT and high amounts of pain. The way I'd put it is that I don't mind pain from too much pleasure, but I derive no pleasure from pain.
In addition, no chastity or cuckold.
Finally, no bodily fluids that isn't cum.
No judgment at all for those that are into any of my no's but hey, we like what we like and we don't what we don't.


Weiss - After lots of teasing, and knowing her weaknesses, I couldn't think of anyone better than Weiss to play with in my first match in an age, expecting to easily overwhelm the hottie Aussie. But, she proved more than a match for yours truly, leaving my completely drained and submissive to her. Playing me like a fiddle, she had me cumming over and over again with her pussy and a couple of toys for good measure, finishing the match off with a vibrator. That wasn't the end of it, and she showed everyone that I was hers by making my cum under her expertise with her filling strap.

Green Velcro A.K.A Vanessa A.K.A Van - Following her...enjoyable involvement in my match with Weiss, it made sense to have some fun with Van, one-on-one. At least, that's how it started out with plenty of teases from either side, lots of licking and kisses and gentle touches to slowly and sensually build the other up. That shifted to a much faster pace when guests were invited in. The first, Vel, was invited in by me only to backfire when she switched sides for the pair to tease me, leaving me to cum in Van's ass not long after. Van's invited guest, Mina, was no such flipper, but in the heat of the moment could not stop Van cumming as I teased her with a toy. Once both guests departed, it was lust-fuelled passion until the end...where Van won out with a domineering ride, leaving me exhausted and bound all alone as she left to finish her night with Mina...

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