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Kinky, Bratty and Bossy. Seeking competitive RP, not looking into interactive ones, sry ;-)

Wearing a silver necklace with Bradley James engagement ring on it, waiting for a match to let him put it around my finger ;)

Hi everyone!! waving her hand

I wasn t planning to write a profile, but.... after just a few weeks around here, i realize how fun this website is, AND how the community is kind and awesome as well ( love you all!! hihi )... And some events made me change my mind.

What about me ? I m Alexa, a kinker ginger girl in her thirty. Some of you may have cross my path on some cyberfight ERP discord server as Kyra... I LOVE RP, and only RP, so please don t ask me to go in interactive games... Kinky, Bratty and Bossy. Dom leaning switch (Yeah, I Know we don t usually say it like that....)
Limits = Scat, gore, vore, broken bones ( external )

Kinks = What I love the most is the roughness of a fight and in sex as well, thrash talking and taunting each others too... But i think i have too many to list them all... ( If i win, love to truly dominate and make my opponent my B.... Oh, and i really get a thing for strap-on :yum: )

I love competition, by that, i mean I always aim and want to win! The struggle for domination and the moment of resignation when the looser submit to the stronger opponent is what turned me on... I don t look for people that don t put their mind in the fight or the RP, if you re looking to just to click on the moves and use me as bot... Please, Don t. And what really gets me to stay around here, is not knowing until the end who will win ( GODS of RNG are really something around here!! hihi ).
To the winner, the PRIZE!!! I am a bad and bratty looser but noneless will accept my punishment, follows and entertain you if you re in that kind of things...
BUT IF I WIN, Gods bless and protect you....
I can be harsh and very much into humiliation!! And be overheated and rough after a good fight!! Hihi (don t worry i usually get the habit to check my opponents profile)

I don t think i m an expert at Role Playing like some great writers i had the opportunity to meet or watch, but looks to improve and wants you to have fun with me... We have to participate together to make a great dance wink

Love to use a dice rule system i discover around, so don t hesitate to ask about it if you re interested... But i will propably tell you about it before. Hihi

Memorable matches :

Timothy : Oh Timmy boy!! He came at me strong headed and convince that he will make me his little thing, but he finish tied and brainwashed to serve me as i want and i make him cum by playing with his dick with my pretty tits... I must admit that he was tough, he even liberate himself from my commands and chains to finally pin me down and make me cum fucking me senseless folding my body in two... But getting to tired, he finally submit to my feet and my strapon calling me Mistress!!! He s the reason that made me think about writing my own profile after reading what he wrote about me....

Kip : My trainer, he s the kind a guy you want to meet and fight; skilled, strong and know how to use his mouth : literally and figuratively!!

I came at him at our first match like the rookie i was, too cocky, voluntary and inexperienced. I put up an honorable fight but he beats me by his experience and inextinguishable stamina and finish to call names for him...
He takes a liking to me and train me to learn to handle my energy and teach me some moves.... And i face him again, and after a long match, i use what he teach me and finally wear him out making him tap out until he wasn t able to stand up anymore... I scream and dance in joy for beating my trainer... But he remind me of our deciding match...
Wanted to look cocky and planning to finish to tame this awesome strong guy, i proposed him that the winner of the match take it all... Of course, he accepted like a gentleman never turn down a lady... Our last match was long and epic, and i nearly lost to his deep thrusts and fingers on my clit... it was so good... but i manage to turn the table and made him admit again that i was a better wrestler.... The prize round was delightfull!!! lets say we enjoy most of our kinks and now, he calls me "champ" and i call him "my sweet looser".

Kevin « My Rival » -- Kevin and me met really soon as i find EF, we started really soon to brag, taunt and go to each other throat and bodies. We always fought hard, our matches being rougher, more intense and longer each times… Always offering the nickname looser for each points going back and forth between us… He even use me and particularly my mouth for his own pleasure after my second loss, making me taste my defeat… But I promised to get back at him and settle the score… And this time came. Going harder and rougher against him, finally finding a big weakness to exploit… Making him submit on the matt to me… Calling my name while riding and chocking him, he explode for a total loss… My victory tied the score again and, to ciment this, I use his mouth for my own… Offering him a first experience of a kind… ; )
Time passed… We continue to bark at each other from time to time… taunting like the next match will be deciding officially who is the best sexfighter on the matt between us… And how degrading will be to be used at a looser. Then one night, he came to me gloating about being the champ, proud and confident about how he will destroy me wearing the belt as he will enjoyed the victory fucking using my body!! To be honest, I m not really into chasing for the belt, but I cannot let this chance to put him in his place once and forall pass… Was too tempting, risky… but if I ll win…Hmmm
This match was epic, and I loved every moments of it. And I bet everyone who were on the crowd enjoyed it as well… (Right Dana ? ; ) If you ever interested, you can find it in the public logs… So enjoy!! Hihi…

Ld176 the « shrimp » -- He put a good show and a good fight in the start of the match. And I take advantage of his showmanship skills to work him hard and harsh…. That gives me times and clues on how get in his head and gets him squirming in the palm of my hand ( figuratively and literally, hihi ). He barely manage to fight until the round 2 of the match, and then submit totally to me and cum under my hands right away!! That was so fu..... hot and fun!!
I Finally get my prize round with him, I collared him as my pet and enjoyed toyed with him for hours, tired him enough, that i had to take totally the lead and used him like a toy in the end for my own orgasms.... but he finish to cum too, and not by the way he hoped too... hihi

SexFighter Trevor… The wild… Putting me rapidly in a collar and using it as his heart contents, an exchange of power, taunts and domination of body and mind was going on between us until we both came once… I did get the upper hand after that, alternatively using all my charms to tie him up and gets into his head. Using his body to my will and lust, even sharing him with Prinz Eugen for more fun, hihi… Even with all that, he did not surrender at all, freed himself and let his lust and anger goes back at me… It was rough and hard and when I thought I was done for, getting tied up, he didn t last enough as I was taunting him to show me how wild he can be… I finally tame him, but not in the way I expected… hihi

Adrian : « the bad looser » The big guy challenge me for a match, but our schedules hardly planning one. So he decide to came in the locker room to taunt and provoke me until we have a fast sparring match… I can tell that he has strong hands and know how to spank a bad girl ;) But I proved to him that in matter of wrestling, I was better and thrash him around in different holds… Disappointed, he challenge me for an arm wrestling, and I was pretty sure to loose against the big guy but, the fact that I tired and had him in a strong armbar right before get me just the advantage I needed to win!! I gloat in victory and tell him that I wasn t about to drag about anything that happens, but what he did after push me to re-think about it… He just didn t accept his defeat and start to loose his temper badly calling me names and being brutal. I had to put him in place once and for all, between my tighs, until I K.O. and leave him in the locker room beaten and asleep… But not before taking a selfie of me towering him, a foot on his face with a peace sign and a smile…. Hihi

Bradley James : “Brad” I have so many names for him, I can t pick one… even if I know that he likes some better… Dear reader, we have a special cases here, and one kind of a gentlemen. Smooth talker, funny, sexy, such a tease, strong and weak(body and mind), and too much things to say to list them all… But if one things must qualifies him the best is “passionate”… When he does a thing, he puts all his balls, mind and soul into it… Maybe in the most surprising manners, but always in the good way…
I met the guy the first time I walk on the matt… and he puts the bratty rookie that I was in her place, making my little butt remember him with red a imprint of his hand… As you may guess, I came back to him after awhile, getting some experiences and good trainings ( thanks Kip ;)… And I enjoyed so much this match, he pushed me to test his limits and so mines… I find a way to use his body as I want and doing so, into his mind… And by the fact, my victory comeback!! I didn t let escape the chance to use him as I love so much do, and damn, he was so devoted…
After that, our paths never stopped to cross, always sprinkled by sexy and funny moments. And finally we get our third match… Betting the best spot in our profiles, you may think since I wrote this that I lost the match, that he ridiculise the little redhead once again! Leaving her defeated and sore on the matt! After an epic and sexy match! You re wrong! Not totally, that was epic, sexy and definitely hilarious ( yeah, what can I say, the Man have his ways XD ). So you think, why Alexa is writing about him when he didn t win the bet ? Because Brad proposed to me, WITH CINDY LAUPER SONG!!! Like the bratty and uncatchable girl that I am, I didn t say yes… but I didn t say no… I kept the ring, putting it around my neck and promise him a match where I let him put it around my finger after his win.
What can I say, I am one kind of a girl too smiling with the tip of my tongue out… I will not let him have his way with his tricks without putting some conditions before (Right Girls!!) … Oh!! And if you ask yourself why he s not on the top of my memorable matches… because I feel like he need some motivations… Hihi

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