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Cursed to be a girl, must win 6 games to undo. Bicurious

Genderbend Curse - I'm a guy, but a certain sexy ghost has cursed me with the adorable form you see before you!

Tries to dom but is a pushover, flipping my subby switches is easy if you want to turn things around.

Tall and thin, blue eyes and short brown hair. Enjoys many things. Very new to this

Quite lonely...

Kinklist: (might tweak in future but am open to almost anything).

I enjoy using bondage/hypno rules, 5/6 to escape. I also like experimenting with further rules, such as having to escape each individually or successive effects increasing difficulty. Suggest a rule and I'll probably be up for trying it!

Curse Myranna the Lust Witch has intensified my Genderbend curse. My pussy is incredibly sensitive! Whenever someone penetrates it in any way, i must flip a coin to heads or be paralyzed, unable to resist! (i can still use pussy actions)

Important Social Interactions

21/07/21: Claimed the Hentai Champion title from the adorable Kayoko (sorry! D:). Didn't last long but was cool to have.

Sabrina the Ghost tried and failed twice to take it, though she got her revenge by gobbling me up after the fight!

22/07/2021 Velvet Valentine utterly humiliated me, making me cum with just her toes and some tentacles, teasing me relentlessly with her feet and claiming the title from me.

Sabrina the Ghost beat me and cursed me with GenderBend, turning me into a cute girl! I need to win some games or beat her to return to my original form! Currently named Sammy until i can reclaim my gender and return to just Sam.

25/07/2021 In the final potential match to regain my masculinity, i challenged a powerful being, Myranna the Lust Witch, in the hopes of freeing myself and learning more about magic and curses. It backfired...rather spectacularly. I lost, and Myranna decided to tweak my curse a bit, intensifying it!
I now need to win 6 total games to regain my manhood, and she made my pussy so sensitive i might not be able to resist if its fucked!!!

Games Won as Sammy: 2/6. Games lost as Sammy: 7.

While trying to break my curse, Noah was kind enough to challenge me, and after a gruelling struggle he won a final fight with a bet for all the marbles, claiming total victory and completely dominating me in the battle, leaving me in the grasp of some extremely intensive tentacles.


22/07/2021 After humiliating me with her feet, my new Queen Velvet Valentine wanting to take it further, and after humiliating me in bondage and with her feet for ages, she won. She made me cum over and over with her toes while she didn't cum even once!
Afterwards, she decided to make me her first ever foot bitch. She forced me to lick up my own cum off her feet, and I ended up doing it willingly.
From now on, I must serve her feet whenever possible, and cannot fight back whenever she uses them, as well refer to her as Queen Valentine. I must defeat her if i ever hope to regain my freedom.

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