Jeanne VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (58 turns)

College heat

Two top students at a local college have a bitter rivalry, and one day the straw breaks as their professor "conveniently" is absent, two getting into a rowdy catfight with others watching

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Hihi, nerds 🤭
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*It's been a long, swelteringly hot day in a poorly conditioned college. Linlin's and Jeanne's group had a practical lecture in one of smaller classrooms, but when they all gathered up, professor was nowhere to be found, only a note left on what exercises they were to do and have ready for next time. Considering it was one of cooler rooms, as well as exams looming near, most decided to actually stay here instead of taking free break, working at their issues. And it was no wonder that soon people were asking for help from others, namely Lin and Jeanne*
hey hey people! It's clear that we need someone to take charge of this lecture for our dear prof. And given that I'm his best student, I think it's only fair for that person to be me. *A few people among the group of students nod. I smile cockily at you, giving you a wink as I walk past you to go help someone* Lin take a seat and get to work, ask for help if you need it *I snicker a little as I get to work, helping my fellow students*
*she snorts, staying with the student she's been helping at the moment* And who decided you're the best? Last I checked, our marks were pretty equal, and with body of yours, I have suspicion there's been a bit of extra credit added~ *she gives Jeanne a wink, watching her face*
see "pretty equal" isnt completely equal, I know mine are better, but obviously you wouldnt understand that, otherwise you wouldnt have made such a simple mistake now would you? *I scoff and turn back to helping the students* and just because you have the hots for me doesnt mean the prof does, it's quite the opposite actually, I've seen the looks he gives you
👀 indeed
heya Winston
hey peoples
and others who I heyd before
*Linlin fumes a bit inside of her, trying to shut her out and focus on helping, but she understands she has to answer that one way or another. Quietly sneaking up behind Jeanne, she reaches out and hugs her, grasping onto her tits, tugging them a bit through her clothing* Really?~ Don't deny it, there is a reason why you keep an extra button off in these lectures that you don't elsewhere~
heyo, JJ
hey JJ
👋 Ayo together!
Uuuuh, it's a big show now :D
a very big show :o
hey there too, Merchant
What would a match be without a crowd, uuuuh-ing and ahhh-ing at every interesting change?
a private one.. xD
Haha, I was just about to write that ^^
You win this one
I just get hot ok, gotta cool off! *I shove your arms away from me and spin around. I put a hand on the back of your neck and swiftly get behind you as I shove your face down in a random students homework* look at this bubble butt, I bet the prof loves using it *I smirk and give your ass a few playful spanks* bet you love having him use your ass as he pleases
*angrily shakes fist at clouds*
Shake it at,Wanstin, silly 🤭
Oh please~ *she grunts rolling off to ground and tangling up with Jeanne in attempt to get on top of her. By now all others have stopped doing whatever they were doing, pushing all the desks and chairs away and gathering into circle, almost as if they expected this to happen, it not being the first time too bickered verbally, waiting for that time it was too much. As the two tussled, Linlin managed to lick Jeanne's ear and whisper* They're watching you, you know~
Yooooouuuuuu :D
*I wrap an arm around your neck, putting you in a form of chokehold while I look up at our fellow students* so what? much like with our grades I'll keep on outdoing you and show you who's superior *I look up again and wink confidently at them* dont worry guys, the class slut is in for a ride of a lidetime
Together! Alone... 😘
winston, winston winston.....
Get off me!~ *she yells, pushing her back a bit too hard, making Jeanne bang her head against a desk, even Linlin wincing a bit at impact and stopping for a moment, yet keeping up with taunting* Hah~ A ride you say~ Maybe I should show everyone just how much of a slut you are~
What kind of things does the Merchant sell?
Oh! There are non cum specials? I didnt know! What makes them special?
Also... if you got the money, i can sell you everything.
higher energy cost and advantage
Eeeep, everything!? 😖
(for wrestling specials, yes. For noncumtest sex specials, its extra pleasure/CO)
Everything! Well, except true love and the ability to no longer poop. Those are only given by higher powers. 😉
(I see! Thx)
I'm not a slut you bitch! *wanting revenge for the headbang I grab you by your hair and drag you down onto all fours* watch this everyone, this is what Lin and the prof do *every* night! *I hold tighter on your hair and start humping you from behind, slapping my hips against your ass while pulling back on your hair* bet she's fucking lovin' this!
Mmm, makes sense... Who doesn't want to poop though?
I mean.. Would you still have to poop, but not just be able to?
I think I need to start watching AEW lol
That'd be so cruel!
Hey everyone
True. Also hi. Also also i bet she does love it, hehe.
AEW is pretty awesome, Tay Conti is just a bonus
Gnnngh!~ Oh fuck yourself, Jeanne! *she grunts, not wanting to admit that she didn't dislike humping, even if it came from her* You're saying that, and yet you're the one with wet panties right now~ *Linlin retorts, twisting around to yank Jeanne's skirt off, not caring about the hair pull for a moment, an angry yet slightly lusty look in Linlin's eyes, deciding to pay pain with pain, spanking at her butt tills its slightly red*
Hey Kay
I remember bra and pantie matches in wwe
Did somebody say Tay Conti? :P
f-fuuckk oww! *still holding onto your hair I pull you back down onto your hands and knees. I get ontop of you, grinding my crotch against your ass while whispering in your ear* you just couldnt resist undressing me, huh slut? *I use my free hand to squeeze and slap your tits through your shirt*
Hah XD
Uh, a celeb! :D
Im out for tonight, have fun Linlin and Jeanne!
will do, cya Sav!
Of course not, silly~ You need to show off to others what a beauty is making our professors drool~ *Linlin wriggles out one and another way, trying to get out, finally managing to, but not before they clothes snag and stay with Jeanne, leaving Lin also just in underwear, her bulge visible for all* Shiiiiit~ *her eyes dart around after noticing just how she escaped*
ni ni, Sava
Sorry I couldn't let the joke go to waste :D
like magic senorita
*I stare at your bulge for a moment* so... so that's why the prof loves you some much, he likes watching your cock bounce while you eagerly bounce on his cock! *I smirk and crawl over to you, holding onto your legs before ripping off your shoes* well let's see the rest of your slutty body! *I toss your shoes to the watching classmates* they're yours now! this slut aint walking outta here with clothes on today!
Will she not show us some moves
I mean... just gotta watch dynamite or rampage for that :P
Pffft, you would think so~ *she laughs loud, grabbing Jeanne's head while she's busy tossing her shoes, and pulling it down to grind against her crotch* I'll show just how lovely it is in all your holes, silly Jeanny~ I feel I need to get as much fun as you get with the professors~
Its something different in person ^^
^^ well
Special moves!
I have seen her in person before... shes really sweet and wonderful lol
I get none with the professors! I get my grades through honest work unlike you! you get 'em tthrough your fuckable ass and dicksucking lips! *I grab a hold of your lower legs and pull them forwards, making you land on your butt right infront of me, us now face to face before I grab your hair, pull you in and whisper* dont worry, all of the students and profs here might only opt for a blowbang with you once you submit instead of pounding you silly!
Definitely a cutie
Oh really?
I would be afraid to break her :P
yes definitely a cutie indeed :D
*Linlin yelps from pain, fighting back more blindly and furiously, shoving Jeanne aside only to pull on her arm, forcibly dragging it down to her panties, and making Jeanne rub herself off through fabric* You keep saying you're being honest, but yet your panties are getting wetter and wetter. What's the matter?~
*I scoff and nod down at your throbbing cock, a visible wet spot on your panties* seems you're more needy than I am, slut! *I pull my arm free and stand up, making sure my panties are on right before readying myself for what's to come*
(just in case, Jeanne, refresh browser. Illusion fiddled with .mp4s, so there might be chance to test them and see if they got better)
You're not wrong... *she giggles, staying sitting down, stroking her girlcock through panties* But you're such an airhead you already forgot what I said - that girlcock will be getting your holes, dear~
(Is it just me or does this gif seem out of place for lwr?)
(a few T actions are, yeah, just because of lack of material
(I've been slowly fixing that
(Ahhhh, makes sense.)
(Though some will have to remain out of ring, sadly
doubt it bitch, surprised the prof hasnt decided to lock it up to keep you horny constantly. oh wait, you're a completely slut! you're always horny, he doesnt need to, does he? *I strike a confident pose and look down on you with a cocky smirk on my face* you couldnt handle me for even a minute
(Yeh. didnt think about the limited media for that ofc.)
*she stands up herself, smirking as she fixes her panties* I mean, if you're feeling slutty enough, there's always one way to test it, bitch~ Though I'm pretty sure you would be a moaning mess with me~
and what would that be? what's your lewd mind come up with now, slut? bet you just wanna sit down and jerk yourself into submission for me while you stare at my body, I know you've been staring constantly, so dont even deny it, it's been going on all year!
Maaaaaybe~ But oh no, if that cock's jerking anywhere, it's inside your tight kitty, dear~ *she grins, patting herself in groin for confidence*
you're barely keeping yourself from cumming just at the thought of getting anywhere close to my pussy! *I walk up to you and grab your cock, groping it for a moment before I take a firm hold on your panties and tear them off of you and shoving them into your mouth*
*Linlin glares at Jeanne, pushing her off, her face looking pissed as her girlcock waggles about excited, finally freed, and yet, Lin decides to take this up a notch, tossing off her bra too to stand purely nude as she spits her gag out* You're talking so much about professors losing their minds over my body, so are you, no?~ You would do anything to get at these, don't deny it~ *she smirks, groping her own tits, showing off to everyone without any shame*
*I look at you up and down and turn around, walking to the nearest table* why would I when I've got a body 10x better than yours, just like I am in everything else compared to you.
*she continues holding a fake smile, walking up to Jeanne and unceremoniously tossing her to ground, Lin's cock immediately following her down to facefuck, spreading her jaw* This should change your mind~
*I panic at the sudden change of pace, first grabbing and groping your ass while trying to shove you off, which proves incredibly ineffective as it only shoves your cock deep. so I reach up instead, groping, holding, fondling and eventually turning to slapping your breasts* mmmpphh mmppphh!!!
*she only cackles, thrusting her cock in more, watching her tits be played with* See, told you so~ Suddenly you crave them, eh?~ *she leans back, sneaking her hand under Jeanne's panties to rub about* We can trade - you can suck my tits while I'll drill your wet pussy~ Fair deal, no?~
*I finally manage to get into a position where I can shove you off* urgh! you'll fucking pay for that you bitch! *I get up, wiping some drool and precum away from my chin* it's on!
*as she gets shoved back, Lin clutches onto Jeanne's panties, dragging them off together with herself* It's on indeed~
*I shove you fully onto your back and sit down on your belly, using one hand to grope your tits and the other to jerk you off* I was only bluffing with the gangbang earlier, now I mean it! *I look back and spin on your cock a few times* I'll have that drained in no time!
*A few lustier moans finally get out of Lin, getting more and more turned on by the heat, both of her hands going for Jeanne's open entrances at same time, two fingers each at her pussy and rosebud* Just make sure you don't become into soggy melty mess beforehand, or that gangbang will need to satisfy you~
no chance of that happening! *I spin around on your belly, now jerking you off rapidly while I can now use a hand to massage your balls* ohh so full, doesnt prof let his dirty lil' cumsluts cum huh? that's cute
Mmmmgh~ *she groans, spanking and slapping against Jeanne, it taking much effort to push her off* Oh shush~ Just because I like fucking doesn't mean I'm sex crazed and do that every day like you do~
you're such a fucking liar, you're the most sex crazed slut in our class! *I get up again* and I'll prove it to everyone! *I grab your hair and pull you with me over to a wall, shoving you up against it and pinning you there with an arm to your neck while I start fingerfucking your ass hard, just watching your cock throb and drip for me* look at how needy you're getting*
NNNGH~ *she groans out, losing herself for a moment, not able to contain her composure* Fuuuuuck~ *she moans, her cock rubbing against wall, starting to throb more as she nears desiring release*
good bitch! *I pull you down onto your knees* time for you to learn your place! *I start grinding my ass against your face, trapping your head between my ass and the wall as I grind away at you* get used to it, it'll be all you do the rest of the year
*Linlin growls a bit while she's held down forced to lick, but soon opportunity presents itself, pushing Jeanne by her hips away and down, and scrambling on top off her in 69, dunking her cock while fingering her out* That's a funny one~ After we're done, you'll be begging for me to fuck your dirty mouth again~
*I squirm around below you as you stuff my throat with your cock* mmmphh mmpph mmmphh!!! *I kick off my shoes as a result of all the squirming*
*she humms a bit, slowing down her motions to instead grind her cock in* Look at you taking it so nicely~ I can always give you more if you ask, you know~
*I wrap my legs around your neck, shoving your face deep into my pussy while I grope and spread your cheeks* I'll show you! *I say after finally getting your cock out of my mouth* you'll be at my mercy soon enough *I shove three fingers into your ass, relentlessly fucking it while I grind my pussy on your face and while your hump and throb your cock against my cheek*
*while you
HMMMM~ *Linlin takes a while getting hold of Jeanne and twisting her around, moaning quite loudly for all while she gets fingerfucked, soon setting up herself in front of Jeanne, finally managing to line up to penetrate her pussy, thrusting in at pace, immediately going in and out of her, while her hands hold down Jeanne by shoulders* We'll see about that~
*I can do little to resist, but I refuse to make it easy, I wriggle around below you, making sure you work for it as you pound my pussy* we'll see me make you submit, slut!
*Realizing she's getting close, and not wanting to give Jeanne satisfaction of making her cum first, Linlin quickly pulls out only to drop down and go wild on Jeanne's pussy, slurping her up, nibbling on her clit, tonguefucking her, the whole suite of things just to make her moan and succumb to lust*
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Resisted!
aawww, have you finally become a good lil' pussy worshipper? good girl! *I wrap my thighs around your head and grab the back of your head, shoving you deeper down*
*I look into your eyes with a confident smirk and let go of you, shoving you onto your belly* time to show how it's really done! *I shove two fingers into your ass, fucking you with them mercilessly, going as deep as they can go while rapidly jerking your cock* time to cum, bitch!
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Came!
Nnnnngh!~ *she tried her best, but Linlin eventually is forced to admit Jeanne's endurance, forced to cum first, her cock throbbing wild in Jeanne's hand before spurting out on the floor, her loud moans turning into whimpers as she erupts* Fuuuuuck~
*she lies down on floor breathing heavily, needing time to recover from her lengthy orgasm*
*I let go of your cock and grab you by your hair, pulling you up onto all fours and making you crawl backwards* clean it up, bitch! *I shove your face into the cum puddle you made, fingers sttill buried deep in your ass and still fucking it mercilessly*
*she cries out as she's showed in the floor, moaning and sobbing loudly as she's rubbed all over the floor, momentarily losing any speck of composure, not getting the break she needed*
*I smile, laugh at you and add a fourth finger to your ass as I keep fucking it* awww you dont want it to stop do you? you're such a cute little buttslut!
(goddammit game
(making me flip coins
redrew a set of actions
*it takes her quite a while, but finally she gets off and shoves Jeanne away. Her face looks ruined, her make up dripped off and mixed in with heavy layer of cum, but all of that just lights another fire in her, dropping Jeanne back down on ground and yet again going all out for her pussy, even less moderate this time, her teeth not just nibbling clit but also grazing pussy lips gently while her tongue rapidly explores every single corner that her womanhood can offer* You'll pay for this~
is resisting cumming (94% chance of cum) => Came!
*I try to push you away, grab your hair and pull you off, but the pleasure's far too great, I do manage to get a hold of your hair, but I can barely do anything to resist, I only end up pulling you into it* f-fuuckk n-nooo!!! *I moan out, loudly as my thighs wrap around your head, trapping you there* aaaaahhh cummiiiinngg!!! *I cum hard into your mouth as my legs tremble and my eyes roll back* f-fuckk *I lie panting before you as I continue to ride through it*
*as she leans back to admire her work, her grin would look very intimidating if not for the sorry state rest of her face is, Linlin grabbing her cock to to jerk a few times and point it towards Jeanne's sex* Oh I'll make you cum and cum and cum some more, dear~ You'll be very sorry for what you just did to me~
fuck off... slut... you dont have a chance! *I say, still laying on the floor, panting and absentmindedly rubbing my clit*
*she rolls Jeanne's body about, thrusting into her while she lays down on her stomach* Nobody asked your opinion~ Just take the pounding that you don't even deserve~ *she grunts out as she shows no remorse in her thrusts, their bodies clapping against each other with how rough she is*
redrew a set of actions
redrew a set of actions
*I smirk as I look up at you* I'll take it, you just pound the pussy you cant even handle! here, I'll give you a bigger chance even *I wink and start rubbing my clit for you as you pound my tight pussy, letting you watch me fondle my breasts and rub my clit while I moan* cum for me, bitch, show who's better
is resisting cumming (77% chance of cum) => Came!
Ffffffuck..... I'll----- I'll.... *Linlin stammers, Jeanne's ministrations making it hard for Linlin to concentrate, feeling her climax approach* I'll show you-----
FUCK!~ MMMMMMMGH! *she suddenly thrusts in much deeper, no longer able to hold out, flopping down on Jeanne exhausted and letting out one continuous groan as Jeanne's pussy is spurt by spurt given a generous creampie, absolutely filling her up*
(awww~ there she goes!)
*I let out a loud moan, edging hard as you filly my pussy to the brim with cum* oohhh fuuckkk
*Linlin pants on top of Jeanne's body, completely unable to move, dumb look matching her messy face, having cum her brains out for some time*
(GG :D)
*I gently push you off and onto your back* I start putting on my clothes again before grabbing a marker* time to give what I promised *I put you on your belly writing "free use" above your ass "use me" on your cheeks. I pull your hair to check lenght before writing "pull right where your hair ends"
*I then put you back onto your back
writing "whore" on your face, you mouth being the O
"pinch" and pull" above your breasts with circles around your nipples
"useless" above your cock*
come bitch
I made a promise
*I grab you by your hair and lead you out into the hallway* come on, anyone wanting to participate comes with us
*she tries resisting at start, not standing up, but a few sharper tugs get her to move, dreading what's about to come*
no! you crawl! *I spank your ass and wait til you get down on all fours*
you should know your place by now...
*she grumbles and pouts, but complies, dropping down to crawl*
*we start walking through the more populated hallways* free to use slut right here! free use slut! use her as you please!
(fin or do ya wanna be gangbanged by the audience?)
(it do be an offer, but maybe another time. Would like to squeeze in one more game tonight before sleep)
(alrighty, GG!)
(yep. Maybe LWR is your calling after all :P
(0-2 in LWR, 5-4 overall
(indeed, well, gotta bounce, cya around, buttslut Nympho)
(hope ya all enjoyed the show

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