Destiny VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (68 turns)

The televised shower tiebreaker of Destiny and Linlin

Filmed hidden cam style in a communal shower, both girls being 2-2 (1-1 in Hentai), a pecking order needs to be finally established

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I'll quickly finagle something as title, one moment
no worries~
*Steals lasso back to use as rope later*
/remove my pants
/remove my top
/remove my panties
/remove my bra
/remove my socks
/remove their top
/remove their pants
/remove their panties
/remove their bra
/remove their socks
(it's showers after all, not much sense being clothed (then again, hentai doesnt care much
(true, to both of those things~)
(still, make a single redraw to be in our new clothing state, then I'll switch rp mode off
(if you have anything to add to title/desc, feel free
(anything else to discuss outside of that
how dare you! but okay~
(dont remember if we do dice rules or not
(think we do. 3 turn limit, max of 3 attacks)
(kay kay)
Hi Folks! I believe in ya Des~!
(if nothing else, am ready)
(i am as well, want to kick us off?)
Hey Gale, thank you! 😘
(can do
*Linlin been waiting for this for quite a while. She and Destiny had a lot of good memories between the two, going back and forth at each other, always feisty, always lovely to each other after match, and today was not to be any different, even if there was a touch of added stakes in the fact that omebody was going to (temporarily) come out on top. So the two arranged a match in one local gym's showers, Linlin knowing full well that its owner had a set of cameras hidden all over the place so that it wasn't just the two of them having fun* You know, Destiny, starting out a fight naked does rile one's mind up from get go, doesn't it?~ *she giggles, stretching out before her partner, Lin's girlcock already hard, her breasts jiggling at Destiny*
*While the showers wasn't the first place that I thought of for having our tiebreaker, the more I thought about it the better feeling I had about it. There'd be no need for clothes, or any sort of formalities. They could get down to all the fun and dirty stuff right away, which is what I absolutely preferred. Standing against the wall under one of the shower heads, I'm leaning on the wall with my arms under my chest as the water pours down my body. Legs crossed, letting your eyes wander over my soaking body as I push my breasts up before giggling back.* Mhm.. it sure does. And with all the cameras around here.. knowing people can be watching from anywhere adds an extra thrill to it... You ready to tango babe?
*Linlin giggles, stepping out forward to middle of place, holding onto her cock as she points it at Destiny, her other hand pointing down* If you don't mind dancing kneeling with my girlcock in your mouth - totally~ *she giggles, not passing up a chance to taunt her partner a bit, drooling just a touch at her gorgeous body*
enjoy the show ;)
(lol I tabbed over right in time to get hit in the face with that)
(is that a bad thing, Ruck?)
let's see what's happening AHH!!
the night is young...
Hello ruck, destiny, lin, gale
(hey nagu~)
*I take two steps over to you, licking my lips as I see your hard girlcock and your demand for me to suck. My gaze meets your eyes, as I raise an eyebrow.* Well.. I could do that... But..! *I reach out and grab your arms, spinning us around before I push you back against the wall, holding your arms above your head.* I have a better idea.. *With a look up to the camera, I wink before turning back to face you. Out from the wall, you feel your wrists get chained against the wall, holding you in place. I take a few steps back and rest my hands on my hips, admiring the handiwork of myself with a liiitle help from the owner.*
(1 of 3)
They showed you this?! *Lin looks surprised, eyes wide as she tugs back trying to escape* I'll..... no... Can't get pissed at that... *she chuckles out, feeling her cock twitch even more at this momentary helplessness, wondering how Destiny will tease her while she struggles*
I.. may of had to do some extra persuading to figure that little trick out.. *I slowly raise my hands above my hair, running it through my hair as I step back under the shower head. As the water rains down my body, I slowly turn around and bend over facing away from you. The water coming straight down onto my ass as I very slowly shake and twerk for you, mindlessly humming to myself.*
*Linlin can't help but stare at Destiny's wiggling, straining hard against wall with no luck, her cock visibly throbbing wanting to get that ass, nympho's face flushing in bright red and contorting in expressions showing her great need* Deeeeeeeees~
(never has there been a move better set up than this one)
*I look over my shoulder back at you, a blush sweeping across my face as I stare with a lust filled gaze. With another cocky eyebrow raise, my hands reach back and pull my cheeks apart, spreading my folds for you as I'm shaking my hips from side to side even slower now.* Yeeeeesssss?~
(we live for moments like these)
*Linlin strains even harder against her shackles, Destiny doing exactly the right thing to drive the nympho crazy, those shackles finally letting go as an internal clock ticks away, Lin lurching onto ground on her fours from momentum, head lifted to continue staring*
*As you fall onto your hands and knees, I slowly stand up straight before spinning around to face you. Running my hands through my hair, before starting to just run them all over my body, I look down and can't help but giggle.* You all good down there?
Turn 9: Linlin already on her knees, staring up needfully at Destiny
sounds exactly right
*Lin grrrrrrrs at Destiny now being the one forward with taunting, and her temper breaks for a moment, lurching forward with her knee going right for pinkhead's crotch, toppling them both down on floor* Better now, thanks for asking~
Hey everyone
what's with tha- OWWWWW FUCK! *I'm immediately dropping to my knees, both hands cupping my sex as I'm wincing in pain. A couple of tears dripping down my face in the mixture from the shower as I look down at you.* For fuck sakes... you didn't need to do that!.. I'm sorry, let me make it up to you... *Tentatively I reach one hand out, wrapping itself around the tip of your girlcock as I shift myself closer to you. Leaning my head in, I place a few pecks on your tip before I envelop it in my mouth. Slowly bobbing my head while my hand slides up and down.*
hey hey Sheena~
*That almost immediately relaxes Lin's mood, her anger dissipating quickly as her girlcock stops throbbing too, only occassionally twitching a bit as she licks over one or other spot* Sorry~ Just couldn't hold out myself.... But you were so..... Nnngh~ Poundable, right there......
hi sheena
Hey again, Dawn
(Sheena, tell me your free on one of my two days off coming up)
(She might be tomorrow. I don't mind giving up my spot if her other partner doesnt show up, if it's to see you two together)
Sorry, maybe went a biiit too far on the teasing. *I say giggling as I pull my lips off you for a moment, rubbing my cheek against your shaft, almost nuzzling it. This time, I let my tongue do all the work, letting it slowly run wild all around the head as I stare softly and lovingly into your eyes.*
Oh don't worry~ *Linlin smirks as she leans down, her body pressing in on top of Destiny's back as she continues licking, Lin's breasts smushing in and grinding against it while her hands lurch for the other rack, groping and kneading them, twisting about as she fondles them* We're only beginning after all~
M-mmm.. that is true... *As much as I'm enjoying you playing with my chest, the moaning that comes out of my mouth proving as much, I want to be in control still. Grabbing onto your hands, I pull them above our heads before I roll us over with you on your back. Pressing my rack against yours, I shift myself up your body so I can pin your girlcock down with my sex. Shivering slightly at the feeling, I slowly start to grind away on you as I plant kisses all along over your face.* Such a long way to go.. so many things to do..
(Some stuff came up with work so it’s gonna be a late night for me tomorrow, not sure if/when I’ll be on for a game tomorrow :/ )
(ahh, bummer. :/ If you're not too tired when you get home I'd love to. If not, I'm sure we can work something out~)
(Of course! I should have some time this weekend as well!)
(we could maaaybe do Friday, Saturday is a no go cause I'm starting my promotion next week, and it's all super early shifts XD)
*If Destiny was shivering, Linlin was almost shaking from the grinding, her girlcock practically begging to slide in as it once again starts throbbing right against Destiny's womanhood* I see.... mmhhh~ you're pulling no stops for today, eh?~ 'fuuuuuck' Well, I won't either~ *Lin adds, her hands wrapping bout Destiny's legs, and sitting up with her own legs spread wide so that now Destiny is on the tiled floor on her back, Lin's feet then wrapping back towards her partner, smothering her face in to force her to lick them* Gonna be a good girl for me?~
(ooh, gratz on that, even if work hours shift)
(thank you! 😊)
(Congrats Destiny! I’ll check and see what I’ve got going on Friday!)
(hey Aleph!~)
(Heya Aleph
(Hey hey everyone.~)
*popping back in* congrats on promotion!
hehe, thanks Ruck!~
(apparently to "Lin's foot-licker")
(shush you!)
(don't you got an ass to be taming?!)
she's in bondage, it's
*checks roll*
oops, gotta go
(that's what i thought~)
*I shake my head 'no', but before I open my mouth to rebuttal, I'm on my back with your feet right in my face. Turning my head to side, my hands reach up to yours as our fingers interlock.* I said I'd make it up to you! B-but I've got a better way to do it.. *I scoot up to my knees for a moment, elbows pushing my breasts together as they swallow your girlcock. With another wink, I pull you ontop of me once more, but keeping your shaft wrapped up in my chest.*
Awfully jealous of Lin rn ;)
(just think of it as a *maybe* preview of our stream 😘)
Hehe i will 😏
*Lin giggles, accepting her invitation to titjob, grasping her chest and thrusting through it a few times, before deciding to go more devious, grabbing Destiny's hands instead and pushing them wide, Lin lunging forward to jam her girlcock right in other girl's mouth, going as deep as she can to make her gag and choke on it, before turning it more into face fuck, wanting it to be fully drenched and ready for action* Why thanks, Destiny~ Surely it's a better way~ *she adds in sarcastic tone*
oh no
did maintenance eat your message?
(the connect/disconnect)
(I don't think so)
(coincided perfectly with server going to it's daily maintenance
(ah, good then
(carry on :P
*There was the chance that something like this could happen, but as soon as Lin shoved her girlcock right down my mouth as I'm forced to gag and choke on it before she begins thrusting. Thankfully, by this time I've grown more accustomed to it, so I'm more than happy to moan and gargle on it just to spur both of us on. After awhile, I slip my hands free from your grasp and slide out from under you. Gently pushing you down face first onto the floor, I sit on your lower back and grab both of your legs softly. This time, I lean in and run my tongue the length of your foot, before swapping to the other.*
Hehe lots of foot play this game ;)
*Lin's legs immediately start flailing, making her girlcock grind against floor as she wiggles about and laughs in glee, showing herself ticklish, taking a moment to compose herself and get mind back in sexfight* Stoooop, Deeees~ Stoooooop~ *she moans out in between laughs, her hands going to snap, animating a couple showerheads to leap and tie themselves about Destiny's bundles, hopefully trapping her for a moment as Lin soon is returning the favor, spidering over Destiny's feet*
(snap fingers*)
*as you clap your hands, I'm shocked that the other showerheads not only flicker on and off, but they also move and look to wrap me up! Thankfully, with your adjusting they fall beside us before reeling back into their resting spots.* That... I didn't know they could do that... *Snapping back to face you, I grab onto your arms and push you back onto the floor as I pin you down once more. Once again, grinding away ontop of your girlcock but this time with more enthsuiasm* A-almost had me there..
(now if only I can roll that well for the rest of my life, that would be great~)
*But Lin's prepared for a pin this time, managing to slip and overpower Destiny this time as two once again roll about, girlcock once again going in and out at a rough pace against Destiny's mouth, Lin slightly moaning from how smooth her lips feel* Oh just shush and suck~ Forgot how loudly they rattle, warning you off too soon~ Will have to rely on other spells instead~
Looking a lil tired, Destiny….
*I don't even have the time to utter a response, before we're rolled about and I'm forced to take your girlcock down my throat once more. Any sounds or words I try to say come out a gargled incoherent mess before sooner or later I'm just moaning around your length. With a snap of my fingers, I try the same trick as you, the showerheads coming to life and working their way inbetween us. Only.. they just decide to rub aimlessly against our sex, my lack of control over the spell in clear effect.*
(mhm.. for now..)
*peeks and watches the action*
hey Zach~
I wonder, Destiny... why struggle?~ This ain't too bad, is it?~ *Lin asks her in curious tone, slowing down her facefuck just a bit as her eyes flash in dull pink, staring directly in Destiny's as she's not able to look away due to a certain member holding her face upright* Give people the view that they want to see~ Be my little cocksleeve for just a moment~
(damnit, curse you good dice luck!)
*as my eyes are forced to look into those pink eyes, I find my mind wandering to... the idea of just being your cocksleeve for the moment. I glance up at the many cameras looking down at us, and the thought of just laying here like this is just... too compelling.*
*Linlin chuckles as she senses Destiny's struggle going away for a moment, pulling out to just slowly stroke inches above her face, other hand holding head down so she cannot reach for it* Want it back in you?~ What do you say if you want to get it, sweet Destiny?~
*As you pull out and mockingly start stroking yourself inches away from my face, I feel... empty. Why did she pull it away?* P-Pleaseeee fuck me LinLin.. I-I... I need you...
Plot twist: Destiny wasn’t hypnotized, she just loveees Lins cock
(unrelated, it IS really good)
(Hehe trust me dear, I know. I’ve had my fair share of Lincock lol)
Ehhh?~ *Lin's stroking hand reaches back for Destiny's clit, rubbing about it before pinching it, Lin's girlcock smacking wetly right into her partner's face as it's not held back* Are you really so horny you're begging for me to fuck you?~ Please - tell me that again~
(can't wait to see how you compare 😘)
Heya Rey
(That so?... Hm, I must try some soon.)
and lol
Lincock XD
I’ll try my best to “fill” the void she leaves ;)
And I’d highly recommend, Aleph 10/10
*I nod my head frantically, even as I wince as your girlclock just smacks my nose and the rest of my face. I'm shivering under your the touch of your hand, back arching up as my legs spread themselves wide for you, the pleasure of what you're doing driving my thoughts as I slowly come back to.* Oh for fuck sakes LinLin... Of COURSE I want you to fuck me! I neeeeed you!
I see, I see...
You heard that, viewers?! Look at what needy mess Destiny is~ *she giggles, not realizing that her outburst was natural one, not hypnotized, slowly crawling about to be before her partner, head diving in without a worry about getting crushed by her thighs, slowly licking about her clit, focused on just it like she had sole purpose only, soon her teeth gliding about to increase the thrill* Such a lovely cutie that I'll recommend her everytime~
*I'm shivering again as Lin finally starts to give me what I asked for. My hips bucking against her awaiting tongue like crazy, as one hand cups my breasts as I can easily feel myself start to slip back into the haze of pleasure. I don't bother responding to her words, instead, with my other hand I shift us to our sides and pull her hips closer to my head. Leaning my head in I just plant kisses all along your shaft and the head of your girlcock, basically worshipping it.*
hi aleph
*gives a big ol hug*
*Lin smirks, grateful for Destiny going gentle, teasing her up just right for what she has next in mind, standing up, grabbing Destiny by her armpits to also get her up, and then press into wall, her kitty getting prodded gently as something bucks against it, wanting to enter* Well, you were begging so nicely, so I'll go slow at start~ *she smiles, leaning in to kiss Destiny passionately, hands wrapping about for a hug, her girlcock driving upwards to pierce Destiny's sex, grinding slowly along its walls, lighting it up ablaze bit by bit, Lin feeling herself throb too as she does so*
(never get tired of this gif)
(look at that happy face)
(and even a pinkhead, just like Destiny
(it works almost too well)
Hehe I’ve always had a bit of a weakness for pinkheads 😜
*My arms wrap themselves around you, flicking my hair out of the way before my mouth hangs open in a wordless moan as you finally work your girlcock inside my folds. Thrust after thrust, I cling onto you as I'm moaning into your ear, before suddenly leaping up and wrapping my legs around you as well. You stumble onto your back, before I gently push you down onto your back as I'm sitting on your chest with you buried fully inside me.*
(good to know 😚)
*Lin squeals out as Destiny takes charge, moaning more frequently as she sits and grinds about, but that's not enough to fully wipe her composure, and Lin soon goes for a very unorthodox technique, pulling Destiny forwards to facesit on top of nympho, licking and kissing at her cunny as she does so, deciding to fight fully from bottom for a moment* We're..... destined to always end up horny for each other, eh?~ *Lin cant help but chuckle, going for a cheesy pun*
(I had to, Destiny
(you could say it was my...... destiny to do so *somewhere in distance jazzy music and YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH plays out*)
(oh god damnit)
(puns over now
(it's okay 😂)
(if anyone's forgotten by now - )
(we already had a Yakety Sax reference in the other game, so don't worry, you folks are making the CURRENT references)
(shut up Ruck! not helping!)
(CSI Miami is NOT current
(sorry Ruck
time flies
*I groan and roll my eyes at your cheeky pun, but that groan is soon turning into moans as you go to work on my folds once more with that mouth of yours. I grab onto your head for a few moments, just content to grind away ontop of you. But after awhile, I need to take change things up. Pulling myself away from your mouth, I'm rolling over inbetween your legs before wrapping my lips fully around the head of your girlcock. As I stare directly into your eyes, I start bobbing up and down, taking your whole length in my mouth over and over again.*
(it sure does)
*And now it's Lin's turn to make this into 69, muffling her moans in Destiny's pussy, breathing right into it as she starts yet again licking about her clit* Fuck~ Destiny~ Can you do something not perfectly?~
damn I’m only like 6 months older than csi Miami 😳
*with my mouth too busy sucking you off, I can only shake my head and gargle out an incoherrent mess, which you assume is 'no'. I continue to suck away, pulling away for a moment to look and watch as your precum leaks out of the tip and down onto the shower floor, before I'm back to sucking you earnestly.*
Nnnnnghh~ Sorry, I need to, Des.... *Lin moans out, her lust taking over her body as she suddenly lurches up and quickly rolls Destiny about on her stomach, clambering behind her to jam her girlcock deep down in Destiny, pinning her down with whole body as Lin's boobs smush hard into her partner's back, Lin starting to go with slow but powerful thrusts* Take me, dear~
*There's no protest to what happens, I'm just rolled over onto my back as you mount my back, moaning and huffing out in pleasure as you thrust deep, slow, and hard inside.* Oh, fuck.. fuuuck... so... fucking... good... *I look around at the cameras, and instinctively clap my hands once more. The showerheads come to life again, this time wrapping themselves around your arms and legs as they hoist you in the air in a standing spread eagle. Very slowly I push myself up to my knees, opening my mouth and taking your girlcock once more in my mouth as I suck.*
(2 out of 3)
*Lin grins at Destiny, a mischievous smile appearing in her face as she snapped her fingers at the same time, masking noise she made with Destiny's clap, letting herself get sucked, watching how another, smaller and much more narrow shower head, almost fully round, slowly slinks along floor and lurches forward for Destiny's kitten, plunging deep into it, Lin snapping her fingers again so that her bindings wringle off her and now place Destiny in spread eagle, in perfect view for one of camera's to show all the action and Destiny's face as she endures that* Think that trick doesn't work for either of us
is resisting cumming (51% chance of cum) => Came!
*flitting back in* Yakety Sax is... 1960s? It's all relative :)
(I would like to make VERY clear that I do not remember, nor was I anywhere near alive in, the 1960s)
(but thats immortal
*my eyes shoot wide open as I feel a unexpected, almost phallic like object quickly plunged into my pussy. I'm loudly moaning around your girlcock, desperate to try and pull away but I'm quickly binding on my hands and knees with my head pressed into your crotch. The binding guides me back and forth, forcing me to deepthroat LinLin over and over, and work the showerhead in and out of me. All of it is too much for me and after a few moments a stifled but loud moan escapes as I'm left writhing in my binds, cumming hard from the sensation.*
(no, yep
(note to self - dont involve shower heads and.... whatever the word for their cords is (english why you fail me)... in spells)
I'd take "cord"
no special word I know of
(yeah I think it's just cord)
Shower cords is the word, I believe.
ah well
What would you call it?
Shower hose?
(shower hose works too)
thats the word
....No wait that's the top of the shower thing.
thats nozzle, no?
or head
Never described shower heads before.
*As I'm coming down from my high, mercifully the binds seem to take pity on me and quickly untangle me just as fast as they tied me up. I collapse on my chest for a moment, catching my breath as I ride out the rest of my orgasm.* F-fucking... christ... never... showering here.... again... maybe. *Very slowly, and on wobbly legs, I push myself to my feet as I tirelessly can only run my hands up and down your body, still trying to regain my composure.*
*Lin cant help but chuckle, herself sitting down to take her own rest at the same time, appreciative of Destiny's rubbing* And here I thought it's a competitive advantage for a business to have shower that gets you clean and off~
W-well... that doesn't sound bad I s-suppose... *I quickly shake my heads as I'm losing focus.* W-we can talk about that later... for now.. *I wrap my arms around your neck, before gently pulling you down to the ground in a seated position. Gently scooting us so your back is pressed against the wall, I impale my sex on your girlcock, before slowly grinding once your fully inside me. My head resting against yours as I whisper in your ear.* F-fuck... come on Lin... I need you to cum... fill me up... *I slowly start to bounce up and down while hugging you tightly.*
is resisting cumming (78% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Nnnnnnghhhh~ Fuck~ Des~ Mmmgh~ *Lin squirms about, feeling herself pushed more and more to edge* Stoooooop~ Aghhhhhhh~ Mmmmmgh~ *it takes her a lot of willpower to shake it off, her hands and legs squeezing Destiny in spot to stop her from bouncing and grinding, hugging back just as tight* I-I-I.... won't~ Nooooo~
*At this point, I'm too lost in the pleasure of everything. I pull my head away for a moment only to rest my forehead against yours, before capturing your lips in a firey kiss. The feeling of your hands all over my body due to little to spur me on, as I don't even care if you cum or not. I just want to ride you.*
Hiya meow=^・ω・^=
*Lin continues crying out in joy and tension, tears forming up as she strains herself hard not to cum, her girlcock by now throbbing almost as intense as a vibrator, Lin showing Destiny off hard to rest, her need to explode more than visible for everyone, Lin not even daring to put her hands on it to calm down, feeling that almost any touch will set it off*
(hey cassy and steev!~)
(hey D~)
(hey folk I missed out on saying hey)
(hi Lin)
*I cry out as I'm shoved off, body shivering as I feel as if I'm denied from even feeling you. I look to the cameras, around the shower with a big stupid grin on my face before my gaze falls across the showerheaded dildo from earlier. I quickly grab it and shove it directly in my folds, working and twisting it in and out as I look back over to you.* Fuuuuuuck....
*Linlin pants in her end of room, watching Destiny with great lust, knowing that if she walks over to her, she'll have no chance, deciding to fight from distance, another snap of fingers waking up other showerheads, but this time, instead of binding her partner, they start dancing just about her body, water sprayed in intervals right at her sensitive spots, tickling and rousing her up as she works that dildo-like showerhead inside her, it also letting out a couple jets of water tease her up*
(funny how both get cumtests with bondage hooked on it
(least its final from you too
(Well you could just enjoy the ride~)
*I roll over onto my back, spreading my legs wide open for you as I keep working the dildo in and out, not even minding the sprays of water that occassionally hit me. As I look up at you, lust the only desire you see in my eyes, with my free hand I snap my fingers and the shower cords slowly pull you up into the air and wrapping themselves around your limbs. The nozzles turn into dildos of their own, one working its way into your mouth as the other works into your ass as they both work in and out of you.* C-cum for me Liiinn.. p-pleaseeeee
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
*The moment first tenta---showerhose reached Linlin, she was already moaning and groaning, her girlcock busily spraying out spurt after spurt of cum down on floor, at first moaning loudly, before being shut tight by one of heads spitroasting her, this making her orgasm even bigger and longer, making Lin feel quite weak after cumming, feeling she might not endure as much as she usually can*
(3 out of 3 btw, though it's obvious xD)
*I smile and laugh loudly, closing my eyes and enjoying the double shower I'm getting. I stretch my arms and legs and enjoy what's happening, opening my mouth to even catch some of your load in my mouth. Finally after your long orgasm, I roll over to my feet and step over to you, pulling the dildo out of your mouth and replace it with my lips, giving you a taste of the two of us.*
*Lin groans out just for a moment, as she's suddenly snowballed and forced to swallow, her eyes going wide at Destiny's boldness, unable to respond at all as her rear continues to get pounced upon, shaking her body wild*
(I'll skip next turn as my second
(stupid mouse slip as I grab it
*I drop down onto my knees, wrapping both hands around your shaft as I run my tongue up and down it, before nuzzling my cheek against your tip. Just wanting to touch you.*
*Lin moans out louder, still feeling sensitive down under* Destiny....... Break.... Need... rest~
*I just keep giving your shaft pecks and licks all over, while my hand slides down my body and starts rubbing at my clit, before working a finger between my folds.* B-but... I can't get enough of you..
(think it's been over 3 turns anyways.)
(but nice 6)
(due to my mouse slip, there was one turn still
(accidentally hit action when I shouldnt have
Nnnngh~ *she finally gets enough sense in her mind to take over Destiny's spell, snapping fingers to make all the shower heads go limp and let her free, Lin falling almost right in her partner's clutches as two hug each other, Lin's girlcock soon finding its target and once again grinding against Destiny's walls, Lin wincing and moaning slightly*
So do I, Destiny... So do I~
(ahhh, gotcha gotcha)
*my legs wrap themselves around your back as you not only fall ontop of me, but your girlcock entering my sex once more. One arm clings around your neck, while the other scoops up remaining bits of your first orgasm into my eager and moaning mouth.* Fuck fuck fuck... so good.. don't stop... please don't stop...
Oh?~ What is this now here? Am I some sort of good samaritan to follow your plea?~ *Lin smirks, pulling out while Lin wrenches her neck out free, leaning down to lick about at Destiny's pussy* Besides~ It still be a tiebreaker - don't think I've forgotten that and am giving up to you~
(ah yes... I see I'm a bit worked up XD
('Lin while Lin' XD )
I mean, yeah.. *I push myself away from you before gently pushing you to your back. With my foot I run my sole up and down your shaft as I pout at you.* You can't blame me for getting lost in the pleasure, can you?~
No, I guess I can't~ *Lin grins, sitting up just for a moment as she reaches for Destiny's head, wanting to replace her foot with something more pleasurable, forcing her down on the teased girlcock, making her gag on it* Think we're both beyond point of horny~
*I bob my head a few times on your girlcock, proving your point as my tongue swirls around your tip. Breaking away for a moment, I wrap your shaft between my breasts as I bounce them up and down your shaft. Even going as far as letting my tongue flick against your head after each bounce.* Y-you can say that again..~
*Lin nods, her face once again betwixt between pleasure and want to resist, her mind lost in lust once again for a moment as she reaches for one of dildo-like showerheads, starting to slowly work it in her own ass* Funny how you brought a strapon and never even donned it, it still waiting lazily at edge of room.....
(quick note: in 15 minutes will have 15 minute long work meet, then will be ready to continue ;) )
*I look over at the strapon, eyes wide and blushing like crazy.* Oh god... L-look I was totally gonna use it... but after I won... speaking of.. *Seeing as you're distracted by fucking yourself, I take the opportunity to pounce into your lap once more, burying you fully inside me as I start to ride you once more.*
(sounds good!)
is resisting cumming (70% chance of cum) => Came!
(will pause now juuuuust in case)
(oh, I'm not off till 12 mins from now
(oh, well nevermind then!)
*Lin curses at herself at first, not believing how she played herself like a child, but as soon as Destiny seats on her, Lin melts in her hold, figuring out 'ah fuck it, why do I even resist', wanting everything that Destiny can offer her, moaning out loud, hugging her tight and leaning low so that she can motorboat pinkhead's bosom, screaming out her emotions right in between her tits as she feels herself cumming deep in her partner*
*As I feel you shoot rope after rope of your cum inside my folds, that just spurs me on more and more to ride faster and harder. I'm hugging you tightly right back, moaning softly while whispering back into your ear.* Oh my fuck... so good.. so fucking good Lin... you're so fucking perfeeeeect.*
*Lin can't answer with her face being deep in Destiny's cleavage, so she just nods up and down between her tits, continuing her loud, albeit muffled, moans, trying to buck back up to keep up the fight, feeling herself unable to continue her offensive, one hand reaching out to brush Destiny's hair, Lin looking up to her with puppy eyes, showing that she's no longer fighting*
*I slowly start to wind the pace of myself down, stopping when your fully inside me. I lean back, pulling my chest out of your face as I smile down at you.* Guess that means I win, huh?
*Lin nods yet again, another spurt of cum confirming her nods, Lin yelping out another moan as she finds it hard to form words for a moment, her mouth agape to rest about*
(right, now meet, dont click ending yet just to be safe we dont get booting shenanigans
(yeah, don't worry wasn't going to. See you in 15~)
(aaaand, i can't pause)
(yeah, cant pause after last orgasm)
(hope you don't get kicked xD)
(well, you can write in your line to be ready when I'm back)
(dodododo, making sure the room doesn't go idle dodododo)
(okay, said my piece in meeting, unless I get pulled for question, should be able to split attention)
(sounds good!)
*I give your forehead a big ol kiss, before unwrapping myself from you and standing up straight. Your girlcock falling in your lap as your cum drips down my inner thigh. I extend an arm out to you, wanting to help you stand.* Now, about not using the strapon I brought.. you okay to face stand and face the wall?
*Lin happily accepts her arm, standing up, lurching to hug into her for a moment, whispering a quiet 'thanks', as she then turns about and bends over at 90 degrees, wiggling her butt, her girlcock leaning down and clapping left and right against her thighs, Lin looking back with a grin* Do it~
Quick fly by, well done Dest 😁💋
now that's a pfp, Day :P
Mhm very me~
we need someday to rectify the fact our last game was two months ago...
(thank you Day 💋)
*I press my body against yours for a moment, giving you a big ol kiss before breaking away. Slowly walking over, I grab the 8 inch blue strap, pulling it up my legs and fastening it over my sex. Walking back, I gently place my hands on your hips, before running the tip up your and down your pussy, then switching to your rosebud.* Where do you want it babe~?
*Lin shivers as she feels herself teased up and poked up* Anywhere, Destiny, anywhere~ If I can have a request--- *Lin reaches out for Destiny's hands, leading them to palm Lin's breasts and grope them tight, Lin moaning out just from touch alone* ---Hold me down here~
*I nod my head, leaning in and pressing my lips right against your ear.* Absolutely... *As asked, my hands gently squeeze your breasts, happily palming the two beautiful things as with my hips I slowly guide the tip of the strap against your pussy. Slowly but surely, I work all eight inches in, letting you get used to the feeling, before I inch back a bit and thrust. Inch back and thrust, setting a slow rhythm.*
*Destiny can feel nympho's knees buckle a bit as she gets slowly filled, but her arms hold her out without falling, a long gasp and moan making all air escape her as she takes it in both physically and mentally, groaning out another slow 'thaaaaaaaaaaanks' as Destiny starts going back and forth. Once she feels a bit more firm on her feet, one of Lin's hands reaches for Destiny's, guiding her to start fondling her about, tugging and pressing her tit in circular motion with pressing and releasing it to and from her body*
*Nibbling on your earlobe gently between my teeth, I start palming your chest with a bit more force. With my fingers I manage to capture your nipples between them, rolling and even pinching them as I grope your chest. My hips start to buck into you with more rhythm, as my body leans forwards to press my own chest against your back.*
Nnnnngh~ Perfect even now~ Not a tiniest regretting getting myself in this position~ Aghhhhhhhh~ *Lin barely has her mind right, being teased and pleased from multiple sides and angles, ear nibbles making her shiver, groping making her bounce back, while Destiny's thrusts make Lin moan loud, desiring more, all while her girlcock continues swinging up and down, throbbing as it slaps about Lin's body*
*I bury myself fully inside your pussy for a moment, breathing into your ear as I try and catch my breath.* L-let me know when you get close, okay? *One hand leaves your breast for a moment, tilting your head to face me as I give your lips a soft, but loving kiss as I pull the strap out of your sex. The hand on your cheek decends down to the shaft of the strap, aiming it up as I press it against your ass. With care, I slowly work the tip in. Like before, I pull a little out and then thrust back in, more and more each time.*
Mhm~ *Lin humms as she's turned for a kiss, stopping for a moment as her kitty getts abandoned, only to immediately kiss more heated as she feels Destiny poke at other entrance, gasping right in her face as she gets penetrated, mewling out in their kiss as she feels Destiny work herself deeper, Lin nodding in her kiss, her girlcock lurching forward hard, still throbbing a bit*
*I find myself nodding along with you, not wanting to break off from the kiss for any moment. My tongue invades your mouth as it dances around yours, my hand rejoining the other on your chest as it resumes cupping, groping, fondling your magnificent breasts. My hips slowly begin to pick up pace, thrusting into your ass deeper and with more force each time.*
*Lin keeps letting out moan after moan right into Destiny's mouth as two keep kissing with all their passion, Lin trying to match up her tongue movements to how Destiny moves about her mouth, Lin feeling herself throb more and more with each thrust as she bounces back, tapping Destiny's hand after about 5-7 minutes, indicating that she is getting close, her ass gripping that strapon tighter, making it harder to escape her*
*Feeling the tapping on my hand, I pull off from the kiss and rest my forehead against yours, looking lovely into your eyes before giving your lips another soft peck. My hands leave your breasts for a moment to your hips, as I pull the strap out of your ass for the time being.* N-Now.. thank you for letting me know... I have.. a question for you.. How do you want to finish this... do you want the strap... or.... *My hands slowly slide up your body, reaching your shoulders before I gently turn you around so your back is against the wall. I slowly spin around myself, backing up so your girlcock is resting inbetween my ass cheeks, before I bend over and rest the tip against my back door.* Or... do you want this..?
*When given such choice, only one thought comes into Linlin's mind, her giggling out as she says in a cutesie childish voice, mimicing a video she's seen before, shrugging with her shoulders* Por que no los dos?~ *she quickly works Destiny out of strap, hooking it about nozzles for controlling shower above them, it being perfectly at height for her, Lin backing into that strapon as she grasps Destiny and lurches her back to make her rosebud bloom on Lin's girlcock, her hands moving away the moment Destiny's in to let her decide further pace, all while screaming out her lungs from double penetration, in a sense, getting sandwiched between fake and real*
*I look down, around my shoulder up at you as I'm moaning happily as my rosebud is penetrated, raising an eyebrow as I'm surprised at Lin screaming. Only to see my strap situated behind her, in Lin's own hole as well.* Ohh fuck... you're a naughty fucking babe... I love it... now... *With one hand, I grab onto yours and bring it on my back. While I reach down and grab the shower-headed dildo and work it into my own pussy, body shivering at my own double penetration.* F-fuck me like you mean it...
*Linlin nods in between her bellowing moans, one hand wrapping about her waist to press her in tight and mostly use own movement into strapon behind to fuck Destiny, releasing her momentarily to pull to half length before again clutching in tight and pressing her in as Lin goes deep on the strapon, hilting it fully on each go, her other hand pulling Destiny's hair up, making her back be arched, her breasts openly presented for audience as they bounce up and down from rough movement. It doesn't take long, however, for Lin to slow down considering this all happened when she was near edge already, taking a moment as she almost fully pulls out of Destiny, before giving one final lurch and pull back as hard as she can, yelping out as she feels her girlcock burst out, starting to slosh plentiful of cum deep into Destiny, strapon stuffed in her ass and grinding against her lovebutton only increasing volume of her spray*
*With a big smile on my face for the camera to see, I happily get pulled back to display my smile and my chest to whoever comes to see. As Lin buries herself fully in my ass as she shoots her cum, I make sure to grind against her for that added sensation. The dildo in my pussy being pumped in and out without a care, going as fast as I can possibly go, before not long after I pull the makeshift toy out and squirt onto the shower floor below. My body writhing and shaking, moaning loud and proud not caring how I may look.*
*Lin manages to stay on her feet during her extended orgasm, Destiny's squirming just making it harder on nympho, making her ride out her orgasm even longer than she usually does, only slumping down and sitting on floor as she finishes cumming, slowly pushing Destiny off to see her leak cum out the moment her anal ring is free* Fwoaaaaaaaaah~ *she lets out a deep sigh, panting as she tries to recover from it all*
*I can't help but stumble forwards, dropping onto my chest with my ass up in the air for you. Your cum starting to drip down my crack and down my thighs as I'm panting for air.. Looking back, knowing what you want to see, I reach back and spread my ass apart for you, blowing you a little kiss as I do so.* Heh.... heh... fuck....
(scene or want more?
(we can do more if you'd like. I'm more than happy to keep going 💋)
(your choice, I do have time but I know you might need sleep soon :P
(I'll be alright, let's keep going for at least like, maybe an hour or so tops~ 😘)
*Lin can't help but let out another giggle seeing how needy Destiny is, crawling towards her on all fours to reach in and press face against her ass, slowly licking cum out of it while her fingers slowly rub about Destiny's kitty and clit, single finger delving in deeper to check just how drenched she got herself*
*my eyes flutter as I feel your tongue pressed against my rear, my hand joining yours to help rub my clit.* Ooooh fuck Lin.... s-so sensitive... so good.....
*before long I'm rolling myself over and pulling you ontop of me, wrapping my arms and legs around you as our lips meet in the middle. Hands gently stroking your back, as I can't help my hips starting to buck against against you.*
*Lin smirks, adjusting her own position a bit to line up her girlcock with where Destiny wants it, letting her wrapped legs fully control pace, Lin acting like a living dildo in control of her for a moment* Mhm~ So needy too~ You show me just how much you're happy with your victory, both to me and those watching us~
*I roll us over so you're on your back, hands resting on your hips as I look around at the room. Slowly running my hands up my body, I cup my breasts and pinch my nipples, before running them through my hair and giving my head a good shake. The water spraying both myself and you as I can't help but giggle.* M-mhm... g-gonna show you... how a winner rides... *I move up to a squatting position, grabbing onto your girlcock, giving it a few strokes to make sure you're all nice and hard for me. Then one more time I impale myself on your shaft, and start bouncing up and down slowly, the sounds of our bodies slapping together echoing in the showers as I grab onto your hands and guide them onto my body, letting you decide where they go from there.*
what a sexy view to start the day^^
(if she is alright with it of course ahah)
*Linlin lets herself be guided over on back, watching at Destiny both in awe and lust, looking majestic when she's in such a pose, lifting her legs in, about and over her own shoulders, guiding Destiny in a proper amazon ride, her motions quick and deliberate, showing off just how much she wanted to be fucked exactly like this, her hands gently caressing Destiny's sides, before eventually sliding to her front, one hand continuing to circle about her abdomen, swirling circles with her nails about her belly button, her other hand reaching to grasp one of her tits with two fingers placed right by the nipple, squeezing it tighter and looser with each thrust*
(indeed, what a view)
(oh more than okay with it~)
*my hands gently grab onto your ankles as you shifted yourself under me. I mouth the words 'thank you', before wrapping my arms tightly around your feet as I start bouncing in earnest. The feelings of your hands help me spur me on, and in turn, on occasion I stop and bury you fully inside me. I grind and swivel my hips, making sure your hitting some extra nice and sensitive spots, before resuming my bouncing.* Fuck.. fuck... fuck... so... deep... so... good...
*As Destiny goes deeper and harder about her, it's no wonder that Lin's moans are soon followed with her girlcock starting to twitch again, Lin quickly getting worked to likely point of no return, looking at Destiny with wide puppy-like eyes, wanting to say something but unable, literally mesmerized by both sight and feeling of being ridden on like this*
*As I fully hilt you inside me, grinding away, I guide the hand on my lower abdomen to my clit, and start rubbing small circles for you hoping you get the memo. I grab back onto your feet and this time start bouncing as hard and deep as I can. My breasts bouncing all over the place as I throw my head back, eyes closed and moan louder and louder for the cameras.* FUCK.. YES... LIN... SO... FUCKING... CLOSE... SO.. GOOD....!
*Lin's moans get louder too, soon growing into yelps yet again, as she feels herself erupting into another hole of Destiny's, cumming several ropes of her creamy seed into her. Her hand at first rubbed about and tickled pinkhead's clit, but the moment she climaxes, she forgets about it, clasping tight on that clit and tugging about as both girls shake and squirm about. And as her orgasm continues, Lin's face starts settling into ahegao, eyes closed too, mouth widely agape with her tongue stuck dumbly, even after it all ends*
*As you start to shoot your first rope of your cum inside me, along with the tugging on my clit, I let go of your legs as I start to spasm and shake ontop of you, a mixture of my juices and your cum flow out of me. My legs spasming, and before long I collapse onto your chest, panting heavily.*
*While her eyes eventually open, she just continues looking with same unchanging expression at Destiny, Lin's hand barely able to even coherently hug her, moving her hands about pinkhead's back like they were two sticks of wood instead, unable to say much with words, only her eyes speaking out just how excited she is, thanking Destiny for opportunity*
*I try to mouth any words as we're clinging together, but I'm unable to form any. So instead, I just lean my head in and place a soft kiss on your lips before restling my head on your shoulder. Our hands roaming up and down each other's back, the shower head finally turning off. I give one last look up to the cameras and give them a wink, as a pool of my juices and her cum pool together as we lay on the floor.
*And with wink and soft kiss from Lin to Destiny too, the video feed cuts, leaving two girls for themselves*
(aaaaaaaaaaaand that's where we'll call it)
(holy shit 6 hours, time sure as hell does fly by xD)
(Well, almost. 5:50 :P
(but yes
(though, can ya blame going so long when it goes like this? XD
(absolutely not XD)
(once again, thank you for the absolutely WONDERFUL game LinLin. A pleasure as always ❤️)
(And thank you for being a wonderful partner to pair up with~
(as wonderful as ever too
(until we inevitably do it again, it is time I head to bed.)
(Mhm, we need to fix that to 3-3 someday >.<
(and then the tiebreaker to end all tiebreakers 😘)
(anyways, have a wonderful day/night. cya later~)

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