Linlin Mira VS Saduharta Ramangini : History listed publicly (47 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

The Church of Sadu Dadu, pt. 1

(Note: Done as RP mode. The real title match to happen the day after) Since finding a certain little church at the edge of town and having an epiphany there, Saduharta has gotten ideas in her head. Ideas of being worshipped and having a good time with it. After all, she can shapechange and has such a wonderful natural Rakshasi body... So she started a bit of a cult, having picked up a few wonderful followers to help take care of her built up cum and stresses. But she should have known; If she's going to make people worship a goddess, then her own personal Goddess would find it eventually and remind a silly Sadu Dadu of her own faith...

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(ehrr, Sadu
(You do know that invalidates title? :P
I had a slight feeling this match would happen 🀭
Ohh linlin there you are
Hello person, hope your doing amazing
(nevermind, I'm a little doofus :P
heya, both of you
How's you linlin
pretty well considering who I'm about to face
excited by one another prospect too that I have to text yet
Epic you both are anazing 😌
I'm slow lol
(passes over the turn as agreed)
This is going to be an epic one I'm sure 😊
Looking forward to this
*It had been a few weeks since Saduharta had confessed her sins in the Church of Silv, a truly eye-opening experience considering she'd mostly just gone there to get out of the weather and to tease people. It had brought up memories of her time in England with the old churches there, memories of vampires and secret passages and night rituals... it had gotten her in the mood for bringing something like that back. So she'd started a religion. Oh, nothing too official or anything. Nothing where she needed to come up with a bunch of rules and a book or such. But a cult of sorts, worshipping herself. She'd tempted people around town, and she called some people up, pulling the strings of interest. And she'd gotten some bites, especially with some of her mysterious offers. Few people had seen her birth form, after all, and getting people to worship an eight foot tall, six armed goddess... well, it happened.* (continue)
*walks past Clarissa. Dropping my keye in front of her I bends over. Knowing my ass is in her eye line i slowly arch my back til im standing straight. I sit next to Clarissa* Hi I'm Abby
*So it was the the basement of her potion shop had been partially converted into a sort of compound, adding an additional wing to it with a bit of creative magic. So now she had a secret little synagogue and a half dozen hangers on, some who were there part time and some of whom were there quite regularly. At the moment, Sadu was just relaxing after work, lounged out on a cushion nude as two younger women sat nearby and paid her attentions; One was massaging Sadu's sort feet as another was massaging a breast and kissing at her stomach. Above, a fit young man was feeding her little cubes of meat and cheese on toothpicks, subsituting for a missed dinner with her hectic schedule. Off to the side, a muscular man with a beard was petting at a woman who sat in his lap, looking over her shoulder at something on her phone. And lastly a woman with long brown hair lay on a cushion, sleeping nude with some of her hair covering her eyes in a makeshift sleepmask*
/remove my bra
/remove my socks
/remove my panties
/remove my top
*Lin had heard of the cult by complete accident, lucking out on the fact that one of the cult goers actually sought her out after spending a day at Sadu's, connecting the dots that were hidden in my website just what the relationship we had between the two of us. Linlin didn't mind Sadu having the little cult, but playing a little practical prank - now that she could do. And honestly, she's been so horny and needy last few days, getting into more fights like she was during her early days in the town, she just had to meet Sadu and get her help in "calming down"... though in process, so would be Sadu Dadu* (cont)
*So one night she did come to the "church", trying to hide herself beneath a brown hooded cloak, dropping the hood low so it covered her eyes and hair* Good evening there~ *She tried to hide herself as much as she could, digging for a voice Sadu wouldn't be familiar with, making a few steps towards her*
*The voice changing was a nice touch Lin could do of course, not being something Sadu could really see through. Besides, it's not like she was on watch or anything; She wasn't doing anything illegal or anything like that. There was some concern about the church being in the basement of her shop... but the sign said closed and the door was locked, so it wasn't as if she was missing any customers. So someone showing up she didn't immediately recognize was a just a surprise, a genuine one. She sat up a little, waving but not stopping the two massaging her,* Oh, hello. I don't suppose I forgot about some sort of appointment or such for you? Work and such have been hectic lately, and with all the setup and such... *She motioned around,* If I did, you have my apologies. If you're not here for something like that, may I ask how you got in?
A friend of yours recommended me to you~ *Lin's voice switched for a moment a touch, as she figured she should have spent more time with the girl "recording" the lines what to say to Sadu, this one being a quick improvisation. Nevertheless, she hoped that wouldn't give her away just yet, taking a few steps so that she was right up next to the rakshasa, leaning in a bit, hood dropping lower, as I returned to first voice* I was told this was a polytheistic cult, right?~ Goddess Sadu Dadu sharing her divine rule with one another?
Of course, I was never say I'm the only way to a life of pleasure and relaxation. After all, I know a few goddesses on Earth. And... *Sadu stands as she speaks, walking nude across the tiled floor of the room, girlcock swaying with her steps,* I know of one Goddess in particular who deserves all the worship she can get... *Hands reach up and pull down Linlin's hood gently, almost reverently, the others in the room momentarily forgotten as soon as the words "Sadu Dadu" were uttered.*
(think we can get to actions) *Linlin snickers as she's found out, giving a gentle bow herself, before looking up in Sadu's eyes, back to her own voice* All the worship?~ So someone's not afraid that her little flock of pansies will soon know that Sadu Dadu has a superior to her?~ *my hand reaching out for your cheek, caressing it softly, little finger reaching all the way to tickle your neck*
Shes intimidated by me
*My eyes sparkle and I grin,* Now now... just because I worship you and the ground you walk on doesn't mean I think you're superior to me. I've spent enough time with you to treat you as a normal person. A normal, wonderful, sexual, giving, caring person... *I slip in and draw a rune on your chest, your robes and clothes disappearing in a puff of smoke to reveal your body to me and my flock*
*honestly, I didn't wear anything under that cloak, but I was certainly not the one to protest, nor was my girlcock, resting on yours, twitching and rubbing up a touch, hard as always it was, as we kept grinning at each other, knowing full well what was to happen, at least I growing excited at the prospect of making people jealous of us* And yet, you make this little cult of yours monotheistic, huh?~ Think I need to bring..... a little reformation to the place~
I was feeling a bit selfish at the time, what can I say? You were busy, I was busy, I'd been sleeping poorly, I'd been exploring my magic... I didn't know you were interested in getting in on it at all~ *I feel your girlcock touch mine and sigh out, rubbing mine gently to yours as I talk*
*I nod understandingly, letting us enjoy the moment for now, the hand stroking your cheek soon moving a touch, resting it against your chin as I offered a couple of fingers to suckle on to distract you from what was happening below* That's okay, I wasn't sure of it myself when I first heard of this arrangement. And yet~ I thought Goddess was a trademarked term in your vocabulary... What would I have to think if people called out for you when we were together calling you so, excluding me?~
Remind me to come offer my uh.. prayers to the new goddess in the future~
Well, I already worshipped one yesterday ~
Gotta share the love, y'know
True, true
But this is exactly why Lin's here today :P
Well... I wasn't planning on letting them know. After all, then I'd get you all to myself when I got you, no? And with you so busy with others lately... You can understand why your big cocked, big boobied shedevil might want that, no? *I try to show my pride and place here by pushing my slightly larger cock and breasts into yours, tail wiggling behind me.*
Just poking my head in before bed, gotta get up in... 6 hours from now? 🀭
Yes, sleep good x.x
Have lots of fun you two 😍😍😘
Precious Destiny deserves to be well rested and wonderful dreams.
That's half the reason they're here darling... *I kiss you back, moaning into the kiss, wiggling against you as you press into me. I push my tongue into your lips, eagerly drinking in the taste of you and your saliva while my tits jiggle softly against your own firmer pair*
*It doesn't take long for us to get to more than kissing though, and even the trailing, rubbing hands don't do it. I kneel before you almost demonstratively, grasping your cock with one hand, wiggling it about to show it off for all one more time, before reaching up and planting my lips around the tip of it, suckling on it like a lollipop, my tits jiggling as I move about for all to stare at at the same time*
*the number of people about the room has grown as others filter in, some of them having heard of you before while others have not. None of them interrupt though whether they have heard of you or not, it abundantly clear that our attention is solely on one another. As you kneel in front of me and start sucking on my girlcock I put my hands on your head, using it as leverage as I kick your own dick and balls, feeling it rub against my foot as I grind it in* ...we're both so hard and leaking already. You really wanted to show me my place, didn't you?
*I squint and groan from your kick, taken a touch by surprise, forced out of suckling to heave and get my breath back, forced to just tickle your shaft for a moment* And here I thought you were a kind-hearted goddess..... But I guess all is fair in the heavenly duels?~ *As soon as the pain washes away, I look up at you with an even wider grin, a little sparkle in my eys showing that you would get your retribution for that, even if I seem to love the footsie you're giving me after*
I love your dick dear, no matter how I get to touch or taste it... *I kneel down in front of you so my face is in front of yours, leaning in and kissing you deeply as I take the object of my rough affections and massage it in my hands, stroking you,* Besides... you know I'll make it up to you. I am an experienced little shedevil, no?
*I nod, cooing out appreciatively at your massage* That you certainly are~ After all, if you're feeling up a goddess like she as your eternal lover, you must be good at something, right?~ *And yet, the fact you're down on knees means I can get back at you, pushing you forward so you lay down on your back, laying down back myself, and just reaching out with my feet to catch your mast, stroking it up and down with my soles, gently squeezing it* But the same is true of me~ Not just anyone is good for you either, right?~
*My eyes close and I shiver out, moaning. I've came to these feet before, and the way you tease me with them...* N-No... not just anyone. Only you can drive me... with just... Fuck it. *I shudder as my cock starts leaking pre onto your feet, sitting up and kissing you insistently, not using words anymore when I can convey my passion with actions*
*I grin, letting our girlcocks clash the moment you jump on me once again, getting into a little playful swordfight as we twist, bend, dart and slap at each other, getting ourselves more up to heat, both of them soon showing their "wounds" as precum flows more and more freely* Anything you have to say to your flock before we get stuck in our own little realm?~
Mmmmm... *Reminded of my "followers" I look up, eyes flashing and tilting my head back, horns standing proudly,* No interfering with me or my goddess. She's mind to take on. Your only job is to watch and see what truly worshipping my divine body looks like~ *I sink lower and clap my tits around your cock, looking back at you as I finish talking, surrounding your leaking girlcock in my pillows and milking at you firmly*
And yet you worship mine so perfect as well~ *I bite my lip, groaning hard as you jerk and squeeze me, eyes rolling over for a moment. Not wanting to be out done so easily, though, I crawl about so that we were in a titfucky 69, getting my own pair on your devilcock at the same time, matching up your pace, almost emulating yin yang as we form a circle with our bodies*
*groaning out I nod a little, feeling you moving under me and soon feeling my cock in your firm but soft pillows. I leak and twitch in your grasp, seeing your own leaking and hungrily lean in. Sucking and licking where your long sturdy cock pokes out of my cleavage I wiggle above you, hands on your thighs.*
*I decide to be a little bit playful, and prod my leaky tip everywhere on your face but your mouth, giggling each time it misses you or you only get to quickly tease with your tongue* What's the matter, Sadu?~ Someone's playing hard to reach?~ *giggling as the two of us start focusing more and more on each other*
*in answer to that my tail reaches out and grows, wrapping quickly around that cock and holding it still so I can push my mouth down on it, controlling it while I get a good, deep, moaning taste of you. My own cock throbs on your face, not in your mouth thanks to the talking.*
*As you reveal your talents, making me loft back again and hum, I reveal mine in turn, a quick snap of fingers conjuring a small portal right between your legs, a small tentacle reaching out and clamping onto your throbbing boner as you blow mine, returning the favor* All is fair, right?~ *I repeat myself, giggling as I watch your reaction*'
*My wings give a little flap and I moan out, nodding,* Faaair.... and feeling so fucking goooood... *I lick over one of my fangs before starting to stroke your dick with that tail of mine, still trapped between my breasts so focusing right around your tip*
You two together is so hot
Thsi gif is hot
*as you say the word 'fucking', I laugh out loud, crawling about, using my own tentacle to keep you in place for just long enough that I got behind you, letting the hidden strength in my smaller frame do the rest of business, lifting you and seating on my cock, dropping you a bit lower so that I can fuck you myself instead of needing to bounce your whole body up and down* Have to make sure I live up to my name~ *I whisper in your ear, making sure your followers don't hear that*
it is :P
but time to get to action :P
*I tighten my my ass around your invading cock, moaning out loudly. As you hold my legs up I squirm in your grasp, especially as you start bouncing me up and down on your shaft,* When... do you ever not... love...?
*I grunt as you squeeze tight on me, making it more of a struggle, but one that only encourages me to speed up and push through that resistance. The position we're in doesn't let easy on my boobs either, getting squished by your back, nipples dragging up and down, swelling up and starting to lightly heat up, making me squirm just as much as you are from my cock*
*I stay on your cock for now, wanting to enjoy it, climbing up so my feet are on your toned thighs, squatting on you. This lets you, invites you, into my tight ass, moaning more and more as you push deep into me over and over, my girlcock straining in the air and wanting to fill something.*
*I'm not one to say no to invitation that's given, my hands crawling down and holding you by your waist as I get myself into a position more fit for pounding, resting you down on ground as I push up your ass, starting to drive myself heavier and heavier, the claps of our bodies starting to echo slightly in the room, making sure that everyone knew without any doubt that the two were not mundane girls, their magic not just about conjuring things* That's right, Sadu Dadu~ Yield to your Goddess's cock~ Show that you're craving it more than anything else in this room right now~
I crave iiit... I crave this feeling! And... I want it to cum deep in me... *I pant out, spreading my legs a little now that I'm on the floor, starting to clap my ass back into your thrusts, looking over my shoulder at you through my black rimmed glasses.*
*I shake my head, my smug deep and devious, as I suddenly leap on your chest, thrusting my girlcock right for your mouth, leaning down to hold your head straight, making sure you don't avoid what's coming* You do know you will need a lot to be done then, right?~
(my smug grin*
Mm mmmf! *I suck you a moment before pulling you off my cock, setting you in front of me and panting. I line out cocks up, wrap my tail around them... and start frotting them firmly together, the two things squirming and throbbing together,* We both do... and you know it.
*I quiver as you make your tail act as an onahole trap for our members, making them pulse against each other as we start driving our hips up and down in sync, once again looking like entwined souls, each one resting a hand on shoulder to hold in, heads pressed against each other as I wanted to taste your lips yet again* So that's why we make sure we're both pleased at the same time~
Mhmmm... And why I love people watching us. Because it helps me... to realize... just how in synch we can be... when we both want the other to cum badly... *I pick up my pace, not willing to leave my trap yet, just staring down at our cocks fighting yet again, each driving into the other to try to physically push the cum out of its rival, throbbing and leaking in challenge to each other.*
*as we're stuck in your little trap, I also don't want to escape it, not especially when you're trying to push me about with your heavier, thicker cock, making it look more and more like you would actually prevail in the fight of our prides if left unchecked. But if I can't get your ass or blow you, there do be other options to speed up the orgasm - ones that would work great to pay back for that kick, as I drive my knee deep in your crotch, grinding it just as much as you did with your feet after you kicked me*
is resisting cumming (90% chance of cum) => Came!
*Forgetting your "revenge", the lunge forward catches me off guard. My balls are pressed in, my body pressed back, and I stumble a bit. It sends a signal through my balls of pain and pleasure but also stops me from thrusting, and suddenly your solid prick is overpowering mine, teasing and dominating it as mine quivers. Within seconds your cock is out of my tail's grasp and swatting mine, making my girlcock shake and bounce before starting to cover your girlcock in cum, my eyes rolling back in my head* OH FUCK!! F-Fuuuuuuuuuuuu.... *My body shakes as I cum hard.*
*I could be saying thousand different things for you and your followers right now, gloating and taunting you.... but all I do instead is reaching and sink my lips into yours yet again, using them to make you forget yourself, my cock easing up too, just enjoying the delightful coating you've given me* That's right~ Sadu Dadu knows best how to please her goddess~
*I shiver and nod, kissing you back, reaching up to grab your arms, steadying myself. As I slowly come down from my high, I look down and pant, sliding back,* You're... right. And Lin deserves... that pleasure too... no? *I spread your thighs with a shove before clapping my breasts around your cummy dick, feeling how much it's pulsing and straining after clashing with mine.*
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
Still going strong and hot, blazing actually hehe
*any smugness and feeling of wanting to rule over you is quickly tamed down as you squeeze down on me yet again, feeling milked out rapidly as you start pumping up and down, my own bucks and thrusts only helping you out as I can't escape. I manage to hold out and not cum at first..... but I then do a mistake of putting too much force to push back and escape you - for that freedom and ease also makes my cock's sensitivity pushed to the max, just dragging through the air more than enough to make me cry out and fall on my knees, bursting cum all over you, holding on my cock so that I made sure I didnt miss a drop at least*
A blazing hot scarlet fire.
*I follow you back, crawling over you, kissing at your tip as it cums on my face and glasses, watching you jerk yourself. My own hands go to your balls, massaging and kneading them gently to help force more and more cum out of them until my nose and classes are dripping on you from how much you give me.*
Very amazing rp you two
*as you get in close, I realize I want more of you, our playtimes never ending as anything simple, not a moment wasted once I'm done with showering you that I swish about your back, pushing your back and humping down on to your back, trying to squish you down into the floor, which might look a bit like a joke knowing our size differences, and yet, it's all fine because I have a special tool for pinning, quick thrusts nailing you down as I start going for your prostate again*
is resisting cumming (29% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Moaning out on the floor I don't stay put this time, turning over under you and wrapping my arms around you. Soon I pull you forward, onto me and holding your dick against my abs as I thrust up; Pushing into your ass I fuck you from below, squeezing into that tight, unloved-so-far tunnel of yours*
Hey, can't stay but wanted to say hi~ ❀️
Heya zoe, have a nice night or morning hehe
*waves to Zoey while fucking*
*I yelp at your turn around, my mind fritzing up for a second as you bounce me up, mouth letting out incomprehensible noises as you fuck any words out of me to say, but it's clear the two of us were in a proper duel now, for soon I manage to slide back, immediately thrust forward after as I drive myself to the hilt in you, moaning deep as it's clear having an effect on me, but praying that it does more so on you*
*waves to Zoey while getting fucked*
*I groan out, grabbing your ass cheeks and rolling off your cock. Soon we're rolling on the rug, each trying to line up with the other's back door as our cocks jostle and fight. I pant out, some of the watchers needing to roll out of the way as cummy sweaty bodies jostle. Soon I end up on top though, no taller but a bit heavier, allowing me to fuck you missionary as I grab your ankles, looking down into your eyes lustfully* I never... want to stop this...
>///< this is amazing
*As you start spreading me again, I clench not just with my flower, but with my legs too, thighs squishing your hips as I get a little bit up, my hand going under to catch your balls, and give them a good squeeze to make sure you didn't win over me that quick* Then I gotta make sure you don't burst too quick, huh?~ *I answer you breathily, panting as your thrusts do take my breath*
Mmmnnnn.... *I squirm a bit and keep fucking you, leaning over your body. Soon my tail comes up in retaliation, jerking your cock as I fuck your ass deep, looking into your eyes,* to worry about yourself, no?
chose to cum!
*I grunt as you wrap about, squinting hard as you squeeze down on me, soon pumping out that precious cum that you seek for, coating you in yet another layer, the mixture of orgasm and your thrusts making me cry ever so higher*
*and yet, I want your cum just as much, and soon I end up grasping your leg, and jumping up to ride you, your leg acting like a stripper pole for me to grind against, dumping my ass deeper and deeper into you, seeing just where your limits were at, prolonging my own orgasm as I made my prostate graze against you*
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
1 πŸ‘€
*As you turn over on me I can feel you still cumming, pushing your cock into my ass even as it squirts out creamy seed onto my pucker and balls. Your squelching, pulsing cock then pushes deep into me as you pound me, my eyes rolling back. I've been with you a while, but never felt you starting fucking me WHILE you're orgasming, the sensation and sounds and... I cum, hard, held by your toned arms as my girlcock bounces in the air and starts shooting ropes of cum onto my face and breasts. I squeal out, more and more jets forced out of me and splattering my nipples and glasses and chin, whimpering and gurgling as you keep pounding my prostate despite multiple orgasms*
Felt it was more dramatic that way :p
Oh we meet again mone hehe
oh I missed something grand
hey Scarlet~
*the two of us continues this for several more minutes, neither getting to fuck other for long, as our cocks keep slipping and penetrating and cumming and slipping and penetrating and yet again cumming, making more and more mess in the room. Eventually, I stop you, putting my hands on the shoulders and making sure our cocks were nowhere to each others bodies, kneeling at a touch of distance, still quite shakey* Hold up hold up, Sadu~
I still need to challenge both of you🀭
yes you do :P
*I pant, hands on your ass, cock throbbing hard as it comes to rest, swaying into place. I stop where I am as you kneel away, panting deeply, looking at you,* ...yeah?
I will never get another game with Natasha, I swear 😭
seems like im a rare commodity lol
Hopefully soon miss monè and natasha as well hehe
You are awesome natasha 😌
its hard for me to have the time to set aside for something really good, but im usually open if you spy me about
*I pull us up both on our feet, our girlcocks still hard despite the multiple orgasms, looking around* I feel like we're doing a grave mistake - we're here fucking and fighting for the right to be called superior goddess of this cult, and yet we're forgetting to involve them even a bit? Shouldn't the fight show that we have power not just over each other, but over our followers too?~
*mouth drops reading rp*
*takes advantage and slaps Scar's ass while she is distracted*
*Comes back to reality with a moan before covering my mouth.* heyyy~ 🀭
Like I'm keeping my hands off of you
I'd go grope Sadu but she is rather...busy~
*i bit my lip, nodding, looking about; The dozen or so watchers and pleasure seekers are all busy at this point, either touching themselves or each other, slapping asses and masturbating and fucking. I turn back to you, grinning,* I mean, you're not wrong dear. Might be a fun way to satiate this built up libido...
Guess I have to sacrifice
*I nod, hand coming up, fingers snapping twice - once to clean up the room, it being near flooded by our cum, making it look like nothing happened, and another one to conjure a white fishnet suit that any lady would be jealous off, translucent garbs covering my body in layers like I was some sort of belly dancer, as befit a goddess. I was about to snap a third time, but then stop myself, knowing you can conjure an outfit much better than I do anyway* How about we make it official then, and start it out on even ground?
Round 2?!
*presses herself up against Scar's back, making sure the woman feels just how large those tits are while I reach around to grope Scar's tits*
Not today, as one shedevil has to sleep, and another goddess has to get to work, but yes
21hours from now, there should be more :P
*Yelps as I'm taken over and feel those large tits I know pretty well who's they are from size. I grab her hands and turn back with a grin.* lil eager tonight?
Awesome linlin
I see no reason to be shy :P
*My eyebrows go up and I nod, spinning smoke around myself with a finger until it coalesces into a black, lacy number that drapes loosely on my body, crotch uncovered though,* It's a deal; You, me, and the followers. Last cock standing. *I drape a skirt around my waist, cock tenting it,* This has... been fun, but we're both still so horny... *I walk up, stockinged leg going up your side, whispering into your ear* I'll never get tired of comparing our cocks, love. And I will never take it easy on you, hm? I expect you to cum a lot for me before you go limp, okay? *One last nip at your cute ear as I back away from you with a silly little grin, hands shyly behind my back, wings giving a little flap.*
(Fin~...... for now)
True~ *Turns around and gives your nipples a teasing pinch before running off.* i gotta get to sleep now have a nice night/morning depending lol
*looks at Scarlet and Natasha* You might want to get your own room, girls~
Oh, seems you're already resolving it :P
I'd have offered if she didnt need sleep lol
*gets ready to shutter this for the logging once Sadu's fine with it*
*gives Scar a slap on the ass on the way out*
*plays Scarlet's ass like a bongo*
Anyways, yes; Sleep.
Too many cuties hehe
Sleep here we come!
*curls up on Lin's lap-pillow*
See you on tomorrow night.... "cuties"~ *pats Sadu, scritching her*
Mine too~
*tries to crawl on top of Natasha*

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