Cassy (Transgender) (Level 7) mail warning

Do you need some kitties?喵 ~

Hiya meow~ I’m a futa kitty here for fun. You can teach me something as you want~
I’m just a little kitty so maybe can’t understand what you said completely. Don’t blame me for that QwQ
Not interested irl game meow
Prefer to play with those who with cute pfp~
Outlooking with clothes:
My clothes while not naked meow 0w0

When Chinese New years meow:

In daily life meow:

Practice for some fightging meow:

Naked situation:
My original outlooking:

Where I am:

Living in a house on the tree in forest meow, because can’t afford the prize of one in city meow >//////<
Many cuties live here with me meow uwu

breeding list meow

breeding is one of my biggest kinks, so I made this list meow~

Mutual impregnated meow~

Dawn, A futa foxy ma'am meow(。・ω・。)
Lizzie, another kitty, we breed each other in turn meow (//∇//),but don't know why she call me mommy meow
Mia,the dragon one. Sorry my mistress meow
Aika,another cute kitty meow uwu
Saki, still kitty meow uwu
Bot,a bot in shape of kitty meow... Science is so powerful meow uwu
Saikou, a Neko boy, but seems can get bred because he lack of female partner around him meow uwu this is biological Sciences...right meow? don't know why call me silly meow XP

Those who I breed meow QwQ:

Cleo, My wife meow (づ ̄3 ̄)づ
Mia, a little kitty meow (✪ω✪)
Alex, the ninja… but she quit her job for me meow (╹▽╹)
Sha, a naga, or you can say lamia meow? She wants me to be her pet, but she's my maid now meow~, a kraken meow
Miss.Amazon, She's a powerful fighter but too love my kitty cock so failed to me and get breed meow0w0
Snap, a huge elf meow~Σ(|||▽||| )
Amber, a cute girl who call me mommy meow ('▽')♪
Candy, a kitty girl who call me mistress and love hug meow~ So give her more hug please meow
Frisk, cutie meow~ ,hope Toriel won't kill me for that meow
Melanie, a ma'am with many secrets meow
Poki, she beg for my mating for a while meow~ and finally get my kitties
Dex, a boy who can get bred and turned into kitty for me meow uwu

Those who cummed in my womb:

(I want to say breed me...But there's an Incubus cutis meow)
(Maybe I need a breeding dice later meow?)
Cleo, with a magic cock >w<
Ste, a kid who is too naughty meow(ㅍ.ㅍ)
Kaito, a kitty incubus meow (^▽^) Incubus is pretty cool meow
Bacedi, a sheep boy QwQ So cute meow >w<
Evilthorn, a little foxy who loves my feet very much (≧∀≦)
Trisha, a succubus who trying to break the the peculiar constitution of their group. (´∀`)♡
Linlin, a powerful fighter meow(ง •̀_•́)ง
Anput, A handsome doggy, and the king of a contry meow>w<I've conquered a king meow~
Raph~,A kinky bird meow uwu,gave me some kitty angel, now my breeding slave meow~ His wings are delicious meow!
Hope, cute kitty oboy meow
MAX, a samurai meow
Leona, visual kitty meow
Joshua,once a cute kitty boy but now a bunny meow, have a sensitive cock

So there will be lots of kitties meow! \( ̄︶ ̄)/

Tame list meow~

Have tamed many cuties recently meow!
My little Ste, He don’t want to admit he lose to a bot meow , So I give him a serve and beat him… But he don’t want to admit meow! And he thinks I’m a cheater?! That makes me feel sad meow…
My kitty Kaito , he want me to become his pet but finally tamed by me meow QwQ He is now my cum giver meow ~ he should give me a shoot in my womb every time I want meow!
And… My Nekodragon Cleo meow >\\< , She tried to make a bet between us about who obey who in the next turn meow, and I won then creampied in her womb , which makes her pregnant at last meow QwQ And she let me take her to my home in the end meow. And she’s my wife now meow!
Then I meet Mia, it’s her first time to meet a big cat! So I let her to pat me meow ~ And I totally dominated and breed her too at last, she got four nekos meow ~ And now I give her a cute collar with our name on it~
The second maid meow~ Tamed her in a close fight >w< But I think I can't afford the payment of two maids meow>.<
Seems most of them want to fight me back one day meow… Terrible meow

Some stories meow

1、My dragon mistress meow

I got impregnated meow! By a dragon named Mia , the dragon one meow .Th…that’s a long story >\<

The day I’m on the road back home from an old house, a dragon attacked me. But I beat her and impregnated her at last. She can’t move anymore after that, so I have to take her home.

Then I have some days living with her and… I find she is really handsome >\\< so I feel so horny for her, I have to rub my pussy to cum three times every day. So I managed to let her impregnate me at her rematch—— I believe she must be mad for what I did and want a revenge for sure >\<
So… so I surrender to her in the rematch, and beg her to fill my womb. But even beg for this take me so much time meow… Anyway, it’s a good ending at last, she cum so much inside of me ❤️, and write something near my pussy meow! I can’t remember the exactly what she wrote with magic meow… Let me have a look* lift my skirt* meow, it’s an indelible marker and draw an arrow my pussy, next to the arrow is the inscription:fuck only here. I love that meow!

2、 My cute ninja meow

My clothes was stolen meow (•̀へ•́╮)But A kind ninja lady finds them back meow QwQ although she tried to catch me for running after the thief naked >\\\<
I tried to thank her with fish meow, but seems it’s not very convenient for her to take them back. And I found her feel really horny after seeing my cock, so I take her virgin, and makes her mine meow~She’s my cute breeding girl now as she wanted meow QwQ
Don’t know what to keep writing meow, so just these.

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