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About me

Hi everyone! I’m Shirley, the “slutty teacher”. I’m 5’7” with 36DD boobs. I’m definitely a switch because some days I love wrecking people and others I love being wrecked. While I sometimes do RP during a match, oftentimes I prefer just dirty trash talking.

I’m very very competitive and the fight itself turns me on most. So if you’re gonna play with me, I want back and forth. Not a fan of one-sided action or giving up too early. I also settle all wagers BEFORE a match begins. I do NOT do any photo wagers.

I only play Classic and Wrestling.

I am a 7-time Lez Wrestling Champ
I am a 2-time Wrestling Champ
I am a 2-time GOTH
I was part of the winning team in the 2021 Winter Tournament
I am the 2022 LWR Tournament Champion
I was the captain of the winning team in the 2022 December Invitational Tournament

Kinks: still really exploring. Doggy, hair pulling and dirty talk for sure. Also learned I love love Spanish dirty talk. All my Spanish-speakers, lmk you’re there. Especially you Latinas!

Limits: anal, hard pain, non-sexual bodily fluids, clamps, whips, wax, and extreme derogatory terms (skank and any non-human terms e.g. dog, cow, pig, etc)

To all the lovely friends I’ve made, past and present, thank you for everything you do to make my experience here the best it can be.

And to the friends I haven’t met yet…what are you waiting for?! Send me a message and say hi! I’d love to meet you and get to know you (before I beat you of course)

Open space for any profile bets:

After taking on the legend, and former teammate, Romantic, I won from him a coveted and rare white rose, which I keep safely stored in my classroom.

I’ve had a lovely rapport with MrBigCock via DMs, and each time I’ve been able to make him spurt. But this past time, he lived up to his name and his stamina was just too much. He made me squirt and fulfilled his longtime desire to fill me and breed me.

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