Magthara Ramangini (Level 5) mail warning

Mostly a private character... for now.

In character, Saduharta's younger step-sister.

Born ten years after Saduharta to her father and his second wife, Magthara was the daughter of an Indian business woman, unlike her older sis and her godly mother. Since Sadu went to boarding school in England from junior high on, the two rarely saw each other. For her part, Magthara was doted on by her parents, given all the special education and classes her parents' considerable wealth could buy; Piano lessons, language courses, etiquette, martial arts... By the time Maggie was in high school she was a straight A student, brilliant at almost every class she took, from P.E. to chemistry and calculus.

She'd always heard stories about her older sister from her father, though her mother forbade talking about the girl. Maggie knew there was some hidden secret, something special about Sadu, something that even father wouldn't talk about, and the reason why she lived in England on her own. Because she was so used to having everything she wanted in life, not having this one thing made her be obsessed with her older sister, and Maggie started sneaking around to find information from the servants and others. It took some time, but she learned her sister had been born a Rakshasa, a demon child with both sexual characteristics and demonic features.

Ever the scientist, the existence of actual mythical beings and magic piqued Maggie's curiosity greatly, and once she had graduated from university, she managed to find her way to EF City. Having just arrived in 2022, she has started attending the university there as a graduate student.


Name: Magthara Assami Ramangini
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5'2"
Hair: blonde, short
Skin: tan
Eyes: sea-blue
Build: strong, curvy

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