Magthara Ramangini VS Destiny : History listed publicly (60 turns)

Training Time 2: Tons of Tanned T&A

Magthara is a member of her school's wrestling team, but she hasn't been able to go to practice lately due to schoolwork and family obligations. When a call comes in from Destiny though, Maggie gets the perfect opportunity to get back into shape!

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hiiiii~ 😊
hows things destiny
I'm doing good, how are you~
not bac!
(love the description, short and sweet. 💋)
(<3 I'm glad. Can I have you start? Set where Mags is meeting Destiny.)
(yeah, give me a monent~)
good luck ladies!
thank you~~
of course!
*It has been quite some time since the two had last met up, going out on a nice date, going to a club and getting our dancing on, eventually leading to a very steamy session back at my place. But wanting to get back into better shape, I shoot Maggie a text asking her to meet up at the gym for a little 'training session'. So I stand in the empty ring, sporting a tight white tank top and black booty short, stretching my limbs out and waiting for my guest to arrive.*
*I show up wearing a bikini with a tight white tanktop thrown over the top, and a barely there skirt over the bottoms; It's getting close to summer and I intend to enjoy every last second of it. Spying you waiting and stretching, I wave with a hand over my head, smiling broadly,* Destiny! Hiiiii! *Gym bag thrown over my shoulder I rush closer, sneakers squeaking softly on the polished floor of the gym.*
*I quickly run over to the ropes, and hold them open for you, guiding you in and wrapping my arms around you in a big ol embrace.* Maggie!! It's so good to see you again! *My hands slide up onto your shoulders and rest on top, as my lips give your own a soft peck.* Thank you for coming~
*I purr out, nuzzling at you as I embrace you back.* Now why would I ever miss this? I mean, we haven't had a date in ages it feels like. *I look up at you with a small pout* After last time I was kind of hoping... Well, never mind that; You're busy, I'm busy... *I look back down and kiss your neck,* I would rather focus on now.
*My hand reaches up and gently starts stroking your hair, letting you talk before I give your lips another soft little peck.* We will have more time for dates and what not, but right now let's get a proper workout in. *I take a few steps back to my corner, stretching out one more time.* Ready to go?
*That gets a chuckle out of me as I set my bag down near one of the corners, having given you one last kiss before we stepped away from each other,* Of course. I'd accuse you of rushing things, but we'll have plenty of time to talk after. And I did all my stretching before biking over here, so I'm certainly plenty warmed up.
*smooches Ori*
Well, let's put it this way... the sooner we get our hands on each other, don't you agree? *I blow you a kiss, and silently ring a bell above my head.* Ding, ding ding, come get me Maggie~
*gasps a little, before giggling and purring* Well, that's quite a way to be welcomed~
*I grin widely and walk over towards you, not rushing but deliberately and confidently striding forward. As soon as I'm up to you I'm leaning in, pushing you against the ropes while I lick below the bottom of your tanktop, looking up at you as I get a long awaited taste of you.*
*my body shivers as your tongue runs up my stomach, as I grab onto the ropes, giggling and trying to sway my body away from you. Taking your arms and slowly dragging you down to the ropes, pinnign them by your side as my fingers run delicately up the front of your bikini bottoms.*
Mmmmm... Those fingers... I see you've been fantasizing almost the same as me, hm? *My own fingers find the front of your booty shorts and slip down them, rubbing the front of your panties. My other arm remains pinned to my side, but I don't mind at the moment, with the feelings running through me.*
A-aaahhh... God... you have NO idea... *my legs instincitvely spread themselves open for you, letting you get easier access to rub away at the front of my panties.* I've missed you SO... so much.. *My hands slide down your sides and grab onto your shoes, pulling them off you and just tossing them out of the way.*
*I purr out in my throat and nod, pushing those thin panties aside and starting to rub your sex more directly. Agile fingers spread your folds open, tracing along them and rubbing,* No idea? If you missed me even a tenth as much as I missed you... *Not wearing any socks, my toes wiggle as they're freed to the air.*
*your fingers have caught me biting my bottom lip, softly moaning out to the empty gym as your rubbing away.* Definitely.. need to take you out... more more often.. when we're both free... *My hand snakes it's way inside your own bikini bottoms, fingers pressed right up against your clit before rubbing up and down your folds.*
*I nod, kissing at your shoulder and up your neck as we rub each other. Soon I'm nipping at your ear, grinning to myself,* There you go worrying about the future. Maybe you should focus on your sexy opponent so it's not too easy for me, hm?
*Lifting myself upwards, pressing my body right up against your own, I dip my head into your own neck and nip away at your jaw, neck, and ear too.* Who says I can't do both... *Two fingers slowly push inside your sex, my other arm grabbing onto your waist to hold you in place, softly panting and moaning out into your ear as we both keep doing our thing.*
*I bite my lip much like my big sister is want to do, shaking my head,* I would... say you need 100 percent of your attention for someone like me, but I suppose... mmm... I know that's not strictly true. Otherwise, why would I need... mmmfff... practice? *I'm definitely wet around your fingers, coating them in juices as I keep rubbing and spreading and massaging your mound.*
*My body jerks forwards as you keep rubbing away at my folds, your fingers getting covered in my own juices. Both hands grab onto your shoulders for support, letting my hips roll against your hand, letting the pleasure take over for a few moments.* Chalk that up.. seeing you in and out.. of the ring.. but don't worry... You're the only one.. who has my attention... *I lean in and plant my lips onto yours, my hands cupping your chest through your bikini, squeezing and fondling your breasts for a few moments, before reaching behind your back and undoing the strap, letting your top fall behind you.*
Wooooo, let the clothes fly~!
Gotta get these stupid things out of the way before we get to the good stuff~
*tries to nod wisely but instead nods a bit too enthusiastically instead
*I moan out as my nipples meet the cool air of the air conditioned building, the pink things perking up under your fingers as you grab my breasts again. Still, for the moment it doesn't stop me, the reward of those juices on my fingers more than enough to keep me going.*
Gotta get maggie like in her pfp. *grins*
S-shit.... someone is eager tonight... aren't we.. *My hands keep squeezing your breasts, gently pinching your nipples between my fingers as my hips continue to roll against your hand. I shift onto my knees and bring my hands to my shorts, swatting your hand away for a moment.* L-let me... help you out here.. *In one motion, I shift onto my ass and lift my legs up, pulling my shorts right off my body before tossing it to no where in particular.*
*whistles as Destiny starts to strip too* :P
it was getting WAY too hot in here
It definitely is~ *pulls at her own collar a little*
*Helping you get those booty shorts off my hands find their way up to your chest in turn, massaging your nipples through your tanktop,* Here next? I'm feeling awfully exposed with only my breasts on display, Destiny...
Well why don't you do something about that then.. hm?~ *I take the opportunity to lay flat out against the ring mat, stretching my arms and legs as your fingers continue to play with my nipples. My chest pushes upwards letting you get a better handful.*
oh, sporting a collar now Queen Ori?~ 💋
Oh? And here I thought you were still giving me a hand. *I chuckle and push you down, sucking on that chest as you push it out. It takes a lot of my energy to hold you down, but it's enough that I can swiftly pull your panties off, down those long tan legs of yours. I leave them around your ankles before bringing a hand up, tracing a finger along your sex,* I don't mind putting in a little bit of work though...
redrew a set of actions
Ye- not like that, I meant my shirt collar~! 😳
😏😊😘 uh huh
This one~! *tugs at her SHIRT collar...a bit too hard it seems, as a button pops off* Ugh~
*my body shivers as your finger traces along my now naked sex, kicking my legs out from under you helping you pull my panties off of my legs.*M-mm.. see? Isn't that better... But let's not.. forget about you.. *Taking your hands in mine, I pull us to the side and roll us over, sitting on top of your chest as one hand holds your hands above your head. The other hand plays with the strings on the side of your bikini bottom, undoing both and pulling the garment away, leaving you naked underneath me.* Much.. much better...~
Well now that shirt's ruined, you might as well just take it off~
*sighs, knowing that you're right, quickly popping the rest of them off to sit in a hot pink bra* Stupid fuckin' weak shirt~ *mumbles as I blush slightly*
see, much better~ good queenie~ 😘
No kidding... *I stretching out my legs before breaking away, folding you up with a pounce. I look at your sex and ass hungrily,* Still, you know I want to do more than just touch. After all, you have first hand experience with my... passions. *Leaning in as I talk my tongue goes to your ass, folding your legs up over your torso as I start pushing my tongue in and out of your rear, getting you nice and wet with my drool*
S-shush~! 😳 Hmph~! *folds arms*
*I let out a little squeal of surprise as you roll me up, my feet dangling above my head as I eye you curiously, before letting out a much louder moan as I feel your tongue press up against my ass.* H-holy shit!! Mmmm... n-no kidding.... *Stunned by both the pleasure and your hands on my legs, I lay underneath and watch you do your thing. Before long I join you in being naked, ripping off my tank top and bra, just letting them rest behind me as I continue to moan out.* Mmmm... so fucking good...
Bad, naughty shirt. Showing up delicious Ori boobs. *giggle*
😳😳 I...I thought I said s-shush~!
you told ME to shush, not her~
W-well, b-both of you then~! You're supposed to be facing each other, not t-teaming up against me~!
who says we can't do both 💋
*Part of that was distraction though, my hand not holding you down slipping on a strap-on from my bad. Soon I'm standing up and pointing it right at your wet, sopping pussy,* And we're only just getting started, luv. *I push it in and slowly start fucking you down into the mat, holding both your legs by the undersides of your thighs.*
Teaming up on Ori DOES sound like a wonderful date.
it really does~
*My eyes were closed, letting the pleasure flow through my body, and before I can even react to the tip of the strap being pushed right up against my pussy, it's already slowly inside as your hips start to thrust.* Oh god... m-missed this... so much... *My legs hang up in the air, your hold has them right where you want them as you continue to plow into me.*
*mumbles while watching* Really has gotten hot in here~ *slides away skirt*
sure has.. don't worry we won't do anything you don't want us to~
*I nod and moan myself, panting lightly as I fuck down into you, looking down as your breasts jiggle with each thrust into you. One of my hands eve reaches back, rubbing at your asshole and rimming it as I hold you down, moaning more and more.*
*tingles ever so slightly* Somehow I knew that~
*My legs wrap themselves around your waist, my moaning only growing louder and more frequent as your hand starts to rub and press against my rear.* S-shiiiiit *Rolling my hips from side to side a few times, before finally managing to roll us over as I press my ass right up against your face, but not letting your hand stop from what its doing. My other hand pins the strap-on to a thigh, as my head dips between your legs as my tongue starts licking all along your folds, occasionally wrapping my lips around your sensitive nub and sucking on it hard.*
*The move surprise me and soon I find myself on the floor, your pussy above my head and my strap-on pulled down. I moan out, hand still at your ass but my other... is reaching down and playing with myself, rubbing and guiding your head to my nub* YeS! More... Oh goddess that feels good!!
More is exactly what you'll get... *I give your pussy one last long lick, spitting out some saliva onto your folds as well, before taking your strap-on and quickly pulling it my own legs and fastening it tight. Shifting off of you, I roll you onto your stomach and give your wonderful ass a spank. Rubbing the tip of the toy up and down your sex, before slowly pushing in, resting my weight on my hands on either side of you, before giving you slow, but hard thrusts into your pussy.*
*I moan out, twisting my torso around to kiss you before licking down to your breasts. It's an awkward angle for me as you fuck my soaked pussy, but a handhold on your ass keeps me up, giving it a hard spank in return.* Mmmf... MMMMmmmggg...
*Brushing your hair out of your face for a moment, I bury toy in you for a moment, letting you lick my breast and spank my ass for a few moments, before both hands wrap around your waist and hoist you up onto your feet with me. Keeping the strap deep inside you, I very slowly walk the two of us over towards the ropes, guiding your hands to hold onto them, before I start to thrust again, this time at a faster pace. My hands keep a hold of your hips as the sound of not just my pants and grunts, but also our bodies slapping together grows louder and louder.*
*In this position on the ropes I'm much more trapped, no longer able to twist or reach back easily. Arms held to the ropes I take it then, loving this release after too long, loving the way you know just how to take me even after all this time.* FUuuuccK... It's toooo gooood... *My voice wavers with your hard thrusts*
*I keep thrusting away for a little bit longer, tilting your head back so I plant my lips on yours. My tongue sliding into your mouth, dancing around your own, letting my hands spank your ass over and over along with the thrusts. But then I pull myself away, and leave you tangled in the ropes for a moment. When I come back, you feel something pressed right up against your clit, before you feel a sharp vibration right up against your nub. I crouch down and slip three fingers into your pussy and start pumping away quickly, nibbling away at your inner thigh as I just watch the show.* So tight Maggie.. so.. perfect..~
doing okay there Ori?~
*I moan out as my legs shake, rubbing myself back against the vibrator hungrily, panting out, tongue starting to hang from my mouth.* You're... making me... lose my mind... M-Mal... *I swear under my breath as I try to concentrate, knowing just how hard that is with you.*
Mhm...just not much to say~
that's okay, just making sure you're enjoying the show 💋
Can't be a one woman show~...Well I could, but it would take away from your two woman show~ 😍💋
And, oh absolutely~
So happy... to hear you say that... *Tossing the vibreator away, and pulling my fingers out of your folds, I gently force your mouth open and slide your fingers in, letting you taste yourself before I untie you from the ropes. Guiding you down onto your hands and knees, I push your face down into the mat before burying the strap back inside your sex, and resuming my deep, hard thrusts, as I grunt and moan on top of you.* God... you take it... so fucking good...
*I reach under me, rubbing at your sex where the strap on meets it, half guiding you half spurring you on,* Y-Yeah? That's... because it's... you... MMmmf.... I adore... you... Destiny... *I groan out deeply* Make me yours...
Maggie slipping~
*Taking the toy out of you, I roll you over onto your stomach before laying on top of you, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss, my hands wandering all over your body, never straying too long in a single spot, taking the moment to catch my breath but still show your body the love it deserves.*
So which one do ya think is gonna drop the soap?
(apologies, back)
(no worries~)
*Meanwhile my arms wrap around you, holding you to me by the neck. My fingers don't leave you alone as we move, pushing in and out of you passionately*
*our kissing only grows more and more intense, even as you've got me moaning into your mouth as your fingers continue to slip in and out of my folds. So I do the same thing to you, sliding in three fingers into your own sex and pump them away as fast as I can go.*
*Suddenly I'm rolling away from you, grabbing the ropes and pulling myself up. I rub at my pussy as I stare at you. I gulp in deep breaths, chest rising and falling,* Almost... too good... you know that?
*I lay back, still sitting down as I look up at you panting heavily. My hand lazily tracing up and down my folds, before spreading my legs wide open for you and raising an eyebrow, blowing you a kiss as I don't utter a single word.*
*I look at the invitation and find myself rubbing my pussy harder before pulling back. Sucking my juices off my fingers as I walk over to you, I climb over your head before suddenly dropping my pussy on your face. I rut against your mouth and nose as I start eating you out, tongue pushing deep into that spread pussy*
*I keep my legs spread out wide open for you, hips bucking up into your awaiting mouth as your own pussy stifles any moans. I stick my tongue out and try my best to lap away at the present gifted literally on my face, but it's hard to keep up with your enthusiasm.*
*My own legs spread for you, licking and sucking as I'm licked and sucked in turn, much too on edge to think straight. The empty gym is filled with my moans as I literally ride your tongue.*
Hey, wait, empty? Then where am I?! 😱
totally not watching from home in a totally not live streamed channel somewhere~
Oh. That'll do it~
*my hands grab onto your hips, rolling us over before I gently slide down your body. Grabbing onto one of your legs, holding it up against my shoulder as I press my pussy right up against your own, pressing our clits against each other.* Oh god Maggie.. I-I need you... so fucking bad...*Without further ado, I start to roll my hips, grinding our clits together as we both cry out in bliss, which only causes me to start grinding faster and more intensely.*
Destiny said empty earlier, I'm just rolling with it ^^
sorry :P
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
Well, I would boo but...~
let's just say the gym is not locked so in THEORY anyone could walk in~
*As if my grinding and yelling weren't enough evidence I need you too, my squirting against your pussy clearly shows it. Hips buck under you, into you, as my juices spray out, csquirting against your sex and running down my trembling body*
*I can only groan and sigh of happiness, feeling your juices splash against the two of us and trickle down my thigh. I keep my grinding going for a little bit longer, milking out that last little bit of your orgasm before letting go of your leg and rolling beside you, panting for air.*
Well if that's the case... *picks up on that detail, and realising the gym is right next door...dashes out into the night in just those bra and panties, and sneaks in just at the right moment to see Maggie explode, biting my lip as I find a spot to hide but still watch*
(i'm back)
good queenie~
You weren't supposed to see me~! 🙈
*I want more though, want to taste more... sitting up I suddenly grab your wrists and stand. Heaving you over my shoulder as sweat and juices run down my toned body, I carry your struggling body to a corner. Setting you down and tangling your legs in the ropes I immediately dive in. I greeted by the mixed taste of you and me, licking and sucking it up eagerly*
*my hands grab onto your hair, holding onto you so tight as my hips try their best to buck into your awaiting mouth. It only takes a few licks before you've got me screaming out in pleasure myself. My juices flow out of my sex and into your awaiting mouth, my hands leaving your hair and grabbing onto the ropes for dear life as you've got me cumming hard.*
*starts groping at herself, intently watching the pair*
chose to cum!
Messy Dessy~
*untying my legs from the ropes, I drop down onto the mat before clinging onto your body to keep me up right, weakly kissing your lips as my hands roam all over your body.*
*As you kiss at me I separate us, sitting back on my feet and stretching out, giving you a moment,* Either... I really AM out of practice... or your lips afe even sweeter than I remembered.
*I stumble a bit back and lean against the turnbuckle, stepping into the tiniest puddle of my juices as I do my best to try get some air into my lungs.* Let's... go with the second one.. You're not out of practice... I mean.. just look at you... Just as... perfect.. and sexy... as I remember...
*I blush and crawl towards you, breasts swaying beneath me as I crawl between your legs. Soon I'm right back to licking and sucking, this time cleaning you off with my tongue as I moan softly*
*I push you down onto your back, but keep my pussy planted right on your face as my hips slowly grind on top of you, softly moaning out once more as your tongue does its magic. My hands reach down and grab both of your nipples, gently pinching and pulling on the nubs.*
*That gets a mewl out of me, muffled by your sex, hands pawing at you as you sit on me. Those pawing hands wander though, tickling your inner thighs and swatting your butt playfully*
*I continue to grind, twerk on your face, softly biting my lip as you lick my folds and playfully spank my ass, my hands leaving your nipples to finally take my sneakers off, before going back to pinching your nipples.*
*As you pinch me I give one last kiss to your pussy before slipping out from under you, swatting your hands away and sitting up. I fix my short blonde hair a moment as you watch me, pulling some strands from my face that were sticking there wetly*
*I stand up fully and keep my eyes on you, looking your sexy form up and down as I wipe a mixture of both sweat and my hair from my forehead. Slowly we circle each other in the ring, our panting the only thing heard in the gym.*
*Standing as well I do indeed circle you in return, body covered in juices and sweat under the gym's florescent lighting as my bare feet pat on the mat. Each of those steps makes my firm, large chest sway and big toned butt flex, juices running down my inner thighs in anticipation.* Well... if I'm just as perfect as you remember, why not give up now, hm? You KNOW I'll treat you right, Destiny.
*I don't say anything at first, quickly charging over towards you, diving at your legs and taking you down to the mat. I quickly plant both legs on either side of your waist, sitting upright as I look up at you, before my hand slides down my body and starts rubbing away at my clit.* M-mm.. I know you would.. but you've... got to earn that...~
Mmm... very well. I suppose to start, I should make sure you don't need to touch yourself when I could be doing it... *I roll on top, our bodies slipping together before I bring you up. Once again you find yourself pinned, though this time it's my fingers pushing deep into you rather than a plastic cock.*
*you've got my knees touching the ground above my head, curled up into a ball as your fingers continue to pump away into my absolutely drenched pussy. I feel some of my juices drip down my thigh and even down my body as you have me moaning underneath you..* Oh god yes! Fuck me Maggie... oh my god!!!
that gif was... mmph indeed~
Mhm~ 😳😳
*I nod and stand, fingers slurping out of you as one of my legs swings over you. Soon those fingers are replaced by my sex, riding you and moaning loudly as I feel your heat mix with mine,* Y-Yes, of course! Let's... fuck and fuck and f-fuuuuuuu... *I grind and fuck and slap our pussies together, losing myself in your desire.*
*licks Ori's nose*
*I raise one leg up onto your shoulder, the other one wrapping around your waist to hold you tight, as I start to grind up against you without a care in the world. The pleasure of everything so damn good, undeniable at this point. My eyes look into your own with an almost pleading look, a hand resting on top of yours and bringing it up to my throat.* P-please...!
...not a bad Maggie in that gif
the game knows~
*I lean over you, kissing your fingers briefly before grabbing your throat. Bright blue eyes stare down, looking at your own as I cleft my pussy into yours, pinning you by your throat and sex as my only answer to that plea*
*that's exactly what I needed. The new sense of control you have over me, the constant grinding of our clits against each other is enough to send me over the edge. My mouth hangs open in a breathless cry, my whole body quivering and spasming underneath you as my juices splash against the two of us.*
chose to cum!
*I ride you through your orgasm, staring down at your face as your mouth hangs open, giving that throat a brief, gentle squeeze to let you know how much I am enjoying this. Soon I feel you stop cumming and lay you down, coming to rest sitting on your legs, reaching out and slowly petting your pussy.*
*my body still spasms from the aftershocks of my orgasm, my legs falling limp to the mat as you gently stroke my folds. Grabbing onto your wrist, the hand that's squeezing my throat, I give you a loving squeeze back, making no effort to pull away.*
*The other hand on your pussy smears your juices over your soft lips, leaned over you as I keep looking into your eyes. My voice is soft, still panting from the effort,* ...we're not done, are we. Though maybe we should take this to the showers before we turn the ring into a swimming pool, no?
*My mouth opens up as you bring your fingers to my lips, happily taking them into my mouth before I close my lips around your digits, sucking them clean as I listen to you speak. I gently pull your hand off my throat, catching some air before my tired voice speaks.* No.. we're not... You can.. take me anywhere Maggie... I'm all yours...~
*I smile and lean over you, kissing your throat before standing. I stretch out over you before turning round, beckoning as I walk over to the wheelchair access ramp, lifting the rope and climbing through,* Come on then. Crawl for me, lovely...
*and I happily follow after you, swiveling around on my hands and knees as you beckon me towards the ramp. My hungry eyes never leaving your backside, or your legs as we crawl towards whereever you so please.* Mmm.. anything for you..~
*I lift the ropes for you and lead you towards the locker rooms and showers, leaving our clothes in the ring as I lead you onward with those juice covered legs moving and flexing.*
(Though I wonder if Ori is following :3)
*Silently nodding my head, thankful for you to hold the ropes open for me, I continue to crawl on my hands and knees, licking my lips as you flex and lead me towards our destination. In the event you ever look back, you see give an extra sway in my hips, a big happy grin on my face.*
(that IS the question, if she's still alive that is :P)
(uno momento)
*Getting to the showers I turn one on, getting the water not and warm before turning around. Back against the wall I spread my legs... and my pussy, spreading the shaved thing with two fingers,* Now... you owe the winning pussy a bit of worship I think...
*As you press yourself back up against the wall, turning around and spreading your shaved sex. I rest right up at your feet and shift onto my knees, dipping my head and slowly kissing up your inner thigh. Making sure our eyes never break contact as I keep my hands folded in my lap, letting my tongue and lips trail up your leg before reaching it's destination. My mouth hangs open as I give your folds a long, single lick, letting you get re-acquianted with the feeling before I start to lap away at your folds.*
*I coo in my throat, the sound of the water on the tiles mostly covering that to anyone that might be nearby. But even hearing others in the locker room doesn't make me stop you. On the contrary, fingers run through wet pink hair as I look down at you, petting and guiding you adoringly as I stare down over my large chest.*
👀 nice to see you like this Destiny 😘
Isn't it just~
😘😛(too busy, worshipping a goddess to talk~)
Well then I’ll just sit in Ori’s lap and enjoy the show 😊
The queen becomes the throne.
*My hands leave my lap and grab onto your waist, pressing your sex snug up against my mouth. My lips wrap themselves around your clit, giving the sensitive nub licks, sucks, and even some nibbles. I shift down slightly, letting my tongue slip inbetween your folds as I bob my head back and forth, letting my tongue slide in and out of you, before going back to licking. Setting a nice rhythm between the three actions~*
*Mumbles* Not for the first time. 😳
Mmm I did enjoy making your face my throne 😊
*I sigh out happily, starting to softly move my hips in your hands, letting my sex drag across your tongue whenever you're not wrapped over me. When you are those hips move in and out instead, very gently humping your face, letting my wetness trickle down your chin as I bump into you.*
*I pause and keep my tongue hanging out, the hands on your hips guiding you back and forth, letting you grind away on my tongue. Eventually I let go of your hips and start stroking your thighs, letting your hips do the work, letting you set the pace for whatever happens.*
*As you let go I push forward more and push you back, laying you on the warm tiles as I sit on your face. Thick thighs clamp softly around your head as I keep humping you, letting those wide hips dance and sway on your tongue, moaning out. I lean back ever so slightly, letting the shower water run down my back and protect your face from any wetness but my own as my hands use your breasts as handholds.*
*I happily let you lay me down, and you can barely see the big smile on my face before you promptly sit down on my face. I promptly throw my all into licking you, letting my tongue flick your folds like it was my life's only mission. My hands reach up and gently knead, spread your ass, lightfully spanking you as well. My own legs spread wide for you, just for no reason in particular.*
You both are so sexy 😩
...I didn't realise how late it had gotten, so as much as I would love to watch all the way to the end, I think I have to go sleep 😪 Thanks for the wonderful show you two~ 😍💋
(of course Ori! Thanks for hanging out! Byeeeee 💋💋)
Bye gals~ *lazily spanks Selena on my way out*
*winks at Ori as she leaves a faint handprint on my butt* I’ll watch for the both of us hermosa😘
*That licking as I hump starts making me moan out, softly at first but louder with each lick. You can tell you're doing it right when I start swearing in Hindi, a bad habit I picked up from my aunt. But they're laced with moans and gasps, your tongue pumping into my tight depths occasionally while more often flicking my nub and dragging in and out of me. My grip on you tightens up and my hips wetly hump your face and tongue more and more,* Adhi... Push it... deep... Let me feel you inside me... fingers, tongue... anything, everything...
*You don't see it, but you can feel me nod my head underneath you. I keep giving your folds fast licks, before a hand leaves your ass as it snakes around in front of you, rubbing small, fast circles on your clit. My tongue leaves your pussy, as I tilt my head up and press the tip right up against your rosebud. Giving your rear a few licks, as the hand on your clit buries three fingers inside your pussy.*
*A cry of pleasure leaves my lips and suddenly I'm leaning forwards. Hands take your head in my grasp as I let you work, hot water running down our bodies as I start cumming around your fingers. My thighs shiver against your ears as I hold you in tight, making sure you feel every clench and spasm that my orgasm gives, all for you and your pleasuring of me.*
*sends her sister to tackle Jamie*
*my licks and fingers don't dare stop, quite the contrary it only spurs me on to lick and pump faster and faster. Wanting you to cover my entire face in your juices, wanting to make your orgasm last that much longer, wanting to give you all the pleasure in the world, all for you.~*
*just watches innocently until I get tackled by Maghtara's sister* Urgh-!
*I'm definitely on edge still, still humping and moaning even after my orgasm finishes. But rather than sit there I look back at your spread legs and suddenly sit up; turning over I sit back down and lean in, starting to lick and suck and tongue your pussy with abandon, moaning out lewdly as my pussy and thighs take up all your vision, a mess of glistening tan skin, muscles underneath shivering in pleasure and skin coated in pungent, musky love juices. They drip on your chin, not yet washed off by the falling water.*
You could say tackled by Sadu you know. *pout* I missed you.
How am I supposed to know, I am just getting tackled xP
*You've got me moaning into your folds, my hips trying desperately to buck up into your mouth as your tongue drives me wild. The cascading sound of the shower's water helps stifle the sound of our muffled moans, as the two of us throw ourselves into licking each other. My free hand leaves your hip, and gently pushes one finger inside your rosebud, slowly pumping that in and out as my tongue goes pack to your pussy.*
*nuzzles into Sadu with a loud purr*
*I moan into your sex, pussy pressed into you as my tongue presses deep into you. I pant through my nose as my lips wrap over your sex fully, sucking and licking with wild abandon as arms wrap around your thighs and pull you open wide. Soon a hand is reaching up and replacing my mouth, three bunched fingers pressing into your sex as lips find your nub, sucking.*
*With the added sensation of your fingers inside me, as well as your lips wrapped around my clit, that's enough for me to stop what I'm doing, throw my head back and let out a loud cry/moan leave my lips.* Yeeeeesssss! Oh my god Maggie right there! *Guided by your hands, my legs spread out as far as they can, letting you get as much room as you can possibly need to lick and finger me. You hear my panting growing faster and faster, the cliff approaching ever so quickly.*
*plants a deep kiss onto Sadu's cheek and hugs her tightly while watching her sister and Destiny*
Missed you too~
i missed all the fun :/
welp guess time for sleep
*I don't stop o slow, hungry for you, hungry for your screams and your love and your submission to me. Bringing my legs up I wrap them around you, thighs around your neck and calves around your head. I pull your face right into my sex and smear it back and forth across you as you're held still, folds rubbing across your nose and cheeks and leaving sit and juices streaked across you. Under the water my fingers squelch quickly in and out of you, tongue flicking that nub in alteration with sucks and kisses, playing with it in changing and unexpected ways.*
*tucks Poki in and kisses her forehead*
*pulls sadu into bed with me snuggling her* missed chu wife? future wife *rubs chin*
*my mouth is open as you've forcibly pull my head right up in between your legs, my tongue hangs out as you grind yourself against me, covering my entire face in your juices mixed with the shower water. With your flicks of your tongue, and the fingering, you've quickly pushed me over the edge. My cries and moans are muffled by your thighs, but my juices squirt into your awaiting mouth, my whole body quivering underneath you.*
*nuzzles back*
That's fair <3
also hey destiny how you doing sexy cutie missed you too!
*kisses sadus forehead* heh cutie
Hiiii Poki! I'm good! How are you? 💋
sleepy still wanting to eventually either tame you or be tamed by you
one day we'll figure it out 😘
one day is so long ughhhh
for now cuddles be a good compromise :P
*Drinking down your juices I draw out that orgasm, feeling your cries into my sex and your quivering body and just drinking it in as much as your squirt. Once I can tell I'm not getting any more out though I let go, letting your body and legs flop to the wet floor and sitting up. I lick off my lips before leaning back, closing my eyes and letting the hot water rush down my front as I sit firmly on your face.* Mmmm... delicious...
I do so love cuddling my Poki. *snuggles in close*
*giggles and snuggles sadu kissing her* hehe i meant destiny but you are always welcome to join~
Hey, I get first dibs even, I believe. *wink*
mmm ofc you do so does lin *nods*
*my arms and legs fall down by my side, looking up at the ceiling as you've left me panting for air. My hands slide under your butt, gently lifting you up for a split second before rolling out from underneath you, laying on my side as the shower continues to rain down on me. I have to move my hair from my face, so I can look up at you.* So... so Delicious...~
Mhmm. But Miss Linny is asleep. Going to see her later.
mmm ik she usually is around this time
*Watching you I open my eyes, looking down as a hand reaches up to shut off the water. It comes to a stop as I crawl over you, turning you on your back and laying down on you. Breast to breast, forehead to forehead I look down into your eyes. At our sides I take your hands, lacing my fingers with your own, not saying anything and just staring affectionately at you.*
*my thumbs gently brush your knuckles, as we each stare lovingly into each other's eyes. The sounds of soft mumbling are heard in the shower, but none of that matters. The only thing that matters is the goddess resting on top of me, wanting nothing more than being hers, in this moment, and for every moment going forward.* M-Maggie....
Yes, Destiny...? *Said softly, eyes sparkling, legs gently wrapping with your own as I talk.*
*Perking my lips up, I place the softest of pecks on your lips, before looking at you with the biggest smile on my face.* I... I love you..~
And I love you too, Miss Destiny. No one makes me feel like you do... *A soft kiss back,* And that's not an exaggeration... I don't want to let you go.
*my hands let go of your own, to wrap around your neck. My legs wrap themselves around your waist as I give you a big ol squeeze.* Then don't.. you've already got my heart.. now you just need to claim the rest of me..~
*A soft smile,* Take you back to my dorm room, kick out my surly roommate, make love to you every day and show you just how much I love you?
Or I take you back to mine, allowing me to worship the goddess I see before me... Either or works *I giggle softly, giving your lips another soft peck.* But as I told you before, any time, any place, I'll be there if you need me. I'm all yours Maggie.. if you'll have me..~
...that makes me so happy to hear. *My kisses start traveling down your jaw, your neck, a quick nip to your ear as I whisper to you,* That's all this goddess could ever want; One very dedicated, sexy, cute, wonderful worshipper...
*you feel my breath catch in my throat, a sharp shiver shooting up my spine as I give you another tight squeeze.* I believe you'll find me... quite the capable worshipper... *I tilt my head back, exposing my neck to you, but also gazing back towards the ring, before looking back to you.* My goddess... I do have one request... if I may...
*I look up, lifting my head too look at you more fully,* Sure; If anyone deserves something today, it's you.
*I guide one of your hands up to my breast, helping you squeeze the mound, before guiding the other hand between my legs, resting right up against my sex.* If you could... can you please... go grab your strap-on... and fuck me... so hard I can't walk... so you have to carry me to your dorm... so I can spend the night.. with my goddess...~
*A kiss to your forehead before I nod.* Over to that locker room bench then dear, ass out by the time I get back. You better be ready... *I stand, one last stretch before walking out to the ring*
*as soon as you step out of the room, I immediately shuffle over to the bench, laying on my stomach and pressing my ass right so it's the first thing you see when you walk back in. My hands reach behind and spread my cheeks, showing you just how needy I am for you.*
*I throw my gym bag to the side, having quickly stuffed our clothes in there. I wear the strap-on I brought with, red plastic cock bobbing with each step I take. Getting behind you I line myself up with one hand, stroking your ass gently with the other,* Very good. You're just how I want you. Now I can give you... *I push the toy in and hilt myself deep* What we both want. *Soon I'm fucking you firmly, holding your waist, legs spread*
*as you approach me, I give my hips a little shake for you, before freezing still as you line the toy up with my sex. And as you bury yourself fully, I throw my head up in a long moan, arching my back and pushing my ass further into your waist, folding my arms behind my back. Each of your thrusts has our bodies slapping together, the echo'ing bouncing all around the shower.* Oh god... yes..! yes!! F-fuck me.. my goddess!
*grabbing you by the wrists I hold those hands in place, pinning you to the lacquered wood as I fuck you firmly, wishing for a moment I had that potion Sadu developed but shaking that thought loose quickly as I focus everything on you. I hold my feet steady, mostly moving my hips, other hand finding the back of your neck and holding you to the bench.*
*I'm at your complete and utter mercy, your grip on my hands is tight, and I have the biggest grin on my face as you hold me right against the bench. My dripping pussy continues to leak my juices down my thighs, my sex gripping the toy like a vice.* Yes! Yes! So good! G-goddess P-Please! C-claim all of me!
Mmmmm... *I pull you up gently by your pony tail and lean over you, having let go of your neck. I turn your head and kiss you deeply, tongue pushing into your mouth. I keep fucking you throughout, one foot lifting onto the bench because of this new angle, having to dip my hips a little for balance as I take you*
*The new angle, along with the grip on my hair hits a spot so good. You're thrusting has me crying and moaning out. And before long I'm once again sent over the edge. My juices splash against your thighs and my own, dripping down onto the bench below, my cries turn into screams, letting anyone nearby know just how good you're making me feel.*
*I don't stop this time, though I do slow down for a bit, kissing down your neck as I slowly push in and out of your spasming pussy. Soon I pull out and flip you over though so you're looking up at me, pushing back into you and starting to firmly fuck you again. My breasts sway above yours with each thrust*
*I'm not given the time to recover, my body continues to spasm underneath you as you flip me over and slide yourself back inside. I hold my legs up to the side of me, resting my hands underneath my knees, each thrust of yours causing my own breasts to sway and bounce around with yours.* FUCK! YES! SO! FUCKING! GOOD!
*I help you hold your legs in place, moving up and fucking down into you, swinging my hips into yours and letting you watch yourself be fucked. I pant lightly and look down at you, nodding and speaking up,* Take all of it then... take the pleasure I'm giving you... until your mind melts... my love...
Its hard to see pvp
*with each deep, hard thrust into me, you can see my eyes threatening to roll into the back of my head. With your help, my legs stay upright, allowing a free hand to play with one of my breasts, twisting and pulling a nipple as I continue to cry out. I try to cry out to you, to say your name, to scream it for all the hear, but my words fail me. Anything that leaves my lips is gibberish, and incoherent.*
Care to elabotate?
Also great roleplaay you two
Its hard to match up with others
thank you Hitomi~
Agree. Great job u two
You may have best luck in the discord, but in my experience it´s not that long before someone joins me when I used match making, have you been waiting a lot?
Maybe its the time zone
Wait we have discord?
Oh nvm...
my ipad way too outdated for discord
*One hand holds your ankle while the other reaches up, pushing a two fingers in your mouth and letting you taste your juices. I pull them out of your lips and reach between us, suddenly starting to rub your clit in gentle but firm little circles.*
We do have one, if you are interested you can find it in community
Well see you all later. I will hangout with bots haha
That´s okay, by the way if you want to wait for a few minutes I think I could join you for a match, if you are interested of course
*I eagerly suck on your fingers in my mouth, mewling at the taste of my juices, before going back to cries of pleasure. With a few more rubs, and a few more thrusts, I'm sent over the edge again. My legs start to shake in the air, my body quivering, eyes fully rolled into the back of my head as you've got me squirting even harder than before. My cries almost turning into banshee like screams, the pleasure melting my mind completely.*
*This time I really do not stop, fucking your squirting pussy through your orgasm, legs pinning your spasming legs in place as I fuck your drenched, clenching pussy firmly. Strong legs push through any resistance, rutting against your g-spot to send you higher and higher into pleasure as I rub your clit in quick little circles.*
*My hand grabs onto the wrist that's pressed against my clit, but I don't make an effort to pull you away. In fact, I help you rub my clit even faster. Along with your contininous, hard, deep, thrusts, hitting me in just the right spot, my one orgasm turns into a second.. and a second into a third.. Any tangible thoughts or words are all gone, all I am is a whimpering, screaming, cumming mess, and there's nothing more I could want.*
*I kiss at your skin, other hand finding your chest as I kiss and lick and pinch. Sweat drips from my body from combining with the wetness from the shower, glistening on my tan skin as I take you completely, trying to make every inch of you feel good, feel like mine.*
*if it wasn't for the pleasure, I'd be melting from the view of your perfect body glistening just for me. My toes are curled into a tight ball, before my arms and legs go limp, my pussy still gripping the toy like it's holding onto it for dear life. My body is still shivering from the aftershocks, my cries turning into pants, my own body completely drenched in sweat and water, with a little bit of juices mixed in there too.*
*I fuck until I feel you starting to finally come down, body overloaded and looking so used and pleasured and sexy. I look down at you a bit before finally pulling out of your tight sex with a pop, panting and giving a purr of satisfaction. Slinging my bag over my shoulder I wrap you in a towel and throw on my skirt and tanktop before picking you up. Carrying you to the door I back out and hail a taxy.*
*mustering whatever strength I can, I wrap my arms lazily around your neck and rest my head against your shoulder. My senses finally coming back to me, as I look down at being wrapped in only a towel, but I'm completely fine with it. I'm in the arms of my goddess.. my love.. and I can't think of anywhere else to be...* T-thank you.. Maggie... I love you....
*As the taxi pulls up I set you gently on the seat, laying your head on my lap as I tell the driver to take me to the University dorms, looking down at you and smiling,* And I will take good care of you, Des. I'll make sure your love is returned three fold and more...
*jaw drops…*
oh hi Ruck..~
We tend to come in on the other’s post-game… and hi Maggie ;)
*I give you a loving squeeze, nuzzling right up against your neck and letting my eyes close, completely and utterly spent from everything that has transpired.*
*wiggles butt at Ruck*
Just dropping in but had to say 👀
Well wiggled
good night Ruck, sweet dreams 💋
Ah.. now THAT, was well worth waiting for
Very much~
Maggie, as always. Thank you for the absolutely wonderful game, perfect as always~ 💋
*nuzzle* I had a wonderful muse.
Hope to this again more often, after all, I need to make sure my loving, perfect, sexy, goddess gets all the worship she needs~
to do this*
*nods and purrs* I agree. My sensual, wonderful worshipper needs more attention and blessings.
for now, it's bed time. start early tomorrow
good night, sweet dreams~ 💋

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