Destiny VS Magthara Ramangini : History listed publicly (42 turns)

A Nice Date, A Sexy Date, A Steamy Date?

After their first "date" together, Magthara and Destiny have been unable to stop texting and talking to each other online, and it's clear to both of them they really enjoyed themself. This time though, rather than practicing together, they decided to go for something more calm and romantic, Destiny promising Maggie that she'll have a great time.

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(I good to start?)
(mhm, you certainly are~)
Maggie was expecting Destiny at any time; The fact they were meeting at her dorm room was a bit yabai to her. But then again, her roommate was out, and it wasn't as if she had a car or anything. So it was as good a place as any. Having just gotten out of the showers she dried herself off, drinking a little cup of something before leaning over and peeking out the window the the parking lot. Not that she knew what she was looking for; Both her and Destiny had taken a taxi home from the hotel last time.
It had taken a few moments to find not just a parking spot but the way to Maggie's dorm (curse me and my lack of direction), I finally pull in to the first spot I can see. Sporting a brand new black halter dress, with matching heels and purse, I step out of my car to the surprise of the few onlookers that are still around. Their eyes quickly wandering over my form before quickly rushing off to wherever they're going, my eyes look upwards to the building and out of the corner of my eye I spot my date. Raising both my eyebrows and one hand, silently letting her know i'm here, I start to strut into the dorm.
Not seeing you due to getting dressed, I put on a dark blue and gold dress that goes down to my knees, grabbing my little handbag before opening the door to my dorm and walking down. Soon after I get down there I notice you there and walk over quickly, though slower than I would like thanks to wearing heels, "Destiny! You weren't waiting I hope. I only just finished getting ready..."
Admittedly, I had gotten lost looking your exact room number. I had my phone out in front of me, trying to compare what my screen said and the door numbers, but thankfully hearing your voice and the heels gave me the answer. "Maggie! I was uh.. actually a little lost to be honest. Thankfully you found me!" I bring a hand up to my face, giggling softly, before my eyes look you up and down. The way that dress is hugging your body has me weak at the knees, biting my bottom lip softly before I softly whistle out. "Have I ever told you how absolutely stunning you are?"
A bit of a blush touches my cheeks as I nod, "A-A few times, yes. Though I'll certainly take more. Especially coming from one of the most stunning women in the world..." I fidget with my purse a little, but smile brightly, "So what are the plans for tonight? You said you wanted to keep them a surprise..."
My eyes look down momentarily, trying to hide my own blushing cheeks as you compliment me, before looking back up and smiling back. "I did, and to be honest I've gone through at least a dozen ideas trying to figure out what would the perfect date would be..." My voice trails off for a moment, before I reach out and gently grab onto your hand, pulling you closer to me so I can plant my lips onto yours for a quick little peck. "But, for at least stop one of our date: we're going dancing!"
"Oh! I love dancing!" I chuckle softly and my smile spreads, "I can't promise I'm good at it, especially in heels, but you won't find me lacking for having fun. And I know you're not the type of person to mind that." Walking up, I put my arm in your own, looping it along side, "Lead the way, Destiny. Nothing very exciting about the dorm, and I've been waiting for this night for FOREVER it feels like."
"Okay, good! I chose wisely then." I giggle along with you as we start walking over to my car, listening to your every word as my thumb gently brushes along your knuckles. "Oh trust me, there's ONE place in the dorm that excites me, and one I want to end up in at some point hopefully in the future.." I don't try to hide my blushing cheeks this time as we reach the parking lot and our car, opening the passenger car door for you. "Don't worry, I don't think I'm going to be any better. We're just going to be two fools having the time of our lives." I quickly hurry over to the driver side, letting myself in and buckling up, before pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road. "It has been, WAY too long for this to happen. Tell me what you've been up to?"
I slide into the car, looking it over happily as you close the door for me. Putting my purse on my lap, I watch you get in and drive out of the lot. My eyes mostly watch you, used to all the scenery around the university here, "Well, did some graduate field work for my degree over the past week. Also went out and had dinner with elder sister, visited my parents. Been pretty busy, really... especially since I agreed to help elder sister out with her shop a bit while she was sick."
Good Evening, ladies
(Heeeeyyy Colle~)
Hi there Colle πŸ’‹
My eyes are fixated on the road (because dear god do I NOT want to crash this car with the two of us in it), but I do nod my head along to what you're saying. "Oh she's not feeling well? Some of my friends have been battling something too, seems something's going around. Hope she's doing better." As we're stopped at a red light, I reach my hand down and gently place it on your thigh, giving it a little squeeze. "Nice of you to help her out. N-not to change subjects but uh, I've also been busy. Have you been keeping up with the LWR tournament going on?"
I'm just the guy watching your date through binoculars from the hedges. Totally normal, don't mind me
(your hedges has wheels? cause we're currently in a car~) πŸ˜‚
"Of course! I love watching that stuff. It's one of the reasons I moved here in the first place, actually. Knowing that my sister was involved in that stuff, getting to see how magnificent she is... not to mention just the competitiveness and passion put into the matches... The fact that there was a such a nice university here for my graduate studies sealed the deal. I've seen every match of every tournament that's been broadcast since I got here. ...well, minus the one."
(Yes, it's a camouflage hedge strapped to an overpowered segway currently flying down the roadside at freeway speeds. Totally inconspicious*
(yep, totally secret from the rest of the world. not odd whatsoever)
People see what they want to see
"Good! There's been a lot of really good matches there, very competitive and absolutely hot." My hand leaves your thigh, mimicking fanning myself off as I chuckle softly, before putting it back on the steering wheel and driving through the now green light. "Wait, all but one? Oh you mean.. my quarter final match don't you?"
(and they're clearly choosing to think and see that you might be... slightly odd 😘)
"Hm? No, I meant my sister's match in the tournament here. Was going to watch it after class, but... apparently she burnt the tape and flew away? She didn't want to talk to me about it really, so I'm just going based on what people have told me."
(Well...who could blame them?)
"Huh... I mean I know she lost but, why wouldn't she want anyone to watch..?" I ponder silently as the club comes into view. "Ah, guess that'll be a question we'll need to answer at another time. We've arrived at our first stop! Club Ecstacy!" The club entrance is rather long, a rather surprising busy night considering what day it is. Nonetheless, I slowly pull into the closest free parking spot and shut the car off, unbuckling my seatbelt and shifting over towards you. Gently grabbing onto your hand and kissing the top of your hand. "Ready to make complete fools of ourselves? While looking absolutely amazing doing it?"
(fair point, and at least now you have somewhere else to blend in~)
(Hey Scarlet~ 😘)
I give a chuckle, grinning, "That's exactly the sort of thing I live for, really." Getting out of the car on my own, I close the door behind me and follow you; It's after sundown but nice and warm here in the city, stars and moon out after the earlier rain, only some small puddles on the parking lot asphalt as we walk to the club.
(Hello cutie~)
Quickly following suit, I catch up behind you as one arm slings itself around your waist as we start to move where the line is. "Oh! Right, one sec." Reaching into my pocket, I pull out a small piece of paper from my purse before putting the handles back over my shoulder. "No waiting in line for us tonight." With my arm still around you, we walk in unison towards the front door, all while the other people in line give us a confused and angry look. When we reach the bouncer, I hand him the little piece of paper before turning my gaze back to the line. "Perks of working here, sorry!"
(Very wholesome rp)
As we're let in, your statement makes me look around more curiously, "Oh, you work here? ...funny how I've never asked what you do for a living. Guess that's one of those perks about always having something to talk about with you; Haven't had much time for just normal small talk. What do you normally do here?"
(Even if they're both commando? =P)
(don't worry, something tells me it's not going to be super wholesome the whole time πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜)
"No, we haven't have we? Though, I do think we were both HEAVILY distracted by something else the first time we met." I lean in and place my lips on your cheek, letting them linger for a few moments before I back away, leading you further into the club. "I've done a few things here and there for a living. Believe it or not I was once someone's personal pamperer. Helping them unwind after tough days when they needed me." The sound of the club starts to get louder and louder as we step into the main hall, a DJ is set up at the far side of the room, speakers on either side of him cranked to blast out a nice, pumping, steady beat of synthesized music. Countless people are dancing together on the dance floor, whether it be groups of friends together after a long day, or more.. intimate groups grinding against each other. On the left side is a bar, seated a healthy amount of people all laughing and drinking with a few bartenders working their tails off. I have to lean my head in and raise my voice for you to hear me. "As for what I do here? I guess you can call it... entertainment."
I generally like this kind of music despite not being the sort of person who goes to clubs, though just how noisy the place is throws me off a little. Still, I like the atmosphere otherwise and see that most people seem to be relaxed and having fun. I smile and nod to you, "You are certainly a very entertaining person, Destiny. I could believe you'd be able to help people unwind... whether here or as a more intimate pamperer. Where first though? I think I could go right out onto the dance floor without needing to drink or eat anything first, though I'd want to set my purse someplace."
"Oh! Let me take those then!" I take your purse from you and put it with mine in my hand as I lift up onto my tippy toes as I look around for someone. Seeing a friendly face, I hurriedly wave one of the servers over. A lean, rather short looking guy dressed in a white dress shirt and black jeans quickly hurries over to our side. "Evan, here! Can you put this in my locker in the staff room please?" The guy looks at the two of us, beams us a smile and happily takes our purses. He goes to open his mouth but the music drowns out his voice. He rushes off to the side and out of our sight, giving me the opportunity to take both of your hands in mine and start to slowly walk backwards to the dance floor. "Well? What are we waiting for?! Let's dance!"
I don't really even wait for much permission, waving to Evan before dragging you out the the dance floor just as a song is about to start. Despite what I said I do have some dance training, mostly classical though. So while I'm a bit awkward in my heels and not the most grindy or getting low, I still have a bit of a certain elegance about me. The pencil dress hugs my body as I dance next to you, seemingly more interested in being near you than showing off or anything else.
(Hi and what a lovely rp)
The heels are making trying to move in a well-thought out manner a bit difficult, it certainly doesn't bother me. I keep hold of both of your hands as I sort of pull myself back and forth from you in a match rhythm to the beat of the song. I can't help but start laughing and having the biggest smile on my face, not worrying about trying to look professional or anything, dancing without a care in the world.
(heyy Dawn, and thank you~ 😊)
I certainly don't seem to care about how I look to anyone besides you, and as a slower song starts with a more club beat than a rave beat I pull you closer to me, holding you around the waist as we dance together. My green-blue eyes look into yours, hands resting on your rear without grabbing at it.
The rest of the crowd in the club seem to fade away, imaging it's just the two of us alone in here as your hands fall onto my rear. You see me flustered for a moment, my cheeks blushing, before smiling and wrapping my hands around your neck. I inch forward, pressing our chests together as our bodies move from side to side. Feeling a little bolder, I take your hands off my rear for just a moment as I slowly spin around and press my back against your chest. Reaching back I wrap one arm around your head as I rock my hips against your own, grinding in sync with the beat, getting reaaal low and back up in a well-practiced and sultry manner.
Not expecting that I soon adapt, having at least seen this kind of thing before even if I've not done it myself. Hands on your sides I grind back into you... though pushing so much into me you DO notice a lump or bulge tucked under my dress. Something that rubbing against it causes me to momentarily tense up. But only for a second, and I finish off the song with you, twirling you into my arms once more before stepping back, "Great! Phew... gets pretty hot out here under the lights. Buy a girl a drink?"
On the way back up, our movements has our meeting together, both the lump and your split pause I make a mental note of. As you spin me back, I wrap both of my legs around you and lift a leg up, almost posing as I feel a numerous set of eyes on us before the next song starts up and they're back to dancing. You step back and I nod, wiping off some sweat from my forehead. "It sure does.. and of course!" I take one of your hands and walk with you over to the bar, where two patrons at the end happen to get up. I take a seat and motion over to the bartender. "Blueberry Bellini for me Mindy. Maggie? What can I get you?"
"Mmmmm... orange juice? Lemonade? I try to get a lot of vitamin C in winter; Seems like a lot more people get sick around now, no?" I slip onto a stool, sitting primly with my hands in my lap, smiling at you warmly.
"Ha! You're right. Look at you, being the responsible one here. And one lemonade for my lovely date here." It only takes a few moments, but Mindy first comes back with your lemonade, before coming back with my drink. She goes to open her mouth but another new customer has sat down and she's off to go help them. I take my glass in my hand and raise it up to lightly tap your own. "To being responsible!" I say, as I immediately take a small sip of my bellini, tilting my head and looking at you with your hands in your lap. "Ahh.. you need to try this one day, they're SO good."
I blush a little, doing a toast with you, "I mean... mother always told me not to drink alcohol. And it's never been to my tastes..." I sip my lemonade shyly, looking at you sip at your drink curiously. "I don't think it's wrong or anything, but I do try to listen to advice I'm given and all..."
"Normally, I'd agree with you. But sometime you've gotten loosen up a little, y'know?" Pulling on my barstool, I inch myself closer to you, and rest my hand on top of yours. "Don't you think always doing what your mother says is a little... boring? I won't force you if you really don't want to, but will you at least have one little sip for me?" *Placing my glass down and bringing it over to yours, I reach out with my free hand and grab a straw, putting it my glass and tilting it up towards for you.
I chuckle softly, "Don't get me wrong... not drinking alcohol didn't mean NEVER to drink it; After all, there's times like toasts or weddings or such... but I certainly never got a taste for it as a teenager or such, like a lot of people. " I take the straw and take a small sip, smiling with a chuckle, "Well that's hardly fair. That just tastes like fruit juice, Destiny. Fizzy fruit nectar even."
"I get what you mean. Honestly, I was in a similar spot as you growing up. All my friends would go out to party, get drunk, all the typical 'cool' stuff. Not me." As you go into detail about my drink of choice, I bring a hand to my mouth and feign a shocked gasp. "I'll have you know there is at least SOME wine in there, still counts! *My hand falls back down to my glass, sticking out my tongue before laughing. I bring up my glass and finish off the rest of it, placing it back down on the counter and taking both of your hands in mine.
"Oh I'm sure it does. That just makes it all the more dangerous; A sweet, innocent, pleasant outside with a dangerous, naughty inside. Just like a certain woman whose hands I'm holding, no?" I pet the back of your hand with my thumb, smiling, " to me, I didn't have many friends who drank growing up. Grew up on a ten acre estate in south England, going to a small private high school and all that."
"Who? Me? I have no idea what you're talking about." I giggle, giving your hands a loving squeeze as I look out of the corner of my eye at the lump in your dress before quickly looking back up to your eyes. "One day I hope you'll show me England, it's one of my dream places to visit. Are you still in touch with some of your old friends from back home?" Mindy's gaze catches my own for a moment, as she comes and places another drink down beside me, quickly taking another sip out of that.
We talk for a while more, drinking and talking as I explain the friends I keep in touch with, what life was like back home, and even order my own Bellini. As I drink and go on, my English accent comes out a little more, and we have a good time finding out about each other a little. After two drinks are down and a half hour is past, I let go of your hand, stretching out. "Mmmmm!! As lovely as this is though, perhaps we could find somewhere to eat? I'm all drink and no food at the moment, the peanuts you got us not withstanding. And I've not eaten in almost ten hours now."
"Did you really not eat before we left??" My hand unjoins from yours and gives you the lightest slaps on the cheek as I just chuckle and shake my head. "Maggie, you REALLY need to eat more. Not good of you to go that long without eating. I think.. there's a place like a block away from here. Let me just go get our purses." Standing up from my stool, I lean in and give your forehead a little peck before heading off to the changing room. I'm only gone for a few moments, before your purse is laid in your lap as I hook one hand under your arm. "Ready?"
I nod and follow you out to the car. It's gotten a little bit colder out but I don't seem to mind too much, down into the teens as you help me into your car again, "Phew! :et
Let's see... eleven? Oof... later than I thought. Maybe some takeout then and we can relax at your place? I know you talked about my dorm room earlier, But I'm guessing yoru place has got to be nicer than even a nice dorm room..."
Turning the car on, I take a look at the radio and look at the time. "Hell it's really that late huh.. Not a lot of places are gonna be open... but I'm sure I have a pamphlet on my coffee table or something." As we start to pull out, waiting for people walking to get in the lineup to move out of the way, I tilt my head to the side. "How early do you have class tomorrow? I wouldn't want you being late for class because of me."
"Oh, thirteen hundred luv. Nothing too early. I wouldn't have planned on a date if I had morning class. Especially not tonight of all nights..." I smile enegmatically, stretching out in your car seat.
*My eyes wander up and down your body, can't getting enough of how your dress just punctuates every perfect curve of your body. I giggle and nod my head, turning my head back towards the road which has finally now cleared up. "Just wanted to make sure, to casa de Destiny then." Stepping on the gas, I pull out onto the road and start driving to my apartment. We turn on the radio and start singing along to what's being played, laughing all the way. After about only 20 minutes, I pull into my underground parking spot and climb out of the car, holding open the elevator for you.
Walking in after you I'm on my cellphone, looking at things. "Hmmm... pizza, or Chinese luv? Or sandwiches apparently. Unless you have something at home you want to fix quick? I will admit, maybe it's the bellini talking, but there's really one thing I want to eat more than anything else." As if THAT wasn't blunt enough.
The implication wasn't lost on me, but I did turn away to hide my blushing face, knowing full well that you and I both wanted the exact same thing. "Uhh.. Pizza's fine." The rest of the elevator ride passes quietly, and before too long we reach my place. I open the door and usher you in wordlessly. It's not the most lavish thing in the world, but it's still rather big. A fairly big sized kitchen on the left immediately catches your eye, as well as the big living room that is straight ahead. A 48 inch flatscreen is on the wall, facing a decently fancy looking black couch, and a black coffee table inches away from it. We walk over to the couch, before I suddenly lightly push you onto it. "Give me one moment, okay?" I give you a smile, before quickly taking my heels off and running over to behind the t.v where my room presumably is.
/remove my shoes
Looking up at you with a dumb grin on my face, both at the shove and the blush, I sit up a little, nodding. As you're away I finish up the pizza order, just some cheesebread and a veggie pizza before sliding my phone into my purse. My own heels come off, setting them at the end of your couch.
/remove my shoes
/remove my socks
/remove their socks
After a few moments, I come back out with my phone in my hand, going through my screen looking for.. something before finding it. Hitting play, I lay my phone on the table as a very slow, club beat starts playing. Striding over towards you, my hands reach up to my hair and undoes my ponytail, letting my hair fall freely, my hips having a extra sway to them before I lift one leg up and place it beside you. "If you hadn't mentioned being hungry, there was ONE more thing I was going to do at the club." My head leans in real close to yours, as I stare hungrily into your eyes.
Sitting up straight, phone and heels gone, I watch you closely, eyes sparkling, "Oh? Well... I certainly don't mind anything in a more... private setting, do you?" I turn my head a little to kiss at your inner knee, a few kisses going up your inner thigh.
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A hand gently brushes your hair, humming softly as your lips kiss a trail up my leg. "A more private setting was exactly where I was gonna take you.. take you to my personal private room, and do this.." I withdraw my leg, placing it beside my own as the beat starts to pick up. My body dips and sways along with the music with well thoughtout practice and a burning passion, hands gliding all over my body. Slowly spinning around, I dip low and grind against an invisible person, as a hand reaches back to my zipper and slowly starts to pull itself down exposing my naked back inch by inch. Turning back to face you, I lower my shoulder straps one by one and slowly start to shimmy out of the dress, letting you catch a glimpse of my naked body. Stepping out of the thing, both legs rest on either side of you as I sit in your lap, hands around your neck.
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" lied to me earlier, you know that? You're a very, very excellent dancer, Destiny. At least in my eyes..." I lean in as I finish speaking and kiss you deeply, claiming your lips with my own. Hands rest on your back, right above your butt, resting there gently as I kiss you passionately.
(still won't be on a whole lot, sadly, but I can poke around and say hello lol)
My mouth goes to try and speak, but your lips crashing onto mine immediately gets rid of any notion of speaking. I practically melt into your kiss, hands leaving around your neck as it descends down your body, gently stroking your sides before reaching up and lightly palming both of your breasts. My hips start to rock up against yours, my pussy bumping up against your bulge, causing me to moan into your mouth.
I am going to bed now. Good byyyee
(good byeeee πŸ’‹πŸ’‹)
I moan back, that bulge only growing. You can tell it's restrained, but it's trying desperately to get loose, my hands going to your slender waist and pulling you back from the kiss, panting. "Mmmmfff... if pizza wasn't going to be here in ten minutes, I'd be out of these clothes in a heartbeat. ....maybe a quick shower? Then food, then I can show you just how much I appreciate all your dancing..."
I practically whine as you break off from the kiss, a hand leaving your breast as it slides down your body, gently grabbing your bulge through your dress. "Alright, go shower. I'd go with you but I think we both know that we're never getting out of there if that happens.* Giggling, I climb off your lap and let go of your bulge. "Though, you will need to explain how you got that. Last time we were together, that certainly wasn't there before.~"
"Ah... I will, promise." Lifting you off me I set you on the couch and walk off. Soon the sound of the shower starts... and ends, right before your buzzer rings. You're treated to the sight from Maggie's profile image; Me, wrapped up in one of your towels, rushing to the door, a much ore obvious bulge tenting the towel as I apologize to the delivery driver and take the pizza. You can see where you're wrapped in a blanket on the couch how his eyes go wide, especially when the towel drops when I take the pizza and cheesebread from him. He doesn't get long though as I close the door, turning to you. Now naked, though not actually aware of that, I hold the boxes up, "Ah, beautiful sustenance.
/remove their top
/remove their panties
/remove their bra
/remove their pants
/remove my pants
/remove my bra
/remove my top
/remove my panties
My eyes basically threaten to jump out of my head as you step out of the shower in just a towel. Even having seen you naked before, the sight before me is simply breathtaking. My head turns to the buzzer, and I audibly gasp as you casually drop the towel and take the pizza in your hands and close the door. I just stare up at you dumb-founded at what you just did. "M-Maggie! I think you just gave that poor guy a very lasting image."
"Hm? What? No one ever rushed to the shower before for him you think?" I walk over to the table opening the boxes. Below where I carried them an eight inch hard on, about as thick around as your wrist, bobs in the air.
While normally my gaze would be on the delicious looking pizza in front of me, my eyes can't seem to tear itself away from the now fully erect girlcock standing proudly in the air. "Maggie... take a look back at the door for a second.. I think you'll see what I'm talking about."
"Eh?" I turn around to look and see my towel caught on your door handle, hanging from it. I frown, "How did that..." Looking down, I slowly realize what you mean and blush, "...don't tell me that happened before I shut the door. Was so busy juggling the boxes and my tip and I still felt so warm from the water... I didn't even notice."
I can't even get any words out, I'm holding my sides and just laughing out loud. A hand points over to the towel that's hanging off the door handle, before rolling over onto my side and laughing even harder. "You should of seen the look on the guy's face!" Finally sitting up, I wipe away a few tears and go to grab a slice for myself. "Oh man... that has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time.."
(Maggie; Intelligence, A+. Wisdom, D-
I blush more perfusely, walking over to the door and taking the towel, wrapping it about myself. I do smile though, seeing the humor in it as well, "Well... I wonder if anyone would believe him if he told them?" Wrapped up nicely again, I sit down at the table, grabbing the glass of water I put in your fridge earlier and eating a slice delicately.
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I hate timezones... getting to see two of EF's loveliest hotties go at it the very first minutes of the morning, yet not having any time to watch them 😭
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Have fun lovelies ❀
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"That a naked girl in just a towel opened to grab her pizza, the towel getting caught on the handle and standing with a bigger girlcock than he probably had..? Does seem a little farfetched." I giggle, before taking a small bite of my own slice. "Now, spill. I want to hear the story on how you got.. a body modification? I don't know really know how to describe it."
"Oh, right. The penis. It's... well, you know how I'm a chemistry major by trade? Getting a doctrate in archeological chemistry that is. Well, part of my interest is in alchemy too. I know back in Britain, most people would think of that kind of thing as the purview of Harry Potter and such. But I know it's real, thanks to elder sister. One thing I wanted to find out coming here was how her magic works. You know, if it's something genetic or in the blood. Not to mention her shapechanging... So I mixed up an alchemical potion in my chemistry lab using a bit of her blood, some agua regia, some tincture, and some other things. Ends up, it does this." I wave a hand towards the table, under which is presumably the results. "When I made it I had both me and my dormmate try it out... apparently she had a stronger reaction and got super horny, absolutely fucked my brains out with hers. But all I know is in every single way it's a copy of elder sister's member, and something about her blood means the shapeshifting doesn't put a strain on my body. Each potion lasts about twelve hours or so... but I'm not sure I'm any closer to figuring out why it does what it does, precisely; Not going to be asking the faculty to try it out on rats or anything..."
(*hugs Silv tight*)
(*takes a peek now that she's done, work tearing off her attention from time to time*
"Yeah... I can imagine neither of those options would end up going well." Another soft giggle leaves my lips, managing to finish off my slice while you were explaining everything. My other hand was resting on your thigh as you spoke, gently stroking before giving it a loving squeeze as you finished. "It's... honestly kind of impressive what science can do. I never thought you would be able to... y'know.. give a girl a real cock. Even if it was for a limited time." The hand on your thigh leaves, gently wrapping its fingers around your shaft. "Though, I do think I have a alternative to having to try it out on rats problem." Our gazes meet, as you see a burning passion in my eyes.
Finishing my pizza, I put down the fork and knife (yeah, one of THOSE people) before scooting the chair I'm sitting in back, standing up. The girlcock bounces softly in front of your face, swaying back and forth, "And you know I would like nothing better, Destiny. I didn't take the last of my potion before I left for anyone else, certainly..."
(*hugs Linlin even closer*)
I fight the urge to immediately wrap my lips around your girlcock that's dangling right infront of my face. Instead, my hands find their way to your hips as I slowly spin you around and bend you over at the waist. My own hips press up against your ass, grinding against you. "I'd certainly hope not..." Pressing my chest up against your back, my head rests beside your ear as I softly whisper. "Now, let's see who can fuck each other's brains out first, hm?"
I blush a little, looking back at you, "Oh? Going to pull out your personal strappy? I suppose it'd have to be even better than the love hotel's..." I chuckle softly, cock throbbing against the table at the feel of your hips on mine... and the promise what you said brings.
"If I feel I need it, I might just not feel like using it. Maybe I just want you inside... feeling how tight my pussy is around your girlcock..." Tilting your head over towards mine, I bring a hand up to my face and mime holding onto your shaft. "Let you rediscover how good my tongue is in new ways."
I look back at you and groan out, nodding. My cock throbs at the sight and I turn over on your table. Soon I'm sitting on it and I spread my legs, stretching the thicc toned things out to present that erect cock to you fully for the first time. It throbs in the air, pointing a bit upwards as it's crown leaks little desperate beads of precum, "...I might have been touching myself in the shower..."
"...I'd be VERY disappointed if you didn't." My hands gently travel up and down your sides, retracing your curves as it decends from your hips and down those toned legs. Gently rolling you over onto your side, I kneel down on the ground and place a kiss on top of a nipple. "If my little show didn't make you touch yourself, it would of meant I clearly lost a step or two." My lips wrap around the sensitive nub, giving a suck on it and flicking my tongue up and down your nipple.
"It made m-me so hard Destiny. And imagining you in the shower with me... touching me under the water... MMmmmmg...." I'm interrupted by you sucking my nipples, groaning out. I lean in, nipping at your ear as you suck, "And since I know just how tight your pussy can be, I was also imagining... other things~"
Unwrapping my lips from your nipple, I leave a trail of kisses down your body, running my tongue along your thigh. Grabbing onto your ankle, I lift your foot up and run my tongue along it. "Mm.. tell me everything~"
"I was in the shower, thiking about how hard you squeezed my tongue when you came against that hotel window and imagining it was my cock. And I got it all soapy, imagining all the suds were your cum running down my balls and inner thighs...." As one foot is serviced by your mouth the other plays with one of your breasts gently, swirling a toe around your nipple.
My tongue contuinues to kiss and lick everywhere it can, a hand gently rubbing your thigh, I push my chest upwards into your other foot as it plays with my nipple. Reaching out underneath the table, I grab a hold of one of my anal plugs and slowly start to work the thing in and out of my ass, trying to be as discreet as I can be. "Uh-huh... t-tell me more..."
"MMmmffff.... I've been training with it, with Coach Linlin. I'm not very good at holding back from the sensations it gives me yet, but I want to make you feel so good with it, Destiny... more than I've wanted almost anything before...." I kneel down next to you on your rug, hugging you to me and whispering in your ear, "I want to, even if it's not really my own, make you feel like Sadu feels..."
(finally catches up with present time, blushing at the last line)
**like Sadu makes you feel
I bury the plug inside my pucker as my arms and legs wrap themselves around you, my head resting just underneath your chin. Giving you a loving squeeze, I lean back and place a soft peck on your lips. "Maggie... you don't need a girlcock to make me feel like I'm on cloud nine.." A hand slowly slides down your body, fingernails gently raking down your back as it comes to rest on your ass. "You, just by being yourself, make me feel like i'm in heaven Maggie. Don't try and be your sister.." Very slowly... one finger snakes it's way into your rosebud. "When the only thing I want more than anything.. is you."
I groan softly, ass clenching around you, "But... you've said... you have a weakness for her. That she gets to you like noone else can... I don't want to be second best. Not for you, not for Linlin... I want to... Mmmm..." I calm down a little before laying down with you, "Better with actions than words, no?" I lay on you in a sixty-nine, spreading your legs and ass cheeks in front of me and leaning down, giving your inner thigh a kiss.
redrew a set of actions
"That was.. before I met you. Every waking moment, no matter where I am.. my body craves you. Only you.." With a swivel of my hips, I reverse our positions and gently pin you down. My hips start to sway as my sex dangles mere inches away from your face. Though you can't see my face, I nod my head at what you've said, hoping our actions from here on will speak louder than any words can.
With you over me like this I kiss your sex, reaching down with my hands and holding your head in place. With that done I poke my girlcock at your lips, nudging it there before finding you opening up for me. I groan out as I start fucking in and out of your mouth, taking that promise you started with.
Lowering my hips and letting my pussy fall right into your awaiting lips, my own head is forced down to take your girlcock in my mouth. I don't fight it, bobbing up and down like I promised, my tongue swirling and dancing around both the tip and the shaft, moaning and gurgling with each thrust.
I pull you against me, pressing your toned stomach to my large chest, holding you there so I can lick your sex in return, hands going down your body to slowly start spreading your lips as I lick in between them.
My body reacts just the way you want it to, hips rolling in a circle on top of you as your tongue re-explores my folds. Pulling my head away from your girlcock with a *pop*, my hands gently glide over your body as I catch my breath.
Looking up I see your ass is plugged, reaching up and playing with it as I lick, nose pushing open your folds as my tongue fishes out your shy clitty.
Biting my lips, my whole body quivers for a moment as you find and play with my plug, while continuing your due dilligence with your tongue finding my clit. Patting my hands around looking for.. something, I finally grab onto a small vibrator and putting it on your chest. Wanting to return the favor, my lips re-wrap themselves around your girlcock as I start to bob my head of my own free will this time.
I groan out, detaching my tongue a moment, "MMmM! You're... such a special person to me... Destiny..." I lean back up and eat you out more eagerly, thinking about the window again and the intoxicating taste of your pussy and its juices. I lick around before plunging my tongue into you, groaning out against your sex.
I don't stop what I'm doing, but with a wiggle of my hips, as well with a loud *slurp* of your girlcock in my mouth, taking your entire 8 inches down my throat, tongue dancing around the shaft, you hope that my message is well received.
Groaning out more I suddenly detach from you. Lifting you off me I stand you up before leaning you over your chair. Taking the towel I discarded, I tie your hands to it before kneeling behind you, eating you out deeply and energetically, spreading your legs and worshipping your pussy with my mouth.
Your girlcock slides out of my mouth with another *pop*, a strand of saliva connecting your tip and my mouth together, as you lift me up into the air before sitting me down. I groan out as you tie my hands together, but moan loudly as you start licking me out again. "Fuuuuck! M-Maggie! M-More..!"
I can't help myself and stand up, panting, licking juices from my lips, "I... want more. I want... to make love to you...!" I line up my alchemical girlcock and push it into your wet, tight pussy, parting you open and gasping out in pleasure.
Your girlcock is a tight fit, stretching my inner walls out as I groan and moan out, but this is exactly what I wanted. My head rests against the back of the chair, as I'm forced to do nothing but take it. "Yeeeesss... give it to meeee!"
I lean over your tied up body and fuck you, slowly at first, still not used to the sensations a tight pussy like yours gives me. I press my hands to your wrists, water from the shower still beaded on my skin as I move over you.
I pull on my bonds, almost whimpering and crying out in frustration that you've tied me up so well. My legs wrap themselves around you to hold you in place, biting my bottom lip and groaning once more as you slowly work yourself in and out of me.
Feeling your legs around you I hold you in place and move you with my strong arms, making you ride me by pulling you on and off my cock, making sure to go a little deeper with you each stroke.
I squeal as you start to bounce me up and down, my eyes clamped shut as I focus on the pleasure your giving me. I'm panting, moaning as you stretch my inner walls more and more, letting you do as you please.
Despite my cock being an alchemical version of Sadu's, it's most distinctly mine; It's tan and young and firm and energetic, a little bit shorter but certainly not any less thick. I pull you up more and start fucking you deeper, holding you in my arms and dropping your pussy repeatedly onto me.
(I'll mention one note in case either is unaware - only base damage is doubled
(...think I know what that means :P )
As you hoist me up into the air, repeatedly dropping me further down onto your girlcock, I don't bother fighting what's approaching. "FUCK! M-MAGGIE!!" When you finally bury the full length inside, that does the trick. My whole body shaking in your arms as each time I'm impaled on your girlcock, my juices squirt out of my sex and onto the floor and couch in front of me.
chose to cum!
I groan out, feeling you clenching around me and squirting, kissing at your skin as I pant and hold you tight.
My mouth hangs open, head resting on your shoulder as you hold me tight, panting as my body rides the aftershocks.
redrew a set of actions
As you pant I untie you, tossing the towel towards the puddle of your squirt after setting you down.
While you set me down, my hand catches onto your arm and pulls you back on top of me. "W-where... do you think you're going..." My legs lift up into the air, before my feet plant on either side of my head. I reach down, grabbing onto your girlcock and slowly guide you back inside my pussy. "F-fuck... my brains out... M-Maggie..."
is resisting cumming (66% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Nodding, I take you and push all the way into you, fucking you hard. Hands on your ankles I fold you up on the table. Licking your feet I lean over you, groaning out and making love to you fiercely.
Yeah, it's not nice to leave a lady half fucked, Maggie :P
You feel my inner walls clench down on you, trying to milk your girlcock for the prize i'm so desperately craving. My moans growing louder and louder, not caring if anyone can hear me be throughly fucked. A hand reaches around to my pussy as I rub away my clit, staring up hungrily into your eyes.
I'm too focused on fucking you to think about anything else, looking down into your eyes and seeing that desperate hunger. I want to give it to you, and I do; Lifting you off the table I hold your back against my chest and start fucking you hard from behind, penis curling up into your tight sex and fucking it deep, ready to let loose any second.
Having you lift me up, plowing up into me like your life depended on it, it's perfect. The angle of your girlcock is just right, my moans quickly turning into screams as I feel another wave quickly approaching...
is resisting cumming (3% chance of cum) => Resisted!
But something is lit under me, as good as this feels.. it can be better somehow... Freeing my hands from your grip, I gently push you down onto the couch before laying you flat on your back. Standing by your legs, I grab both of them and hold them spread apart before impaling myself one more time. I bounce up and down with slow, but hard thrusts, feeling you twitch inside me, knowing you're oh so close...
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
I am close, and you taking charge throws my poor cock over the edge, Pounded deep into you, it starts erupting with cum, my eyes rolling back as I fill that tight pussy of yours with more and more of my alchemical seed.
The moment your first load shoots into my pussy, I bury myself one more time on top of you as my body starts to tremble. My juices, as well as your alchemical seed, leak out of me and onto both you and the couch as I collapse back with you, laying by your side.
Panting, I hold you close, bringing your face to mine and kissing you deeply, body giving little shivers under yours. I keep kissing and pecking in the rush of emotion and pleasure, holding your body to me. Finally I break the kiss and speak only one word to you, "...more?"
Our limbs are a entangled mess as we kiss, our tongues dancing around each other as both of us shake from our own aftershocks. When you break away from my lips and ask me the one worded question, a hand reaches down and gently wraps its fingertips around your shaft, before I look back up with a tired, but happy smile. "...more."
(scene <3 Can continue this in DMs, whether after the current one ends or taking it over.)
(let's finish the current one first. Though I think that one is pretty close to being done soon anyways :P )
(*hugs both girls, grateful for what they have shown and shared to all*
(Yup. For now, I sleep.)
(*gives linlin a big ol hug back.)
(same. Thank you again for the wonderful game. You're fucking awesome ❀️)
Night Linlin, and thank you everyone for coming along when you did~
good night 😘

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