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No time to play :(

I will always win and beat you :D because I hate losing >.<

My Normal Me ^^
Stuying and Procrastinating
Just woke up
Lost a fight and got left behind
Won a recent battle and enjoy my time with my pray

Sometime I am not join in matchmaking because I don't write fast and good in English. And I want to meet you in chat of games and not PM.
Up for shorter games so that the sentence doesn't have to be to complex. Still practising my RP and english skills

Not into Femdom with Caprice at all (And also not into any IR stuff)

Got the LWR and Hentai Tilte once Maybe I write my fights there ^^

The Great figth for the LWR Crown

The beginning

  1. Not much to say here. I got some minor experiences but I am still far away from becoming a fighter.
  2. Classic: Started a fight with Jessica to prove that I am the better fighter. It was surely not an easy fight. Nobody wanted to give up but at the end she submitted by a poundng strapon in her ass and a vib on her clit.
  3. Classic: Next on my list was Nora. With her already 6 loses I thought she would be a peace of cake but the fate nearly proved me wrong until I fucked her into submission
  4. I got the LWR title once and will get it again. I got lucky in getting the title and my luck run out at the next match. I swear that I will be back and more experienced!
  5. My first fight after I lost my title was against Scarlett. She wanted to turn me into a slut and make me work in her brothel. Instead she got dominated by me and later fucked by her own Staff

The Great Fight

  1. Mara
    The Next battle proved to be the title fight for which I have trained so long. Nothing can stopp me and definitly not Mara. Right from the start, everybody was against me and cheering for her. Somehow she had a good reputation in the audience and soon I began to realize that this will be indeed a title fight. The battle was pretty even with us cumming both each time and me nearly getting the finish blow soon after but somehow she managed to get up again this humiliating orgasm. Maybe I humiliated too much because she wasn't done with me and soon she placed me on top of the ropes for everyone too see. I was done. It would have been such a humiliation.. all the views.. the cheers for her.... No I won't give up. I wanted this title so I hat to fight and through exaustion I managed to win against her. I got the title... nothing can stopp me now after this intense fight. Or am I wrong?

  2. Jayden
    After a short break I got challanged by Jayden. Wanting to fight her for some time and cursing her in her own battles with my bad luck cheers I had to accept the fight. Pretty early on she forced me on the ropes two times. She didn't made me cum so she had to pay the price. Clearly in the lead and I thought it would be easier now, I couldnt handle her at all anymore. The fight changed from taunting to accepting each other but at the end she Fucked me so hard, that I lost the spirit and just took it but it wasnt enough to beat me. If you dont finish it you get finished and Jayden could just shift her lose for some time but not avoid it. Making her my second win in a row. I really enjoyed the two fights ^^ I thought it would be more like my classic wins but Jayden and Mara are very nice persons. So who is next? Classic humiliation or a friendship?

  3. Rubi
    My third fight was against Rubi. I challanged her and was pretty mean to her during the fight forcing her to exaust herself. She made me cum first but soon after I forced her in a humiliating position and finished her directly. I feel bad for the punches and blows at the beginning. I hope I can fight her again sometimes. Being bad feels bad if you opponent was really nice. I wonder which person I will meet next in the ring.

Jayden - Classic: She wanted to have a revenge after her lose in the LWR and sure why not. I can fuck her again...... well this time I was wrong. I was not that bad but never got the chance to make her cum before she used her's by hitting my kink which made me cum the first time. I manged to even the score but Jayden was just too good this time and waited for the right moment for going for the second win. I did push her away but at this point I was already her fuck toy and that made me lose completly. After 8 wins I got my first lose again and one I definitly not regret.

  1. Day She cheered for Jayden as I gave her a rematch in classic which ended up me being Jaydens fuck toy for the fight. Since then I wanted to see her lose but the fate was always on her side. Well... if you can't rely on fate then you have to do it by yourself. I underestimated her completly in our fight and even though I made her half naked first, she manged to strip me completly frist. Still not taking her playful teasing style seriously, I had to pay the price and came all over my face in fron of everyone to see. How humiliating, I could not let her decide how we figth so I soon forced an orgasm out of her too. Exausted from the fight, she took her chance to fuck the champion more and more, making me scream and moan. I could not let it go... the title the views.... too humiliating... so I had to free myself once more and pin her for the final time. Licking her sweet wett pussy till she moans in extasy and desire, making her a quivering mess on the floor. I really enjoyed the fight although I nearly lost against her teasing style, her touch and sadly my own will. 4 opponents down and exited for whats to cum. There are still so many people I want to fight. Alexi, Tigresa, Lolli, Lady Chery, Mira Webs and also the top Champions - just to name a few.
  1. Elena But the fate prevented me to go for the elite or my preselected canditates. The times was running so, let's have an easy fight and look who is around, I though. The cutest thing you'll see today! How bad can this be. Let's play with her and win. Soon I had to release that there is more to it than a cute smile. Beaten up with style then seduced and beaten up again she made sure that she is not a simple play thing. Before I could start to fight back I got fucked in many ways. To finally cum. The champ was down but not for long. Humiliated, beaten and fucked in front of the crowd. God... I underestimated her and nearly became the toy of the innocent girl. But she should have continued fucking me like a common whore... one misake and. Snip it is (nearly) done for you. And I finish you up in the most humiliating way. Knowing what would come if I had lost. I humiliated her more planting a fire in her for some revenge. Despite the punches, the humiliation and the fucking well... uhm... delete despite ^^ I just loved the fight and the exitment to maybe lose against her, having to work on a finisher while she keeps bombarding me with pleasure and punches. This could have been the end of my jounrey but it wasn't! It made me stronger. So who ist next? After watching Ella and Gina, I can say I am going to fight them too. Ella for seing Gina as champion and Gina for winning in a blink. Two more on my list. I am ready for all of you.

The downfall

  1. Ash
    My next fight was with Ash and I wanted another easy win to finally approach Alya's 3rd spot. The fight worked perfectly well. I dominated her pretty good and everything seemed to be in my favor. I mean yes... she faught back but that was nothing compared what I did to her. She then tried to fight my sexually by making me horny and Wet. Sadly I worked I was arroused and she took the chance and went for my Kink. So humiliatinng, cumming in front of everyone and I surely underestimated her. I continued to punsh and kik in revange but she decided to play the fucking game. For every punch I got fucked harder. Desperatly I tried to fight back but ended up facing the audience again. She used all my holes. Not stopping there she made the audience to fuck me even more. I couldnt figh back and wanted to happen... even after they released me soon before my orgasn, my will was broken. I lost by fisting cum loud and hard just to get thrown back in to the audience which fucked me silly. At the end I was just a slutty mess.
    How... how could I lose so badly... how could I get turned in such a slut. I was winning but.. god... my brain and will couldn't handle Ash fucking at all. My first lost in the ring was because I was inexperienced but... but this one.. because some did not beat my by force or exaustion. I lost simply getting fucked over, over and over again. That is so humiliating. It takes time to get back for a title to hunt.

  2. Masako - Shadow Warrior
    Some time after my humiliating defeat in the LWR, I decide to try my luck on classic, since I haven't lost a singel fight there yet. It started pretty good for me, with me stripping her but she played it nice and I soonly fall into her trap. This happend once or twice till our fight went more and more into a fucking session which made her cumm. Soon after the forced me to cum in the 69 postition. We were pretty even till she decided to use her Shadow warrior skills which broke me more and more. I managed to fight back but at the end, I wanted to join her collection and lost a second time in a row for my first time! I lost my LWR title and did not manage to become GOTH. I need to win again and I know exactly who will lose to me!

  3. [Lisa's}( revenge

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Given her confidence, you’re sure she didn’t expect this result when challenging you! Tied, gagged, blindfolded and toyed, she is now yours to play with.  Fucked, beaten and toyed! She thought you would lose against her, and she thought wrong! Now it's time to show her her place, and you know exactly who is gonna help you do that! You and your friend humiliate her even more  You summon a Succubus and task them to ambush and seduce the Adventurer. Encounter: Wandering Succubus You send your best succubus to seduce the adventurer. She's already got the upper hand... Encounter: Greater Succubus How... how did this happen? You send your top Succubus to this adventure and now she ended up stripped and tied up in the corridor as a trophy. Turn the Tables on the Succubus Your succubus succeeded. Not only has the adventurer cum, it seems they're also bound for more teasing. Bound and Tickled by the Succubus Your succubus dominated the adventurer, making her cum with a little help from a wandering bandit. Fucked in a Succubus Threesome Your succubus dominated that little adventurer. With her brain melted and horny with need, the succubus has fingers her merciless, making shivering in pleasure. Finger Fucked by the Succubus Even the nature spirits in your domain are horny, perhaps they'll seduce this pesky adventurer. Encounter: Dryad Enough of the slutty words, she has to learn her lesson. You flip her upside down and fuck her ass! Upside Down Anal  While you keep fingering her pussy hard, you notice that your opponent shivers and squirms. She is cumming and you smile hearing her moaning in ecstasy. Luna made you cum as humiliating as possible  You continue fingering her with all your spirit, but despite her loud moaning, she incredibly manages to get away from you and crowls away. She resists and escapes. After a desperate escape attempt, you manage to hold her in your grib and spread her legs showing her pussy in front of the audience. Finally you start to rub over her wet pussy knowing if she comes the fight might be over. Trapped by the LWR Princess You send forth a corrupted adventurer laden with pheromones to defeat the Adventurer. Encounter: Corrupted Adventurer She couldn't best your skilled warrior, and now she is bound and fucked with a dildo on as punishment for refusing to surrender. Dildo fucked by the Blood Knight  She couldn't best your skilled warrior, and now she is bound on her bed, ready to explore her kinks for some time. Bound and Explored by a Corrupted Adventurer  She defeats the Corrupted Adventurer, binding your champion with her own chains, and fucking her with her Sword handle. How humiliating. Turn the Tables on the Corrupted Adventurer The corrupted adventurer grinds against her, pheromones making them both cum together. Tribbed by a Corrupted Adventurer You come across an old Monestary, the walls and windows seems untouched from nature. Nobody has been here for year. You decide to explore it... but is it as abandoned as you thought? Monestary  You summon a Succubus and task them to ambush and seduce the Adventurer. Encounter: Wandering Succubus Another adventurer thought she could best your dungeon long ago. It seems she's still here, let her be an example to your current opponent. Encounter: Succubus has her fun with another Adventurer You pin her on the mat in an humiliating position for all the audience to see. Hopefully that will weaken her concentration! Spread her legs for the Audience  You summon two Succubi and task them to ambush and seduce the Adventurer. Encounter: Schoolgirl Succubi She attempts to flee from your succubus but stumbles, and the succubus is far too quick. Trapped by the Succubus  The adventurer couldn't best the bandit, and he's graciously decided to let her go after he and his friend fuck her senseless. Defeated and Gangbanged The adventurere takes a rest and you influence one of the employees to seduce the adventurer. You have to make sure that there is no rest to find in this place. Encounter: Tavern Seduction The adventurers are taking some rest in a Tevern, they're getting more and more drunk and careless. They should be yours soon. Tavern: Drinking Games You put her on the side and slide your strap-on in her. Moving in and out, you are determined to make her a slut in front of so many eyes. Fuck her on the side The adventurers are resting in a Tavern. Foolish to think that they can avoid your power there. Rest: Tavern So much for thousands of years of experience. You sigh and watch as he fucks the dragon girl, making her moan and shake with pleasure. Dragon (S)layer A powerful dragon girl descends from the sky under your orders. She'll fuck this upstart adventurer senseless. Encounter: Dragon Girl How pitiful, but you expected nothing less from your experienced Dragon Girl. She's riding him now, making him moan and gasp as he cums inside her. Ridden by the Dragon Girl The adventurer travels through your mighty realm. You see her crossing one of your corrupted villages and you decide to play a little game. Explore: Hidden Vilage