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((Hello sexy 💋))
(how are you gorgeous 😘❤️)
*slinks in*
(welcome, welcome~)
(Not too bad ^^ I'll get us started)
(sounds good!)
Heya everyone
/remove my top
/remove my pants
/remove my soks
/remove their top
/remove their pants
/remove their shoes
/remove their socks
(get comfy, enjoy the show~)
/remove my socks
Well if you insist. *sits in Lin’s lap*
*It was a warm day at the beach south of the city; Not scorching hot, but warm enough in the sun that Saduharta was already sweating. The rich woman wore expensive sunglasses and a two piece designer bathing suit, the bottoms of which were designed to at least partially hide her package. Though that was proving harder than normal with her beach companion this time. Her and Destiny had come to the western secluded part of the beach for "training", which in this case had meant some laps and swimming and such up until this point. So now they'd both finished up with that part and stopped for the afternoon, coming to lay out on towels with some cool drinks. Sadu looked over at Destiny as she opened a Ramune soda, the distinctive popping sound coming from opening the bottle* There is something ultra refreshing about the shade after a long run like that... no?
*Sits down*
*Hugs about Sheena, letting her lightly grind about, shifting about so she feels her bulge*
And hey Tanya
*Sits next to Tanya*
Ello lin
(hey Tanya, welcome back 💋)
(Ello babe 💋)
That's a lovely new set of photos ;)
(Mmm thanks babe)
(The mythical Tanya o.o)
( have a good game, will be fun watching)
(with how long she was out, clearly mythical xD But lovely to see her back :P
(Good to be back babes)
*I brace myself against the tree as Sadu opens up her bottle of soda, using my shoulder to brush away some of the sweat that's been forming from our run. My own white and red two piece bikini hugging my curves nicely, with the bottoms riding up into my ass to give my partner a better glimpse, before I unwedgie myself. I reach down and pull out a bottle of water, twisting the top as I'm leaning.* For sure... while the shade is nice. The company is even better. *I say with a bit of a giggle, a small blush sweeping my face.*
*I smile softly, taking a drink of the cool beverage,* I mean... that IS why I'm here, after all; The company. I could have trained at the gym or at home or something, but when I heard you'd gotten a new bikini... well, I'd take any excuse I could get. Still... we did agree to more "hands on" training. I even brought an extra big towel for that. How much of a break do you think you'll need before we get to that? *the hands on training in this case meaning for wrestling type stuff, much like we'd done at the gym before. Of course, it wouldn't be actual wrestling training, not in bikinis on the beach. That just made it all the more exciting though.*
(Psh. I more meant how many people's profiles I see Tanya in. A very much loved and missed person by many people I regularly run into, as it were.)
*bashfully I wipe a few strands of hair from my face, taking a quick drink of my own water as the blush grows even bigger on my face. Just to heat things up for my partner, I let the water flow out of the bottle, down my mouth and down my chest making my breasts look even more appetizing.* Oh.. I'm ready whenever you are. Say the word and we can start.
Hmm…I think I feel something poking me…wonder what it could be. *I tease, wiggling my butt in Lin’s lap*
As if you don't know, silly~ *she chuckles, her hands running up and down Sheena's sides, sometimes rubbing about her breasts* Should I take off my own bikini, just how girls over there are about to?~
*That gets a chuckle out of me, the little glass marble rattling around inside the bottle as I lower it from my lips,* I suppose I can't blame you for being in a hurry... Though now I just think I must not have had us do enough laps. *I stand up and stretch after setting the small, now empty bottle down, walking from the beach umbrella over to the grass under the tree. I lean in and kiss your lips slowly and sensually, tasting your lips as my hands rest on your shoulders*
Oh dear…You can if you want, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself if you do. *I stand up and turn to face you, giving a little wink as my girlcock bulges through my black bottom right in your face*
*One of my hands immediately shoots up to your face as I kiss you back, my tongue working its way into your mouth as we're making out. My other hand slowly slides down your body, stopping to cup your breast for a moment, before palming the crotch of your bikini bottom. Grabbing a handful of your girlcock, I give it a bit of a squeeze before running my fingertips lightly up and down the shaft.*
*her fingers start spidering about that bulge, making sure it's wholly tingled, including down under* Really? You're saying you're having control over yourself now?~
*I break the kiss and look down, chuckling,* Now now... let's get that towel I brought laid out first. I don't want to get sand places that aren't meant for it, hm? *I step back from you and give a little wiggle of my bikini clad rear as I walk over and pick up the makeshift "wrestling mat", starting to unfold it.*
*Hands sidle over Tanya’s leg* Audiences…always so horny…
*my knees wobble a bit as Lin teases my bulge, causing me to stiffen a bit.* More then usual, dear. But not much.
Oooh, Arma
Hey Arma
(hey hey 😘)
Don't mind me popping in for a moment~
*Hooks hand around and drags her to hug about while she continues tickling Sheena*
*Nodding my head, I let you grab the towel and watch as you start to drape it on the ground for us to "train" on. But seeing that butt wiggle, I quickly move behind you, hands on your hips as I press my hips directly against your ass.* Such a tease... you know that? *I emphaize this point by thrusting against you a few times, letting the imagination of me taking you from behind linger for a few moments as I slowly hump and grind against you.*
(not minding at all~)
*By now I’m fully hard and straining against my bikini bottoms. I reach down to Lin’s crotch and begin to rub against it over her bikini*
*I shake my head, finishing with the corners as you follow me around, putting stones on them to make sure the towel doesn't move with us,* Of course, I'm an incorrigible tease. All the better to make you horny my dear. *I turn and put a finger on your lips before stepping back onto the blanket-mat, walking to the opposite corner and adjusting my bikini, my cock pressing hard against it* ...I've not actually wrestled with you with this thing, so I'm sure this will be interesting for both of us, darling.
Arma, you still bored and horny?~ Maybe I should introduce you to Sheena?~ *she giggles, rubbing about Arma's butt while stifling a moan, her own girlcock straining, threatening to tear off panties*
I figure people will be having fun, but it's about time I head to bed
Hehe we’re actually quite well aquatinted
*well* acquainted
Ah that's good~ Arma needs more friends like you and me~
and Sadu
though it is sleepy time
i am sleepy
hi sadu
...tempted to sleep in my chair
I am pretty sleepy too
(do it)
...I swear Linlin dear; If you touch Sheena's cock I ~will~ bite you. Fangs and all.
if anyone is gonna touch it
it'll be me
with my ass
Oh? Am I off limits now, Sadu?
well, Sadu does have a point
Hello everyone! 🥰
I'm taking dibs before we decide who gets dibs
hi nagu
Hey nagu
hey Nagu
Oh don't worry about that, I'm sure it'll work well for the both of us. *I roll my eyes as you adjust your bikini again, along with your words about being a massive tease doing exactly what you want it to. As we're face to face once more, my hands pull your bikini top to the sides to give me easier access to that amazing chest of yours. My hands quickly cupping and groping both of your breasts, as I just look down and smile.* Just seeing you, period, makes me horny darling.. Though I don't think you needed the reminder of just how fucking sexy you are..
Lin, let’s give Arma a little show before she goes to bed…*I reach my hands under Lins arms, pulling her up to her feet. I press my lips against hers as I grind our cocks together.*
(Hey nagu~)
(Awwww so nice babe)
(I know im way behind on that one)
*She nods, shooting a wink to Arma as two girls grind their bodies and kiss, their breasts squishing against each other, their panties both slipping at same time to reveal two lovely girlcocks frotting against each other, neither taking charge* I guess Sadu won't mind long as its show for Arma, right, dear?~
Hello tanya and destiny 🥰
*I smile and lean in, giving you a long kiss as you play with my firm, heavy breasts, giving little pecks before resting my forehead on yours* I certainly won't object to your praise dear; Flattery will get you everywhere with me... well, that and the groping. *I lick your lips playfully,* I just love being with you period as well, horny or not. You're a very fun person... *I kiss you slower than the pecks from before, an intimate, long kiss despite my mostly bare breasts being in your hands.*
Keep this up and arma will be running back to me lin and sheena 😏
I actually did reply to you earlier, finally ^-^;
Oh?~ Arma in need of softer touch?
Well, you're the master at that, Nagu
i do like me a soft touch
but also my hair being pulled is just
Well she might mind a little…but that’s never stopped us before. *I press my bulge to Lin’s and begin to stroke both of us with one hand. My other hand runs through Lins hair as I start to kiss her neck.*
(i saw it! I'll give a proper response when I'm more free! Thank you dear!)
(hehe~ excited for it)
Hiya meow nagu=^・ω・^=
(Ello Nagusa)
You’re more than welcome to join us, Arma…if you’re still awake for the time being
(also, to lin and sheena, sorry I'm not responding. my brain isn't fully functioning atm)
Hello cassy!
Thank you for your hard work
(All good love)
(yeah, go to bed, silly Arma)
(reboot that brain)
*My hands leave your breasts for a moment, sliding down your back, cupping your butt for a moment before I grab a hold of your legs and hoist you up in the air. Never breaking off from the kiss as I slowly take us down onto the towel, before I pull away as I kiss down your body. Resting my arms on either side of you, I spread my legs out giving them a stretch, while also showing off my flexibility in the process.* We do have so much fun together... think we ruined all of those gym mates the last time~
Well, if you busy yourself there~ *Lin shivers in her nibbles and stroking, taking a moment* I'll meanwhile make sure these don't miss out on action *She chuckles, undoing both bikini tops and squishing in the quartet of tits one against another, making sure their nipples keep rubbing up and against each other*
*I decide to stretch as well, long pale legs spreading as I look over at you, smirking* Were they ruined? I guess I was rougher than I thought. You certainly didn't seem to mind at the time... In fact, I recall you begging me to be that rough with you.
*Arma licks her lips a little and rubs her body up against Lin and Sheena, biting her lip with a little smirk.* Well, loves~ I think I can spare a few minutes for some super fun and lovely people... if you'll entertain me in all my sleepiness~
Well, if it's just a few minutes, should we just move over to bouncing you back and forth between us both, or want to instead just have a taste of this?~ *she leans both hers and Sheena's bodies just a bit, keeping their girlcocks still rubbing against each other, but more available for Arma to blow them if she so wished*
*I can't help but bite my lips, remembering vividly how we even ended up in the closet our last encounter. A hand lazily running down my body, wanting so badly to touch myself to the memory.* Never said I minded... you know damn well I enjoyed that... *Pushing myself up, hands on my hips, I stroll over to you before spinning around and facing away from you. Bending over 90 degress, I start to slowly shake my hips side to side right in front of your face.*
Hello Everyone
Feeling better, Destiny?
Hehe choice is yours, Arma. *I give Arma a peck on the cheek while she decides. I continue to stroke myself and Lin, teasing Arma with our cocks.*
*Arma drops to her knees and immediately takes Lin's cock into her mouth to suck it while a hand wraps around Sheena's, stroking it firmly.* M-mnnp~ *Arma moans, already beginning to bob her head happily.*
(a bit better, thank you for asking Colle~)
*I sit up and reach forward, slowly but firmly rubbing your sex through your bikini bottoms, clearly able to feel your warmth and wetness through the material,* How could I forget... how could anyone in that gym forget? We certainly made enough noise.... I wonder, will everyone on the beach hear you this time? All the people sunbathing down on the public beach down there... *I look up at your face with a playful smile as I keep rubbing you*
(still have an awful cough that won't go away.)
Nuh uh, sweetheart~ If you're taking, you're taking both~ *she giggles, nudging Arma's lips and Sheena's tip a bit so that two meet together, pulling out to be more shallow, making her kiss and lick about both at same time* Would not be fair for either of us if you picked just one, right?
Hehe I wonder which one of us will blow in Arma’s mouth first. *I look to Lin and give a slow lick up the length of her throat.*
Taking all bets!
I got 20 EF bucks on Sheena
heya both too
*Arma moaned and pulled back a little, licking and sucking at both of their heads before going down on each one once, stroking them both tightly.* Ah~ So nice and thick from both of you~
and hey Alexis
Hey all
hi alexis
-I purr as I crawl up to Mistress Sadu, nuzzling against her leg before mewling and climbing onto her lap with a peck on the cheek- :3
*admittedly, I stop my ass shaking as you start to rub me through the fabric, looking down and seeing a wet spot quickly form at the crotch of it.* M-mm... they didn't just hear me darling... *Slowly spinning around, I push you onto your back before pinning your legs next to your head. Playfully swatting your hand away, I pull down your own bottoms slightly, exposing both your girlcock and rosebud to the world.* If they're gonna hear me.. they'll absolutely hear you too.. *Dipping my head in, sticking out my tongue, I start licking small circles around your backdoor.*
Oh I dunno Sheena?~ Does everything need to end in spraying over their partner?~ I honestly wouldn't want Arma to stop this anytime~
Besides, better sleep in clean face than cummy one
(Lucky Armaris, getting to service two beautiful ladies at the same time~)
Hi Armaris
Hello alexis
Welcome to ef
(it's not uncommon for me to find myself on my knees for people~)
Hehe I’m just teasing you Lin…I’m quite enjoying the current pace as is.
(hey everyone who joined~)
Thanks <3
*Looking up from the towel I see your face sticking out over the swell of my crotch, my cock barely in my bottoms at this point. Smiling, I slip it out in front of your eyes and start rubbing it, the thing going from semi-hard to hard rather quickly, swelling under your gaze and lifting off my flat stomach,* I would expect no less from you, really. But... I think you're going to have a HARD time getting me there... *more cheeky grinning up at you*
*Arma doesn't slow her movements, briefly putting both of their cocks in her mouth to tease them with her tongue, using her hands to fondle their balls gently as she watched their faces for a reaction.*
Hi Destiny. :)
Nnnnngh~ She does make a good effort at trying to coax us out though, doesn't she?~ *she says in slightly hushed voice, couple moans escaping her, leaning into Sheena's shoulder*
-Snugs Linlin and Nagusa- <3
-Nuzzles Destiny and Sheena- ^~^
Mmm and she’s quite good at it too… *I moan softly and bite my bottom lip, my balls pulsing in Arma’s hand. I reach a hand up and start to grope and squeeze Lin’s breasts*
Hi ray :)
*Once again I roll my eyes, not saying a word but start crawling onto of you. With a gentle push on your shoulders, you're back on your back as I pin you down with my body, chest against chest. I place soft pecks on your chest, before I look back and watch as my thighs wrap around the shaft of your girlcock.* Well... no time like the present to get started then, hmm? *With that, I start thrusting my hips as I feel my thighs glide back and forth on your shaft.*
Going back to class, see everyone!
By Nagu, study hard!
-I bite my lip as I crawl up to Sheena, giving her bulge a gentle kiss-
*Arma pulls off them both, pushing her head down the length of Sheena's cock briefly to bob against it and take it into her throat before pulling off and going onto Lin's, happily stroking whichever wasn't being sucked off.*
-Doing the same for Armaris as I squeeze her orbs gently-
Mhm... So why don't we reward her at the same time?~ *she looked to Sheena, Lin's face clearly showing how close she was* Why the race when we're just giving some love to a friend?~
(it's nice that sheena thinks I'm studying 🤣🤣🤣)
(Haha~ at least focus on class, love)
*I purr out, able to feel your toned, thick thighs rubbing around my swollen shaft, as well as your pussy doing so along the top of my shaft, your bottoms mostly moved to the side at this point. I watch a bit, licking my lips before nodding,* ...I suppose you're right. And you know what I love starting with, hm? *I take your wrists and suddenly sit up, laying you back. I take your wrists in one of my hands while lifting you a bit off my cock. Then, before you can object more, my hands move to your hips and lift your thighs around my head* Thank you for the meal. *The words are breathed out onto your sex moments before my mouth closes over it, licking and sucking on your wet, slightly sweaty treat*
-I wiggle my hips happily as I continue to service the two of them, reaching out to tease Lin as well- <3
Nghh~ okay Lin. I’m ready when you are. *I start to kiss Lins neck, leaving a hickey right in the center of her throat.*
*I gasp and look up expectantly, more than ready for what's to come from the two lovely woman, pulling back to rapidly stroke them both.* Mm~ Feel free to empty on me, babes~ You know I love it~
Well then, open wide~ *Lin giggles, grasping Arma's hand to make her jerk quicker, soon rewarding her with several spurts of thick cum from her girlcock, blasting it all over Arma's face and lips*
Ngh Armaa~ *I groan out as my own cock launches thick ropes on Arma’s face, mixing and splattering against Lin’s own load.*
*Arma giggles happily at the sensation of being covered in cum, closing her eyes to keep it from getting in as she opens her mouth and takes what she can down her throat.* Oh, fuck, there's so much~
*my hands immediately shoot to your head, grabbing ahold of your hair as I let your tongue do it's thing. My eyes fluttering as I start to roll my hips in rhythm with your tongue.* Oh fuck.... god I've missed your tongue Sadu... *It's easy to lose myself in the pleasure, to let you just have your way with me, but not just yet. Unwrapping my thighs around your head, I slip my hands free before rolling away from you for a moment. Reaching down, I pull my own bikini bottoms to the side, exposing my wet sex to you, before crawling back over. Pulling your girlcock down, I take a few moments to lube yourself up with my saliva, before turning away and pushing my ass out. Slowly, inch by inch, I thrust my hips back and take you inside my folds, while shifting to my hands and knees. Shivering at the feeling, I start to thrust back against your hips, staring up into your eyes.* Hnngh... b-bet you... missed this more...
*Lin leans in and wipes Arma's eyes to make sure she can look about* Well of course~ You're teasing two lovely girls, and expect a different result?~
*I lean in with Lin and give Arma a little smile.* but you haven’t gotten to cum yet, have you? Want us to take care of you dear?
I didn't expect anything different, and there's no need, loves~ *Arma smiled.* It's a bit too late for me to get too into that, anyway. I gotta get some sleep~
*Lin headpats Arma, giving her a kiss, tasting some of their mixed cum as she does so* Then sleep well and sweet, Arma~
Good night cutie!
*my eyes briefly close and my hands go to your thick tan asscheeks as you thrust them back, holding your gently so as to not impede your movement,* A lot more... yes. So much more. *I lean over you and fuck back into your thrusts, not yet hard or quick, matching your pace as my cock slides in and out of your womanhood. breasts pressing into your back, one of my hands reaches around and under you to lightly rub your clit back and forth quickly as I kiss at your skin, leaving little hickeys and nibbles* Being deep inside your pussy... your ass... your mouth... I missed it all.
(night Arma!~)
*The moment I feel your hand on my clit, I have to reach back and pull your girlcock out of my sex before the pleasure overwhelms me. It takes a few moments for me to regain my composure, moaning softly as my hips buck into your hand.* Fuck... m-missed this... too... *Wanting some semblance of control back, I lean back and envelop your shaft between my ass cheeks, before I start rocking and grinding against you once more.*
*I feel you slip my cock out and rub on me, biting my bottom lip briefly as I feel your heart-shaped ass rubbing around me.* Tsk... already pulling me out? I was just starting to enjoy myself. Even if this is nice... someone deserves a punishment! *before you can think of what that is... I suddenly start tickling you one of the spots I discovered you were ticklish last time, being relentless as I watch you squirm and react*
*there's no opportunity for me to do anything, I'm rolling over on the towel, trying desperately to knock your hands away as you have me laughing like an idiot.* Aha...AHAHAHAHA!! S-STOP IT SADUUUU!!1 HAHAHAHA!! *My arms and legs flail about, as you are relentless with your attack. My hand accidentally brushes against your girlcock, and without so much of a thought I just start stroking it, all the while my laughter is growing louder and louder.*
Fine, fine... *I giggle myself and finally stop... and lay down on you, my cock laying out next to your head as you grip it. I lean in and kiss your pussy,* Is this better? Or would you have rather I put my dick back into your, despite you taking it out, hm? *as you react, my tongue pushes deep into you, wiggling around where my cock was rubbing only a minute ago*
*I'm forced to clutch onto your head again, as your tongue does its thing once more. My hips bucking up into your awaiting mouth, as I'm moaning louder and louder.* Fuuuuck Sadu... Wait, waiiiit! *Seeing as I might be a bit over my head for a moment, I push yourself off me as I roll over to our bags. I quickly pull out two drinks and gently toss one your way.* M-maybe I wasn't as ready as I thought.. d-drink up first?
*I sit up a little, catching the drink with one hand. It's just a bottled water but it's ice cold from the cooler, and I gladly take a sip. With my hand not holding the water bottle I start fully pulling down my bikini bottoms, kicking them off my feet as I set the plastic bottle down to the side* You may as well get your suit out of the way too, if you don't want it ruined~
*Admittedly, the sight of your girlcock finally free has me licking my lips, as I take a big drink of my own ice cold water. Instead of doing that, I reach into my bag and pull out my trusty 8 inch strap-on, as well with some other toys I've managed to bring with me.* W-we'll get there in time... n-no rush...
*reminisces about Destiny's trusty strap :P *
Hm... you say that... But you may regret it later... *I crawl across the towel, cock and breasts swaying before I interrupt you taking things out of your bag, grabbing your wrist with one of my hands* No hurry on those either... I know just how to please both of us... *my voice lowers to a whisper as I lean over you* And I won't be gentle about it either this time. *I push my cock deep into you as I say this, taking your other wrist in my hand and laying you out leaned over your bag. Using your wrists and arms as leverage I start pounding into your wet sex, moaning out softly at your wet, hot tightness* Yes.... just like that. So tight and hot around me!
Oh fuck! Fuck... so... fucking... good! *With your tight leverage on my wrists, and your pinning me down with your body, I can only lay on-top of my bag as you relentlessly pound into my sex, causing me to moan over and over. I finally manage to wiggle myself free, spinning around on my knees and wrapping both of my tits around your cock. Pushing them together forcefully, I bounce my chest up and down your shaft, still panting for air.*
*only lets you do this for a bit, wrestling with your sweaty body across the towel and finally pinning you down on your back. Holding your wrists above your head I slide my cock back in, penetrating your deeply and fucking in and out of you firmly* Take... more of it... If you love it so much....
*As you pull out to thrust yourself back in, I manage to slip out of your grasp once more before knocking you onto your back. With my ass facing you, I hold up your cock before impaling myself on it. Shivering at the feeling, I bounce my butt up and down rather quickly, hoping the sight of my ass bouncing is enough to send you over the edge.* Fuck... so... deep... f-fill me... Sadu....
is resisting cumming (32% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*I groan and nod, not slowing down since you are asking so nicely, sitting up and lifting you with me. I stand slowly, lifting you into the air as I fuck up into you deeply, kissing at your shoulder blades and shoulders* You know I will, my wonderful caramel vixen...
is resisting cumming (46% chance of cum) => Came!
*I squeal as I'm lifted up into the air, and as you continue to plow into me, whether it be from the position or just the pure feeling of your cock hitting in just the right spot, it's enough to send me over the edge.* FUUUUUUUCK SADUUUU!! C-CUMMING!!!! *My eyes roll into the back of my head, my juices squirting out onto both myself and the towel below, body shivering under your grasp as I'm fucked into a hard orgasm.*
*I pant against your neck, continuing to fuck up into you as you squirm on my cock and cum on the towel beneath us, my cock throbbing inside you. I hold you tight to me, arms wrapped around your shaking legs as I hold you up*
*I manage to wiggle one arm free, but make no effort to pull myself free. Instead, I very lazily with one finger rub small circles on my clit as you continue to fuck up into me. My head leaning back and resting on your shoulder, as I'm panting for air.*
*I'm pushing myself more and more close to a hard, powerful edge, but I keep up my work, sitting on my knees and leaning back onto my feet, lifting and dropping you onto my cock rather than fuck up into you, making you ride my with my arms as I keep kissing at your sweaty skin* So... wonderful... against me... around me...
*I just groan and moan, slowly bouncing up and down your cock, hoping the sight of my ass bouncing and jiggling for you help you push over the edge... only suddenly I stop and stand up, turning around to face you. I push you onto your back and lift your legs up into the air for me. Moving myself into a squat, I keep hold of your legs as I impale myself on you again, and start bouncing with much more rhythm and speed.* Hnngh... fuck... c-cum for me Sadu.... F-fill me up....
is resisting cumming (76% chance of cum) => Resisted!
how could you say no to amazon ride, Sadu...
(says the person who would also click 'test' even if their mind melts a bit seeing any amazon ride*
(clicking test is just a natural instinct 😉)
*I shiver and push you off me finally, panting and looking down at you as I sit up. Straddling you, I push my cock against your face, the thing leaking pre onto you,* Almost... I'm so close, Destiny. But I need you to beg me to cum inside you first. You can do that for me... I'm well aware you can... *my sea-blue eyes stare down at you, the sun catching them and almost making them glow with the reflection off the sea*
*I'm panting for breath, too tired to move as you stare down at me with those big blue eyes of yours, your girlcock pressed right up against my face. My hand sliding down my body to rub my pussy, but I breathlessly don't say anything. Whether it be defiance or just too tired to say anything, I only softly moan as I rub away.*
Hey all~
Hello ^^
(hey you two~)
*snuggles behind Lizzie, her head nuzzling into Lizzie's shoulder* Got some popcorn?
Of course I do :) *snaps a finger*
*My smile doesn't leave as I wait only a moment longer* ...very well. I'm sure you'll find your voice... eventually. *I slide my dick down your body and press into your sex again after I rub over it, entering you deeply as I pin you down by your shoulders, groaning out at how stimulated my cock is... but wanting to hear those same words and the same tone I heard in that storage room*
*popcorn buckets land in the hands of every member of the audience*
*Munches on popcorn like he hasn't eaten all day*
*I bring my hand up to my mouth, trying to (pointlessly) stifle my moans as you start pounding away inside. I can only moan and groan, shaking my head as I desperately try to hold on. Locking my legs around your back, I manage to surprise you and roll us over so you are on your back. Immediately pulling myself off you, I slide down your body and wrap my lips around your cock, bobbing my head up and down in a quick pace.*
*snacks on it with one hand, other hand playing with Lizzie's hair, twirling it around her fingers* So how you've been?
is resisting cumming (96% chance of cum) => Came!
*purrs* I've been good :D
*your mouth and the surprise are more than enough to push my over that edge, my hands gripping the towel under me tightly. I groan out loud and my hips lift off the ground up into your mouth, my cock burying itself in your throat as I start cumming hard, rope after rope of warm seed spilling down into you as you milk me with your mouth*
I'd ask you too but I see you're spreading the horny as always:P
that title you gave me been quite true~
Hehe, ofc it was
Hiya Cassy ^^
Hiya meow~
Hey Cassy
*I continue to bob my head, even as your cum starts to fill my mouth. Only once I feel it to be completely full do I pull away, some of your seed dripping out of my mouth onto the towel below, before I swallow what's in my mouth and cockily stick my tongue out and give you a wink.*
What, Destiny and I aren't the ones spreading the horny?
well, you're doing that now just as great, Sadu~
*I reach out and take that water bottle from before, drinking some of it to clear my head as I feel a bit drunk in the head from that orgasm, licking the water from my lips* Mmmm... someone was thirsty... I-I see...
Oh of course you are ... That was just about some title Linlin had acquired in the past
You two are really good :3
Mhm~ Lizzie's the one who called me 'contagious horny' first~
*I do the same, grabbing my own water bottle and finish the rest of my drink off. Crumpling up the bottle and tossing it next to my bag, I shift onto my butt as I brush some of my hair out of my face.* H-heh... m-maybe just a little bit....
*has definitely never met Lizzie or Mia before*
(I genuinely don't think I have, nice to meet you~ And hey Cassy~)
Hi all
(the pleasure's all mine, always nice to meet new people ^^)
*after finishing my water a bit more I stand on slightly shaky legs, walking over to you and standing in front of you, cock swaying back and forth in front of your face,* There's plenty more in my balls... if you want seconds, you know.
*I shift over onto my knees. hands on your hips as I lean my head in and plant my lips on your shaft. Kissing up and down all along it, before I start focusing more on your tip.* Mmm.. now THAT... is a tempting offer...
(likewise 😊)
*I smirk, panting softly* Well... I didn't mean those lips, you know... *I lift you up by your armpits before lifting a leg, sliding deep into you as we stand there, forehead against your own as I slide up into you deeply*
*I leap up into the air for a moment, wrapping my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck, holding onto you as you continue to fuck up into me. Our foreheads not leaving each other as you have me moaning all over again.* hnngh... fuck... I-I know... c-couldn't resist though...
*I chuckle and nod slightly, my cock lightly pulsing in pleasure inside you. Deciding to show off a little, I pull you off me and suddenly turn you over in the air. Standing like this I put your legs around my neck and dangle your face over that throbbing cock, a standing 69 that soon has my tongue pushed into you deeply, arms around your midsection as I hold you in the air*
(well I'm gonna have to "zoom" into a meeting sigh...have fun y'all ^^)
*My eyes flutter, almost threatening rolling into the back of my head as I'm held upside down as your tongues explore my folds some more.* A-ahh fuuck! F-fuck you're strong S-Sadu... *I dip my head in and wrap my lips around one of your balls, sucking hard on it as my hand wraps itself around your shaft as I start stroking you quickly.*
(nice to meet you! cya around!)
(It was nice meeting you!! Don't fall asleep during the call!))
(mhm, 30 minutes for me too until I have to "teams" up for a call)
And you, my dear... Mmm... you're not that heavy. *I chuckle and throb in your hand, kissing at your inner thighs between my words*
*I can't help but giggle, realizing you're right. Your tongue driving me crazy, as I let go of your cock and rest in the air against you. My fingers digging into my hands as I try to focus on anything else besides how good your tongue feels.*
*you are just heavy enough though that I need a break... especially since the ground under the towel is loose sand, and my footing is slipping. I set you down with a slight sigh, sitting back and spreading my legs, slowly stroking my cock* ...that would have been much easier on a proper wrestling mat and without us all sweaty and slippery and covered in sunblock like this. *I chuckle softly*
(*nuzzles Lin*)
*I nod my head, giggling along with you as we take a moment to just unwind.* Hahaha... yeah.. b-but who likes being in the same place all the time? Needed to change things up besides... * I start crawling on my hands and knees over to you, pushing you onto your back.* I kind of wanted an excuse to see you in a bikini... *Straddling your lap, my hands lock fingers with yours as I sink my sex down your cock, and start bouncing one more time.*
(*big hugs and kisses Lin*)
(*is a mushy and melty mess sandwiched between two girls*)
Mhmmm. I'm not complaining. Believe me... *I sit up a little and wrap my arms around you, my bare breasts pressing into your back* Besides, the training is all the better with these unique "challenges". I'll just have to work all the harder to make you scream~ *and work I do; Suddenly I sit forward with you, driving you onto all fours as I open up on your pussy with my full energy, pounding into your deep and hard in response to your bouncing. I once again reach around you and rub your clit quickly, nipping at your ear as I do so.* But then... mmm... sometimes... the journey... is it's own reward... *I moan softly and suck your neck the beach cove filling with the sounds of sweaty, oily skin slapping together as I pound you deep and hard at this wonderful angle*
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
I sure hope you we- oh fuck FUCK! *As you force me onto all fours, my body collapses out under me as I fall onto my chest, you getting an even better opportunity to pound even deeper into me with such reckless abandon. The nipping at my ear, as well as the hand rubbing frantically on my clit is more than enough. And the whole beach is going to know about it.* OH MY GOD YEEEESSSS SADU!!!! SO FUCKING GOOD!!! FUUUUUUUCK I'M CUUUUMMMIIINNGGG!!! *I throw my head back and scream out in pleasure, my entire body shaking underneath you as for the second time my juices flow out of me in between each of your thrusts. Toes curling up, eyes rolling into the back of my head, as my brain is melting from the absolute blissful feeling you're giving me.*
(damn, seems Sadu has my number.. not that that's a bad thing~)
(what doesnt she have?~ 😏)
*I smile and pant, continuing to pound into your through your orgasm, feeling your juices spattering out against my legs,* Mmm, yes... good girl... Scream for me... If you do, I'll fill you just like you want... *I keep fucking you, not slowing even though your mind is melting, loving the way your insides grip and squeeze around me*
(i've got like, 2 hours~)
(I have maybe 40 minutes)
(can always do a little bit here, and do more in DM's if you'd like~)
*At this point, I'm too far gone to even form any coherent words. But I manage to nod my head and continue to moan and scream out, letting anyone on the beach now just how well I'm being fucked. The way you're pounding me, fuck it feels so god damn good, that a quick third mini orgasm sneaks up on me, causing my shaking to continue and more of my juices to flow out of me.*
*I get closer and closer cumming, picking your front up off the tower and holding you up by my hands in front of your neck. I pull out of you after a few minutes and turn you over, spreading your legs and pressing down into you deeply, fucking you animalistically, reaching up and undoing my hair bun, my red-brown hair spilling out and framing my face* Going to... cum so much... inside you...
*My legs wrap themselves around your back, clinging onto you tightly making sure you're going to do exactly that. I grab one of your hands and bring it up to my throat, slowly pushing down on it so you're choking me slightly, before I wrap my arms around your neck. I can only mouth the word 'yeeeeessssss' as your new animalistic pace feels just right.*
(hey Day 💋)
(maaaay of lost again)
Hey Dest 💋 what have I missed~?
(oh you know, just me being pounded like a loser~)
Mmm~ I won’t hold it against you, every game I’ve checked of Sadu she’s winning or won
(think I attended one of her losses, but mmph, losing has never felt so good~)
*I press down and fuck you hard, briefly thinking about asking if it was a safe day for you but will deal with that later. I'm much too far gone now and my cock rubs and throbs in you before I bury it deep, cumming hard in you, groaning out loudly as I grip your throat, filling your pussy with gush after gush of your insides* FUUUUUCK! YOU'RE SO TIGHT AND.... AAHHHH!!! *I growl out and give some last thrusts into you even as I cum, eyes closing as I empty my balls inside you*
Oh yum~ Shame I missed you getting utterly dominated then~ and morning Sav 💋
(Pounded like someone Sadu loves a lot more like it)
(h-hey I made it close!.... kind of...?)
(also hey Sav~)
(you very much did Destiny. RNG and all that. I resisted a Special, after all)
A shame indeed~ This end though... *chef kiss*
(true, I just got unlucky... as per the norm xD)
(I would not consider losing to Destiny unlucky myself.)
Mhm a grip throat finish~
(I can attest to that two days ago
(losing to Destiny is a treat :P
(I just meant with my RNG, playing you is the best kind of luck~)
How sweet~ 🥰
*my eyes clamp shut, as another orgasm rips through my body, wordlessly moaning aloud as I myself going hoarse after all my screaming and moaning, along with your hand on my throat. I'm shaking underneath you as you empty yourself into my sex, my legs and arms limping holding onto you as I'm breathlessly panting for air.*
(I can be sweet sometimes 😘)
*my orgasm finally ends and my cock shoots out it's last spurt of seed into you, finally letting go of your throat as I go mostly limp on your back, panting against your skin before leaning in to kiss at it* really are... such a... treat. I think I'm... f-falling for you... Destiny....
(I am unsure if I am sweet, perverted, both, or something else. *grips head*)
*I turn my head over to you, a big cum drunk smile on my face as I finally feel myself come down from the multiple orgasmic highs that I've been through. I blow up a kiss, while shaking some hair out of my face.* ....t-think... I fell... for you... the moment... I saw you...
(absolutely nothing wrong with being both!)
everything and more
Lots of things to different people :P
An absolute sweetie for sure
*I help with your hair, gently brushing it with my fingers as I lay on you, leaning in to kiss those lips of yours, a slow, sensual, hungry kiss that takes me out of my animalistic feelings, looking up and seeing some people looking in the direction of our cove but my attention going right back to you, kissing along your jawline* Then... I suppose I'm glad I came out of retirement... decided to become a wrestler. If I'd... stayed stuck in that... office, I never would have given you the chance to see me~
(incredibly fucking sexy too)
(let's not forget that)
as I said
everything and more
(probably said it best Lin~)
*as your gaze goes over to the people coming to wonder what the noise we made were, I tilt your head back to me as I kiss you back passionately. My hands sifting through your hair as I rub one hand up and down your back.* M-make that.. two of us... God just.. being like this with you makes.. everything worth it.. *I take your hands in mine, my thumb stroking your knuckles.* S-still may have... some work to do to... catch up in skill but... I don't mind... ending up like this... if it's with you...
I just think you have a bit of a weakness for me. I know you're perfectly... capable. If everything I've heard is right. Mmmf... I mean, that's why... I went to that gym in the first place, remember... to train after losing. *I bite my bottom lip and shift on you* ...but I think... I've learned more about myself... with you...
I-i'm glad... I've been able to help you learn more.. about yourself... *My legs unlock themselves, as I very slowly spin myself so i'm on my back, before locking my legs behind your back once more.* I do... remember that.. even though I lost... best day.. of my life..
A bold claim... *I reach over and grab that bottle of water you tossed to me, offering you some as my other hand brushes the hair off your face* But then again, you're a fairly bold woman I think. And I think I like that about you.
(*is unsure what to say to any of that except thanks*)
(you're very welcome 😘)
You're not supposed to say anything and just do this, silly~
*I eagerly open my mouth and aceept your drink, happily swallowing the water before I look back up at you.* Ahh.. thanks.. And I'd hope you like that about me.. *I slowly push myself up, pulling your legs out from under you so you're sitting down. I shift myself up so I'm sitting in your lap, still hugging you tight.* If I see something I like... I go for it..
Oh? Am I a nice little prize then? I certainly don't mind being yours, you know... *I finish the water and toss the bottle where you tossed your empty one, reaching under your chin with a thumb in front of it to tilt your face down towards mine, my eyes sparkling more as I look up at you adoringly*
I wouldn't say you're a prize to be won, but the idea of you being mine does have an appeal to it. *I can't help but giggle, before leaning in and placing a soft little peck on your lips.* If anything.. I'm the prize you've won.. considering that's twice now you've beaten me.. *I lean in real close, breathing softly into your ear so none of the gathering crowd can hear.* Now... what are you going to do with your prize, Sadu..
*that makes my cock twitch and I breathe in and out deeply and slowly* ...try to handle my feisty little tan beauty and treat her like the princess she deserves to be treated as the rest of the afternoon I think. *I claim your lips again, leaning you back and holding you up with my arms, drinking every. last. inch of you in my hold. And never letting go.*
(good way to end it, thank you again for the wonderful game Sadu 💋)
(And you as well. Such a perfect little evening <3)
(Mhm, a perfect morning to watch too
And now, I sleep. Have to be to work in 7 hours.
(Could say it was.... destined to be so
(... liiiiiiiin)
(>.< sorry, couldnt help myself
(as always, my dm's are open if we want to continue~)
Between Destiny and Day, our D ladies are ripe for name punnage)
(I'll make as many puns of your and Day's names as I can. Set that up on yourselves)
(All we need now is a Dawn, and the trifecta is complete)
(UGH 😨)
(there are a couple Dawns
(Okay, an active, wonderful Dawn. Like Destiny and Day are <3)
(that's bunboy :P
(no wait, how did their name start
(like, slutbunny, slutboy?)
(something like that)
(SexyBunny Dawn)
(That does work)
(there's also foxy Dawn)
(but havent caught her in a long while now
(also on american times)
I used to be called Dsadu, but then I gave Destiny my D.
(oh good god 😖)
that implies Destiny was Estiny before...
(sorry, so sleepy and happy. Makes me silly)
(it's okay, I'll let it slide.... this time)
(I will spare you more puns Destiny. I'm not your roommate, after all)
(though I'm sure she would be encouraging you to deliever more.)
(it's okay, I can live with it.)
(And I can sleep with it. Later~~)
(night bboth

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