Saduharta Ramangini VS Linlin Mira : History listed publicly (58 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

The Church of Sadu Dadu, pt. 2

So Saduharta started a pleasure cult, a cult where she is the high priestess and the supreme source of pleasure and desire. But Sadu's wifey Linlin found out about it and decided to remind Sadu who her real Goddess was. After exchanging a few orgasms in a playful manner, Lin pulled them apart and told Sadu they should get serious; No holds barred fight for the cult leadership. Not one to back down from Lin, especially in front of others, Sadu gets dressed along with Lin and they join the watchers in an orgy of sex, deciding who will cum out on top, the Devil or the Goddess.

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(Someone in their battle "uniform" this time? :P
Have fun you two
Scarlet is always a great start to things <3
(Anything before we start or all gucci?
(Don't use the dice during title matches, but we can leave the kink itself, I think. Hardy girls, after all :P
(All gucci)
*Linlin had all kinds of ways on how she got into fights, but starting one off after cumming several times was a new one. She could thank her supernatural nature that she was brimming to go for more, but she knew that this could actually leave her milked for some time, so proper warmup was important - not to mention the transluscent belly dancer garbs she chose to conjure for herself were not something she was too comfy in, so she spent some time stretching about* Watch carefully folk~ *Lin addressed the crowd* Sadu will soon be at my lap, my snuggliest worshipper~
hello hello
*While I had conjured clothes out of spiderweb and smoke, I'm wasn't intended to stay in them for long. Having walked with Lin over to the followers, I immediately start undressing again. Starting with my bra I reach back, undoing it and tossing it aside, the thing disappearing back into smoke, chest bare.* I mean I won't lie. I do so love snuggling and your lap in particular. But I have other things to take care of first...
Well good thing my lap contains the most important thing to take care of, right?~ *I giggle, nodding approvingly as you lose the bra, finding a small cushion to sit at with legs curled in such a way that my erection prodded proud, pushing my shawls up for all to see, wondering if I could tempt you to sit with me*
*I do in fact walk over, slowly sitting in front of you,* You're oh so right, of course. *I reach in, moving the shawl aside and running my fingertips on and around the tip of your proud member, smiling,* I don't think anyone would argue against that...
Well, maybe we should ask one of your followers?~ *I grin, gesturing forward for one lucky girl to approach us, gesturing for her to lay down under us, as I grab you and hug, our girlcocks clashing against each other while rubbed on said girls head, letting her experience us up close while we focus on each other*
(If Sadu's fine, one of audience here could be that lucky girl under us :P )
*I watch the woman closely, letting her get the full experience of heaven and hell as I press in. I hug you back, rubbing my breasts on yours. Meanwhile the audience member's hands aren't idle certainly, tugging down my skirt so as to get at our cocks better, that too dissipating as it pools around my ankles.*
(That's part of the intention <3)
(Though small audience atm.)
*I don't spot all that, as my eyes are solely on your face, already having forgotten that I invited someone to be under us, my hands trailing around your back as well, lips and tongue exploring and reexploring yours, humming softly* Mmmmmgh~ Sadu Dadu~
( I would gladly take a vlounteer position, But I am unsure how long I have and I'd hate to ruin this 💙 )
(Also hi all!)
(Really wish I was awake enough to be that person)
(Gives a waking up bonk)
(on my phone in bed atm)
Mmmm... Lin~ I know you just put these on... *I tug at your translucent clothing, smirking, whispering in your ear,* But you are entirely overdressed. *A simple warding spell and your summoned clothes just disappear to back where they came from, my hands catching your breasts and giving them a grope*
(I can definitely take the part if it doesn't last *too* long~)
(Perfect <3 <3 <3)
*I chuckle covering my mouth, watching my clothes wisp away, nuzzling into you without anything covering me anymore* I think our friend here is a bit restless~ *I pat her head, as we both lean down and surround your cock, carefully licking up around that helmet, tickling you up*
*sneaks a moment to smooch Phoebe as we lick up Sadu*
*I diligently lick the tip of Sadu's girlcock, taking a small break to kiss Lin back before returning to worshipping the rod that has given me many restless nights*
*Being mostly nude anyways I move things to the hot tub in the center of the room, stepping into the hot spring water before turning back to Lin, beckoning. When I see the person who was licking my cock is Phoebe I can't hide my look of shock before grinning wide, beckoning her to follow as well,* Oh my, Feeb too? You didn't arrange this, did you Linlin?
What?!~ *I look at you shocked, giggling and following in, letting Phoebe decide if she wants to join us too or not, using my 'rod' to gesture and lead her about, showing you the power I already had over the cult, even if it was a bit rigged in how she loved us already* It's your cult not mine! I didn't even know about it until yesterday...
(Yay or nay Phoebe dear)
(*assumes yes for now*)
*Staring at the girlcocks of Lin, then Sadu, then back to Lin again, I immediately follow them into the hot tub* How could I not join when I heard you made a pleasure cult~~?
(Probably doesn't show typing because on phone)
(for some reason not all phones show up as typing)
(screw it grabbing laptop I got in the mood)
( It just keeps getting better~ 🤗
*Seeing Phoebe being led about by your dick I huff, that look fading into a smile as Phoebe joins us,* True, but she must have slipped in recently. I think I'd have noticed otherwise. *I look down at Phoebe, reaching out and petting between her ears* Here Phoebe, darling. You can go through your initiation by having a go at my balls, hm? While Linlin watches, of course... *I smirk, taking a step forward so they're hanging in front of Feeb's face, resting my cock on top of her head gently*
I think the initiation ritual has been upgraded today to pleasing our both nuts~ *My smile grows, pushing my body right next to yours, letting our breasts squeeze and roll one against the other, pressing the two packages in together too, giving Phoebe a whole banquet to enjoy*
(another night, another instance of me poking my head and blowing these two absolute goddesses a kiss before bed~)
(good luck you two, and have lots of fun 😍)
*I kneel down as Sadu's cock lay on my head, before Lin's joins it and my view is blocked by two different but equally salivating pairs of balls, deeply inhaling their unique scents before opening my mouth and tongue washing them, licking and sucking you both, my tail wagging a blur behind me as your thick girlcocks gently throb atop my head*
(Of course me not being horny for 4 days straight is broken by you two~)
(I would say not my fault, but I've already been declared "Contagiously Horny" in the past 🤭)
Oh no you don't. You're MY responsibility, Linlin. She can worship the real goddess around here. And so can you. *I pull Phoebe back, keeping her on my balls as I lean over her. Pushing you on the rim of the pool I press my breasts around your cock, letting you feel their weight and softness as I jerk your girlcock, looking up at you,* You have no objections I take it? You did note this needed to be... taken care of, no?
(Certainly seems to be the case~)
*I moan out loud, your words ringing true as you drive your alluring chest across my length, making me shudder lightly, my girlcock soon glistening from waxed in precum and throbbing visibly, showing how much I enjoyed you* Nnnnngh~ Yesn't..... *I murmur, wanting to talk back but your titfuck too good for me to find words*
*My head rests between Sadu's thigh's, continuing to worship and lather her balls with my tongue, though as I grow more and more horny with my nose shoved into her groin, my licks start travelling upwards towards her shaft*
*I coo out at the sensation of Phoebe's licks, more than aware just how good she is at pleasuring me. For now though my focus is on the cock in front of me. Reaching up I take it in my hands, jerking it slowly where it is between my breasts, hands going down to press into my chest so I can get a nice handful of you,* So hard and wonderful... It deserves this treatment. And I know it will look so sexy squirting out it's cum for everyone here...
Mmmmgh~ And yet currently it's us two to you alone~ *I giggle lightly, ruffling up Phoebe's hair before reaching in to stroke you from other side than she was licking, matching up our motions so that it felt like we had your surrounded, my moans cute and light as you work my own erection*
*My ears twitch at the petting, before I notice Lin's stroking and immediately sync our paces, my licks fully on Sadu's dick as I lick her from base to tip, my wet tongue contrasting with Lin's soft hand, yet both experts at making Sadu spurt*
*leaned in over Linlin as I am, I'm soon leaning in more, not content to just let my hands have all the fun. Especially with how Phoebe is licking me. Soon I'm licking Lin's tip in turn, the taste of cock and leaking wonderful on my tongue, subconsciously timing my licks with Phoebe's, swirling my long tongue about your tip*
*soon we're bunched up in a really tight bundle - you leaned down to use your sweet tongue that knew perfectly where to kiss and lick my shaft; Phoebe's head stuck in your boobs as she worked her own tongue up your member; and, with how it got difficult to squeeze an arm in there, my two feet surrounding the inumimi, heels on her cheeks while toes curled around your girldick, guiding our friend how and where to lick up in the small vice I created*
(Goddess's note: Goddess is not responsible for any nosebleeds that happen while inumimi girls are completely surrounded by two gorgeous ladies)
(The insurance payout when I die from blood loss from nosebleeds will be amazing for Nocti!)
*I hug onto Sadu's thick thighs as Lin puts her feet on my face, licking wherever she guides me, my extra long Inu tongue perfect for reaching across her long girlcock, my tail wagging happily in the hot tub water beneath me*
(Wish I could watch more hehe)
*I moan out, knowing just how dangerous Lin's feet can be. And the way she synchs up with Phoebe... I stop concentrating on that taste and push my upper arms together. This causes my breasts to press together firmly and I milk at your shaft, giving it a nice undulating massage from top to bottom, looking up at your face defiantly*
(*huggles Scarlet*)
(Yay more titfucking~!)
*It does make moan much louder, rest of the cult finding out that I wasn't as in charge as I might have looked from outside, it still being a fierce battle of two powerful wills, but it also makes me want you on me more, knowing just the spot to reach for and massage so that you drove your tits even harder against me, just a single wet finger enough to cause all the trouble*
(*hugs back with a headpat* )
*My liking becomes more and more hungry, desperate for more of Sadu's sweet taste, my tongue darting up and down her girlcock, focusing on her tip whenever I see a bead of pre-cum leak out*
*Soon I'm thrusting into Phoebe's tongue, that finger curling into my ass truly causing my hips and the rest of my body to start moving, muttering out swears of pleasure. But just as you wanted it makes me drive my tits even harder against you, holding them tight as I make milking motions at your cock, feeling it throb against my skin*
(...I like to think you're the reason I keep getting that Feeb dear.)
(I'm the best luck charm, as titfuck actions are the best~)
*as my other hand trails down to latch onto something, anything to hold onto balance, I end up catching your member, throbbing just as much as mine, my mine overloading for a moment as the environment and want to impress not just you, but the rest of the cult makes me pull back and get out of the pool, crawling away on all fours, wiggling my tush at you tauntingly* Sadu Dadu~ You know perfectly well I have already spun you around my finger~ How about you show our friends here just how hungry you are for your goddess, lurching for her even if it's the most base trick in the handbook of sexbattles?~
(my mind* overloading)
(Your choice Feeb if you'll follow that :P
(Letting Sadu go)
(Will see where she takes it~)
Mmmm... *I look down at Phoebe, kissing my fingertips them placing them on her lips before trailing away, following behind Lin with a sway of my hips,* As and you shall receive, Linlin dear...*I crawl up behind the blonde woman and swat her ass before lining up, pushing my girlcock deep into her and starting to fuck her down into the floor, one arm wrapping about her stomach,* You mean like this? Spun about you and putting on a show deep, deep inside you?
*I knew that there was a great risk at this plan, your body already bigger than mine, but even more powerful as you tapped more and more into your demon blood, but I was way too horny to care right now, more than happily letting myself being crushed and humiliated, pounded by you heavy, crying out in joy as I ground against the floor, losing all focus to clench or loosen as you overpower me*
*Watching from the hot tub as Sadu starts thrusting hard into Linlin, I grow impatient, getting out of the pool and getting behind Sadu on all fours, licking her balls once again as they stop slapping against Lin, feeling Sadu's ass up as I do so* Mmmnnn~~
(Looks like it's still 1:0 on follower count for me 🤭)
(Unless that somehow helps Sadu more than makes her squirm *thinking*)
Mmmm... good girl... *I look back at Phoebe, watching her take my ass in her hands and lick at my balls, slowing my movements a little so she can worship my body even more. But I do keep moving, making Lin continue pleasing my cock as it slowly slides in and out of her ass.*
(I have no horse in this race, I'm horny and Sadu was closer~)
(Weeeeeeeell, if you have none....
If she's such a good girl~ *I trail my thoughts, slowly escaping your cock, gesturing to hold a moment* about~~~~~ *I reach over and pull poor Phoebe into the center of attention, quickly taking her mouth, sticking my throbbing cock in her, reaching over and spanking her butt wide, spreading it after and winking to Sadu invitingly* ...we be the benevolent goddesses that we are supposed to be, and reward our most fervent worshipper?~
( 👀)
(I think I'm freed yo now to watch the masterpiece hehe)
*My eyes widen as I'm suddenly pulled onto Lin's cock, feeling my ass spread wide as she goes into my throat, by I waste no time and grab onto Lin's waist and start sucking her hard, loudly slurping on her girlcock as I deepthroat the blond*
(Up* not yo lol)
*As Phoebe sucks Lin off I chuckle, nodding. Rather than push my cock in I give it a break though; Phoebe is wonderful of course, but she's not my focus tonight. So I give myself a "breather" by leaning in, wrapping my lips over Phoebe's sex and squirming my tongue deep into her, holding her thighs around my head on my shoulders*
Saduuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ *My voice shows just a tinge of displeasure at not following my suggestion, letting Phoebe go once your eyes are down and can't see me silently shuffling over behind you, soon jabbing my cock inside your ass, body pressed against your back as I reach around to stroke at the same time* Are you saying Phoebe doesn't deserve your unholy rod?~
Hey hey folks!
*() (Adding those to indicate out of character)
*My eyes follow Linlin as her girlcock leaves my throat, but I don't have time to think on it much as I grip onto whatever I can as Sadu's tongue plunges into my sex, moaning out* AaaH~!
(Heeeyyy draco)
*I pull away from Phoebe's sex with a slurp, replacing tongue with fingers as I push my ass back, groaning,* Oh, nothing of the sort. I'm just saving it for you, Lin. Tonight's special... on the menu for you. *I wiggle back more as my mouth goes back to Phoebe's sex, slurping at it more and more, drilling my tongue deep*
(Hello Draco!!)
(Hey hey Sadu, nice to see you're having fun with Phoebe)
(Sadu and Lin are having fun and I'm helping would be more accurate~)
(Nice~ well I'm probably gonna be heading to bed after... 'taking care of some business' so to speak)
*I pull you up, only half satisfied with the answer, driving my fuckstick deeper and deeper in your hole, making it harder for you to focus on anything but me, watching your cock wiggle freely about you* No need to save yourself, Sadu~ You're here to be worshipped and spend yourself over for others' benefit, no?~ *I ask while panting, this position getting me both more aroused and exhausted*
(Niiiight and thanks for the gifts~)
(Business? Mmm <3)
(I've seen the hentai this gif is from 👀 very nice watch)
(I mean... there are a lot of sexy things happening and well... I have some pretty nice logs on here~)
*I continue moaning loudly as Sadu's tongue returns to my pussy, soaking her mouth with my juices as I pant, unaware of the thorough pounding going on behind me* Mmhnn~~!
(I really do not care for Futabu.)
(I can see why despite liking it myself)
(Its far from my favorite)
Oh, but this is an exception, Lin dear. You know I don't give up what's mine lightly. And when I have so many sexy people to wrap around my fingers and serve me... I have no intention of spending myself at this moment~ *I push two fingers into Phoebe, feeling her juices running down my arm and even showering my face, the rest of my clothes disappearing as I can't concentrate on the spell anymore*
(Makes sense, it's hot but there are better hentai out there tbh)
(Won't argue with that, definitely true too)
(I don't like the cock and pussy with no balls look, I don't like the 12 year old looking club president, and I don't like how some of them have cocks over a foot in length. Too much that bugs me.)
*I thrust yet harder, making you lose your balance and push deep into Phoebe's body, holding her back so that your smothered by her, my thrusts rapidly speeding up* Then I have to make you do so, you naughty disobedient shedevil~ You do know your Goddess is not the most benevolent kind sometimes, if she's really pushed to mood?~ *a spank at your ass is yet more playful than harsh, my words followed by giggling, as I focus on ramming my thick cock in you*
(Incredibly fair)
is resisting cumming (65% chance of cum) => Came!
(all that means we need to find a second gif for this :P )
*I moan out even louder as Sadu's thick girlcock get's shoved into my pussy, My tail wagging extremely fast as my moans grow louder and louder, still in my own world, oblivious to what's happening behind me* M-More~! A-AaaAH~! *I start thrusting my hips back against her, my pussy squeezing her girldick tighter and tighter*
*I can't really give much more; The double teaming is much more than I can bare, and my bravado instantly melts. As I'm slammed from behind I grab Phoebe's hips, pounding into them and crying out. Not with words so much as moans and shuddering groans, pounding and stirring deep and almost instantly starting to fill that tight sex with cum, squirting out more and more loads as I hold Phoebe's wide hips in a deathgrip*
*As Sadu starts pounding into me harder and harder, I almost collapse into the ground, losing my mind in lust as her start throbbing, before I cry out and cum hard, squeezing and milking her pulsing girlcock as she floods into me* AA-AAHH~~!!
(So many titfuck actions...~)
*I slowly slide out of Sadu, laying down sideways besides the two other girls, humming proudly as if I already won* See~ The perfect goddess for the perfect pair of her lovers~
Mmmmfff... *I look back at you, panting and stroking Phoebe's hips* Is that so? Not me? *I turn around... and press my tits around your cock, my tail reaching down to push in and out of your ass, my cock not leaving my Inumimi lover's sex as I work on you.*
(Alright folks, heading off for tonight. Enjoy your match Sadu~)
(Thank you Draco. Take care!)
(Thanks again for earlier hehe)
Hnnnnnnngh~ *I try to push you back, but all I end up doing is rubbing myself more, finding myself more weary than I expected, or maybe all the smell of cum you two released making my mind a bit woozy* Saduuuuuuuuuu~ *I mewl much more submissively* You know I'm only like this when we're in bed, right?~
*I rub my hips gently into Sadu's, basking in my afterglow as I feel her occasionally throb* That was amazing...~
(Up to you two if you want my role to continue~)
(break for now)
(I'll be on standby~!)
(So competitive, wholesome, and kinky. Mind overload 😵‍💫 haha)
(Just your standard sexy thursday for Lin and Sadu :P )
*I nod at Lin's words, finally moving my hips and slowly pulling out of Phoebe. Reaching back I pull her up and lay her beside us.* You were. Now, recover for now and I'll be with you later. I need to fuck Lin silly... *turning back to Linlin I pull her up against me, my cock poking against hers as I pull her into a headlock* Isn't that right, darling?
(Very true 🤭)
Sounds good...~ *I lay back, watching you happily*
Meeeeeep~ *I squeak as I get squeezed in your pit, forced to do nothing but lick it and rub against your cock, still so powerful and eager to please me, making me nod incessantly*
Or... *I grin and look down at the shivering Phoebe... and pull Lin with me, pushing her down onto Phoebe and guiding her cock into Feeb's still spasming, leaking pussy. Crawling up behind her I push my cock into Lin's ass, leaning on to her back and guiding her thrusts, whispering into her ear* Perhaps I should just give you a taste of your own medicine?
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Came!
(I lied it seems XD)
(Or it was all a plan to distract me
(Either way I'm all for it~~)
(MORE cock for best Inu's pussy~ *coos*)
(I get big loads from both perfect girlcocks, what an amazing day~~)
(A perk of being such a wonderful person)
(Awww 🥹)
*I knew you were devious. But to actively lie to Phoebe, as well as distract me from your intentions was a new find for me, understanding full well just how much you cared to retain the cult's control, as I literally had no choice but to comply with what you forced onto me, just a couple of thrusts enough to fill poor Phoebe with even more cum, my load not much smaller than Sadu's, making the inumimi girl spill our mixture between the small gaps as my cock slid up and down you, all while I squeezed, clenched, quivered and cried against Sadu, crying out and thanking her for her cock and the chance to be fucked both ways*
*I moan as Lin's cock is suddenly guided into my pussy, looking into her blushing, moaning eyes as she quickly cums inside me as well, moaning with her, though a bit quieter as she spills out of me, blushing hard at the sheer amount of seed in my pussy and womb, thankful for the pregnancy blockers I'm on* Y-You coulda t-told me~! AaaH~!
*I just chuckle, more than happy to hear the moans from two of the women I love deeply, even with Phoebe's complaint. I slow my fucking, just holding Lin deep in Phoebe's cum-filled sex*
(This rp is gonna melt me)
*I try my best to escape Phoebe's snatch, eventually somehow slipping out, a thing that should not have been possible with how you held me until I notice it - thanks to all the orgasms before, I started showing signs of actual fatigue, my cock shrinking just a bit, before shooting back up stiff as I get ground against Phoebe's belly* Mmmmmgh~ I say she has more than been initiated, Sadu....
*To Feeb I add* Sorry..... But we have shown you how hard we go at it while alone.... what did you expect out of our combined effort?~
*I pant heavily, looking mostly at Lin as I smile, my face flushed* W-Wasn't complaining much... its... really hot~~ And I think I h-have been p-plenty initiated t-too~~
*As you pull out of Phoebe I pull out of you, slinking around and starting to lick at the girlcock laying on Phoebe's tummy, a hand groping at one of the Inu girl's big tits as I clean the mix of juices and sperm off the throbbing cock I'm hungry for.*
*as you kiss me about, you can feel that I'm getting a little bit weary, but as I reach over to return the same pleasure as well as clean you up too, I notice that you're no better for it either, also having spent good bit of yourself during whole ordeal* Think your followers here will see a miracle tonight?~ *I snicker, nuzzling against your shaft*
(Go ahead Sadu, don't have much to add this go around)
Depends on what they're looking for... If they're looking... for me to go all out and be what I was born to be... perhaps. *I draw a sign in the air as you lick me, my wings turning into a mass of tentacles that start brushing all over you and Phoebe, stroking and squirming and brushing and penetrating, mostly chaotic for the moment as I look down at you.*
Mmmmmgh..... agghhhhhhhh~ Sadu.......... *I squirm, shaking heavily, the tentacles holding me in place, some of them even managing to move my arms and make stroke myself, others fucking, rubbing, jerking, brushing, and doing many other unspeakable things, all while I whimper at your whim, trying my best to hold out*
*I cry out as the mass of tentacles roam and violate my body, my pussy filled even more as I look into Sadu's eyes, mine a mix of a tiny bit of nervousness and a hint of fear, but mostly lust* H-HaaAH~~!
*As Lin pleases my cock my tentacles pull her onto it, forcing her to please it, stealing her breath away as others wriggle into Phoebe's ass and pussy. My focus is on Lin for the moment though and my hands go to her head, panting out as I leak into her mouth profusely.*
*I struggle against the tentacles, and eventually they start sizzling and dissipating into mist as I start wrenching against them, slowly, but surely pushing back against you, and even though my head remains held firm by you, forcing me to lick wherever you guide me, making me pant and choke, rest of my body presses harder and harder against you, eventually enough tentacles vanquished that I'm free to spear myself into you, hoping to banish the rest of the mess from both of us*
is resisting cumming (58% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*The tentacles pull back from both Lin and Phoebe as they're dissipated, speared onto Linlin's cock right above Phoebe's face. Testicles slap together as Linlin fucks my ass deep and hard and messy, reaching up with my arm to pull her to me, not making it easy on her.*
(Hey india!)
(Heloo India)
*Not making it easy is an understatement, as I wheeze and gasp for air, feeling myself near sapped of air, struggling heavily to avoid that pit of doom, my cock not driving in you for now thanks to that, just hanging above Phoebe* Holding out desperate, huh?~ *I murmur, even though my voice wavers as if I was the one going desperate*
*I stare up at the balls and girlcock just above me, with my orgasm having fully worn off and the lust back fresh in my body from the tentacles, I lean back up and start coating both of your sacks in a fresh layer of my saliva, licking them thoroughly*
*I pull you into my chest, twisting about, panting, ass clenching around you,* E-Enough of that. We're both... mmmm... no need for your cheekiness. Cum for me... deep inside your Sadu. And I'll make sure the rest of... the night... is one you'll... nnnn... never forget... *I force you to suck my breasts, pillowy cleavage cutting off your words*
(You'd think this was a wrestling match 👀)
(Making me feel exhausted hehe)
(They always go hard~)
*I gasp out as I'm overwhelmed by your presence, holding my breath for as much as I can as your cleavage gives me no opportunities to breath just yet, hoping that you were soon to yield. Seeing that my cock was not doing it, though, I end up pushing back, holding onto your cock like a hostage as I pumped it* Noooooooo!~ I can still prove myself worthy of all of this.....
(And it's amazing~)
(You think this is not?)
(Wrestling in all manner of the word ;)
(Well it's a form of wrestling 🤭)
You are worthy... Of serving me. Of being mine. Just like... I-I'm worthy... of being yours. My goddess. Now... Cum for me. *I reach my legs up, pulling my feet in just above Phoebe's chin. She gets a front row seat as my feet massage Lin's balls, milking and squeezing them as she's balls deep in my ass, arching my back desperately up into her, not able to take much more*
is resisting cumming (64% chance of cum) => Came!
*I lean up, sensing something deep inside Linlin and take her entire sack into my mouth, sucking and licking her balls as I feel them churn heavily, even sneaking a finger behind her and pressing into her rosebud and onto her prostate*
(Wait I missread Sadu's thing and got confused with the action...)
Nnnnnngh~ *Tears trickle out as I feel your foot hard on me, pushing and grinding me just as hard as I was fucking you before, quivering, whimpering, trying my damnedest to hold out...... but I can't, moaning out loud and wild, voice jumping up and down octaves as I cum profusely, getting rest of myself milked out, knowing full well that there was no chance I was going to stay hard without some serious help, eyes dropped down as I don't even dare to look at you, feeling a touch ashamed for challenging you in front of all these people without asking you beforehand, tricking into it*
(pokes Sadu to check Discord for a moment)
(Wooo 👏)
/change their life_points 0
(Oh 👀)
(scene is yours :P
(Just a game over that makes sense <3)
(A certain signature I made LO
(I like haha)
(While hot and more fitting, I am certainly worthy of touching the girlcocks~!)
(Oh you definitely are today - this is for girls that are less.... worthy :P
(Yep yep, just making sure...~)
(*looks on with puppy dog eyes* 🥺 lol)
*I feel you cumming in my ass, feeling Phoebe's tongue on my feet and realizing what she was doing. Soon I pull off of you though, Turning over under you and looking at your blushing face, reaching down and turning it to look up at me.* Like I... said... You're worthy. But I won't give up what's mine. If... y-you'd asked though, I would have shared. For my Goddess? Anything... *Sitting up I lay Lin back, letting Phoebe out from under the blonde as I lay her out and... push my cock into Lin's ass, moaning out softly as I slowly start making love to her.*
(Always so wholesome 😭)
(I am definitely a big softy at heart)
*I try to groan but nothing comes out, my air punched out by your thrust, making me pant more heavily as I get adjusted to the fact what I'm about to be subject to, mewling and nodding* I know, but I was....... I was a little bit jealous, Sadu~ *my voice droops low as I have to admit that, time from time squeeling as a more powerful thrust grazes my funbutton, making me quiver heavy but nothing come out, being truly dried out* And also.... maybe a little bit extra feisty these days, my libido pushed up for some reason, not one girl satisfying me enough that I would say "that's it, need a break"...... so maybe I wanted to push you to that little extra mile to make sure it got true~
(*pokes Phoebe*)
(This seems like a moment between you two, bring me into it if you want but Phoebe is sitting back and watching atm)
*I nod and lean in, putting my forehead on yours, hands on your shoulders, panting softly* And I wasn't jealous of you? All those girls you were with? I mean... mmmm... I was... but I wasn't but... Like you said. No one. Can... mmnnnnnngg... Satisfy me like youuuU~! *I bury my cock deep after a series of fast thrusts, stirring inside you and stretching you out before I start pumping you full of cum, my balls contracting as they push out more and more seed, my eyes closing and my back arching, pushing my breasts to yours*
("Though I'll be damned if Phoebe here isn't a fast learner..." she mutters under her breath.)
(Mhm mhm)
*I cry out yet again as I feel warmed up by your affection (and totally not your cum, nuh uh), finding strength to pull up my arms and hug you, making sure you were stuck on me, not wanting anything else right now than being a little slut for my Sadu Dadu, reaching in for her ear to make sure she heard every little tiny moan and gasp I let out, as I didnt have strength for even screaming by now, all of it spent begging you for more and thanking*
*Sit in a corner, looking at the beautiful scene ❤️*
*Eventually, I mutter a thing just for Sadu, hoping she still had enough strength for one tiny naughty wish*
(Morning Roma! You got in near the end here, had some fun and got a load from each of the beautiful ladies here~)
*runs and hugs romantic*
(Was very nice indeed hehe)
Hug Scarlet and Phoebe
(mutter sent)
(I am sure of it. Lin and Sadu are my favorite couple on EF)
(My favorites are Me and Nocti and Me and Sadu, so Sadu and Linlin will have to settle for third unfortunately~)
(After all, Sadu is my girlfriend~)
*I groan and empty myself... but stay hard in you. As you lay under me and hold me I pant out, nipping at you and sitting up, lifting you*
(I wonder where me and hitmoi will end up 🤭)
(Words are hard lol especially with mushy brsin from this)
(I'm yet to meet or see Nocticula myself. That RP crowd of yours being primarily the wrong end of globe doesn't help)
(Made another typo smh)
(She isn't on EF much, mostly on discord servers that aren't the main one)
(Atleast, she isn't on EF as much as she used to be)
(Gotcha, but the sentiment's true for quite a few people)
(Would love meeting them if it wasn't for life and timezones)
(Her job also starts in an hour and a half from now and lasts for 9 hours after that so I don't think the timezones really line up for you two much at all)
(so sad :(.)
(Meanwhile, Sadu's taking her sweet time with that request 🤭)
(*waits patiently for her Sadu Dadu*)
(ah, there it is :P
(*takes the time to pat linlin* you two have done amazing)
(I see a new pfp 👀)
( 👀)
*I squeak, feeling you grow larger as I'm lifted up, quietly muttering* Thank you, huuuuuun~~~
wow that is a specific action....
(Well, it is a signature :P )
(And hey~
Really a good action
*I sigh out from the effort of taking down all my wards, soon standing ten feet tall, shaking out my arms as they regrow from my sides. Reopening my eyes, two of those arms scoop Lin up and protectively hold her to my stomach on my cock, another pair of hands petting over her front affectionately. My voice is distant sounding, slightly ethereal but clear,* You know, it takes me a lot of effort to do this, Linlin... but I wasn't kidding... when I said I would do anything, if it's for you...
(Glad you got it then in that case.... and lol I fiured it signiture)
For the description, this action talks to me a lot X3
Hello, Natasha
Hi Roma!
hi romantic
*I watch in awe, having never seen this form, my eyes glued to her form*
Yuuuuup~ Just be careful that the church of Sadu Dadu doesn't grow too popular because of this~ *I giggle lightly, cooing happily to be yours at this moment, all worries washed away* Although, to be fair, I think that already might have been the thing the moment people found out it's a polytheistic religion, two goddess needing plenty pleasing and worshipping~
(Second time for Lin too)
(Second time only*
(gee am I dropping words right now..... uhhhh... no reason why
(right right... no reason at all...)
( 👀)
Indeed... *I sit back on the floor, keeping Lin on my cock, stroking over her body but not fucking at all, just enjoying her warmth inside and out. I don't look over at Phoebe but a hand shyly reaches over and settles on one of her legs, letting her know it's still me as my other hands pet and stroke Lin's body*
(better scaling on that one. And even includes Minister Lin <3)
(happy to end the scene here unless you think this can go anywhere but being your toy~ :P )
*I rest my hand over Sadu's, smiling widely*
(Wow, demoting me from goddess rank?)
(I just meant the cosplay :p)
(I know :P
(Plus, it's Minister Goddess Linlin to you~
(It is!! ❤️)
(I am still a well trained Rakshasi, if nothing else.)
(So happy you guys let me join your match, it was tons of fun~ ❤️)
(Yup yup~
(The whole idea was to involve cult as we fought over its control, trying to subject it to our worship
(So someone loyal like dear Phoebe was perfect~
(Plus an excuse to go full Rakshasi again. I rarely do that. :blush:)
(Yes, I am a very loyal doggy~!)
(There, suiting subtitle added too~
(*changes to the other half*)
(*pats the good girl, giving her an extra bounce*
(Thanks for the show! You two were so awesome!!)
(Anyways, Lin is right, gonna end it here.
(*Tail wags, smiling*)
(Phoebe was amazing too!)
(Yes, certain Shedevil needs her rest after letting those wards loose)
(Good thing there's a certain Minister Goddess to ride her through her sleep whole night and make sure she doesn't sleepwalk loose on this world
(And if Linlin passes out from exhaustion, I'll take her place~!)
*zonks out, arms splayed everywhere*
(Only if that's by jumping on my cock and making it a threesome
(So long then, all~

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