BiancaTS (Transgender) (Level 16) mail warning

Top of the food chain. Ready to become my cum dump? 😈

Bi / Switch

Although I never chase titles, looks like I still ended up being a GOTH champ!

Removing summary for deleted profiles and added them to the bottom of each category

I love making girls and other TS (MtF) my bitch! Sometimes I will fight guys. I am into stakes and dice rules for bondage and hypnosis (Can do turn limits or keep going until free. I also like stacking bondage & hypnosis. However, bondage or hypnosis does NOT stack on itself). If I win, I add you to my list of cum dumps and will remain there until you defeat me! With each consecutive loss after becoming one, I will start adding rules! After your 5th loss in a row, you become a permanent cum dump and all rules given to you become permanent as well! Hehe. --- I am 5'8, 128lbs, 34C with a big, thick 8 inch cock ;)

So if you think you can take me down, step right up and let me turn you into my cum dump! ;)

Permanent Cum Dumps:

Emma THOUGHT she knew the secret behind beating me and turning me into a cum dump, but she didn't take into account that I am much tougher than I look. She found herself unable to resist me and has now accepted her place as one of my cum dumps!
»»» Thinking she would escape and turn the tables on me, she was no match for my cock, especially when it was deep in her ass. For her punishment, she must be a true cumslut! Whenever somebody cums, she must skip her turn to clean up the mess for the next 10 games
»»» Another attempt to try to get free but she ultimately failed once again. Short and sweet! Whenever she is getting fucked in the ass or her cock is being sucked on during a cum test and she's above 75 pleasure, she must cum!
»»» She asked to see if I wanted to play with my cum dump and I couldn't refuse! She surrendered a flawless victory, not even getting my clothes off without me doing it myself, nor could she make me cum! She's ready to surrender herself for good. With that, she must now start in bondage and roll a 6 to become free
»»» With her 5th loss in a row, she is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!

Cumdump Cleo has become my cum dump again! After her brief stint of getting lucky and trying to make me her cum slave, she is right back where she belongs! Not only that, but it was a flawless victory!
»»» Was gone for a little while and came back thinking that she found the courage to set herself free. But it didn't take long for her to remember her place as I fucked her again and again, destroying her holes. I am not going easy for her punishments this time as she must now start her matches in bondage and must roll a 6 to get free
»»» After running her mouth so much, she forgot about her rule she was given. She was immediately punished severely and even surrendered a flawless victory! As promised, these new rules would not be kind to her. She must now cum from ANY cum tests when above 75 pleasure
»»» She begged like a good little slut, begging to cum and to be fucked like the fuckdoll she is! I gladly gave it to her and after picking up a flawless victory in back to back fights, I came deep inside her to "breed" her! From now on, she must skip her turn whenever she is fucked and must thank her opponent for fucking her slutty holes
»»» With her 5th loss in a row, she is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!

LezSwitchMia had me as her cum dump after breaking free the first time. After an incredibly lucky orgasm from our last match, it seemed all luck ran out for her as she couldn't even get my cock out! Try as she could, she couldn't break me and eventually gave up a flawless victory. She then took a massive, pent up load all over her face and her hair to reclaim her as my cum dump! She must also follow a rule (as we are doing 3 losses in a row to become a permanent cum dump instead of 5!); She must undress as quickly as possible and CANNOT undress her opponent until she is naked!
»»» After an intense back and forth match in which it could have gone either way, my cock proved to be too strong for Mia as she failed to make me cum when it mattered most! Sensing she was close to cumming and running on gas, I pumped her cock with my tits and got her to blow hard in defeat. Given that she loves bondage and hypnosis, she must now roll a 6 in order to free herself!
»»» She fought hard, doing everything she could to try to free herself but in the end, her ass could not handle being fucked by my dildo and blew her load twice from it. As she accepted her fate, I told her that from now on, she must cum whenever she is above 75 pleasure and is getting fucked in the ass (dildos or cocks)!
»»» With her 3rd loss in a row, she is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!

Cumdump Edel is just a fantastic little cum dump! So eager to take my cock and worship me... To receive my cum and even clean up the mess after! That pretty face, big sexy ass and tits are going to be drenched by the time she becomes mine forever! Hehe
»»» She gave up a flawless victory while getting fucked again and again! She did get to feel my C-cups against her huge pair though while I pounded her into submission once again. After emptying my balls deep inside her, I made sure she knew what bimbos were good for. From now on, she must use her mouth whenever she can to please others!
»»» What a good little cum dump she is! While she didn't surrender a flawless victory this time, she did make me cum all over her pretty little face! After fucking both her pussy and ass, making her scream my name, I finished off on her face one final time to really coat her with my cum! Like a good cum slut, she must now skip her turn to clean up the mess whenever anyone cums!
»»» After waiting a little while, I got my hands on this sexy cum dump and fucked her silly, pounding her holes over and over again, even feeding her my cum in the middle of it all. After drilling her holes and making her scream my name, I reminded her that next time she will be my cum dump forever. For her punishment, she must now cum whenever she is being fucked and her pleasure is above 75
»»» With her 5th loss in a row, she is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!

Ophelia turned out to be a terrific little cum dump! Not only did she accept the challenge, but she issued another in which if I was able to get a flawless victory, she would surrender herself as a permanent cum dump along with accepting all of the rules that she would have been given otherwise! After making her cum back to back times, I attached the CUM DUMP collar to her neck and made sure she understood her place as her face and huge tits were painted with cum. I then fucked her into another orgasm before filling her pussy with the remaining cum in my balls.
»»» She must follow these 3 rules: 1) She must strip as quickly as possible.. 2) She must skip her turn whenever she is fucked in the ass.. 3) And lastly, she must cum whenever she is above 75 pleasure!
»»» She is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!

Cryptic challenged me, thinking she could turn me into her own personal cum dump! She was so confident that she issued a double or nothing challenge. She didn't know what she was getting herself into, not until it was too late. The poor little slut couldn't even get my pants off, even with all of her bondage and hypnosis! She wound up surrendering a flawless victory! I finally showed her my cock as I took it out and blew all over her face and tits after defeating her. Per the challenge, she also has a rule to follow; she must remove her clothes as quickly as possible for the next 10 games!
»»» She wanted to fight for her freedom and threw everything she had into this fight. If she lost, she would become a permanent cum dump. If she won however, she would turn me into her cum dump and also add a rule! She tried mightily with her hypnosis and bondage, but they were no match as she struggled to get my cock out until it was too late. The moment her pussy was penetrated, she immediately came and surrendered herself to being a permanent cum dump! For her two new punishments: she must start in bondage and must roll a 6 in order to break free initially. And her other punishment: She must flip a coin whenever she is forced into a cumtest and is being fucked. Heads = Resists, Tails = Fails
»»» She is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!

Kaitlyn thought she was going to put me in her place. She ran her mouth, talking a big game but when it came to the fight, she couldn't control herself. Once she saw my cock, her wet pussy took over her mind as it begged to be fucked. Not only was she fucked into submission, but she gave up a flawless victory, failing to make me cum once after running her slutty mouth. But it didn't stop there. She dug an even bigger hole for herself as she demanded a double-or-nothing challenge. Not only would she become a permanent cum dump, but she would take on 6 rules rather than the traditional 3! This time around, there was a bit more fight in her... Initially, as she sucked my cock and tried to take it to me, but when I started fucking her throat, her mind went blank and she found herself begging for me to end her. I made the little slut cum hard on the bed just by having her grind herself to an orgasm before brutally pounding her holes into submission like I had promised, forcing her to cum again and surrendering yet another flawless victory. This one was much worse as she barely got me worked up... Such a needy little slut! After being bred like the cumrag that she is, I marked her ass and chest so that she would never forget who she belongs to! As per the bet, she now has 6 rules that she must follow:
»»» 1) She must remove her clothes as quickly as possible
»»» 2) She must use her mouth whenever she can to suck cock and eat pussy and asses
»»» 3) She cannot make her opponent cum until she has been made to cum once
»»» 4) Whenever somebody fucks her for the first time in a fight, she must skip her turn and becomes hypnotized. She then must roll for hypnosis on every turn after
»»» 5) She is such a cum dump, whenever somebody cums, she must skip her turn to clean up the mess
»»» 6) Whenever her pleasure is at 80+, she must cum!
»»» With this double-or-nothing loss, she is now my cum dump forever! She can no longer be set free and all rules are now permanent as well unless I feel like removing them!



Piper (Formerly known as Catra, and first ever permanent cum dump)
Ruby Buttslut

Defeats: (Cheating to beat me will not get you posted on here. Don't agree to rules and then go against them! I'm fighting fair, you better do the same!)

Emma was originally my cum dump. I tried to get her a step closer to being my permanent cum dump, but she had other plans, getting me to lose our next fight. Embarrassed by it, I offered a double or nothing in which if I won, she would be my cum dump and she would be at step 2 of 5. However, if I lost, she was free and I would be her bitch. She was able to miraculously survive a brutal anal pounding and instead, blew me and made me cum for another humiliating defeat. With her now free, she told me that she still wants my cum, but now I am her cum dispenser that she can use whenever she wants... This bitch... I will get my revenge!
Cum Dispenser

Sasha Long won our best of 3 series, winning the first fight and the tiebreaker on the back of the most unluckiest cum tests ever (16%) and turned me into her cum dump

Natalie was able to turn me into her cum dump after getting insanely lucky when it came to hypnosis as I could not get inside her head at all. (At least she acknowledged how lucky she was!)

Kekki beat me in a LWR match. I don't know if I will try another. There is so much randomness to it. Some moves not causing a tap out (like a pin or scissors), but having your ass touched does? Others not causing damage while just grabbing tits does? It's very out of your control

Shyla got very lucky at the beginning, getting me to cum on the very first cum test which had surprised me tremendously. It was an uphill fight from there and thought I could make the comeback but she was too much. She won't be so lucky the next time we fight, both with the cum test and resisting all of my hypnosis!

Jennie was able to beat me with some very lucky dice rolls (for her and against me) while using my horniness against me, fucking my mouth and cumming inside it after getting me to cum for her. She won't be so lucky next time

Cum Dumps (Can be freed by defeating me. After 5 losses in a row, they will become my permanent cum dump and can no longer be freed!):

Rosanna Xavier thought she could handle me. After getting me to cum surprisingly early, her weak pussy couldn't handle being fucked and came twice. After tying her up, I made her cum a third time when I filled her with my winner seed. Looks like somebody loves being my latest cum rag! ;)
»»» Tried to earn her freedom but was unsuccessful. She is now currently getting her pussy trained by having orgasms when she is above 75 pleasure to try to toughen her up and not cum so easily!

Ellie tried so hard to hypnotize me and tie me up, but once she saw my cock, it was all over for her. Unable to keep her eyes off it, she came twice before spreading her legs and accepting her place as my new cum dump! ;)

Queen Ariana thought she could make me her pet but after taking my cock a couple of times, she ended up becoming another slut! So determined to not join the "weaker" Ariana but in the end, joined her
»»» This poor, poor girl thought she was going to free herself. While she got an early hypnosis that I couldn't seem to shake... Once I did, it was all downhill for her. Not only did we reaffirm her place as my cum dump, but she also took my thick load into her weak pussy. For now, she must skip her turn whenever she is fucked until she wins 10 games and must put on her profile that she is my little cum dump ;)

Lust tried her best with her magical ways to overcome me. After a surprising orgasm early on, and seemingly using all of her powers then, she was no match for me and came back to back. While remaining defiant, still took a big load to the face. This is one I am eager to keep breaking down and turn into my full blown toy

Aleph came like a good slut. Begging for me to make her my bitch as she bounced on my cock and begging for me to fill her. Her wish was granted. After making her cum twice and tire her out, I emptied my balls in that tight, needy ass. Looks like she is going to become a good pet

Scarlet couldn't escape my hypnosis. Seeing my cock was too much for her and it didn't take long for her to surrender to it with back to back orgasms... Couldn't even get one from me. Looks like I will need to train her on top of using her as a breeding slut
»»» She tried to win back her freedom but was unsuccessful as she spent most of her time being tied up and once again stuck in my hypnosis. It got to the point where she begged me to make her cum and have me empty my balls into her pussy. 2 losses down, 3 more to go until she is my permanent cum dump! With this loss, she now has to a roll a 6 to escape bondage/ hypnosis for the next 10 games!
»»» Seems these girls never learn their lesson and keep running their mouths! I tried warning her that she will lose again and take a step closer to being my cum dump forever, but she refused to listen. She tried hard early on, even getting me to cum in her pussy, but when it was all said and done, she was cumming and surrendering herself. As I made her tell me she was my cum dump, I made sure she fully understood that by blowing all over her face and having her clean it up. As for her punishment, she must now skip her turn after her or her opponent cums so that she can clean up the mess and show everyone what a cum slut she really is!

Sasha "Titan" Panther thought her height and muscles would be able to subdue me. While it was a rough start with her hypnosis working wonders, she ultimately fell victim once I got my fingers inside that pussy. Strong, muscular bitch but forgot to train the most important muscle grins

Brooke knew her place and submitted before things even began. One of the easier sluts to break and turn into my permanent cocksleeve

Ashley was too horny for her own good. She "tried" to put up a fight but couldn't handle even my fingers as they drove her insane. Once my cock got inside her, she nearly came immediately. I gave her the opportunity to surrender early on and save some dignity, but she refused to do so and wound up getting pushed severely for it!

SweetPeaches really tried to turn me into her plaything. Bondage, hypnosis, using a friend to help fuck me... But it wasn't enough as she still fell victim. Using my cock and mouth to make her scream, she soon realized that I wasn't playing around. With a collar attached to her neck, she now understands that she belongs to me; Especially after receiving a load in her pussy and a load on her face ;)

Nisa put up one hell of a fight. It was very back and forth but ultimately she couldn't stop herself from cumming for me when I ate her out. She then took a nice load to the face when she tried to look away and not accept her place. This little brat is going to be a lot of fun to break!!

Nicole was a very cocky little Asian girl who thought she would not only milk me dry, but leave me covered in my cum. She didn't realize that the moment my cock was out, she wouldn't be able to control herself. While getting a fuck lucky thrusts with her strapon in my ass, and getting me to cum once... The moment I took her ass, she screamed out her submission and became my cute little Asian cum dump!

Lilian thought she would be able to turn me into her own personal cum dump. But once my cock got in her ass and even used my mouth a little to suck her beta cock, she couldn't hold it in and blew over and over again. All of her cockiness vanishing but was replaced with my load deep in her weak ass

Sissy Raven is another one of those loud mouths who thought that she could beat me. Her little dick couldn't compete against my bigger, superior one as she came hard for me and accepted her place as my cum dump!

Just Another Girl had high hopes as she nearly promised that I would be the one who is broken and turned into a slave for her. She underestimated me as she found herself screaming again and again before being tied up and taking my load into her weak, defeated pussy
»»» Thinking she had gotten better and would defeat me this time, she confidently issued a challenge. While she did fight hard, she was still no match for my cock as it pounded her over and over again, leaving her a quivering mess. She now wears the CUM DUMP trademarked collar to help her remember who she belongs to! She must now remove her clothes as quickly as possible for the next 10 games!

Lindsey has finally joined the long list of cum dumps. After getting a lucky win before, her luck ran out this time as she even came from her special little bra-job move that I used against her. She was such a good little girl: Swallowing my cum and even blew her own load all over her face!
»»» She tried to earn her freedom, even going as far as trying to hypnotize me quite often. But it didn't work out for her and in the end, she blew all over my tits. Both orgasms took a lot out of her so for her punishment, she must skip 2 turns after cumming to recover for the next 10 games
»»» The poor slut thought she could free herself. She resisted my hypnosis three times but when I changed my plan and fucked her over and over again, it was too much for her to handle. She emptied her balls to the point that they shriveled up some. She must now skip her turn whenever somebody fucks her in the ass for 10 games!

Alis has returned to her rightful place as my cum dump. After getting lucky and freeing herself, we had a double or nothing match in which she could not will herself to get free from my knots. Forcing her to cum over and over. Not only is she my cum dump once again, but she must now roll a 6 in order to free herself whenever she is tied up

Dakota thought she could milk and drain my cock but quickly realized that it is much easier said than done. She is now accepting her place as my cum dump after taking a load to her face after submitting

Hayley was very confident, thinking she would have me worshipping her ass. But once she saw my cock and got to feel it, it was too much for her to overcome. Another fine addition to my list of cum dumps and one whom I am eager to beat over and over again, especially after using her strapon a few times!
»»» Even after losing the first time, she felt so cocky that she would spill my cum on the floor or even on myself! But her fantasies came true when I pounded her pussy again and again. It was too much for her to bear as she surrendered a flawless victory! Because she loved getting fucked so much, she must skip her turn whenever she is fucked (pussy/ cock, pussy/ ass) for the next 10 games

Ana talked a big game, threatening to drain my cock with her pussy and ass. She got a very lucky first orgasm with her mouth but that was the best she could do as my tongue and cock pushed her beyond her limits. That big, sexy ass got what it deserved as I came deep inside it, officially claiming her as my cum dump!
»»» After not fighting each other for a little while, she thought she could bully me with her big tits and ass but instead, she was the one getting bullied by my cock as I pounded her again and again, making her scream each time. After surrendering a flawless victory, I made sure to empty my balls deep into her pussy to remind her why she is my cum dump! For her punishment, she much remove her clothes as quickly as possible for 10 games!

Nixa was the first ever to free themselves from being my cum dump but it didn't last long as he found himself getting fucked over and over again, screaming out that he is my little bitch. Even came right down his throat after winning to make sure he remembers the taste of my cum. Welcome back, cum dump!

Troy was unlucky to face me a while back when I was made to face guys as part of a punishment. But what was supposed to be a punishment for me turned into something more as I fucked him into submission. I gave him a second chance but the results were still the same! I didn't even have to fuck his ass this time for him to cum for me. He wasn't going to get away unscathed a second time as I claimed him as my cum dump! What a good little boy toy hehe

Emile Roseberry had a lot to say and was very confident that she could defeat me. After having to prematurely end our first match, we agreed upon a double or nothing match this time around. She couldn't handle me though. Tried as she might, she ultimately surrendered and became one of my cum dumps... Officially becoming one when I poured my balls into her defeated ass! Because of the double or nothing stake, she must now roll a 6 in order to escape from bondage & hypnosis until she wins 10 games!

Jet was yet another who ran their mouth but quickly realized that I am no pushover. She soon learned that her place as one of my cum dumps as I pounded her into submission. One of these days, these mouthy sluts will learn ;)

Evan thought she could turn me into her little fucktoy but found herself getting fucked in the ass and filled with my superior cum. Not only that, but was left with a butt plug deep inside her ass to keep my load in there while now supporting my CUM DUMP collar!

Ava talked the talk but couldn't walk the walk. She thought she stood a chance when I first sucked her cock but she quickly realized how wrong she was as she ultimately came twice for me and became my newest cum dump... Even rocking my CUM DUMP collar!
»»» She thought she would be able to free herself after becoming my cum dump. With all of her mind tricks and even tying me up several times, it wasn't enough to do so. After being fucked and blown to an orgasm, I made sure she would regret using such tactics. She must now roll a 6 for the next 10 games to free herself from any bondage and hypnosis!

Vanessa sure proved to be a strong opponent, punishing me when she had the chance and even resisting at times that really made me question if I could finish the job! But it was all laid to rest when she came one final time. After already cumming in her pussy, I made sure she was marked properly by cumming all over her pretty face!
»»» She was determined to free herself as she called her first loss a fluke. But she learned her lesson as I fucked her, vibrated her holes and ate her out. As she is starting to realize that her new life is being my cum dump, I gave her, her first rule to follow: She must skip her turn whenever her ass is used for the next 10 games!

Sabrina was interested in the challenge of becoming my cum dump if she lost. She felt as though she could turn the tables and make me her cum dump instead! Even getting lucky and fucking my ass a couple of times but she soon realized once my cock got inside her, she was doomed and she came back to back times rather quickly! Welcome to the site and to my list of cum dumps!

Lemon wanted to compare cocks and see who would come out on top. Unfortunately for her, she found herself getting fucked again and again, blowing her load each time. Looks like her fat cock couldn't handle me whatsoever and is now one of my cum dumps! ;)

A Mouth With No Name was dying to have my cock all up in her mouth. She was so eager to please and be fucked that I couldn't deny a slut with what she really needs! After making her cum over and over again, I made sure to finish off on her face while also placing my CUM DUMP collar onto her

Alex wanted to become my little boytoy cum dump so badly. He did so well, taking load after load of cum, being marked as I got some cum right on his face before collaring him with the CUM DUMP collar!

Nyssa the Amazon had fought me before and with a narrow victory over me, we agreed to have a second match with a clear winner. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't as lucky as before as she found herself getting fucked and cumming hard. She now supports my CUM DUMP collar as she was forced to wear it during the match!

Alexandra's pussy and mouth were one of the best that I had ever fucked before. Her pussy welcomed and squeezed around my cock as I fucked her over and over again, almost like it was happy to have me deep inside her. Her mouth didn't disappoint either as she showed off her marvelous oral skills; alternating between different paces, deep throating, licking the shaft, or just servicing my balls. In the end, she came and surrendered her holes to me. I made sure that she wore the CUM DUMP collar before blowing what was left in my balls all over her pretty little face to officially mark her as my cum dump!

Alice looked like a lot of fun and I had to turn her into one of my cum dumps. She was a confident little one, thinking she would make me cum over and over again and make me her bitch... But little did she know, her dream would turn into a nightmare. While she fought hard and even used a strapon a couple of times, her holes were no match for my big cock as it wrecked her again and again! I even made sure to give her a good facial after winning and locked the CUM DUMP collar onto her to remind her of her place!

Luna accepted my challenge and even came up with the idea that she could rescue one of my cum dumps if she would win. Things didn't start off well for her but she got a very early orgasm out of me, surprising me, but once my cock got into her holes... It was all over for her! She now joins the ranks as another cum dump of mine! I am going to enjoy using this big titty bimbo! She looked so cute with the CUM DUMP collar and a face full of cum!

Jessica WIP

Sarah WIP

Just a Boy WIP

Celine WIP

Linlin Mira WIP

Farrah made the mistake of thinking she could not only defeat me but also use her strapon to try to break me. After using it several times, I showed her what a real cock can do. She didn't stand a chance and after breaking her little façade, she surrendered to my cock like the good slut she really is

Jordyn felt a little shy but felt like she could handle me. That false confidence only grew when she was able to suck me off and get me to cum, which surprised me a bit. But it would be her undoing as I made her cum back to back times, getting her to cum while I pounded her into submission

Kim thought that being a new girl, she would be able to "humble" me and instead, turn me into her little pet. Unfortunately for her, she got to learn first hand why I am so successful and why I have so many cum dumps! ;) She took a load in her mouth and on her face while also taking a load in her pussy. To make sure she fully understood her place, she is wearing the ever popular CUM DUMP collar!

Lana was a very eager little girl, wanting to become my cum dump as she knew that was her fate. While she did have some bratty tendencies, she was no match for me as I made her cum back to back times. I then made sure to not only plaster her face with my load, but to also collar her with the famous CUM DUMP collar!

Akira felt very confident heading into our fight. She thought that she could turn me into her little footslut and even started off well. But once she got to feel my cock, she began to melt. As she came for the final time, she screamed her submission, declaring that she is my cum dump! I then gave her the loser facial and collared her with the CUM DUMP collar to make sure she fully understood her place

Annie Smith is a cute little cum dump! Thought she could resist me as none of my bondage or hypnosis could take effect but there was very little she could do when she got to feel my cock. The "poor" little slut cum so hard when her ass got fucked!

Yuki, this poor girl really did not stand a chance. Not only was she unable to get my cock out on her own, but she could not escape from my bondage or hypnosis to save her life! She only made things worse for her when she kept attacking my tits. After abusing them for a bit, I finally put her out of her misery, attaching the CUM DUMP collar to her then fucking her throat until she came like a good slut!

Rey got to feel my wrath after she was able to narrowly escape with a win last time. This time however, she was my little plaything and came like the good little fucktoy that she is! This is just the first step into turning her into a permanent cum dump... Where she rightfully belongs! ;)

Karoline got me in our first fight but it was nullified after she forgot about one of her rules. In a double or nothing rematch, she picked up the early lead but things quickly fell apart for her. After cumming from being fucked over and over, she soon got the very humiliating collar and facial that she rightfully deserves. On top of that, she must also follow a rule and just needs to lose 3 more times! She must strip as quickly as possible for 10 games

Emy is a cute little slut! She tried to sound tough but the moment my fingers and cock got inside her, she melted and became putty in my hands. She tried to fight back towards the end but it was too little, too late! She now rocks the CUM DUMP collar and has an ass full of cum!
»»» WIP

Cutesie TS really lived up to her name! She was a cute little thing, loving how I was playing and fucking her ass. She couldn't stop herself from begging for more! She even took a nice load down her throat before getting an ass full of cum and wearing that popular CUM DUMP collar!

Cum Dump Sarah talked quite a bit of trash, trying to tell me that I am a weak little cock slut. Little did she know that she was in for a rude awakening. The moment I got my hands on her, there was no turning back for her. She got a very lucky orgasm out of me early on but it only angered me and began punishing her for it, pounding her ass then abusing and wrecking her pussy until she broke and declared herself as my cum dump. I wasn't done there as I quickly placed the CUM DUMP collar onto her then blew my load all over her face and tits, making sure she knew that she was my cum dump!

Gabs surprised me a little bit. She fought hard, even getting an early orgasm out of me and forcing me to fight my way back into it. It was a close finish and she almost pulled off the upset but my stamina was too much for her and after fucking her ass with the dildo a few times, she couldn't resist and blow all over the bed. I made sure she cleaned up her mess before writing on her chest that she is my CUM DUMP and also gave her the collar to match it!

Liliana WIP, my sexy MILF cum dump!

Lucy WIP

Dickmaster was one of the lucky few who were able to make me cum with less than 30% cumtests. Feeling confident, he challenged me again, but this time I made sure he understood that it was all luck. I tore his ass apart, cumming in it once during the fight then a second time as I piledrived him while locking his cock up to further prove that he was my plaything, my cum dump! I even made him swallow his own cum in this position, having him shoot his last load he'll ever have all over his face!

Femboy Nea WIP

Jessie WIP x2

Samantha Winters tried to resist her inner desire to be used like a total slut. She fought it every step of the way, trying to convince herself and me that I would be her pet. She went as far as getting me to cum first with her hot mouth, but that only cemented her demise as she came back to back times in quick succession before taken a big load all over her face that dripped down onto her chest. She finally gave in to that desire, begging to be fucked some more!

Connie/ Connor WIP

Blank Erika WIP x2 (Flawless victory)


Blu Femboy WIP

Amelia WIP

Evelyn WIP

Victoria WIP

Arden WIP

Slash WIP

Jennifer WIP. What a fucking hottie!

Subby Alice WIP x2

Poc WIP. My sexy little cop ;)

Amanda WIP

Bella Back to being a cum dump, where she belongs!

Jannine WIP, wannabe domme!

Dani Mayhem WIP

Whorina WIP

Hannah WIP

Ares WIP

Selene WIP - What a hot goth cum dump!

Muchin WIP

Jewel WIP. Welcome home!

Holly WIP

Angel WIP x2. Cute femboy ;)


Bimbo Ariana
Hattie Raye
Catherine the Great
Cum Dump Eva
Chun Li
Amazon "Titan" Queen Tamara
Nicole Cupis
Lady Camilla
Horny Slut
Belle Delphine
Hot Surfer Girl
Submissive Slut
Summer Lover
Jamie Valentine
Little Tara
King Shamine
Cora Jade
Angie Varona
Sissy Natasha
Prison Bitch
Expensive Whore


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She screams as you shove your entire fist into her wet pussy and begin fisting her. Fist her She moans surprised as you flip her onto her back and lift her ankles but she will moan in sheer lust in a second!
You spread her legs wide and start to rub your wet snatch against hers, driving her crazy. Spread her legs and grind her pussy You grab the back of her head and force her between your ass cheeks to make her eat your ass. Make her eat your ass You're so turned on by her, that while you're kissing, you begin fingering yourself. Finger yourself while kissing You grab her ass, push your face into it, and begin smelling it. Smell her ass You lift her up and flip her upside down before hanging her legs over the ropes. With her hanging, you put your foot on her chin and begin to finger her helpless pussy. Trapped and hanging from corner and fingered (special) You rub her wet pussy while the machine fucks her tight ass. Machine fuck her ass and rub her pussy Reach around and rub her pussy You can't wait for her to be naked. You push her down on her back, mount her, and begin grinding your clothed pussy on hers. Clothed tribbing You begin nibbling on her ear and notice that she gasps and moans. Nibble her ear

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