Isa VS Julia : History listed publicly (63 turns)

Purification ritual... (gone wrong?)

Isa's a ranger that got corrupted and in danger of spreading the lust to thousands of innocents, so Julia had to act and capture her to "purify" - which meant making sure that Isa was completely outfucked and spent. The angel managed to teleport them both to her little pocket dimension, and chain up the ranger on a slab bed, walking about and taunting as she gets herself ready for the ritual. Little did she know though that Isa still had plenty of strength hidden in her. And the real winner of it all - ***AMELIA!!!*** Trying out a couple wonky rules, bear with us. Both of us have a die representing our purity/corruption, starting at d4, which degrades (becomes bigger) with certain actions. Each time we cum, it goes up automatically by 1. Each time one is facefucked by the other or forced to blow, the one forced rolls the die. If not one or two - goes up by 1 too. Each time hypno is used, depends on how many turns were spent in it. If none - 0. If one or two - up by 1. If all three - up by 2. (Three turn limit, need to roll one or two to break out) Bondage is a bit different too. Same dice is used though it doesn't change it. 1-4 to be allowed to Struggle (which also forces the break)

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(give me a sec as I get all in desc)
(Actually, now that I think, for all dice rolls the invert just makes sense
(So 1-2 (and 1-4 for bondage) are the 'safe' numbers)
(easier to write out and track)
(Hmm okay! Yea makes sense to keep track that way)
(Check over if all's okay)
(Yusss looks like what we spoke on *nods*
(Cool, then unless any last minute stuff, think we can start straight to action)
(Okok will start this time since first action is mine)
(Makes sense with how we set it :P )
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
Isa pure 🤭
*Having wreaked havoc aplenty on the already horny minds of the so-called "innocents" of EFcity, I thought myself unstoppable. It was almost too easy to corrupt a random passerby, get them to delve into new depths of deliciously depraved possibility and feed off of the dark energy that I'd influenced or forced them into producing. I felt as though it would take a miracle to halt my erotic rampage... what I didn't know was such a miracle would manifest itself in the form of an angelic presence, pulling me into a pocket dimension of sorts and chaining me to a slab to reverse the corruption she claimed was "addling my mind". Though I was quite determined to prove to her that this corruption was not impurity, but the most raw and pure form of power there was. As she paraded her divine self around the slab, thinking me helpless and ripe for purification, I ripped myself free of the chains and grabbed at her head, presenting her mouth to the thick length that unsheathed itself from my malleable suit and thrusting it deep into her throat.* You really thought someone as potent and powerful as I would be such an easy capture? It's time to put my new power to the test.. let's see if I can corrupt the heavens themselves...
I'm actually the corrupt one here :P
And I'm pure only in loosest sense, so it tracks
I know, I just can’t imagine you being purified
** Julia rolled 1d6: 1! **
thanks for playing alone with that little game last night 😘
Haha it was fun :P for what little we got to do 😘
A Ranger? *a deep voice echoes as a cloaked being appears from the shadows and gives the Ranger butt a quick spank with her tail before disappearing into the shadows* And I'm an agent of chaos! MWEHEHEHE!!!
PHAH! *I swatted your hand off me easily and caught onto it to hold you close, wings pushing up to escape your cock before more than the tip got in me, barely a taste as I scowled at you, figuring that you weren't some common slut to calm down and purify* If you think I'm some pushover, then think again! Your powers are nothing against true conviction, and there's only one end for you tonight!
*yawning Wolfie girl enters to greet lovely Isa * Hiya Isa^^
Where did she go? I’ve seen here before, she’s so dark and mysterious…and yet still adorable
Conviction? We'll see just how true this.. conviction of yours is..*I caught the swatting hand with a grin as your wings swept up to try and push me away. The gauntlet I was wearing caught hold of the frightfully little clothing a so-called being of "purity" happened to be wearing and ripped it free, before slamming you down onto your own slab and affixing the chains to your wrists and ankles, binding you to your own "purification" area.* while you're bound to your own slab.. Angel..
(well, no need to roll yet at d4 :P )
*Hugs the wonderfully and totally not sinister wolfie* Heya Amelia!
Hey Amelia, how are you? Did you see that girl that swooped a minute ago? She was so cool
Yea, really cool!
*hugs the Lewd Ranger back* This looks like an interesting concept ^^
Kinda cute too
*If you thought you could bind with my own tools, you were very wrong, as the chains passed through my body and failed to hook into me, at least in my current state, recognizing me as an angel, making me laugh at your feeble attempts* As if I would leave you opportunities in my own realm, silly Ranger!~
*shakes head at Jilly and Isa* No, I didn't see her....Must have just missed her ^^'
Hmph.. I should've known that you'd not make things so easy.. *I chuckled behind my helmet as I watched you break free.* But I wonder.. how long will this place see you as divine? Once I've laid my hands onto you...
Hmm.. weird how you two are never in the same place at the same time.. kinda like Batman and Bruce Wayne.
And yea, just kinda something to represent one of us corrupting or purifying the other and a chance to use my Ranger look :P
*shrugs* Eh...It's a big world...I'm sure one day I'll see her ^^
*As you say that, it's me who gets my hands on you, drawing two quick sigils into your outfit to make it all (cept for helmet) vanish and leave you just as bare as you left me, grinning* I was going to say you were being very cocksure of yourself, but now I can see the reason why~ Looks the forces of chaos got a really powerful minion on their hands this time~
I still love your Ranger look even now! ^^
*It barely even registers for me that I've been stripped in such a way, the nudity feeling just as at home as my suit at this point. Though, I do note your appraisal of my naked form and turn around, presenting my ass to you and giving it a light smack for effect.* Oh really? You seem to already have some depraved desires hidden in that angelic mind of yours. Let's see if we can make them surface even more..
Hehe thanks! I was gonna try and make a higher res version of it, but nothing came out quite as well as this did..
You're welcome!
I'm kinda wondering who I should be rooting for, based on this scenario, teehee XP
Depraved?!~ *I don't say no to the opportunity given, wings flapping once in a powerful swoop to launch me forward and catch you from behind, my body slamming hard in yours as I hug around and whisper in your ear, nibbling on it* I'll teach you that lovemaking is a sacred art form, to be savored and enjoyed, and not overindulged~
That never goes wrong
Yeeesss, that's a great choice and idea, Julia! ^^
Sacred..? The carnal callings of the body are impurities.. waiting to bend our very minds to the brink of insanity once they take hold. I will show you the delicious pleasure of giving yourself over to these sins. *I take your hands as you stand behind me and push them to my chest, making you grope and squeeze at it, pushing my ass against your hardening length and giggling wickedly.* and together we will corrupt this entire city...
Yea, it's kinda like the match I had with Raina where I was hypno'd into trying to brainwash her as well :P
Well, at least I'm here to see this one in action unlike that one ^^
That last one was when I was kind gone for a bit ^^'
*I humm excited at you pulling me in, letting you know you and I might not be so different outside from how we look upon things in the big picture way already, using the fact you helped me cling onto you to jump off my feet and stretch them up all the way to your face, clutching onto you like a koala beer, forcing you to lick my toes as I kept kneading your heavy bosom* What I and innocent people do and what you make them do are like day and night, foul Ranger! Don't you even dare to compare us!
Oh yea it was! That was kinda an impromptu thing as well, just sorta pulled Raina into a match :P
Is that so... well have a look for yourself.. see how "different" we are.. *
Teehee~ Pulled her into a match?~ That's so totally you, hehee ^^
Mrrrggh...damn...that picture for the action.....
Knees buckling, Amelia?~
*I saunter over to a mirrored surface in your little "purification" chamber and point out at the lewd act you're engaged in, already nude, presenting your feet to my face and looking quite hot and bothered already at the prospect of getting to "purify" my mind. As I do I pull you off of my back and step beside you as I plant you onto the ground, stroking your angelic length as I make you watch.* What do you see angel? Do we look so different right now?
Eheheh...n-n-no, my knees...are...not buckling..eheeh..Yes, right...they're fine, Julie ^^'
Hehe.. are you sure? Sounds like you need a bit of purifying yourself, Amelia.. based on that response~
13:12:48 fine...mrrmm...I'm like the...purest....ehe...wolf there is...
So pure you're melting at the thought of two bare, sweaty feet pressed so keenly against your face? Suuuure~
No, and that only make it so much worse!~ *I blush at you trying to compare us, or maybe because from watching myself get stroked and feel that hand too well, twisting about to try and get a hold of you, my grabs and gropes feeling just as soft as the stroking, as I get a bit conflicted whether you deserve a rough or sensual treatment* You could be a great sister to our angelic horde, if only you had your mind set right!
*blushes even more heavily at hearing that bit of vivid imagery there as I answered hesitantly* Yes?
I think Amelia might look for ways to deliberately corrupt herself to get this treatment too...
..............I....would...never....eheh...that's silly...that a sweet wolfie...would engage in...such...deviant acts...
Horde? That classification rings.. demonic, corrupt, don't you think? Perhaps you ought to reconsider your stance.. angel.. maybe your sisterhood isn't as pure as you believe it to be.. *Despite my words, the soft touch of your hands makes my mind begin to reel a bit, the urge to engage in this.. pure act of lovemaking bubbling up in me. But I shove it aside, noticing a particularly interesting looking device for "purifying" corrupted minds nearby and grab at your waist. I hoist you over my shoulder and position you right in front of it on all fours, my bare foot keeping you in place as I switch it on and let it pump inside of you.* After all, does an angelic horde make use of things like this?
*peeks in*
** Julia rolled 1d4: 1! **
/dice 4
Oh I'm sure she would NEVER think about wanting to get some lovely, kissable, worship-worthy feet pressed against her nose. It would just be so depraved if she would! So shameful!
*Waves at Driz*
Hii~ *waves back*
*As I flail about in your arms to dodge another attempt to get at me with my own schemes, tools and devices, my lips once again brush right against your cock, the temptation setting in and passing without clouding my mind, grabbing on your leg and pulling you down to make us both crash down and roll about as neither of us can get the hold of other, our arms and bodies clashing just as much as breedsticks, rubbing against each other as we try to get the better of other and present as dominant one, even if there seems to be parity between us* That's because there's no other way to stop you than indulge you so much that you can't hold it out. If we have to use our divine endurance to persevere over you, so fucking be it! *I flare up, blind to my devotion, not seeing the truth in your words*
*The mouth of the helmet opens as I pull you into a forceful kiss as we tumble, my hands wander the divine form so luckily placed in their grasp, giving it rough squeezes filled my corrupting intent. As I roll atop you they make their way to your angelic ass, ripe for defilement.* Fine.. if I can't make you realize your words and thoughts are as sinful as mine verbally.. I will have to show you.. in a more DIRECT way...
*I was about to continue with that same self-assured....if somewhat shaky....composure before that vivid statement got my nose's attention as it wriggles about in response.* See! Glad you understand......haaahh.....mrrrgghhh....nyyyaammm...Yes, that would be depraved....and shameful.....
*A moan escapes my mouth as you grope onto my butt, quivering for a moment, but I don't let you go unscathed, my hands still focused on the swordfight below, hands wrapping around and making sure you stroke into them to get tricked into thinking you were fucking me, staring at you with a mean smirk of my own, one helmet to the other* Oh I had the exact SAME intention~
Did you now? See? More similarities. But too blind to see them.. *I slide my body down on yours, the trick you've played to make me feel as though I was inside not quite working the way you intended. The softness of my breasts, presses against your celestial being until they wrap around your instrument of divine justice, my hands squeezing and pressing down on it as I work them up and down.* You must be able to give out a lot of punishment.. with such a tool~
I'm positive you would never get off on getting shamed and humiliated in such an act, would you? A proud, pure wolf like you surely wouldn't enjoy something like that, right? *Wiggles my toes at Amelia as I give Julie her titjob*
(Heehee, at least I'm not the only who did that ^^)
*I bite on my lip as you give me this titjob, having not had one in ages and craving for you to not stop, especially as you compliment me* I can show you, if you just let me do it~ *as my tip pushes through with each stroke down, you can see more and more precum pooling about, tempting you to go down further, trying to make you fall into your depravity too hard*
(Do we count this one?)
...............very.....positive......Y-Y-Yes?....I'm a me.....would never.....want to be hhhahhh...get off....with....shame, humiliation....nrrgghhh.... *I insisted as my red eyes kept wandering at those wiggling tail starting to wag*
(I was thinking about it, not sure. I'll let you decide and follow along)
** Lewd Ranger Isa rolled 1d4: 4! **
(you're on d5 then in that case)
*As the length is presented to me, I can smell the potent angelic pre flowing from the tip. I find myself too tempted by my own cravings to keep from opening my mouth and letting it slide inside, not aware that the ingestion of such fluids might have an effect on my current state, my body feels lighter as I lap it up. My hands squeeze down harder on the shaft caught between my tits, welcoming the head into my mouth with each upward thrust.* Mmm... tastes.. heavenly.. divine~
You don't sound so sure anymore Amelia.. teehee~
*My smirk grows as you fall for it, completely lost to the fact that I wasn't actually staying completely still under you, my legs pulling back and feet clasping on your impressive pole, giving it a good hard rub all along the way, my toes curling about to massage it, tapping along the surface* Indeed~ And if you just would let me do my duty, I would share yet more with you~ The realm below is boring - you wouldn't want to leave this place here and get lost in bliss, right?~
This surely won't help either~
*tries to close my eyes as my heart started pounding and my tail still wagging* .........nrrrggghhmmmm .....>~<
Wishing someone rubbed their dainty pretty feet over your own cock, only to then offer you to taste yourself on the toes, pushing them against your lips?~
Heaven, am I right?~
*My body reclines for a moment while feeling the bliss brought on by you footwork. My mind seems to be consider the proposal... only for the deep seated corruption to surge forth and grip me once again. Realizing I've been tricked, I grow wrathful. My hands grab at your feet and yank them off of my length as I straddle you, guiding the rods of purity and corruption to their battle deep inside of us.. and thrusting each other home.* Ngh.. I disagree! I've found much pleasure there.. I will show you that pleasure once I drag you down with me...
If only such willing feet were to present themselves right now.. hmmm
.....heavenly......w-wait....I thought you.....mrrmm...were the Julia...>~<
Howdy y'all~
Gliding up and down your shaft.. letting you feel the soft touch of the soles.. the toes..
Heya Bettie!~
H-H-Hi, Bettie.....>~<
Hehe, y'all look like yer havin' fun~
*because of my closed eyes.....didn't realize....would enhance....the words would enhance the....imagery*..............mmmmmmmrrggghhh....
*As you force us to spear each other and fight on as directly as we can, I met your challenge with an excited howl and my arm shooting forward to pull you and kiss you as hard as I can, trying to overwhelm you above and cloud your mind, and then outmatch your pace, looking no different from any of your corrupted victims from the outside* Nonsense! Mortals will never outmatch either of us!
We are! Just teasing Amelia with feet between rounds~
She does look all cute when ya rile her up~
*lets out cute wolfish whimpers and whines....that sound less wolf-like*
Outmatch? Heavens no.. but they can serve as a delicious appetizer.. a prelude to some real fun... *My body gives in to the sinful act of our mutual penetration, writhing, thrusting, kissing at your lips. Eventually a misplaced movement sends my cock flying from your depths. I decide to continue the momentum, letting the force of it send me hurtling into your open mouth, grabbing the back of your head as my hips start to pump at your face.* Though perhaps I would simply.. keep you for myself once you're corrupted. It would be so much fun to have a fallen angel chained to my side.
** Julia rolled 1d4: 1! **
/dice 4
*peeks in under an invisibility spell, lurking in the background* ((aaand imma walk doggo :p ))
(the heavens are impervious!)
Doesn't she just? So cute.. the way she whines and denies her true desires..
((Have fun with the doggo ^^))
(XD any other style of play would make those rolls so unfortunate x3)
(I guess the purity is too stronk)
*I duck just in time for you to thrust your cock along my helmet, using the moment that you're out of balance to push you back into the slab, the chains trying to lash about as I instead use my tongue on your flower, preparing you for a proper pounddown, without you fighting back* Too slow, Ranger~
** Lewd Ranger Isa rolled 1d5: 2! **
(had to try :P )
Darlin', I just got here an' I can tell tha more ya deny it, tha more obvious it is ya like it~
*I manage to break loose of your grip before you can chain me to the slab, thankful to have dodged a chance for your to unleash some of your purification techniques while I'm bound.* And I'm the slow one here, you say? You can't even keep me chained in your own domain..
...........hhhaaahhh....mmrgghgg....just.....feeling....fine....ehe...just.....mmrrmm....doing fine....
TCHAAA!~ *I groan as I see you roll over and get away, taking a step back to reconsider my options* Of course I have to do more....
Mmhmm, just doin' fine? Hun, yer doin' more than fine with Isa's feet all over ya~
*As you step away, I don't give you the space to reconsider your options, pressing my chest close to yours and reaching down to play my fingers along the slick, leaking length below. My hand squeezing down on the shaft to urge more of the purifying juice out.* Of course you do.. steeped as I am in darkness.. did you really believe it would be so simple to cleanse me?
*ears perked up from mentions of Isa's name......and her the same....sentence....* I-I-I-Isa's.....mrrreegghh....f-f-feet?......Hrrrmmm...O-O-Ohhhhhhh....
You're as impure as this angel wolfie.. I know you crave the delightfully sinful touch and taste of my feet..
........I-I-I-Impure.....W-W-Wolfie.....?........*tries resisting some more....but composure is failing fast.....*
Mm, ya look downright sinful ta me~ Ain't she just, Isa?
At first yes~ *I bit my lip as you made me leak more profusely, my mind craving to shut you up and show myself the better lest I lose myself to your own suggestions, my wings flapping forward and then back with force to push you into a wall, taking the moment you're dazed to turn you about and thrust myself in you from behind, holding your body in the same grasp as I kiss onto your neck* But now I see I will have to call upon all my sisters to make sure you're properly purified and devoid of any horny thought!~
is resisting cumming (0% chance of cum) => Resisted!
S-S-S-S-Sinful......?....... *lets out more cute whining wolfish ears.....twitched from hearing those words....tongue flopping out.....and starting to lightly pant.....*
Awww, Amelia being a good girl for everyone in the room?
Bestest wolfgirl
although don't let Phoebe hear that
This is very true *nods*
*I'm briefly overwhelmed by the sensation of your sudden entry, left moaning and leaking for you to pound into. The pounding is far from enough to send me crashing to my finish though. My hands reach back to grab at your waist, ripping your length from inside me. Then I toss you onto the slab and mount your face, attempting again to shove the corrupting length deep into your agape maw.* All your sisters? You really believe that will help? Maybe I'll make you corrupt them too.. once I've finished with you..
Howdy Morky~
for the doggo wars can be mighty
** Julia rolled 1d4: 1! **
/dice 4
(I was about to say where's my opportunities)
The ancient clash of the doggos would rock the very pillars of the city hehe
......Wolfies.....are....strong.....^^ *proud look*
*While I might not be able to toss you off this time as you push back and pounce on me, I manage to wag my head about to miss your cock, barely holding out from tasting your corrupting juices, my hands reaching out to try and force you to do the same as we start battling in a 69, both our bodies squirming and wriggling against each other as we try to avoid and direct each other* We'll see about that!~ I bet you'll already be on your knees begging for their help yourself!
Even if Feebs put her feet onto your face?~
*fluffy wolfie tail and ears jolt in reaction to that* >~<
** Lewd Ranger Isa rolled 1d5: 1! **
Hi sweeties, just saying hi... and yay for corruption!!!
Howdy Bettie!
(Hi Veronica!^^)
*Though your swift movements rattle me slightly, in your haste I manage to break free of the grip on my head and pin you down to the slab. My hands lift your thighs and pull them up so I can plunder your angelic hole, sliding in as I stand up in a squatting position.* Bet all you want.. reality will come knocking soon enough..
(Hi Amelia ☺️)
is resisting cumming (24% chance of cum) => Came!
(I hope you're doing well 😊)
(I am, taking a break, watching lewd here)
(Still here just hand to switch to phone for reasons)
(I happens Isa, good luck and get corrupted hard)
*the wrassling left me distracted and unable to steel my senses if you tried to go for something else - so the moment you managed to slip my grasp and pin me down from behind, I stop yelling back at you and just yowl out in satisfaction, my cock freely shooting out a veritable load of pure white cream, my face 'broken' into a satisfied gasp, jaw not closing back as I splayed against the slab*
(down to d5 with you finally)
(That's good, I'm having fun watching too)
*I lay there for a moment, completely lost and open for you, needing a moment to recuperate as I start thinking just how much you would be appreciated by others once they came*
(I'm doing the corrupting this time 😈)
(Oooohhh love that pic a lot ^^)
(Orgasm!!! Yeah, is a nice concept for a match)
*My hand descends onto your resting head, a light cackle pushing past my lips as I pull out of you and tap my cock at your lips. My hand grabs a fistful of your hair and pulls your face right beside it.* Now now.. can you really still claim purity.. after my insidious length brought you such pleasure? Is it so far fetched to think we might be the same? Submit to your desires.. angel..
((ooo nice holo art indeed ^^ ))
** Julia rolled 1d5: 4! **
/dice 5
(and d6)
*I was still out of it when you got your cock deep in me, yet I took it with no challenge, my hands coming up to massage it as I felt... adoration for it, wondering if it was really a "good" idea to deny you your desires at my own expense, thinking just what could happen if I played a trick on the first angel that came to my aid*
(Kudos to this girls... a rare occasion... I just came Yay!!!)
Mmm see? It's not so bad.. giving in.. it feels wonderful, does it not? To embrace depravity.. to suck.. to enjoy the pleasure of sinking deep into your desires.. by now you must surely be considering it. You need not be parted from the company of your sisters either! They can join in.. on all of the sinful delights both I and the world below have to offer.. *As you lavish my length with adoration, I pull it from your grasp, waving it before your face with a giggle. The way my juices ooze down from the top looks.. particularly enthralling..*
** Julia rolled 1d6: 5! **
(Funnily enough the roles would've be reversed had I not such a thing for the angewomon pic used by Julia she had present as an option)
(Really? That's interesting to hear ^^)
*My focus and determination didn't crack even a bit, and you could feel that my strength didn't wane a bit - but my thoughts rattled upside down, as I fully focused on worshipping and cleaning your shaft, my tongue wrapping about and lashing about like a wet towel, while my mouth kept weaving back and forth on you, getting "hungry" for your cum, nothing else sticking in my head right now, not even hearing your words proper*
(There were a few cheeky villainesses presented as options too :P )
(Hot angel is hot tee hee)
(These two were runner ups)
( )
( )
(And this one sorta a runner up too - )
(Interesting...I definitely would have leaned towards the hot angel too ^^)
(Leaning more into certain 'Dr. Thick' vibes 🤭)
(That last one's good but tha one ya got now is 😍)
(Do I immediately roll with worse dice for subsequent hypno checks, or only after it ends? 🤔)
That's it.. you don't even need to think, do you? Just let your body move.. let it do what it wants.. *While your new obsession takes hold and lets your mouth work over my shaft with unwavering devotion, my hands wander down.. one wrapping around your length to stroke it with a tender touch, unwilling to break you from the ailement of your mind.. while the other slowly slides into your ass, pumping with a delicate rhythm, arousing you even as your focus has slipped.* Your body will belong to me soon.. little angel.
(Mhhhmm... 'Dr. Thick'? A name I've certainly heard a few times around ^^)
(I say wait for the end of the hypno and then add)
** Julia rolled 1d6: 5! **
(Dr. Thick was definitely a contender. I was really tempted by the throne pic too. But I'm a total digimon nerd soooo :P)
*You can barely hear a purr from me as you please me, as your cock's cutting off any attempts to cry out or speak the depraved thoughts I have right now, your fingers only making me more eager to please, hoping I did exactly as you wished, my eyes not daring to look up*
(Considering someone saw her alterego, yeah, I would say you're familiar with them, Ame~ :P )
(But we're back to topics of Bruce Wayne and Batman there)
*Your doting mouth makes me release a purr of my own potent satisfaction. I consider letting you have your way for a good while, but a devious idea seeds itself in my mind. I wonder what might happen if I part your mouth from it's desired prize and do so. My cock slips from your lips and I stroke it in front of you, watching how your gaze seems to stay on it for a few moments as I pleasure myself.* My my.. so eager.. so pliable.. are you really an angel at all? Or simply a throat toy..
(I wouldn't say I'm a total Digimon nerd but Digimon is one of my favorites too ^^ *so badly wants to cuddle up with an Agumon*)
** Julia rolled 1d6: 2! **
(('How to make enemies 101' - So, digimon is just pokemon right?))
(Hi sweet Bettie)
(d7 it is) *The moment you pull back, my action is instant, as I lurch forward with great power, my wings flapping me to launch at you, my cock already aimed down in you as I force your body to lean against the stone bed, one leg grabbed and pulled high up as I keep ramming myself into you over and over, anger and desire twisted in my mind* YOU! FOUL! BEAST OF A RANGER!!!
(Like pokemon except sometimes they digivolve into ladies with booba)
(I believe someone mentioned booba)
is resisting cumming (66% chance of cum) => Came!
(Hi sweet Max)
(Teehee, that's certainly one way of explaining it, teehee ^^)
(digimon was only a thing when I was about 6, for a single year, thwarted out by other shows like yugioh and dragon ball, so dont ask me)
(had almost zero popularity overall. To be fair, even pokemon had hard time)
(sharing part of its name with pokemon was a curse... but have some fans still)
*Finding myself jolted back and pinned to quickly, the devoted attention my cock had been receiving finally takes it's toll in the form of a thick load pounded from my aching cock.* AAAHHHHHHH WAS JUST SHOWINGGG YOUUU THE S-SINFUL PLEASUREEE YOU DESERVEEEE OHHHH!~
(d6 for ya)
(Pokémon Pic, teehee ^^)
(I mean, they're not guilty of both being japanese shows)
(and both going for "mon"stah)
(Orgasm again.... the dice go up... corrupted cuties 🥰)
(just one pocketo and one digitalo)
*I find myself reclining for a moment, attempting to catch my breath after such a pure, angelic pounding brings me release.. another bit of weight lifted from my corrupted form.* Haah.. you.. are.. just as sinful.. as I am.. just as dark.. you only pretend at knowing the light's warmth..
((Ah fair enough - I somehow never really got even into pokemon to begin with, so my knowledge on them is super limited :p ))
(I loved digimon for absolutely no reason. I even knew it felt like a rip off of Pokemon at the time. Just did not care :P)
(I did not wemt into either.... I am ancient xDDD)
ONCE AGAIN, IS NOT RIGHT!!! *I push down on your body, my fingers instinctually wriggling about to soften the blow as I try to hold you down* I'm only doing this so that you would be cleansed from this lust, no more, no less. This should only be a matter between loving partners, not a carnal orgy between everyone, especially not mortals!
(Anyways there was this fight scene between Ladydevimon and Angewomon in the show that was very formative for me as a child :P)
(Isa origin story ^^)
(Ah I see)
(Admittedly, I only got to see Digimon infrequently because the channels schedules weren't consistent 😓)
(This fight scene? )
((i just looked it up, is it one with a big red bug for some reason XD ? ))
(The deleted scene :P)
((that looks about right Julia XD))
A pleasant matter between loving partners? Is that what you call this then? Are you gracing me with your "love" right now, angel? *I grab at your hair and pull your face back down to my length, pressing it tantalizingly close to your lips, letting the pre oozing forth tempt you with it's glistening promise of delight* Because I would consider this very sinful.. most of what you've done this far, in fact.
** Julia rolled 1d7: 7! **
/dice 7
(That is exactly what I saw on public children's television, yes :P
*I kissed at that tip, suckling on your cockhead and wiping it clean from anything that was about, gulping it all down greedily, blushing bright red* Well, yes.... but only because your nature forces me to do that... once I'm done with you I'll be back to my lover as it's intended by law!
Explains so much, then 😋)
(And also, yay! Wolfie's not being teased anymore! ....pheeww...)
(Not as much feetsie when we get heatsie)
Your lover? What are you saying? I've always been this.. *I shake away the confusion spurred on from your words, using my grip on your hair to force you prone and sliding back inside of you, yanking your hair to pull you onto my thrusts* I am depravity itself! I always have been!
(Wolfie relieved to hear that XD 😊❤️)
(Don't get too comfy, I'll be around later for teasing, too 😈)
(*coughs a bit as a chill goes down my spine*)
Haaaaaghhhh!!! OWWWWWW! ST-O-O-O-O-OPP-P!~~~ *I cry out, my mind nearly breaking over on such forceful grip to pound me down, but I feel my body still in control, clenching my flower before you get to pummel my weakspot, using the tight grip to roll you on your back, muscles quickly loosening as I roll around myself and just drive down without aiming, almost on instinct now knowing where your hole is at any time, my own thrusts just as hard if not harder as I press my body onto yours* And I'm the embodiment of purity! You'll never win out over me!
Ngh! FUCK! You really believe that don't you?! *The rough pounding I'm getting doesn't feel pure at all.. it feels carnal.. debased. I can feel the effect I've had thus far taking hold with ever motion, every shove of her cock into my willing hole. But I still feel myself at a disadvantage here and pplant my feet on your chest, shoving you backwards and out of me. You see and feel me lifting your legs upwards, folding you in half and guiding your length to your own mouth. As I pin your knees to your shoulders I slide into your ass and pound your own cock deep into your mouth.* Tell me.. do you taste pure..?
is resisting cumming (50% chance of cum) => Came!
(I was going to say blowing myself doesn't count, but well...... d9) *the sight alone into what you folded me was unbearable, even the idea of blowing myself too much for my mind, having never thought to please myself so. And yet, when you ask me that , I open my mouth to angrily retort back at you - only to get my shaft forced in me as Iet you in, my eyes going wide open as I get a taste of my precum, barely a thrust down needed with your hands as my body instantly went into chain reaction to feed itself, letting me taste that seed..... which sure as hell by this point was not pure with how much you had worked me over, my eyes rolling over*
(Amazing move Isa, you got this 🥰)
A very....enticing....action...there ^^
*but even that doesn't seem to break me over, as my wings once again twist and find a way to flap and make a gust that would send you back and crashing against another wall, my roll around facing you and another flap of wings sending me into ramming your by now not so tight rosebud and pounding it with little mercy, intent to make you regret all you did today* WHY! YOU!!! DEMON OF A RANGER!!!
is resisting cumming (61% chance of cum) => Resisted!
** Warning, game is going to be in timeout soon! Send a message in the chat to avoid it. **
AAHHHMM~! AM I REALLY SUCH A DEMON? OR IS IT YOU, FUCKING ME WITH SUCH RAGE? *Though it's quite difficult at this point, I grit my teeth and endure the wrathful pounding you give me, albeit with much difficulty. There's a shift occuring, where you had lavished me with such affection before, you now seemed set on bringing about your purification with raw force, a notion I considered a victory in itself. My hips press upwards as you pound into me with such force, my hands grab at both sides of your head and yank your face to my cock, which pokes at you.* You're the one giving into your rage.. pounding me like a toy.. you aren't some beacon of purity as you claim.. you are a depraved slut.. like me..
** Julia rolled 1d9: 3! **
/dice 9
Oh really? You like the sight of someone being folded up and made to drink their own spunk?.. lewd.. sinful 🤭
....... ...i.... *blushes before seeing Cassy*
Hiya meow uwu
(I love this uncreasing corruption, next time I have a game my opponent gets it... not me tee hee... I'm a cheat 😂
(d10) *I find myself shocked for a moment that my mouth opened itself and gave way, only to immediately retaliate by pulling out and throwing myself onto your body fully into another 69, unwilling to let you take charge of my actions even though I couldn't stop blowing you, silent thanks to your cock*
Hi Cassy... pets cute cat
** Lewd Ranger Isa rolled 1d6: 6! **
(with the premise given, I'm surprised how much more options to push the other down she got over me. Then again, maybe it makes sense with her being the "evil" one)
Awwww so adorable Cassy ^^
*adds to the pet pile, scritching Cassy behind ear*
*Unthinkingly, I open my mouth to receive the cock flying towards it, too close to my edge to fight the temptation to suck and accidentally taking in a bit more of your purifying essence. Realizing my mistake however, I lift you off of me and once again attempt to secure your wrists and ankles to the slab, letting my cock slide into your depths as the chains seem fixed in their location now, my corrupting essence having worked it's way through your body quite well now.* Would you look at that.. the chains seem to have stayed in place for a moment at least! Seems your dance with me is having some.. lingering effects, angel~
(Yeah, it's like the system can somehow tell who the "evil" is and choose the available moves accordingly 😋)
is resisting cumming (0% chance of cum) => Resisted!
** Julia rolled 1d10: 6! **
/dice 10
(I'm not a bad gal.. just really horny :P)
(Hence the "evil" and not evil, teehee :p)
*I was expecting the chains to pass through my body and stay ethereal - but I cry out when I see them click (and totally not because you thrust into me), and my limbs staying chained this time, flailing helplessly in them as I'm forced to be your fucktoy, visibly panicking* No!!! These chains are supposed to recognize an angel! Why do they not work???!!!
(There is nothing evil about corrupting angels by fucking them silly... oh wait)
(Well, considering the methods of purification..... not the most "good" angel am I either)
(Unless you consider me a martyr to lust as I give myself over to Isa just so that she doesn't go down to city)
(You are just two horny ladies having a nice time tee hee)
(shush... that's a secret~)
(Wolfie wouldn't mind spending time with the horny gal, getting corru.....I mean...well....I ummmm...Nothing...I meant to say nothing at all... Yes, that's it! 😇)
(*waves to Draco*)
(Hi Draco)
(Things going well here?)
(Yep, watching corrupted cuties 🥰 fucking each other)
*I tower over you with a chuckle, letting my bare foot meet the shaft of your cock and press down. The sight of you squirming in your own chains giving me a thrill of delight. The reaction on your face to realizing the corruption has taken root in you is delicious.* My my.. the beacon of purity must be less pure than she thought! Not to worry though.. the promise of the sinful delights I offered you is still valid.. you will become my fallen lover.. chained to the realm below as my accomplice in sin.
** Julia rolled 1d10: 8! **
/dice 10
(Mhm, very well considering I had to put off this bit of fun for a bit. The execution is a little more smooth than I thought it would be. Though I do wish she'd gotten more options to "purify" me with her celestial rod :P)
*as you grind your foot on me, my hands immediately trying to cover my eyes from such humiliation, me being the one who has done that to countless deviants to crush their will, finally getting to be in their spot for a change, realizing just how utterly mindbreaking this feels, wincing and nearly starting to sob as the chains stay strong* No-o-o-o-o-o-o~ Don't do this, Ranger~ Don't push this too far, I please of you~ *my voice practically begging you at this point*
(As people in LWR would say.....
(You want thar cleasing deep in your sinful holes)
(You can always tap, bish!~)
*The sadistic pleasure I feel from getting to put you in a place you've placed so many before is turning me on badly, I feel my hand drifting down to my cock to stroke as I step on your cock. A wicked smile parting my lips as I look down on you.* Don't push this too far? Would you not have done the same to me? You had me chained here.. you knew what you were doing.. I am simply giving back the pleasure paid me. How does it feel? To be placed so the very spot you planned on breaking me in? Does it excite you? I bet it does.
** Julia rolled 1d10: 6! **
/dice 10
(Hey now, if that's cleansing I'm down. But maybe I'll let her cleanse me after :P)
Y.......yes...... *my voice is dejected as I try to pull on the chains one more time, unable to even rattle them by now as I just stare at you, my anger subsiding rapidly, getting replaced with craving to serve you, my tongue lolling out expectedly*
(Yeah, letting her cleanse you after she is fully corrupt is the perfect plan)
*fluffy wolfie tail wagging, red eyes continuing to watch*
*hug wolfie tail* uwu
*wolfie ears flutter a bit as I let out some soft sighs and giggles from my tail being hugged* ^^
-Peeks in-
*waves to Noir*
Hi! ^.^
I knew it might.. isn't delicious? Giving in to the corruption? Doesn't it make your body feel like it's aflame with desire? *The stepping subsides, a desire to reward you for your admission taking hold of me. My foot instead begins to stroke at your length quickly while you lay back in the chains of the slab. A wide grin is plastered on my face as I look down on you. You can see to brightly glowing orbs, orange in hue emitting their light behind it.* Release yourself then.. give yourself to me entirely.. give in to the debaucherous pleasures I can offer..
Hi Noir
Looks like something interesting is going on here owo
is resisting cumming (25% chance of cum) => Came!
Yep yep~
*my face scrunches up, eyes closing down hard and lips and nose wriggling as I try to hold out mentally..... but there's nothing left to hold on there, knowing full well that whatever reinforcements will come will find not one threat to subdue but two, as I finally gasp out loud and cry out one final time "YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!", my cumshot signing me off to you as I spray all over myself, looking at you with needy eyes*
Hi Noir
*furry wolfie ears twitching and wagging a bit* Angel lady got corrupted, it seems
Yay corruption!!!!
Amazing game girls ❤️
Very good.. let's see.. how should you serve me? *I release the chains binding you to the slab, knowing you've fully succumbed to the corruption I've infected your mind with. A chuckle pushes past my lips as I watch your radiant lustre fade into something quite a bit.. darker. The wristband that allows my transformation suffused with dark energy rips any lasting purity from my body as your wings darken. I place a hand on your head and squeeze down on your helmet, cracking it in two so I can see the cum drunk visage on your face.* Your name angel.. what is it? Or shall I give you a new one, more befitting your station..
*Pats Cassy*
And good game you two
*purring *
*still watching with interest as, wolf tail bristling a bit*
*awakens from hously chores* Ooo Isa won, congrats! ^^
-....-....julia~ *I'm so shaken by you that I fail to even utter a noise first couple of times my mouth opens, finally letting out a tiny whisper, two big blue eyes staring at you wide, tears pooling over as I stretch myself out before you and open my mouth, tongue reaching out for your cock, craving it beyond anything else*
Hi Yoimi
Julie.. those eyes don't suit you anymore *I press the length into your mouth letting the dark energy flow through it.. changing those pure blue eyes into a more sinister red shade. Finally able to enjoy the pet I've won, I thrust brutally into your mouth, grabbing at both sides of your head and pumping inside of you with powerful hips, my own helmet feeling stuffy now, it recedes, letting the dark hair and wicked, glowing orange eyes be revealed to you.* You will enjoy life in sin with me.. I can already tell.. your true corruption is just beginning..
(Julia* why is that so damn hard >.>)
(Because there already is Julie I guess)
*reads that part and giggles* Teehee XD
*pats Noir*
*as my hair darken, so do my desires, I kneel myself before you, my hands wrapping around your legs and grabbing each other by the elbows, locking myself to you willingly as I stay still for you and even try to bob into you, my dreams at this moment fulfilled, wishing it never ended*
(Seems like a good ending point, yea)
*Gives Noir a kiss on the cheek*
*kisses the other cheek*
-Hides behind Ame- >.<
*Corrupts Noir*
Hmmmm...? *notices Noir hiding behind me*
(I kind of expected something like this, and loved it greatly.... even if the roles ended up flipping yet again 😅 But guess I got punished hard for those early rolls)
*gives Amelia a kiss on the cheek too* ^^
T-there are scary people here!
Can't corrupt her with most pure wolfie^^
*blushes from kiss on the cheek*
Nothin about corruption from me though ^^
*Directs Isa to corrupt instead Ame, adding her own strength*
*shrugs* I mean Noir's cute, that's why I gave her a kiss
No corruption from Yoimi ^^
Nuu *protec Ame from Isa corruption*
*hugs fireworks maker cutie*
(Haha well at least it was a fun one! Definitely liked the concept of the slippery slope of corruption XD yea seems like all your luck got burned up early on. Can't believe I got to successes on low chance)
*smiles happily, protec power increased*
*Shrugs and corrupts both*
*Using feets and tiddy*
*sticks my tongue out at Isa*😋
*foot gently rubbing against Ame's groin* We can be slow and deliberate, you know~
(Aye, but it happens. When you have as many games as me, you literally see everything)
L-lewd >.<
*blushes a bit as I use tail to push foot away* Nuuuuu....
Well I mean... you should know who we are Noir~ *Kisses Noir's neck while cuddling her*
Mhm.. the path of corruption isn't as quick as you might think.. *Brushes lips against Amelia's ear as her groin is teased by the foot of a fallen angel.*
*the angel shifts into her more natural form* Although I think this would work to better effect~
Isn't it right, T?~ *I snicker, looking down at Ame*
*Smiles* Besides Noir, you're very cute~
-Blush- N-no you >.<
Why thank you~
*Gently rubs Noir's tummy with my hand as I continue to cuddle her*
......2 against 1....N-N-N-Not...fair..... *feels a brief shiver and shudder from those lips brushing close to my ear like that before hearing that question* Whose, T? 😋 *plays innocent *
(*Peeks in*)
-Purrs softly- >.<
(*Waves at Hazel*)
*Continues cuddling Noir, sometimes giving her gentle kisses on her neck*
(*Waves back*)
Nnghh~ >.<
Well, if you know B.R., I'm sure you know T too~ And I think you've shown your own depravity there plenty~
Is something wrong Noir~? Seems my cuddling is getting you worked up~
N-nothing in the slightest! >.<
Mhm! You can't deny your depravity to this bull, at least. I've seen it, felt it even~
Oh....yes...I saw them both...I was hiding behind some I saw B.R. and T having...bit....of
Understood~ *I give more kisses to Noir's neck as I give her more and more cuddles*
Mmph~ >.<
Though I do wonder who this "T" is..
No clue. A complete mystery
Such a thorn to decipher
Are they linked to that oddly cute but menacing figure that smacked my butt earlier? Hm.. puzzling.
*blushes from hearing the lovely bull's words* .....wouldn't it...depravity......ehehe....
*I move a hand before gently scratching behind Noir's ear before caressing her thigh with the other*
Have you ever saw me smacking a butt, Isa? 😋
Not my thing ^^'
*grabs onto Ame's hand and makes her spank Isa*
Now we have~
Mmmphh~ -Shivers while purring softly-
Weird, I don't recall accusing you of being that figure... eep! *jumps a little from the smack*
*I whisper into Noir's ear* Tell me~? Anything else you want me to do while cuddling you~?
:0 never imagined to see you smack butts ame
I-I'm not sure >.<
*blushes heavily from feeling my hand grabbed by Hera and made to spank Isa's butt* Uhhhhhhh...... *blushes even more from her sudden jump *
*I smile and gently squeeze Noir's ass* Let me know of any ideas dear~
Okay....So that would be..ummm..a first
I-I think cuddling just like this is fine.. >.<
Nothin wrong with a nice cozy cuddle ^^
Oh I bet you need to hide that blush, Ame~ *I giggle, stepping behind you and making you sit in my lap, my feet stretching up towards your face to cover it* Here, you can hide behind these~
You sure~? *I kiss Noir's neck, giving it a gentle bite*
*my hands meanwhile holding you by your chest, a finger pressed into each nipple or least where they should be beneath clothes*
Ummmmmm...did you like that...., Isa? *looks at Isa with a heavy blush with an eager wagging tail....before suddenly finding myself on Hera's lap....her feet upon my an even bigger blush blossoms onto chest heaving with a racing heart...and quickening breaths*
Mmphh... Y-yeah... F-for now at least >.<
*As Hera pulls Amelia into her lap, I slide up behind her, hands running up her sides to her chest and squeezing down as I kiss her neck, chuckling at the flustered wolf.* I don't mind a little spanking.. Hera here would know.. I think..
*I started to squirm a bit from her finger pressing into each nipple, making my furry wolfie ears flutter a bit quickly*
*my tongue starts to slip out from feeling those firm hands running up my sides like that as those kisses on my neck...just made my heart race even faster...further making me squirm even more*
Understood~ *I keep kissing and biting at Noir's neck, caressing her thigh as I cuddled her*
*I groan into Ame's neck in turn, cuddling myself tighter into the wolfie, my feet wiggling a bit over your face as I chuckle myself* I was hoping you would go for Ame, not me, Isa~
(wolfie got thrown off a for a bit....with the confusion....😓)
Well how could I resist? *I give one lasting kiss onto Hera's neck before moving on to Amelia, giving her the same treatment. But with my hands squeezing down on her butt instead, firmly kneading the cheeks beneath my strong hands.*
Hnngh~ -Curls up into Draco's lap, purring softly-
*I continue the kissing and biting, moving my hand to gently rub her tummy again*
(Seating positions: Ame <- Hera <- Isa :P )
(Well now Isa -> Amelia <- Hera)
(yeah, after that last bit)
(.........b-b-b-but than means....>~<)
*I starting rolling Ame's breasts in circles, my fingers twisting and kneading them as I keep kissing over your neck* Fair, fair~ But Wolfie deserves to be pleased after all the tempting now~ We were so evil to her~
*my feet slide a bit lower to only cover your mouth, my toes rolling and tapping about, trying to slide into your ajar mouth*
(Yup~ We're two meanie boolies, clearly~ And I bet you love it~)
.....mmnrrgg....mmmm....coulda....just...stuck...hhhahhh...with her...neck...ahh..ah...I-I-I-Isa.... *I squeaked and moaned from the groaning close to my neck, feeling the tighter cuddling.....As Hera's feet hover closer to my face, I couldn't help nuzzling my nose close to it....while letting out a moan and cute whine from the squeeze on my butt...That attention and kneading on my breasts made me breathe even faster...especially with her toes close to my mouth as I couldn't help open my mouth in response*
(Mhm! Sooo mean~ giving you what you were thinking about earlier, the cruelty is truly unrivaled!)
(>~< mrrgghhh....mmmmhmmm...)
I could've.. but she has a point! How could we deny you what you were seeking out.. what you were thinking about during our match? Did you like my finish? How I stroked her to completion with my toes? Did you wish it was your cock? Who am I kidding.. I know you did. *I reach beneath the folds of your kimono and slide a finger slowly into your rosebud, my other hand moving to your length to begin to stroke it underneath your dress.*
*stares at how corrupted Ames is* :0
I was going to say that surely a cummy volcano was probably already bubbling under that dress, Isa~ Careful there~ *my fingers pinching on the two nipples through clothes, twisting them lightly to make the wolfie jolt, my tongue starting to trail up to her ear,painting a trail of saliva, cool air leaving it tingly*
>~< see.....hhhahhh.... *I grunted out in an attempt to claim otherwise...but end up barely saying much between soft....yet deepening moaning and whimpering sounds.....more squirming resulted from me and deeper panting resulted from how I felt Isa reaching underneath my kimono like that as she went for a two-way assault on both my dripping rosebud...and wolf length.....Resulting in closed eyes as I couldn't help moaning even my resistance was slowly eroding. *
*my chest heaves up a bit as I let out cute squeals from feeling a pinches on my my tongue was fully out and I started to heavily pant from the light wolfie fur raising up from the immense pleasure felt...especially with Hera's tongue trailing close to my ear like that*
*I was a bit surprised as I wasn't expecting this double-teaming here*
I do see.. I can feel too.. and hear them.. those moans.. I can even smell the arousal coming from beneath that dress of yours.. truly a feast for all my senses.. *A long, slow lick trailed up the other side of Amelia's neck as my hands begin to work faster, feeling her clamping down on my finger and throbbing in my hand. I look over at Hera and shoot her a wink.* That's the idea.. is it not?
*as I kept tweaking Ame's nipples and thrilling her lips with my toes, I finally reach up all the way to whisper in Ame's ear, nibbling on it and suckling too* Absolutely~ Go on, Wolfie~ Punish the naughty bull and make her a mess for it~
*My floofy ears were constantly twitching about as I wasn't really able to sense my surroundings and what was happening easily....In fact, I could only barely hear any of the words Isa and Hera were saying....I didn't know exactly what was being stated...All I know was that it had something to do with me....The fact I couldn't hear as effectively in my heightened state of arousal..made me feel even more...squirmy....and moaning mess than usual....with wolfie tail twitching wildly....Panting being a more constant occurrence here as bits of drool start to form.... The slow..rather..sensual lick on my neck...making me all hazy with the moistness left on my neck..mixed with my building heat..making me more..susceptible...*
I think you need just a touch more, Isa~ *I giggle, my finger trailing that licked path and tickling it with the nail*
*As my inner walls tightened around Isa's finger like that...more of my sweet juices..started leaking out in the process.....This time when Hera spoke I could sort of hear her words...which left me experiencing even more pleasurable shivers......With her toes in my mouth, I decided to suckle on it some hope to calm myself down...but ended up heating myself more in the process.*
Mmm.. yes.. make me a mess. You know what we do with messes.. yea? How they.. get cleaned.. *A second finger introduces itself to Amelia's hole and starts to pump inside of Amelia, I scooted my butt forward and let my soles wrap around the length of the "poor" wolf girl, though they were already slick with the cum of someone else, I knew she wouldn't mind.. especially with how much she was leaking already. They worked their way up and down on either side of her shaft, encasing it between the deliciously soft soles.*
((*waves away* Imma vanish for now buh bye ^^ ))
(See ya Yoimi~! *waves*)
Mmmphhhh...mrrgghhh....hhhaahhh...slllrrppp.....ssrmrpphhh....mmpheesses?.... *I grunted in question as I was only able to pick up on the word messes....voice muffled by Hera's toes as I sucked on them a bit too eagerly....using my tongue to swirl around them.....My ears were constantly moving about wildly....showing just how useless my usually well-tuned senses were in this current moment... Another lusty groan escaped my muffled I felt a second finger in my fingered hole....A quick squeak came from me as I felt those familiar soles on my length...
It resulted in a wild twitch as it starts leaking and throbbing even more wildly.....*
((See ya, Yoimi *waves*))
*another kiss, right behind the ear, tongue pressing down through them and wiggling against the spot, my nail rubbing a bit harder* We know you want it, Ame~
Messes yes~! *My stroking picks up in speed, feeling the throbbing, the leaking and twitching building higher with each passing moment. My fingers pump wildly now, moving at a rather rough pace. My lips latch onto the side of your neck, biting down and holding there.*
*That kiss behind my ear, resulted in that ear shaking and shuddering out of powerful pleasure coursing through me....I couldn't groaning and moaning with my mouth muffled by those wonderful toes...Her it rubbed....just made me feel all tingly insides....It was like a mixture of emotions I couldn't easily tell part from my dulled senses........But I was able to pick up on Hera's words that time as I relented and gave a subtle nod while still, licking and sucking her toes...*
*my fingers let loose of your nipples, only to cross my hands into Ame's dress, slipping inside to grab onto those nipple's unrestrained, pulling ever as gently as I could, trying to contrast Isa's rougher motions with more slower, sensual ones up top* Poor poor Ame wracked between two besties~
*I felt Isa's soles stroking at a higher pace and her fingers going for wild, rougher her lips continue their hold over my neck......I found myself thrusting a that my length would rub against her wonderful soles even more......In the process that meant I was thrusting into her two fingers, eliciting more wild moaning sounds from me...I could feel myself getting closer on both ends* MPHHHHHHHH....OOOOOHHHHH....NRRRGGMMM...MOOOOHHHHHHH
*It was almost a challenge to discern anything between the rougher, quicker pace Isa was going with to the more slower, sensual pace Hera opted to choose...All I knew for sure was that this combination was pushing me closer and closer.....*
Poor poor dear indeed.. whatever will she do.. caught between two horny ladies like us~ *My feet adjusted their hold on her cock, one sliding up and down the underside of her shaft, while the other moved to her head, rubbing it in a delicate circular motion that quickly picked up in speed the longer it went on. My lips gave their hold on her neck a bit of release, so I might kiss up the side of it once more, aiming again to reach her ear, catching it between my teeth and whispering.* Maybe she'll cum~
And then Isa will be a good girl and clean her up, like the bestie bullfriend that she is, right?~ *I look down from above, my eyes glinting as I had something devious in mind, for now continuing to tease Ame's nipples, flicking my fingertips over them, one foot dropping down so that the other slid deeper in her mouth, muffling her, yet not forcing further to gag*
Totally will.. of course^^
.............MMMMPHHHHHHPP....NNRRMRRRMMM.....MPPHHHOOOIOHHHH...MPHHAHH...MPHAH...MPHHAHH.... *I grumbled and grunted out of a need for that release...having finally given up on trying to resist these...two very...beautiful...and horny ladies...I was caught in the middle of.....As that sliding on my wolf cock continues and intensified...I was find my breathing..becoming...more that circular motion really had an impact on me...especially once they started picking up in speed.....My ear twitched...from hearing that those teasing whispers.....As Hera's foot pressed more into my mouth gently...I couldn't help loving this as more drool forms from my endless worship of her toes...The way her fingers teased my nipples like this just felt so divine....This back-and-forth...combo...was so...enticing...intoxicating...that I couldn't bear it anymore....As I find myself giving in once I moaned...even louder muffled grunts....* MPPPHHHHHOOHHHJJJ....MPHHHHHHUUMMMIIIIING.....MPHHHHHHISAAAAAA....PHHHHHHHERAAAAAAA....❤️
*It was then that my sweet wolfie nectar spilled out of my rosebud gushing around Isa's fingers...while my wolfie shaft exploded spilling out all of the contents...of my load..cascading around her feet....some of it...staining my kimono dress.....*
*My red eyes jolted opened as they rolled from this immense orgasmic pleasure*
*as I noticed that happening, I pushed up Ame's dress to go upskirt, leaving her completely bare downstairs, pushing her forward right into Isa's mouth, not giving much time for either girl to react* Ohhhh, a bit too fast there, Ame~ A mess into Isa, not on yourself, silly wolfie~
*I felt the copious amount of spunk release onto my feet, I grinned as Hera pushed her down to clean my feet of her mess. My hand shot out for the back of Hera's neck and pulled her into a deep kiss as I felt Amelia's mouth pressed close to those messy feet of mine. I broke the kiss with some reluctance, giggling.* You know.. I was just thinking of having her do that~
*I could barely feel my dress moved upwards in the middle of my powerful...pent-up orgasm....feeling a forward push on me....but barely reacting.... my wolfie ears twitched barely able to pick up on what was stated.....My ears and tail immediately jolted upwards from feeling my mouth being planted right on the cum-dreneched feet of Isa....resulting in immense blushing...and grunting from I couldn't help squirming and panting in response....With her feet this close...and the bull's words being more easily heard by me....Hearing her idea made me even more I couldn't help rubbing my face close to I kissed them eagerly and started lapping up my mess eagerly....Deep moans and groans happening as my wolf cock started hardening in response to my foot worship*
*I didn't stop pushing there though, as I cackled at Isa's misunderstanding while wrangling out of her hand, thrusting the wolfie all the way forward to push her messy wolf shaft towards Isa's lips, my feet ending up clasped about Isa's head as I had her locked in place, myself mounting atop Amelia, letting her feel another cock that's been stirring hard for a while now, gliding against the top of her butt* A deep cleaning facefucking for you with double the love behind it?~ *I blew a kiss, sticking out my tongue and winking* Yup yup, I thought the same~ *scritching wolfie's ears to soften her feelings a bit and calm her hopefully*
*I rolled my eyes at the devious machinations of Hera's feet, sighing as I took the cock into my mouth. Still a bit pent up from the earlier fun, I reached down to stroke at my own length, which was throbbing and unattended. My hands reached up to swat at Hera's butt for her schemes before moving to the poor wolfs balls to give them a tender massage.* unattended
*My wolfie ears popped up from those distinct cackles right behind me....a quick squeak resulting in me from being thrusted all the way as I felt my messy wolf shaft pushed towards Isa's lips...In my post-orgasm state of mind, I wasn't really able to figure out what was happening or what has been planned....All I knew was that I barely recovering from this immense state of lust and horny desires...A little squeak and soft moan flowed past my lips as I felt her cock teasing the top of my butt...I couldn't help shifting my rear a response... Soft gasps and happy sighs flowed out of me from those wonderful hand as they scritched my ears... *....Ahhh...that...mmm..feels..really nice...
*As I felt that tender massage on my balls, soft moans slipped my own feet instinctively went for Isa's shaft as I eagerly stroked along with her hands*^^
*I leaned down and rested on one foot and hand for a bit as I reached down to scoop some of the cum that was shot out, rubbing it around Ame's rose to make sure that she was sufficiently lubed, noticing Isa's needs at the same time and using the opportunity to gently kick Ame's foot into that needy throbby cock behind her, giving her a hint that I totally didn't, snickering* Smart wolfie girl~ *pulling back up and pressing my tip against that lubed hole, wiggling about without penetrating* How rough do you want it, girls?~
(I totally didn't need giving*)
*I shrugged, too focused on the cock in my mouth and the own needs that had gone unserved for a good while, my mouth otherwise occupied, after all. And it wasn't my hole that getting fucked. I let my throat open so she could go as roughly as she wished, or as gently, it was up to the wolf below, after all. My head was already bobbing along the length, but I was more than ready to take whatever additional thrusting might take place. I moaned a bit onto it once I felt Amelia's hand and foot join my own, letting my hand free to squeeze down on her chest and pinch at her nipples.*
*As I resting there and letting out some more of my cute, soft moaning.....some cute grunts and happy sighs flowed past my beautiful wolfie lips as I felt Hera rubbing and lubing my rose like that. A cute little grunt popped out of me as I felt a gentle kick on my foot as it was guided to the needy throbby cock behind me....making soft rubbing motions along that cock...loving the feel of that throbbing sensation~ As I felt some teasing at my entrance, I couldn't help wiggling about out of pure intrigue and excitement...almost wanting it to happen instantly.
My tongue was still sticking out as I loved the feeling of Isa's mouth surrounding my wolf cock like it felt so...warm...and almost led me to go in with some light thrusting motions especially after feeling those wonderful squeezes on my chest and nipples* Mmhhhmmmm...oohhhh....niiice~....^^
*I certainly drew the moment for a bit, letting that tease get a bit discomforting until I finally drove in, as fully as I could, resting there for a few seconds before I pulled back almost to the tip, again slamming myself by full length, slow, deliberate, heavy thrusts right into wolfie's funny button. But after that initial thrust, I also made sure to hold her waist and pull her into me with each go down, so that I didn't accidentally crush onto Isa, letting her have her own pace mostly on blowing and cleaning the mess we caused, looking back to see what was going on there**
*My ears were twitching a bit eagerly as I wondered when her tip would be done with those teases....My red eyes widened the moment I felt Hera's driving into my inner spaces as they tried to tighten around that wonderful length....but couldn't as she immediately pulled back with the tip still inside....And then I felt another deep push into me once she slammed forward, resulting in an even louder* *My eyes were rolling from those well-timed...heavy thrusts of I found myself wanting more and more.... A pleasant sigh escaped me as I felt her grip on my waist in the middle of Hera's thrusting*
*I thrusted lightly into the soft rubs of the foot, groaning out in frustration that it was not nearly enough to get me off. My hand removing itself from Amelia's balls to I could palm at my own tip. I made a seal around the cock in my mouth and sucked down on it to bring it to full mast. Noticing the ass bouncing perilously close to my face had me salivating like a dog onto the wolfish length in my mouth.*
*as I kept maintaining the same heavy, deliberate thrusts, my ears twitched at that little frustration from Isa, quickly looking about for what I could do to help her out, not seeing any other option than to pull back, still holding Ame by her waist, staying buried in her for a bit as I don't want to let her go* Oh fine, Isa, roll over~ Guess we're cleaning this totally not pure wolfie with your ass then~
*I grunted out eagerly and fell further and further into my state of my desire....Those same heavy, deliberate thrusts felt so intoxicating to me that it made my toes and fingers tingle from these ever-increasing sensations...The tips of my tail and ears were twitching about softly...but at an increasing more time passes and more thrusts happen~ I noticed the slowed movements as Hera's cock still remains inside of me with her grip still on my waist~ In my slightly more recovered but still horny state, my ears perked up from those words*
*I scooted forward a bit, ignoring the suggestion and returning my lips to the cock they'd been parted from. My hand still firmly planted on my cock, stroking it. I gave the tip a kiss before saying.* It's okay, I can help myself out. Besides.. not really my ass that needs tending to here. I've been ready to burst for a while and I'm not lookin' to have it pounded out this time. Clearly she's a little too focused elsewhere to give me the release I need. Pound that wolf into my throat.*My mouth enveloped the cock once again, my throat relaxing to let the bounces to come guide Amelia's needy wolf dick into my throat.*
*I chuckled at Isa reaction, reaching down to scritch your neck
, crossing my legs about her back to make sure I didn't accidentally fell from what was about to happen, bracing in* Sorry, Isa, bout that~ You do know you're free to repay any slights or favors anytime, though~ *my hips then finally pulling back once I noticed you taking in Ame and being ready, my thrusts going much quicker this time*
But also.... Amelia did wonder in the past just what makes Isa squirm and be all cute~
*Before anything else happened, I felt Isa's light thrusts into the rubbing of my foot....ears twitching from her words, feeling her other hand occupy her shaft to try to palm her tip...I felt determined to bring the beloved bull some satisfaction here as I tried to move my foot even faster across her length...occasionally stopping to wrap it in between my toes to create some passionate stroking motions...before going for more eager stroking motions with my soles~ When I felt the seal of the lovely bull's mouth around my shaft, I grunted out eagerly as the sucking sensations felt too my already eager self...returned to full mast almost instantly because of my still pent-up state~ Louders moans exploded out of me as I felt those thrusts going much quickers...Resulting in more of my shaft leaking my potent wolfie precum into that awaiting mouth*
*I popped off the length for brief moment, stroking Amelia's leaky shaft in my grasp and planting kisses along the lengthy held steady amidst the thrusting.* Mmm.. if you had caught me in that mood, perhaps. But that was more of a yesterday thing. Today is a bit different.. she'll just have to keep wondering for now. *I let the cock at my lips shut me back up as I continued to stroke, feeling it crash into my throat again and again from the pounding behind it. My free hand reaching back for her balls to squeeze and massage at her balls, while keeping my hand firmly latched on my own length.*
*as much as I wanted, I couldn't reach down myself to join the mess of your handsies without risking to fall and topple us, so instead I focused fully on Ame, this time no longer slow and tender as my fingers squeezed deep in her tits, my mouth more nomming than kissing her neck, my cock continuing to drive doubletime into her, only my heels massaging Isa's butt, letting her feel the quakes from my thrusts bounce weakly into her cheeks*
True true~ But well - this exactly started from Ame, not us, so maybe I just went a step too far~
*Deep sighs flowed out of me as I felt her mouth pop off my length like that....followed by deeper moans moans from the strokes and the kisses taking place on it.* Mmmhhhhmm....mmmmmm....oh..ooh...ohh...nmmggjhhh....ah..ahh..ahhhh.....Ohhhhhhhhhhh.... *I felt her lips surrounding my cock once again and those squeezes on my balls.... My ears and tail twitching about my fluffy wolf tail slips around me and tries to assist by wrapping close to the lovely bull's cock and make some writhing stroking motions along it~ In that moment, I felt those powerful squeezes on my tits....and the powerful nomming my I felt the thrusting become more powerful.....*
*I grunted more and more loudly as I started to feel myself getting closer and closer as more of my precum...was spilling out of my tip....signaling how close I was getting to the brink*
*Feeling the leaking deep in my throat, I let myself go, pumping my entire head up and down that wolf cock eager for a taste of it's goodness. The tail at my length giving my hand a rest from it's duties, it went back to work on the wolf in front of me, each hand now holding one of the precious orbs I sought to urge the mess from, they rested in my palm while I applied firm pressure onto them with my thumbs, rubbing them up and down in a converse motion. I completely relaxed my throat, ready for the ensuing goods I was to receive to spill forth.*
*at the same time, as I felt Ame getting close, I clutched onto her and started once again driving slow and deliberate, wiggling my whole body in and out as I danced against her body like a go go pole, my balls swinging down to smack into Isa's hands cradling and fondling wolfie's orbs, before then each time thrusting up and trying thwack myslef in against wolfie's p-spot, still wiggling about even when deep inside*
Oh my~ what have I stumbled into hehe
(Heya Sheena^^ just attending to a needy wolfie hehe)
(that we might have ourselves pushed into that needy state :P )
*That warmth of her mouth....the way my precum...was leaking directly into her throat was....really an intoxicating feeling, especially with the way Isa was eagerly pumping herself onto my wolf cock like that. It was making myself and even my knees all shaky...both internally.....and externally.....As I felt her firm grip on both of my wolf balls, I panted as I tried to make some eager an attempt to bring myself over the edge.....The pressure from her hands was certainly making it easier... In the middle of my excitement, even my tail started to grip harder as it squirms and strokes with its powerful form over her bull cock.. wanting to bring Isa close as well. As I felt more of Hera's wonderful thrusting...with this slow and deliberatel driving motions... I found myself groaning with the way she and her powerful cock were smashing into my p-spot....Eventually, I found myself eventually spilling over as I tilted my head upwards in a powerful howling moan, as my potent cum cascades into Isa's throat * OHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....TAKE...IT.....AHHH...NGGGHJJJ....OHHHHH. AWWWWWOOOOO...ISSAAAAA....^^
*My hands grasped onto Isa's head as I wanted to keep ourselves a bit more balanced here*
*peeks back into lurking mode* Henlo again ^^
Heyyy Yoimi
(Hey Yoimi...and hi Sheena ^^)
Hiya Sheena ^^
*The feeling of Amelia's balls in my hands signaled her finish ready to begin, they way they pulsed and throbbed in my grip making it clear to me that I should ready myself for the incoming treat. Once I felt that wave of wolf spunk crash down my throat, I eagerly gulped it down and squeezed down on her balls, urging forth as much as possible from them. As the tail picked up it's stroking motions, I felt myself leaking profusely in it's grasp. I pulled my mouth from Amelia's cock finally, giving it a kiss before moving my head down to suck on Hera's balls, lavishing them with attention from my lips and tongue as she thrusted up into the post-orgasmic wolf.*
*I was already edging myself as I buried myself deep in Ame upon her orgasm, grinding on her funnybutton to help Isa empty out her, before crying out as I felt vivid tonguing making me shake in my legs and clutch harder onto Ame, my face burying into her neck as I howled, filling up the wolfie for what she was emptied, my voice muffling and vibrating through Ame's body*
*I loved the feeling of Isa's hands on my balls like that...and I was even more eager to sense her getting read to take the potent load of my wolf she eagerly guzzled it down...I could feel that subtle but noticeable motion as my lightening wolf cock was still in her wonderful mouth...before eventually pulling tail went for even stronger motions amd grasps upon her throbbing...leaking Bull cock...wanting to badly make Isa satisfied with an orgasm.......
As I felt more of those wonderful...powerful thrusting within my hole and inner walls likes...I felt her head buried close to my I howled powerful moans of pleasure from being filled up*.
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