Katha(The German Queen👑) (Niveau 15) mail warning

Gia forced me to do public games (14/17) *updated*

Bi / Dominant(e) et soumis(e)

!!!!!! NEW !!!!!!

You can change my name and give me a gif/pic after you defeat, broke or i submitted to you!

Names that i received during loses :

1 : Katha( Tiff's Butt/Footlsut) given by the fantastic Tiffany

Wow! Just WOW!! This match vs Tiffany is one of my best since i joined EF! Well yes i lost totally. But she did it so damn good and hot! Using my weaknesses with actions and words! I dont have any words for what happened! Just look at her profile!
She defeated me and marked my asscheeks with Tiff‘s property.

2 : Katha (Tanyas Toy ) by Tanya ( The Korean Queen )

She owned me again, i cant beat this sexy korean girl ! We went to classic this time and we got an awesome back and forth game with some nasty edges.
The match went well till she survived a tied up vibe cumtest. After that she was stronger as hell, she used my vibe against me and put him on my pussy, while her strap enters my tight german butt. I moaned loud and struggle to free, but nothing worked. So she lead me to an ultimative assgasm ! I was defeated her my new nemesis Tanya ( The Korean Queen ) . At the end she decided to put a chastity belt on me and i dont know how long.

3 : Katha (Sasha's foot licker) by Sasha Foxxx

I have a new Mistress called Sasha Foxx!
Im her personal toy, slave, footpet or what she is calling me, forever!
We played a high staking game, including this and a nice review of your match and some other punishment. The most will be set shortly. She was sending me over the 33 edge by fingering and forcing me to cum while her glorious and sexy feet are on my face, licking them!
I will ever serve her! I dont even fight back her!
I will worhsip her boots and feet and legs. She will be ever do what she want to me!
Im broken and brainmelted by Sasha, my new Headmistress!

Here you can see me licking and kissing her sexy feet

my mistress

4 : Katha 淫沙 by my new and forever Chinese mistress YOLI

5 : Katha(Miss Kat‘s toy) set by Katarina

6 : Katha(Gia's slave) (pfp/Pic wip) given by new Miss

I challenge Gia to and high risk game in lwr. After some good wrestling techniques and moves, Gia decided to hurry up and we both endes up naked.
She was able to use her heavy strap on poundings on me to make me cum. Then i take control and make her cum with my fingers, then i was gettting weaker by her unstoppable moves and edging rolls, so i had to tap out the first time. This ended up in one minute of anal pain for me and a lot of edging. Short time later the next tap from me! She teases me hard this time, call me a weak german slave and so on. She spanked me a lot during my edges. But i was able to hold on. I tried my best to break her fighting spirit, but nothing was helpy. She tooked a bigger and larger strap on to her waist and showed me her domination by fucking my ass while my mouth is spread with her fingers. I couldnt take it much longer. I tapped the 3rd time, i was defeated, humiliated and broken by GIA. She finished me finally of with her fingers deep in my pussy, rubbing and going deep. I squirtet my last honor around her sexy legs and feet.
After that she forced me to play public games and set my new status.
I cant wait what she has planned for me next, im exicted, feared and horny to see it.

7 : Katha(Abdallah's german toy) given by Abdallah and my orgasms was like that

8 : Katha ( Ana's German Queen) given by the famous fighter Ana and forced me to set a new pfp.

As my punishment for losing to her, i have to notice you that she making me cum twice the match. First time i thought i can break her with a hard anal doggy fuck, but she is so strong she resists a highly one ! Short time later, i was in that situation and i came so hard that i collapse and cum heavy. My fire wasn out, so i showed her ass no mercy too and she cum too. but then she had more stamina with her pussy that i cum again under her assault. I was pinned and defeated by miss ana.

9 : Katha - America's toy after an impressive wrestlingmatch against Ruck

10 : Catherine's German Toy - after a really nice back and fourth game against the latina Catherine

11 : Katha, Cyrus' German Slave👑 after challenging Cyrus to free my friend Nadine

12 : Katha (The Fallen Queen) felled by an Amateur Red

She came into the match cocky seeing Red as another subject to be stepped on, she slowly realized how heavy the toll of the crown is. Her mind slowly melted under his influence before she was nothing but a drooling mess. She could do nothing but submit to his words, the former queen had become a concubine to an unknown King.

How the mighty have fallen

Let's have a pain game, we both choose 3 actions, to be our "pain" actions.

We both start with 20 life points and when someone reaches zero, they instantly become completely sub to their opponent to use as they wish.

When an opponent uses one of your chosen actions you must roll a d20, if it is equal or less than your current life total, you will lose d6 life points. If it is higher, lucky you!, you survive this action safely.

Some examples may be

Any tease action
Any pin action
Any cum test.

Hey Folks,

i like to be a dom or a sub. I love challenging girls and boys. I want to own balls, cocks, ass and pussy and i know that sometimes my ass/mouth and pussy could get humiliated too ;)

Dont's: please no mommy/daddy writing - THX !
Not good at rp !

I also like bet/rules play and if you had some really cool IRL actions after a win or lose i‘m down for it!

About me IRL:

Name: Katharina ( Katha)
My actually look
Age: 26
Hair: blonde
Height: 163cm or 5,3
Shoe Size: 37
Breast Size: 70b
Secret Fetish: Boots/Heels kissing & licking -- sexfight and superheroine videos
IRL action: gag with tanga/socks — nipplechain -- bodywriting
Edge record: 75 without irl cum
Real Pfp: Poki forced me to reveal my pfp in 2 outstanding games
Toys for bondage: 1. ballgag
2. nipplechain
3. 2 pair of handcuffs
4. tape
5. hitachi/ wand vibe
6. vibe egg

Run to get all Champions titles

Classic : First victory 14.11.22

I saw the Champ Sissy Pegging Slut in MM, i came in and we had an awesome fight for the Crown! He quickly undressed me and used some low bondage stuff on me. He pounds me much, but not strong enough to break me. I used my 6 inch black&red strap on and pegged him multiple times in his ass. He won't give up so i hit his balls two times. After he uses his small dick relentless, i show up my beautiful long and sexy tights to finish him up. In the end i put him my strap around to fuck me to my winning orgasm, so after that his cock locked away. Now is the german Queen the Champ !

Lost to Rose P my title! But i will comeback!

LWR : one the title mid january!
Hentai :

*Permanent Rules from Rulember that i like*
1. If you Cuntbust or slapped my Pussy/Cunt; if my nipples pinched or twisted, i roll a d6. Is the number 4 or less, you decide my next turns according to the number i rolled.
2. When i get a collar or a leash, i flip a coin. if its head i will continue, is it tail you can roll a d6, the rolled number is the turn limit that i obey to you ( you can choose my actions or say i must skip )
3. if i get the TapOut Option i have to do this!

General Match Rules:

Edge Rules:

Specific Game Rules:

Here i like to play with the pin/hold/fuck rule, it means every time someone is in action to do those moves, we both need to roll a d6, lower number skips the turn

How many nation can i beat or getting beaten ( 3 win / 4 loss )

Conquered nations but player isnt active anymore : 🇬🇷 and 🇲🇽

Scarlett Spice 🇩🇰 : 2 times loss

I was defeated by these danish bombshell called Scarlett. In a close match with awesome back and forth actions, we both didnt give us presents!
She made me cum 3 times in the ring! the first one after i tried her to submit under my pussy, but her tongue works like a fuckmachine. I could fight back and make her cum on my strap and with a vibe, gosh she was squirting around the mat! but then my power was to exhausted i got stuffed 2 times with her audience member Babygirl and i tapped out. She take revenge on my butthole, i was fucking her danish ass earlier so hot, but i cant fight back against her rythm. She fisted me two time to make me weaker and then i cant hold it back and cum so hard, that i submitted right before i cum. She decided to let the audience used all of my body to pleasure all girls.

🇮🇳: Deepika🇮🇳 accepted my challenge for a wrestling match. She was talking so much about owning me as her German slut and making me worship her Indian pussy, but what a weak slut she was. I owned her flawlessly, as I marked her as my Indian fuckslut.

🇫🇷: Matt🇫🇷

After a Tournament of nations match with Matt, that i already beat before, he ended up on the mat covered in his own cum and unable to make you climax. What a loser he was! He tapped several times to me!

🇨🇦:I challenged Savannah🇨🇦 to a high-stakes match where the loser becomes the winner's slave. The match was close for the first half, with both of us taking control at different points. Savannah🇨🇦 made me cum first when she held me down and fingered me until I couldnt resist her any longer. Savannah got cocky after that, thinking she has already won..which made it even better when I finger-fucked her and made her cum.

After that Savannah🇨🇦 took out her strap, and that is when things took a turn. She fucked me again and again, and even invited her friends to join in. I tried to resist as long as I could, but then she started fucking my ass and all the fight I had left melted away. I completely submitted to Savannah🇨🇦, as she shared me with the crowd and fucked me senseless.


I had to admit defeat, and now I am Savannah's🇨🇦 pathetic slave. Not only do I need to do whatever she tells me to do, now I am also taking orders from Savannah's🇨🇦 other slaves/pets.


🇰🇷: Tanya ~ The Korean Queen~ after a long time we finally get a match to play. We face each other, of course, in the LWR. The match went back and forth with some nice dirty talk and great actions. We confirmed some IRL play, by doing edges by receiving cumtest or tap out. We both where able to make each other cum, but stil no irl! After been teased by Tanya through by tap out eding, i was a little broken. She lift me up to the top corner and licked me beautiyful, my german pussy couldnt resist and i was cumming first irl and then there. Humiliating loss to the 🇰🇷Korean Queen🇰🇷.


Lovely wins & humiliating loses

Rock Hard Cock :

well he showed me what a cock can do to me, you want examples?



Like that


Mr D asked for a match and I wanted to make his face my throne but he showed me who owns the crown.

I was sure that i put rookie Ninaxx in her place in my ring. But she was able to rip the orgasm out of me so fast that she left me humiliated on the mat ending kissing her feet. I will try to revenge !!

After a long time not fighting the beauty Shy-girl, we matched up and right from the start we are both horny to win! It was a intense match with back and forth action, but after my vacation im looked tired and tap out after a single leg boston crab! She used the whole minute to make me horny as hell.
Her perfect pounding technique makes me cum so hard on her strap! But i wasnt a queen when i couldnt fight back. I took my magic wand and powered on her slutty pussy till she get a humiliating orgasm on the mat. Her mind and pussy are now so weak that my tongue make her scream out loud her next orgasm!
I was sure i win this time, cause after a short break to regain energy, she tooked her bigger strap straight into tight little butthole and fucked me hard! But i resist the pleasure!!! But she finished me by double teaming me twice in short time. I only had to give her my sweetest surrendering eyes i have.
She slapped my cheeks while she fucked me with no breaks! I was done and defeated,broken again by her! broken again by her!

I was so confident to rescue my irl girlfriend Nadine from Good Boy but i failed! If you click to his profile you can see my lose!

I fought Stijntje but it ended up by this:
Stijntje challenged me to another game after my previous defeat. From the start i was being put into bondage, helpless to his touch. I managed to fight back a bit but the combination of hypnosis and bondage soon resulted in another defeat at Stijntjes cock

Tiffany and i had a long conversation via dm, and today we finally met each other. To my bad im her little slut now! —MoreToCum—

I ask Nero that i will fight to release a girl he captured. We discussed the rules and bet before we finally match up. The match was awesome, great back and forth moments for both of us. We are both able to break the others bondage and hypno tries. My fighting spirit was increased as he called the girl to slow me down, nice try Nero but i managed to get free and told her she has to fuck his ass. First to cum was me after an awesome tongue work by him making me moan loud, but not for long. I show him how my hips and cheeks can move so he cum during my twerkjob on his cock. Then i resist a power fuck cum test, and i thought thats it to win. But he was able to resist my solejob too. I was a little exhausted after that, for my bad he wasnt. He called up his gang and fuck they had big coks in all my holes in seconds. I try to resist and focus not to cum. But i failed! The onslaught was to big and i moan heavy to my
defeating orgasm.
I break and give to in to Nero. I belong to him now, he tied me up so everyone could fuck my big
trashtalking mouth. And everyone was allowed to cum on that face of mine.
But im sure it wasnt my last fuck from him and forced blowjob while he tied me up

Lola Darling give me a chance for a rematch, but the truth was that she totally dominated me, till i break. She tied me with a vibe, after that she used a big strap to fuck me in bondage. With an anal dildo she make me weak. Now she was in totall controll over my weak body, she give me a collar to make me her slave. I was broken and i was forced to make her cum with my tongue. Lola Darling decided now to punish me more, i had to suck and lick her big strap on, after that Lola fucked my tight ass and spanked my back hard.

The beautiful Belle (1:1) is now in my cell, it was a fantastic Match in LWR that i could win by choking her breath away, she couldn't no other to do, so your eyes said she surrender to me. I finished her of by one of her weaknesses. The gaspedal was to much to handle for her. Now she is in one of my cells for 4 Weeks ( till 24.11), she can be free by winning a rematch or someone will rescue the mighty Belle —— She is free!
Belle and i were talking about the second match for month. We teased and trashtalk each other via dm till today. Today we finally fight again. Right from the beginning we both getting teased by each other then we decide to get serious and performed some wrestlingskills. But none of us was giving up. Belle was able to get in front by surprising me with your trashtalking tongue that i cum. But this was only for a moment, i rethink my plans and after i trapped her i showed up my tongue skills.
This little bitch squirting all overself! What a view from above! After we both did some breaks to catch breath we are up to fight again. I did her worshipping my pussy and ass. Then she put a big strap on in to my big mouth and choked me till i had three little slaps on her asscheeks before i pass out! My bad she was able to conquered my pussy with her massiv strap. She showed no mercy with me before the one minute mark was over, my mind and body betrayed me and i got an orgasm from hell. I lost! ! I was lying on my own mat, i was forced to kiss my new mistress feet, toes and soles. Then she put a collar on me to mark me and to show everyone where the slut and mistress from us is.
My bad its me ! I cant wait to get another round with her, but for now i have to call her MISTRESS BELLE !!

the lovely Bente(0:1) saw her in MM and picked her up for a match, she accepted my rulember game. Right from the beginning she totally used my rules, like no other did it before. Bente first move shocked me, she used my own panties to gag me but not enough so she collared me too. Im totally lost control in a few minutes. I had to follow her like a pet i am , with a strong leash.
Now she put me in a sixty nine position and make me cum with her tongue. Bente know that she was in total control now and used his skills to make me obey and tied me up and spanked heavy. Either she decided to put a dildo in my pussy. Bente called up her friends to stuff my ass, then they used all my 3 holes and i break in. My body and my mind where senseless and i broke totally.
She toyed me up and i squirt and cum over and over. Bente forced me to my knees and on all fours waiting for more instructions from her.

After a great Match with Ann. (0:1)
She made me cum twice on the mat by fucking my Pussy with a strap-on and she showed some nice wrestling skills. However i had 1lp left after the second one and i surrender to her, but she had fun with me. She humiliate all of my holes again and again. I hope she will be punishing me more and i really want to collar her too, but for now i'm at her mercy.
Today that was the day who i beat the breath out of here, im no longer her slavetoy and don't need to wear this painful collar!



Isla was to confident so you can read what happened :Im Queen Kathas bitch! She humiliated me and broke me in our game... then edged me stupid till I begged to cum like the anal whore I am.. She now has me caged as her pet .. I serve her when she wants even publicly

Shirley faced me in the LWR, we both had a really fun match where we both squirt in her ring, by the end her squirt was bigger and so she ended up collared.

Lola Darling she gave me a chance for revenge, my tongue let her lust explode!

Kekki finished the footslut! : Katha humiliated me once again! Bow she is my MISTRESS, and im her PET. She will make me crawl at her feet and bark for her endlessly and my goal in life from now on is to fulfill all her desires and please her.

Shy-Girl i returned the fun to her and finished her of with a squirting orgasm !

Gary(2:0) thought he could win but in the end, he fucked up my strap he ask for a rematch and ended up like that

Ayla she thought she can beat me with easy, but she went wrong and tap out under my glorious pussy

Quincy great intense match, she couldnt handle this move and ended tied up

Gabriela she was a real competitor but after i collared her, she was able to fight against been my pet, but in the end her ass and vibed pussy was to much, so she ended like this

KL1996 I dont know how many times i sucked him but it think its his weakness


Roxy break me with pussy spanking and ass spanking till i was an easy slut for her cumming from my both holes. I also ended up as her personal footslut. After a good rematch, im her pet! She managed me to orgasm with her feet till i squirt in the end. Miss Roxy marked me as her foot slut.

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